Limited Warranty RegistrationLimited WarrantiesSTAINMASTER carpetRegister your warranty at or simply fillout the information below, detach, fold, seal with tape andmail. Remember to keep a copy for your records. Warrantyregistration is not a condition of warranty coverage.If you decide to register using the form below, all blanks mustbe completed, except the blank for the e-mail address.Name of Carpet Retail Store:Style or Product Name:Purchase Date:First Name:Last Name:Your Address:City: State or Province:Zip or Postal Code: Country:Your E-mail Address:If you do not check below, your personal information will beretained, used and disclosed to our agents only as necessaryfor the purposes of fulfilling the terms of this Limited Warranty,unless we obtain your consent for another use. Your personalinformation may be processed in the United States.q Sign me up to receive, by mail or e-mail, information aboutspecial offers and product introductions from INVISTA.q Sign me up for annual carpet care reminder e-mails.** Requires e-mail address.q STAINMASTER cushion was purchased with carpet.Please see our full Privacy Policy on 2012 INVISTA. All Rights Reserved. STAINMASTER and the STAINMASTER familyof marks and logos are trademarks of INVISTA. SolarMax is a registered trademarkof INVISTA for UV resistant fibers and fabrics. C03991 Rev 7/

etime*Lifetime*Lifetime*Pet lResistance10 Years or13 Years**10 Years or13 Years**15 Years or18 Years**20 Years or23 Years**RetentionTexture10 Years or13 Years**10 Years or13 Years**15 Years or18 Years**20 Years or23 Years**AbrasiveWearLifetime*20 Years forSolarMax Products*noLifetime*Lifetime*Lifetime*25 Years forSolarMax Products*noAnti-StaticFadeResistance*** Represents residential home or office installations. Commercial installations only include a 10 year Abrasive Wear Warranty.** T he above listed limited warranties will be extended to the longer period stated if STAINMASTER carpet cushion is purchased at the same time as a particularbrand of STAINMASTER carpet and is installed under the STAINMASTER carpet.*P roration may apply to lifetime limited warranties. Labor costs may not be included. See the following pages in this warranty booklet for complete details.Warranty details are also available by calling 1-800-438-7668.Throughout this limited lifetime brochure, INVISTA defines lifetime carpet coverage as the life of the carpet which begins on the date of purchase.STAINMASTERHOME & OFFICE ***STAINMASTER Essentials STAINMASTER Deluxe Collection STAINMASTER Premier Food &BeverageStainsStain ResistancenonononoStairsTo see which limited warranties apply to your STAINMASTER carpet, first determine the carpet collection that applies to the STAINMASTER carpet youpurchased. Then simply read across the chart for warranty coverage and duration. Please note that your limited warranty coverage begins on the dateof purchase and continues for the stated period of time. All limited warranties are subject to the General Terms and Conditions set forth in this brochure.STAINMASTER carpet duration of Limited Warranties at a glance

