IVA Course ListSelect courses from the following list. Please note that courses may beadded or removed as they are created, updated, or retired.GRADES ITRECOVERYCREDITRECOVERYCREDITRECOVERYBIBLEVIRTUAL ACADEMYMIDDLE SCHOOLINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYBIBLEBible 3 ABible 6 ABible 3 BBible 6 BBible 4 ABible 7 ABible 4 BBible 7 BBible 5 ABible 8 ABible 5 BBible 8 BLANGUAGE ARTSINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYLANGUAGE ARTSLanguage Arts 3 ALanguage Arts 6 ALanguage Arts 3 BLanguage Arts 6 BLanguage Arts 4 ALanguage Arts 7 ALanguage Arts 4 BLanguage Arts 7 BLanguage Arts 5 ALanguage Arts 8 ALanguage Arts 5 BLanguage Arts 8 BMATHINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYMATHMath 3 AMath 6 AMath 3 BMath 6 BMath 4 AMath 7 AMath 4 BMath 7 BMath 5 AMath 8 AMath 5 BMath 8 BSCIENCEINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYSCIENCEScience 3 AScience 6 AScience 3 BScience 6 BScience 4 AScience 7 AScience 4 BScience 7 BScience 5 AScience 8 AScience 5 BScience 8 BSOCIAL STUDIESINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYSOCIAL STUDIESHistory and Geography 3 AHistory and Geography 6 AHistory and Geography 3 BHistory and Geography 6 BHistory and Geography 4 AHistory and Geography 7 AHistory and Geography 4 BHistory and Geography 7 BHistory and Geography 5 AHistory and Geography 8 AHistory and Geography 5 BHistory and Geography 8 B

IVA Course ListVIRTUAL ACADEMYHIGH IALCREDITBIBLECREDITRECOVERYMATHXNew Testament Survey AAlgebra I A NXNew Testament Survey BAlgebra I B NXOld Testament Survey AGeometry A NXOld Testament Survey BGeometry B NBible Doctrine AAlgebra II A NBible Doctrine BAlgebra II B NChristian Faith and Living AAlgebra Fundamentals I AChristian Faith and Living BAlgebra Fundamentals I BFoundations of Living AGeometry Fundamentals AFoundations of Living BGeometry Fundamentals BCREDITRECOVERYAlgebra Fundamentals II ALANGUAGE ARTSAlgebra Fundamentals II BEnglish I ANConsumer Math A eEnglish I BNConsumer Math B eEnglish II A NXEssentials of Mathematics eEnglish II B NPre-Calculus A e NEnglish III A NPre-Calculus B e NEnglish III B NTrigonometry e NEnglish IV A NProbability and Statistics A e NEnglish IV B NAmerican LiteratureProbability and Statistics B e NeNBritish Literature e NINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYSCIENCEEnglish Fundamentals I AIntegrated Physics and Chemistry A NEnglish Fundamentals I BIntegrated Physics and Chemistry B NEnglish Fundamentals II ABiology A NEnglish Fundamentals II BBiology B NEnglish Fundamentals III AChemistry A NEnglish Fundamentals III BChemistry B NEnglish IV - Technical Writing APhysics A NEnglish IV - Technical Writing BPhysics B NEarth Science A NEarth Science B NScience 9 AScience 9 BFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 888.866.4989 [email protected] Fax: 866.436.0244

IVA Course ListVIRTUAL ACADEMYHIGH SCHOOL, CONTINUEDINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYSOCIAL STUDIESBUSINESS/CTEXEssentials of Business eWorld Geography B NXWeb Development in the 21st Century eWorld History A NBusiness Computer Information Systems A eWorld History B NBusiness Computer Information Systems B eU.S. History B NINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYELECTIVESGovernment NXCareer Explorations I eEconomics NXCareer Explorations II eCivics e NXCareer Explorations III eXCollege Planner20th Century American History e NVietnam EraCREDITRECOVERYCREDITRECOVERYWorld Geography A NU.S. History A NINITIALCREDITINITIALCREDITEssentials of Communication eeNHealth QuestWORLD LANGUAGESHigh School Health eSpanish I A e NXPersonal Financial Literacy eSpanish I B e NXPhysical Education eSpanish II A e NPhysical Fitness eSpanish II B e NPsychology e NSpanish III A e NSpanish III B e NFrench I A e NFrench I B e NFrench II A e NFrench II B e NINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYFINE/PRACTICAL ARTSXFamily & Consumer Science A eXFamily & Consumer Science B eFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 888.866.4989 [email protected] Fax: 866.436.0244

