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Ineffective Assistance of CounselChapter 32TABLE OF CONTENTSI.STANDARDS FOR DETERMINING INEFFECTIVE ASSISTANCE OF COUNSEL .A.General Principles .B.Guilt-Innocence Stage .C.Punishment Stage .1112II.GUILTY PLEA .A.Standard Of Review .B.Inadequate Explanations Of The Law .1.Application To The Facts .2.Application To Punishment Issues .a.The Range Of Punishment .b.Eligibility For Probation .c.Eligibility For Parole .d.Deportation Consequences .e.Right To Withdraw Guilty Plea .3.Application To Motion For New Trial .C.Incorrect Sentencing Information .1.Misrepresentations Regarding The Punishment To Be Assessed .2.Misrepresentations Regarding Other Charges .3.Misrepresentations Regarding Concurrent Sentences .D.Failure To Investigate .2222222333333334III.PLEA BARGAINING . 4IV.PUNISHMENT ELECTION . 4V.PROBATION APPLICATION . 4VI.CONFLICT OF INTEREST .A.Obligations Of The Trial Court .B.Obligations Of Counsel .C.Standard Of Review .4455VII.FAILURE TO FILE PRE-TRIAL MOTIONS .A.Suppress Illegally Obtained Evidence .B.Severance .C.Double Jeopardy .5555VIII. INADEQUATE TRIAL PREPARATION .A.Failure To Confer Adequately With The Defendant, Investigate The Facts, Or Prepare For TrialB.Failure To Interview Witnesses .C.Failure To Present Exculpatory Evidence .D.Failure To Investigate The Validity Of Prior Convictions Alleged For Enhancement .E.Failure To Investigate Jury Misconduct .556677IX.777777788888999999FAILURE TO OBJECT .A.Indictment .B.Voir Dire .C.Opening Statement .D.Evidence .1.Standard Of Review .2.Oral Statement .3.Invocation Of Constitutional Rights .4.Hearsay .5.Opinion .6.Prior Misconduct .a.Prior convictions .c.Using extraneous offenses to create a scenario not supported by the evidence .d.Pen packets .e.Character of the defendant’s associates .f.Defendant’s lifestyle and living conditions .7.Miscellaneous .E.Prejudicial References To The Defendant .i

Ineffective Assistance of CounselF.G.H.I.Chapter 32Jury Charge . 91.Failure to object to instruction not supported by the evidence . 92.Failure to object to erroneous instruction . 93.Failure to request instruction on defensive theory raised by the evidence . 94.Failure to request limiting instruction . 10Jury Argument . 101.Refusal to allow argument . 102.Failure to object to improper argument . 10Jury Note . 10Victim Impact Statement . 10X.INEPT TRIAL PERFORMANCE .A.Decision To Waive A Jury .B.Voir Dire .C.Ineffective Cross-Examination .1.Waiving cross-examination .2.Accepting the State’s theory of the case .3.Bolstering the prosecution witnesses .4.Failure to impeach .5.Eliciting hearsay .6.Eliciting the defendant’s oral statement .7.Eliciting extraneous offenses .8.Opening the door .D.Introducing Evidence For No Valid Purpose .E.Prejudicial References To The Defendant .F.Conceding The Defendant’s Guilt .1.By comment .2.By stipulation .3.By question .G.Argument .1.Waiver of argument .2.Offensive conduct .