ACS Labeling SystemsA universal system for labeling work

The companyInternational expertisePage 4 / 5Quality, production and developmentPage 6  / 7SoftwareAny label – one software packagePage 8 / 9Labeling systemsLabeling single wires, cables, conduitsand media hosesPage 10Terminal block labelingPage 11Equipment / equipment location labelingPage 12Labeling control / signaling unitsand plant equipmentPage 13Labeling overviewProduct and material overviewPage 14 / 15Labeling systems Inkjet – rapid, quality colorPage 16 / 17 Laser – fast and permanentPage 18  / 19Thermal transfer – a wide choice of labelsPage 20 / 21Plotter – suitable for universal usePage 22Plotter – with optional engravingPage 23Engraving – highly durable and economicalPage 24 / 25Our service for youService portfolio for labelingPage 26 / 27www.murrplastik.de3

The companyInternational expertiseAt your side, worldwide 4 Distribution Warehousing Production Servicewww.murrplastik.deThe market leader's quality demandsMurrplastik is one of the world's leading manufacturers ofmanual and computerized labeling systems.For many years, the labeling system made by Murrplastikhas proven its worth in difficult day-to-day operations – frommanufacturing plant in the automotive industry to rail technology.The tests carried out in our in-house testing facility guaranteethe highest quality when it comes to longevity, robustness andeconomical implementation.

Labeling solutions from A-ZMurrplastik offers labeling systems as complete solutions –everything from a single source, everything fits perfectlytogether.Plotters, engraving machines, printers, laser machines andlabeling software from Murrplastik can be used for A wide range of applications Label retrofitting oftware and hardware as integrated Sor standalone solutions Labeling as a serviceElectronic component labeling has been a field in constantflux since labeling requirements began. Many years ago,Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH developed a labeling system that has since been used for the rapid and simple labelingof systems and components.Applications Single wireCablesCablesCorrugated conduitsTerminalsEquipmentEquipment locationsHydraulic components Pneumatic componentsMechanicsControl and signal unitsSensor systemsActuatorsEnclosuresinstallationsLabeling systemLabeling with . PlotterHand penAutomatic laserEngraving machines Laser printer Thermal transfer printer Inkjet printersWith this approach to labeling, only a few components arerequired to achieve rapid, clean and durable results.Over the last few years user software has taken on a different complexion. User software has evolved to include variousoptions for engraving, printing, laser engraving and plotting.Links to overriding CAD/CAE systems make it easier to transferdata to the output devices free of errors.A constantly expanding range of materials makes it easierto adapt to today's label requirements.To sum up, the original (badly) handwritten label has evolvedinto a truly universal labeling system designed to meet all labeling requirements and always with the focus on our objective:“We save you time”.www.murrplastik.de5

The companyQuality, production and developmentQualityMurrplastik is one of the world's leading manufacturers ofmanual and computerized labeling systems. A tried and tested solutionFor manufacturing plant in the automotive industryRailway engineeringIn-house testing facilitiesTop qualityDurabilityRuggednessEconomical deploymentWe test the material against a huge range ofparameters. FlammabilityHalogen-free ratingUV light stabilityAgeingFunctional testingHardness testVibration, shock and impact testingSmudge resistanceScratch/abrasion resistanceBrine spray testHRail vehiclesAutomotiveindustrySmudge resistance ityUV light stability testTemperaturerange

ProductionDevelopmentMurrplastik offers labeling systems as complete solutions –everything from a single source, everything fits perfectlytogether.From the beginning, the labeling of electrical componentswas a continuously developing topic, driven by the industry.PlotterEngraving machinesInkjet printersLaser machinesLabeling softwareA wide range of applications oftware and hardware as integratedSor standalone solutions Labeling as a service Cost-effective, rapid and flexible productionNew, innovative solutionsSophisticated toolsOptimal letteringSoftware-driven labeling Large range of label holdersand labeling machinery Assured, high-speed productionwww.murrplastik.de7

