Day 3 Evaluation Exam(52 Questions, 60 minutesIdentify your weak areas)

Day 3 Evaluation Exam: Answer SheetProject Management FrameworkQuestion NoAnswer12345Project Integration ManagementQuestion NoAnswer12345Project Scope ManagementQuestion NoAnswer12345Project Time ManagementQuestion No12345Answer

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Day 3 Evaluation Test: QuestionsProject Management FrameworkQues 1 : Earlier you were working at the helpdesk of ABC company managing a team. Your jobprimarily involved handling customer queries, analyzing customer feedback, and supervisingyour team. You have recently been re-assigned to a new project involving integration of thehelpdesk activities with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package. This project willimprove efficiency in the company and help in integrating all inter-related activities. All thefollowing could be the possible differences between helpdesk and the present project EXCEPT:1. The objective of the project is to meet strategic objectives of the company. The objectiveof the helpdesk was to sustain the business.2. A project has to be planned, executed, and controlled, and it is not so in the case ofhelpdesk.3. As part of the project, you are creating a new information system, but nothing unique wasbeing created as part of the helpdesk activities.4. Unlike a project, helpdesk was an ongoing operational activity.Ques 2 : You have reached the end of the design phase of your project. You decide to call a"phase end review" for obtaining authorization to close the design phase and initiate the nextphase (i.e., execution phase) of your project. Your manager disagrees with your suggestion. Hewants a "kill point" to formally end the design phase of the project. In this context, you should:1. Disagree with your manager because you know that phase end reviews should be used atthe end of each phase of the project2. Agree with your manager3. Escalate this issue to the project sponsor4. Take advice from a senior project manager about what should actually be done at the endof each phase of the projectQues 3 : When dealing with stakeholders, all the following statements are correct EXCEPT:1. Project manager must try to satisfy even the implicit requirements of stakeholders.2. Only those stakeholders who are project team members should be involved in thecreation of project plan.3. Both stated and unstated needs of stakeholders should be properly identified.4. Some stakeholders may provide conflicting requirements.

Ques 4 : The following statements about stakeholders are correct EXCEPT: may exert influence over the project.Stakeholders responsibilities remain stable throughout the project life cycle.Some stakeholders benefit from a successful project.Identifying stakeholders can be difficult.Ques 5 : What are the basic types of phase-to-phase relationships?, concurrent, and overlappingIterative, sequential, and concurrentSequential, overlapping, and iterativeOverlapping, iterative, and concurrent

Project Integration ManagementQues 1 : Your customer wants some change to be effected in the project scope. You determinethat the change in scope will not impact the project schedules but will cost the project anadditional 50,000. What should you do FIRST?1. Try crashing or fast tracking the project.2. Do not allow the customer to change the project scope.3. Let the customer know about the impact of the change in project scope and ask foradditional funding.4. Discuss with your project sponsor.Ques 2 : The project charter has been developed, and the project has been formally authorized. Afull-time project manager is appointed for the project. There is clarity about the business needs,high-level project description, and product requirements that the project is to address. Asummary budget has also been approved. Given this information, what activity should the projectmanager perform FIRST?1. Perform the work defined in the project management plan to achieve the project sobjectives.2. Define, prepare, integrate, and coordinate all subsidiary plans into a project managementplan.3. Track, review, and regulate the progress to meet the project objectives defined in theproject management plan.4. Review all change requests, approve changes, and manage changes to the deliverables,organizational process assets, project documents, and the project management plan.Ques 3 : You are the project manager responsible for developing a software application based oncustomer requirements. Which technique do you use in order to consider the customer s changerequest? planningProject selection methodsExpert judgmentCorrective action

Ques 4 : A project management plan should be realistic so that it can be used to manage a projectsuccessfully. Which of the following is the BEST method to prepare a realistic projectmanagement plan?1. Project manager creates the project management plan based on inputs from the sponsorand the functional manager.2. Sponsor creates the project management plan based on inputs from the project managerand the functional manager.3. Project manager creates the project management plan based on inputs from the team.4. Sponsor creates the project management plan based on inputs from all the stakeholders.Ques 5 : You are nearing project completion and want to get feedback about the overall projectperformance. From project management perspective, a project is considered to be successfulwhen: project manager announces the completion of the project.The project meets the stated project objectives.The sponsor announces the completion of the project.The customer is happy because you provided additional features which she had notexpected.

Project Scope ManagementQues 1 : In your project, you are now interested in determining the cause of variance relative tothe scope baseline and deciding whether corrective action is required. You should use: management systemVariance analysisRe-planningEarned value spreadsheetsQues 2 : You would like to use decomposition for subdivision of project deliverables intosmaller, more manageable components until the work and deliverables are defined to the workpackage level. All of the following statements on decomposition are correct EXCEPT:1. All deliverables have similar levels of decomposition.2. The project team needs to seek a balance between too little and too much in the level ofWBS planning detail.3. The decomposition of the upper level WBS components requires subdividing the workfor each of the deliverables or subprojects into its fundamental components.4. Decomposition is done as part of Create WBS process.Ques 3 : As a project manager, which tool will you use to bring together prequalifiedstakeholders and subject matter experts in order to know about their expectations and attitudesabout a proposed product? workshopsFocus GroupsGroup creativity techniquesGroup decision making techniquesQues 4 : Which of the following statements related to scope verification and quality control iscorrect? control deals with acceptance of productsScope verification can be done in parallel with quality controlScope verification should not be done if the project is terminatedScope verification and quality control are very similar processes