Edgenuity Electives Course ListEdgenuity offers a full range of standards-based core curriculum and elective courses without integratedfaith-based content content and taught by secular instructors.INITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYLANGUAGE ARTSINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYChinese I A eChinese I B eChinese II A eChinese II B eGerman I A eGerman I B eGerman II A eGerman II B eLatin I A eLatin I B eLatin II A eLatin II B eEnglish Language Arts 9 Honors B eEnglish Language Arts 10 Honors A eEnglish Language Arts 10 Honors B eEnglish Language Arts 11 Honors A eEnglish Language Arts 11 Honors B eEnglish Language Arts 12 Honors A eEnglish Language Arts 12 Honors B eCREDITRECOVERYSOCIAL STUDIESHIGH SCHOOLEconomics Honors A eXXXXEconomics Honors B eSurvey of U.S. History I Honors A eSurvey of U.S. History I Honors B eSurvey of World History Honors A eSurvey of World History Honors B eU.S. History I Honors A eU.S. History I Honors B eU.S. History II Honors A eU.S. History II Honors B eU.S. Government Honors A eU.S. Government Honors B eINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYMATHEMATICSAlgebra I Honors AeAlgebra I Honors B eGeometry Honors A eGeometry Honors B eAlgebra II Honors A eAlgebra II Honors BINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYSCIENCEBiology Honors A eBiology Honors B eChemistry Honors A eChemistry Honors B ePhysics Honors A ePhysics Honors B eWORLD LANGUAGESMIDDLE SCHOOLEnglish Language Arts 9 Honors A eINITIALCREDITVIRTUAL ACADEMYINITIALCREDITCREDITRECOVERYChinese I AChinese I BChinese II AChinese II BFrench III AFrench III BGerman I A eGerman I B eGerman II A eGerman II B eLatin I A eLatin I B eLatin II A eLatin II B eCOURSEWARE GENERAL ELECTIVESArt History I A eArt History I B eComputer Applications Office 2016 A eComputer Applications Office 2016 B eContemporary Health (full year) AContemporary Health (full year) BContemporary Health (semester)Foundations of Personal Wellness A eFoundations of Personal Wellness B eHealthy Living eHealthy Living A eHealthy Living B eIntroduction to Art A eIntroduction to Art B eKeyboarding and Applications eLifetime Fitness eLifetime Fitness A eLifetime Fitness B eStrategies for Academic Success eFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 888.866.4989 [email protected] Fax: 866.436.0244

Edgenuity Electives Course ListEdgenuity offers a full range of standards-based core curriculum and elective courses without integratedfaith-based content content and taught by secular instructors.INITIALCREDITADVANCED PLACEMENTCalculus AB AINITIALCREDITVIRTUAL ACADEMYCTE ELECTIVES - CAREER CLUSTERSAGRICULTURE, FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCESCalculus AB BAgribusiness Systems*English Language & Composition AAnimal Systems*English Language & Composition BFood Products and Processing Systems*English Literature & Composition AIntroduction to Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources*English Literature & Composition BPlant Systems*French Language & Culture APower, Structural, and Technical Systems*French Language & Culture BHuman Geography AHuman Geography BARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTIONIntroduction to Careers in Architecture & Construction*BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATIONPsychology ABusiness Law*Psychology BIntroduction to Business ASpanish Language & Culture AIntroduction to Business BSpanish Language & Culture BMicrosoft Office Specialist - Office 2016 AStatistics AMicrosoft Office Specialist - Office 2016 BStatistics BSmall Business Entrepreneurship A*U.S. History ASmall Business Entrepreneurship B*U.S. History BTechnology and BusinessU.S. Government & Politics*EDUCATION & TRAININGWorld History: Modern AIntroduction to Careers in Education & Training*World History: Modern BIntroduction to Human Growth and Development*Teaching and Training Careers*INITIALCREDITACT/PSAT/SATFINANCEACT EnglishBanking Services Careers*ACT MathematicsIntroduction to Careers in Finance*ACT ReadingACT ScienceACT WritingGOVERNMENT & PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONIntroduction to Careers in Government & Public Administration*HEALTH SCIENCESPSAT MathCareers in Allied Health*PSAT ReadingHealth Science Concepts APSAT Writing and LanguageHealth Science Concepts BSAT MathIntroduction to Careers in the Health Sciences*SAT ReadingIntroduction to Health Science ASAT Writing and LanguageIntroduction to Health Science BMedical Terminology AMedical Terminology BFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 888.866.4989 [email protected] Fax: 866.436.0244