SoftwareLabeling everything with one software packageFrom the planning stage right through to thelettering on the label platePlot, print, engrave and laser with one software package!The universal workstation at local or network level. Electric,mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic labeling tailored to re-quirements. One software application for company-wide labeling and one central labeling workstation keeps procurement,training and maintenance costs to a minimum.Laserthermal transferCustomer-specific, abrasion-prooflettering for metal and plasticlabel platesThe thermal transfer system formaximum labeling performanceInkjetACS softwareLettering on label plates,incl. color printingOffice printerUse a laser printer to print ontopaper and plastic sheet labels Manual entry by keyboard Transfer from CAD-/CAE systemEngravingPlottingFor fine mechanical engravingon materials with two or morelayersThe plotter family in three sizes for labelplates, Duomatt and sheet labelsEngraving optionPlotters in the MVPS-G3 seriesconvertible to fully-featured

THE NEW ACS SOFTWAREThe software offers you many new features andfunctions for the simple and optimal creation oflabeling projects. Support for common graphics formats(BMP, PNG, JPG, WMF, HPGL, PLT) Enhanced symbol library Data import from a range of CAD systems Data management using the Project Explorer The list of recently opened projects isgrouped into database and graphics projectsAll in all, your benefits include: Process optimization Time savings Cost reductions Clear-cut workflowsSystem requirementsOperating systemSelection of printed/non-printed datasetsTargeted selection of already printed/not yet printeddatasets, so as to optimize your workflows.Status bar symbolsDirect access to frequently-used program modules –such as system parameters, printer settings, parametereditor – via status bar icons. WIN XP Pro WIN Vista 32/64-bit WIN 7 32/64-bitHardware Hardware as required by the OSOnline HelpBy pressing the F1 button, the help topiccurrently required is displayed.Multi-frame featureDisplay and output of the labeling text in the databaseproject onto different types of label in a single process.www.murrplastik.de9

Labeling systemsLabeling of single wires, cables,conduits and media hosesMeeting the standardLabeling materialEuropean standard EN 60204 (VDE 0113 Part 1) stipulatesthe unique identification of cables, components and terminal blocks in switch cabinets. Label sleeves Label holders Label platesThe identification must also be clearly visible and legible.Murrplastik's labeling system satisfies all of these requirements.The Murrplastik labeling system can be used to label Single wiresTerminalsControl gearEquipment locationsControl and signal unitsand assembliesfrom a wide range of manufacturers.Data processing is handled by the ACS software. Data importroutines for CAD/CAE packages support the project-specificimport of labeling information.Murrplastik is the independent labeling systemmanufacturer.10Engraving DuomattTriomattAlumattAnodized aluminumEngraving labels constitutes one of the most durable yeteconomic labeling methods available. Extremely durable Resistant to environment influences and mechanical stressWide range of attachment optionsMany different formatsWide range of optionsCannot become detachedLabel retrofitting possible

Terminal block labelingLabel platesTerminal block brands AdelsAllen BradleyBeckhoffConta ClipEntrelecKlemsanLegrandLützeMurrelektronik Label platesCompatible terminal block brandsKABAllen Bradley, Entrelec, Lütze, WoertzKLGLegrandKMRConta Clip, Entrelec, Klemsan,Schlegel, Weidmüller and WagoKPXEntrelec, Murrelektronik, Phoenix,Siemens and WagoKSISiemensKWIEntrelec, D E, Legrand, Phoenix,Sprecher Schuh, Telemecanique,Wago and WielandWGOBeckoff, Entrelec and WagoTKAdelsPhoenixSiemensSchlegelSprecher und SchuhWagoWeidmüllerWielandWoertzetc. .www.murrplastik.de11

Labeling systemsComponent and component location labelingLabel platesLabel platesCompatible equipment brandsSKSSiemens Sirius, LützeKSSABB, Conta Clip, Escha, Festo, IFM,Pepperl Fuchs, Siemens, TurckKSAAEG and Square DKTEABB, IFM, Murrelektronik,TelemechaniqueKABABB, Allen Bradley, FinderABBABB, Finder, Lumberg, WagoKMOMöller, Indramat, MurrelektronikKSEscha, IFM, Lumberg, Murrelektronik,Pepperl Fuchs, TurckKSFFesto, Lumberg, Moeller,Murrelektronik, Pepperl FuchsKSLBosch/Rexroth, LumbergKESEscha, Murrelektronik, TurckKPFPepperl FuchsWGOBeckhoff, Euchner, WagoB&RB&R X20 switchgearKSKVarious manufacturersKSZHarting heavy-duty plug connectors12www.murrplastik.deDirect labeling Label plates for snap-fitting to equipment Label retrofitting possible via the use of sleeves for affixingwith cable ties to cabling, hoses and equipment or by usingadhesive label plates and holdersBZS labeling system Track-mounted system for equipment location labeling canbe stuck, bolted or riveted on The BZS system is extremely versatileThe labeling rail with the snap-in labels provides vertical andhorizontal designation of terminal blocks and other components. The system can be fitted on the top hat rail, C-rail or thecable duct. The KS/KSO labels are simply snapped into thelabel holder.Equipment brands ABBAEGAllen BradleyBeckhoffB&R AutomationBosch/Bosch-RexrothConta ClipEschaEuchnerFestoFinderGEGroupe SchneiderHarting rl FuchsPhoenixSiemensTurckUniversal applicationWagoetc. .