Ques 5 : Your project is being carried out under a contract. There have been some changes in theproject scope and you want to determine the cause of variance with respect to the scope baseline.This will help you decide whether corrective action is required. This should be done as part of: ScopeCollect RequirementsVerify ScopeControl Scope

Project Time ManagementQues 1 : In the Control Schedule process, changes to project schedule can result in changerequests to: baselineComponents of project planActivity attributesSchedule baseline and/or components of project planQues 2 : When you estimate costs for your project, you should also closely coordinate that with: ActivitiesEstimate Activity DurationsEstimate Activity ResourcesSequence Activities

Ques 3 : Please refer to the following diagram:What is the slack of task G? weeks1 week-1 weekCannot be determinedQues 4 : A project has a critical path of twenty-three weeks. What is the impact on the durationof the critical path if the management wants you to complete the project in twenty weeks? by three weeks.Decreases by three weeks.Remains the same.Cannot be determined.Ques 5 : You are in the process of identifying and documenting the relationships among theproject activities. You want to ensure that every activity and milestone except the first and lastare connected to at least one predecessor and one successor. Which of the following tools canyou use for this purpose? toolDecompositionSchedule network templatesSchedule compression

Project Cost ManagementQues 1 : A project was expected to cost 6 million for three months. At the end of one month,you use earned value technique as a performance management technique and get the followinginformation:Earned value 1.5 millionPlanned value 2.5 millionActual cost 2.2 millionIn this context, what would be the schedule variance? 0.3 Million- 1 Million1 Million0.7 MillionQues 2 : While performing variance analysis for your project, you refer to your status reportswhich show the following information:Planned value 100,000Actual cost 125,000Earned value 90,000In this context, all the following statements are true EXCEPT: variance is - 10,000 and you are behind scheduleCost variance is - 35,000 and you are over-budgetCPI is 0.5 and you are over-budgetSPI is 0.9 and you are behind schedule

Ques 3 : You are the project manager for a construction company tasked with constructing anoffice building. The office building will be 10 stories high and will have 200,000 sq ft ofworking area. Your company has expertise in constructing similar buildings. You are asked tosubmit a high level estimate for the building within 4 days. Which of the following is the mostappropriate?1. Parametric estimating: Work with a construction engineer who has expertise in similarbuildings, find out the rate per sq ft of construction and multiply with the total sq feet ofthe building to get an estimate.2. Bottom up estimating: Ask the individual project team members to create a WBS anddetermine the costs of activities - use that as a basis for calculating the estimate for thewhole building.3. Vendor bid analysis: Submit a bid to some companies and use their estimates as a basisfor getting an estimate for your project.4. Let your sponsor know that it would not be possible to get any reasonable estimate withinsuch a short time period.Ques 4 : You are working on a 12 month assignment to build a website with 4000 pages for 1,000,000. You are supposed to spend 250,000 every 3 months. After 6 months, you determinethat only 400,000 of work is completed and cost incurred is 800,000. What is the ETC? 2,000,000 1,500,000 1,000,0001,200,000Ques 5 : Please refer to the diagram given below.At time x, the project is : schedule, over-budgetAhead of schedule, over-budgetBehind schedule, under-budgetAhead of schedule, under-budget

Project Quality ManagementQues 1 : The project team has added some functionalities to the product that are not required aspart of the project. However, the customer is satisfied with the product. From a qualityperspective, the action of the team is: because customer expectations are exceeded.Not acceptable, because it constitutes gold plating, which is not a good practice.Desirable as this means repeat business from the customer.Not ethical as the customer indicated project deliverable is not produced.Ques 2 : You are the project manager of a car manufacturing company. You understand thatthere are costs associated with improvement in quality parameters. To justify costs required toimprove quality, you find out the incremental increase in benefits for an incrementalimprovement in quality. This is an example of : s lawLearning Curve theoryMarginal analysisMaslow s hierarchy of needsQues 3 : You are a project manager. During the quality audit, you find out that the team membershave committed a number of minor mistakes. To determine whether the process is in control, themost helpful tool you use is: diagramPareto chartBar chartControl ChartQues 4 : The explicit and implicit customer requirements that should be captured as part of yourproject can be referred to as: of the customerQuality attributes

Ques 5 : All the following types of costs are incurred to ensure compliance to requirementsEXCEPT: costsAppraisal costsQuality planning costsWarranty costs

Project Human Resource ManagementQues 1 : In the executing phase of your project, you lose some key resources. Some new peoplehave joined, and you (the project manager) set up a meeting to get the team together. Whatshould be the most important agenda item for this meeting? team building activitiesInviting the team members to share their past project experiencesReviewing WBS and responsibilities of all team membersPlanning risk responses for existing risksQues 2 : While working on the project, you set realistic (and challenging) targets. This is becauseyou know that if extra time is provided, "Work expands so as to fill the time available for itscompletion." This is also refer

What should you do FIRST? 1. Try crashing or fast tracking the project. 2. Do not allow the customer to change the project scope. 3. Let the customer know about the impact of the change in project scope and ask for additional funding. 4. Discuss with your project sponsor. Ques 2 : The project charter has been developed, and the project has been formally authorized. A full-time project manager .