Edgenuity Electives Course ListEdgenuity offers a full range of standards-based core curriculum and elective courses without integratedfaith-based content content and taught by secular instructors.INITIALCREDITCTE ELECTIVES - CAREER CLUSTERS, CONT.HOSPITALITY & TOURISMINITIALCREDITCAREER AND ELECTIVE COURSESBy eDynamic LearningMIDDLE SCHOOL ELECTIVESFood Safety and Sanitation*Middle School 2D Studio Art 1A*Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality*Middle School 2D Studio Art 1B*Sustainable Service Management for Hospitality & Tourism*Middle School Digital Art & Design 1A*Transportation and Tours for the Traveler*Middle School Digital Art & Design 1B*HUMAN SERVICESMiddle School Exploring Music 1A*Introduction to Consumer Services*Middle School Exploring Music 1B*Introduction to Human Services*Middle School Journalism 1A*LAW, PUBLIC SAFETY, CORRECTIONS & SECURITYMiddle School Journalism 1B*Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security*Middle School Photography 1A*Legal Services*Middle School Photography 1B*Security and Protective Services*MARKETINGCareers in Marketing S (STEM)VIRTUAL ACADEMYHIGH SCHOOL ELECTIVESAfrican-American History*American Sign Language 1A*American Sign Language 1B*Engineering and Design*American Sign Language 2A*Engineering and Product Development*American Sign Language 2B*Introduction to STEM*Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries*TRANSPORTATION, DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICSIntroduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution, & LogisticsAnthropology II:More Human Mysteries Uncovered*Archaeology: Detectives of the Past*Creative Writing*Gothic Literature: Monster Stories*History of the Holocaust*Mythology & Folklore: Legendary Tales*Philosophy: The Big Picture*Social Problems I: A World in Crisis*Social Problems II: Crisis, Conflicts, & Challenges*World Religions: Exploring Diversity*AGRICULTURE, FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCESAgriscience 1: Introduction to Agriscience*Agriscience 2A: Sustaining Human Life*Agriscience 2B: Sustaining Human LifeFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 888.866.4989 [email protected] Fax: 866.436.0244

Edgenuity Electives Course ListEdgenuity offers a full range of standards-based core curriculum and elective courses without integratedfaith-based content content and taught by secular instructors.INITIALCREDITCAREER AND ELECTIVE COURSESBy eDynamic Learning, cont.AGRICULTURE, FOOD & NATURAL RESOURCESINITIALCREDITVIRTUAL ACADEMYCAREER AND ELECTIVE COURSESBy eDynamic Learning, cont.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYForestry & Natural Resources*Cybersecurity 1A*Principles of Agriculture, Food, andCybersecurity 1B*Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals*ARTS, A/V TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONSLAW, PUBLIC SAFETY, CORRECTIONS & SECURITYCareers in Criminal Justice*Digital Photography 1A*Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind*Digital Photography 1B*Introduction to Military Careers*Digital Photography II*Law & Order: Introduction to Legal Studies*Introduction to Social Media: Our Connected World*National Security*Journalism 1A*Principles of Public Service: To Serve & Protect*MANUFACTURINGJournalism 1B*Music Appreciation*Intro to Manufacturing: Product Design & Innovation*Public Speaking 1A*MARKETINGPublic Speaking 1B*Advertising and Sales Promotion*BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATIONInternational Business: Global Commerce in the 21st CenturyEDUCATION & TRAININGSports & Entertainment CS (STEM)Astronomy: Exploring the Universe 1A*Early Childhood Education 1A*Astronomy: Exploring the Universe 1B*Early Childhood Education 1B*Biotechnology 1A*Real World Parenting*Biotechnology 1B*ENERGYConcepts of Engineering & Technology*Renewable Technologies 1A*Forensic Science I: Secrets of the Dead*Renewable Technologies 1B*Forensic Science II: More Secrets of the Dead*HOSPITALITY & TOURISMGreat Minds in Science: Ideas for a New Generation*Culinary Arts 1A*Marine Science 1A*Culinary Arts 1B*Marine Science 1B*Hospitality & Tourism 1: Traveling the Globe*Hospitality & Tourism 2A: Hotel & Restaurant Management*Hospitality & Tourism 2B: Hotel & Restaurant Management*HUMAN SERVICESFashion & Interior Design*Nutrition & Wellness** One Semester Coursee Elective CourseN NCAA Approved CoursePeer Counseling*Please note that courses may be added or removed as they arecreated, updated, or retired.FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 888.866.4989 [email protected] Fax: 866.436.0244

CREDIT CREDIT RECOVERY BIBLE Bible 3 A Bible 3 B Bible 4 A Bible 4 B Bible 5 A Bible 5 B INITIAL CREDIT CREDIT CREDIT RECOVERY LANGUAGE ARTS Language Arts 3 A Language Arts 3 B . International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century EDUCATION & TRAINING Early Childhood