Control and signaling unit labelingand plant labelingVarious options for labeling controland signaling equipmentManufacturer's label holderA label from the Murrplastik labeling system is snapped or inserted into the original label holder (e.g. ABB, Allen Bradley, Möller,Siemens, etc.) supplied by the manufacturer of the control orsignaling equipment.Compatible Murrplastik label plates: Duomatt DM engraving material ELO / ELW sheet labels KSK / KS labelsNeutral, universal labelsCompatible with control and signaling gear from any manufacturer. This labeling method involves affixing any label platedesired from the Murrplastik labeling system program directlyonto the control cabinet in any position.Compatible Murrplastik label plates: KSK / KS labels Duomatt DM / TMG engraving material Alumatt ALM / ALU engraving material ELO / ELW sheet labelswww.murrplastik.de13

Labeling overviewProduct and material overviewProcedure Equipment Benefits MatInkjetLaserthermal transfer Photorealistic qualityHigh print speedDurable letteringUSB / WLAN / Ethernet portsHigh productivity Permanent, durable labeling via carbonization Possible to process a range of different materials High productivity and labeling speedsMinimal operating costsContactless labelingMinimal maintenance requiredNo consumables used Large output volumeOutstanding print qualityHigh-durability letteringEasy handlingLarge label rangeUSB and Ethernet ports Suitable for universal use High-quality lettering Labeling of electric, pneumaticand mechanical components All plotters in the MVPS-G3 series can beconverted to engraving machines Simple conversion Extensive selection of engraving materialsPlotting /engraving optionMVPS-G3 series EngravingCam 100 / 200 MGS 40-TO14www.murrplastik.deProduct range offers choice of engraving machinesLarge stylus and graver range Extensive selection of engraving materialsTwo-ply and multi-layer materialsLarge selection of plastic and metal labels

ts MaterialApplication Polycarbonate PolycarbonateStainless steelAnodized aluminumPolypropylene TEP polyester labels TEG fabric labels TES self-laminating vinyl labels Polycarbonate Wide range of label materials Duomatt engraving option DuomattAnodized aluminumTriomattAlumattwww.murrplastik.de15

Labeling systemInkjet – rapid, quality colorAdvantages Photorealistic quality High print speed Durable lettering Simple initial start-up Works with standard ACS softwareInkjet labeling printerWith enlarged print areaWith its expanded printing area, its vast printing capacityof up to 600,000 characters per cartridge and its integratedWLAN/Ethernet interfaces, the new pictor2 inkjet labelingprinter from Murrplastik sets a new benchmark for colorbased inkjet printing systems.And the pictor2 printer has naturally inherited crisp, photorealistic quality at 720 dpi and fast printing speeds from its predecessor model. Repetition accuracy and operational safety are100% assured.For the new pictor2 unit, Murrplastik's engineers have developed a special kind of ink. This durable lettering is thus ideal fortough day-to-day industrial

InkjetA key additional benefit is the significantly improved cartridgelifetime, with a capacity boost of up to 50%.Six polycarbonate labeling mats are attached to the base plateand printed in parallel in just 90 seconds.Different types of label can also be “mixed together” on asingle base plate. Accordingly, a company can now produceits entire daily requirements for label plates “on the fly” in justa few minutes. Technical design data can be imported into theACS labeling software via interfaces to CAD systems.With its attractive exterior and a weight of just 44 lb, the pictor2is the perfect workstation printer.Laserthermal transferPlottingEngravingTechnical dataPower unit100–240 V AC universalPrint areaApprox. A3 for 6 aluminum base platesPrintspeedfrom 90 sec. for 6 base platesInterfaceUSB / LAN / WLANColors 7 color cartridges 7 cleaning cartridges 1 gloss (empty)Print volumeApprox. 600,000 chars per cartridge(if font size set to 24 in ACS software)Print resolution720 dpiNozzles per color180Min. drop size1 pl (picoliter)InkSpecial inkDimensionsApprox. 25.2 x 9.8 x 28.7 in (W x H x D)WeightApprox. 44 lbWide range of labeling materials availableUser-friendly operation6 labeling mats with rapid, permanent color labelingwww.murrplastik.de17

Labeling systemLaser – fast and permanentAdvantages Permanent, durable labeling via carbonization P ossible to process a range ofdifferent materials High productivity and labeling speeds Minimal operating costs Works with standard ACS software Contactless labeling Minimal maintenance required No consumables usedPermanent, rapid labeling for a wide varietyof materialsIndividual, abrasion-proof laser labeling for metal andplastic label plates, with the new pulsar laser labelingsystem from Murrplastik. Hard-wearing, high-quality labelsHuge variety of labeling materialsHigh-performance outputUSBACS softwareMinimal operating and lifecycle costsThe pulsar can produce label plates for Wires Cables Terminals Control and signal units Switchgear Media equipmentand much, much

InkjetLong-term labeling Superb durability for finished labels L ettering is 100% permanent and is as durableas an etched inscription L aser lettering is not bleached out by UV radiation Complies with stringent laser class 1In line with the times An excellent price-performance ratio Minimal operating costs The laser needs no consumables whatsoeverLaserthermal transferPlottingEngravingTechnical dataLaser source6 watt solid state laserWavelength1064 nmModulationfrequency 15 kHz – 200 kHzCoolingAirInput voltage230 V / 50–60 HzPower0.5 kWDimensions24.8 x 20.1 x 29.7 in (H x W x D)Weight119 lbInterfaceUSB High output volume Up to 10,000 label plates per hourThat's flexibility! F rom customized individual labeling tobatch-mode production User-specific labels End-to-end machine labeling Huge range of materialsMaterialPrincipleLaser inscription using color changes(carbonisation) in the material.COLOR CHANGELABELPLATELabel plates based on a variety of materials:polycarbonate, polypropylene, anodized aluminum, stainless steelThe high quality of the laser labeling produced by the pulsar results fromcarbonization in the labeling material.www.murrplastik.de19

Labeling systemThermalichbin Blindtexttransfer –– a wide choice of labelsich bin Blindtext, ich bin Blindtext.Advantages Large output volume Outstanding print quality High-durability lettering Easy handling Works with standard ACS software Large label range USB and Ethernet portsThermal transfer printer –with a huge range of labelsThe new pavonis thermal transfer printer offers thebest price-performance ratio of any printer in itsclass.It offers high-resolution 300 dpi printing at print widths of up to106 mm and is the new standard printer for label roll materialsas supplied by Murrplastik.Its Ethernet interface means it can be installed on print servers,so that it can then be used by multiple workstations.The ribbon bracket for 300 m rolls reduces the frequency atwhich print film needs to be changed.The integrated cutter and optional external dispensingassembly makes print process handling even

InkjetTEP polyester labels Satin gloss polyester film Outstanding color fidelity Precise lettering F or adhesion to metal, gloss coatingsand high surface energy plastics High initial adhesion Adhesion on steel after 72 hTEG fabric labels T he self-adhesive woven nylon fabricis both flexible and tear-resistant High initial adhesion E specially suited for the tagging ofelectrical systems, identifying operating facilities, for adhesion over edgesor radiuses, for cable marking or foruse in switch cabinet installationsTES self-laminating vinyl labels S elf-laminating cable tags I deal for labeling cables, lines andwiring dditional protection from external Aenvironmental factors Supplied on backing paper E xtremely flexible and supple T he high-transparency laminateensures optimum legibilityFH resin-based ribbons I deal for printing on glossysynthetic films pplications for plastic labels A Demanding stability requirements Smudge and scratch-proof Optimum stabilityLaserthermal transferPlottingEngravingTechnical dataResolution300 dpiPrinting methodthermal transferPrintspeed50.8 – 127 mm/sMaximumprint width106 mmDimensions (L xW x H)314 mm x 213 mm x 188 mmRibbon reels300 m, 25.4 mm coreLabel reels 127 mm outside diameterProcessor 32-bit RISC high-performance processorMemory 4 MB flash memory 8 MB SDRAM SD card reader for expandingmemory to max. 4 GBPorts RS-232 (max. 115,200 bps)CentronicsUSB 2.0 (full-speed mode)EthernetPowerAC voltage input100–240 V universal switching power supplyDirect currentoutput24 V at 3.75 A(external adapter)Material typeContinuous-feed, pre-cut, black stripe,fanfold, notchedMaterial windingOutside-wound sheet labelMaterial width20–112 mmMaterial thickness0.06–0.19 mm, max. 150 g/m²SafetystandardsFCC Class B, CE Class B, C-Tick Class B,UL, CUL, TÜV/GS, CCCAccessories Preinstalled cutterassemblyUSB cable External universal switching power supplyPower cable Label reel holder2 x fixing plates2 adapters for fitting film rollsPaper core for film windingDriver CDwww.murrplastik.de21

Labeling systemPlotter series – suitable for universal useUniversally usable for high qualitylabelingThe MPVS-G3 plotter systems make up a universal labelingsystem serving a huge range of labeling needs.Fast and safe with an extremely high quality typeface, thesystems are suitable for labeling electrical, pneumatic andmechanic components.The plotter system is perfectly matched to the ACS labelingsoftware.With its modular units – constantly improved to match realworld applications – the plotter system radically simplifiesday-to-day work.Advantages Suitable for universal use High-quality lettering Labeling of electric, pneumatic and mechanical components Engraving optionTechnical dataMVPS-G3-T / MVPS-G3 / MVPS-G3-XXL22Plotter typeFlatbed plotterMax. plotting area295 mm x 210 mm (MVPS-G3-T)450 mm x 300 mm (MVPS-G3)800 mm x 300 mm (MVPS-G3-XXL)SpeedMax. 40 cm/sPortsParallel (Centronics),USB Level 1.1DriveTwo-phase stepping motorPen stationMax. 4 pens withdouble sealingBase platepopulation4 / 10 / 20 plateswww.murrplastik.dePEN stationThe pens are kept tidy andcan stay in the machine permanently. The plotter pensare closed airtight in the penstation, thus preventing themfrom drying out.Automatic calibrationShould it be necessary to recalibrate the machine duringa job, then this can be doneat the touch of a button. Afterautomatic calibration, the pengoes back to the position atwhich the job was interruptedand finishes the labeling work.High population capacityUp to 20 base plates can belaid out on one MVPS-G3 series plotter board. This meansthat base plates do not oftenneed to be replaced duringoperation.

MVPS-G3 series convertible tofully-featured engraving machinesA plotter as an engraving machine!The MVPS-G3 series plotter can be simply and easily convertedinto a fully-featured engraving machine complete with vacuumcleaner. Conversion is very straightforward: the spindle unit isaffixed on the plotter in place of the pin unit and connected tothe vacuum cleaner and a control unit for the spindle.Turning any plotter into a multifunction machine! Long waittimes for external engraving jobs are now a thing of the past.Saving you time and money.InkjetLaserthermal transferPlottingEngravingAdvantages All plotters in the MVPS-G3 series can beconverted to engraving machines Simple conversion Extensive selection of engraving materialsTechnical dataEngraving spindlewith assembly carriage andgraver 0.5 mm, 15 RPMmin. 5,000 RPM, max. 50,000 RPMTorque6 NcmPower consumption120 WSpring chucksShaft diameter 3 mmScope of deliveryControl unitG3/VEC Vacuum Engraver ControllerVacuum cleanerG3/VC Vacuum Cleanerwww.murrplastik.de23

Labeling systemEngraving – MGS 40-TOEngraving with a twistThe new MGS 40-TO engraving system extends Murrplastik's portfolio of engraving systems.The small and powerful system is equipped withnumerous new features, such as: Stylus configuration tool For in-process configuration of speed of travel andengraving speedStylus zero-setting toolZero-setting is used to set the stylus cutting depth to zero inorder to enable the correct adjustment of the stylus immersiondepth (engraving depth) with the depth regulator.Quick-release chuckThe new quick-release chuck system makes it very easy toremove and replace the spindle.AdvantagesTechnical data, base unitMechanicsFlatbedWorking area300 x 200 mmEngraving speedmax. 20 mm/sInterfaceUSB Level 1.1Data buffer16 MBDriveTwo-phase stepping motorSupply voltage100-240V AC 50-60 HzInput current0.7 A max.Dimensions440 mm x 440 mm x 125 mmWeightApprox. 6 kgEngraving spindleRPMmin. 5,000 RPM, max. 50,000 RPMFrequency83–830 HzPower consumption120 WMotor typeThree-phase AC, asynchronous, brushless High engraving speedsEnclosuresAluminum Large working areaBall bearing typeSteel, dual Compact and rugged form factorCoolingSelf-ventilating with in-built

Engraving – Cam 100 / 200All-in-one systemInkjetLaserthermal transferPlottingEngravingAdvantages evice features can be customizedDto match individual requirements Open housing technology High hourly output High gripping capacity Ball screw drive High repeat accuracy Maintenance-friendlyTechnical dataCAM 100 complete systemCAM 200 complete systemRange of travelX/Y 330 x 290 mmX/Y 540 x 500 mmStroke75 mm75 mmSet-up surface500 x 600 mm750 x 850 mmPortsUSBUSBMechanics Surface-milled, face accuracy 0.05 mm 3 ball screw drives, 16 x 5 mm with flange bearings Repeating accuracy /- 1/100 mm x/y/z infeed, backlash-free, stepped motor drive Rubber cover with teflon coating 3 end and reference switches, accuracy 1/100 mmwww.murrplastik.de25

Our service for youLabeling servicesTailored labeling servicesQuick and easy executionMurrplastik Systemtechnik supports companies for ahugely diverse range of labeling requirements. We havetherefore seen that companies often pay less for outsourcing than they do for in-house labeling.The labeling method is chosen to match the customer'srequirements:The reasons for this are obvious. A company that, for example,develops and installs control units before also putting them intoservice is usually under a lot of financial and time pressure toprovide the necessary equipment and training for employees.Not to mention the fact that labeling tasks change constantly.Advantages Short processing times Simple, flexible execution Rapid and cost-effective production Delivery within three working days No own investment needs On request we can fit labels intosleeves, assemble the holders and cableties, perform Laser technology is synonymous with high operatingspeeds, supreme quality, short processing times and areally crisp typeface. Plotter technology boasts a very high population capacityand is suitable for virtually any material. Laser printing technology lends itself well to sheet labels,which are suited to many different applications. Engraving technology is used for metals and suitableplastic-coated materials. The weight of the font variesaccording to stylus size; repetition accuracy is very high. Inkjet technology features high-capacity population andalso supports color printing.

Convenient and secure data exchangeIt is remarkably easy to transmit labeling data. Simply sendyour data to our service centre by email ([email protected]), on storage media or by fax.Your data is processed without delay and can be stored for twoyears for subsequent projects on request.Data format options are virtually unlimited: ASCII format, filesfrom MS Office applications (Word, Excel) and data fromACS labeling software.Maximum quantities in minimum timeState-of-the-art equipment means a huge quantity oflabels can be lettered in no time at all.Full serviceMurrplastik will supply the fully-fitted sleeves or the inscribedlabels only. Just as the customer wishes.High laser quality. for superior lettering quality on labels. Other inscriptionmethods such as plotting and engraving are also offered.Import of labeling data. is possible from any CAE/CAD programs or Excel files.ReferencesMany reputable firms in a very diverse range of sectors havebeen using this all-inclusive service: Automobile industryRailway engineeringSwitch cabinet constructionGeneral electrical engineeringThe reasons are clear for sectors like these with an eye onmaximum operating efficiency.www.murrplastik.de27

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Label plates Compatible terminal block brands kAb Allen Bradley, Entrelec, Lütze, Woertz kLg Legrand kmr Conta Clip, Entrelec, Klemsan, Schlegel, Weidmüller and Wago kpX Entrelec, Murrelektronik, Phoenix, Siemens and Wago kSi Siemens kwi Entrelec, D E, Legrand, Phoenix, Sprecher Schuh,