Contact InformationGeneral Terms and Conditions Only first quality carpet (not seconds or irregulars)which meets INVISTA’s construction and performancespecifications can earn the name STAINMASTER carpetand be covered under these limited warranties.For warranty service or special assistance for carpet care andcleaning, call our Consumer Care group at 1-800-438-7668.Hours are 8AM to 5PM EST, Monday through Friday. Or,contact us by email at: [email protected]. These limited warranties apply to all STAINMASTER carpet products purchased on or after July 1, 2012,and installed in the owner-occupied space in an owneroccupied residence (and a commercial office buildingor retail space for only STAINMASTER Home & Office carpet). Timeshare dwellings are specifically excluded.If the carpet is removed from the home or office,these limited warranties will be deemed null and void.Care and Cleaning ObligationsTo maintain your warranty coverage you must dothe following: Clean stains or soiled areas promptly. If the problemremains after do-it-yourself cleaning, then have yourcarpet professionally cleaned (at your expense; thesemaintenance costs will not be reimbursed). If the problem still remains after professional cleaning,contact the Consumer Care group within 30 daysof the professional cleaning. The limited warranties will be extended to a longercoverage period when STAINMASTER carpet is installedover STAINMASTER cushion. Some proration may apply to lifetime limited warranties.Labor costs may not be included.Filing a Claim All warranty coverage is transferable to subsequentowner-occupiers only in owner-occupied residences.The original homeowner must contact our Consumer Caregroup to provide original receipts documenting the carpetpurchase and proof that the carpet has been maintainedevery 24 months, using the hot water extraction cleaningmethod, since the original carpet purchase date. Thisdocumentation must be provided within sixty (60) daysof the home sale. INVISTA will then provide the newhomeowner with a written authorization transferringthe warranty coverage.If you have a problem with your carpet and believe it iscovered by one or more of the limited warranties outlinedin this warranty brochure, you must file a claim by contactingour Consumer Care group. When you call, you will be askedto provide the following: These limited warranties exclude carpet which has beenput into commercial use except for the Abrasive WearLimited Warranty which applies only to STAINMASTERHome & Office carpet which is installed in a homeor office or retail space for commercial use. To qualify for coverage under all limited warrantiesoutlined in this booklet, you must have had hot waterextraction cleaning performed by a trained, qualifiedcarpet care professional, at least as frequently as every24 months since the date of purchase of your carpet.Failing to do so can void your warranty coverage. An explanation of the issue, what caused the problem,and a description of what the carpet looks like now When and where the carpet was purchased, includingthe retailer’s telephone number The carpet style name and style number Square yards purchased Date(s) and proof of professional cleaning(s)(1)If the problem is determined to be covered by one ofthe limited warranties, you will be asked to provide theoriginal sales receipt or other documentation acceptableto INVISTA which shows proof of purchase and installationof a STAINMASTER carpet and of carpet cushion whichmeets the requirements noted under the Texture RetentionLimited Warranty. The documentation must include theSTAINMASTER carpet name and style information. These limited warranties also exclude abnormal useor conditions, any type of abuse, vandalism, or damageby smoke, fire, storm, flood, hurricane, wind, lightning,any other natural disaster, or any act of God. “Commercialuse” includes, but is not limited to: use in a store, officeor other place of business. “Abnormal use or conditions”includes, but is not limited to: water damage fromplumbing, storm or flood, damage from smoke or fire,damage from improper cleaning methods or materials,and from improper maintenance. “Abuse” is any useof the carpet that is unreasonable considering thenormal and expected uses of a carpet in a residence.Damage from improper installation or defects in carpetmanufacturing are specifically excluded from theselimited warranties.You must also provide INVISTA with all related professionalcleaning receipts (showing service dates), if required.Please note that INVISTA will not reimburse you for yourcosts of professional cleaning.We may also request a small piece (6 x6 ) swatchof remnant carpet and cushion.34Terms and ConditionsVisit to register your carpet purchaseor to find general cleaning instructions. (Note: Warrantyregistration is recommended but not required to activateyour warranty coverage.)

If INVISTA determines that your claim is covered underone or more of the limited warranties, INVISTA will,at its sole option, determine to repair the affected areaof your carpet, or, if repair cannot reasonably be made,will determine to replace the affected area of carpet. If INVISTA replaces your STAINMASTER carpet underany of these limited warranties, the remaining portionof the Warranty Period will be based on your originalpurchase date. If the identical carpet is not available, a STAINMASTER carpet of comparable quality, color and value willbe provided. Comparability in carpet specificationsis determined by INVISTA. Cash refunds will not be offered. You must reasonably cooperate with INVISTA in its effortsto perform its obligations under these limited warranties.THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO ALL OFTHE LIMITED WARRANTIES INCLUDEDIN THIS BOOKLET:These limited warranties give you specific legal rights,and you may also have other legal rights which vary fromstate to state. This may also be the case in Canada fromprovince to province. These limited warranties apply onlyto wall-to-wall carpet installed and bound carpet purchasedin the U.S. or in Canada.SUBJECT TO APPLICABLE LAW, UNDER NOCIRCUMSTANCES SHALL INVISTA BE LIABLE TO YOUFOR ANY LOST OR PROSPECTIVE PROFITS, LOSSESOR DAMAGES ARISING FROM DELAY IN PERFORMANCE,OR FROM ATTEMPTS OR FAILURES TO CLEAN COVEREDSTAINS, REGARDLESS OF THE FORM OF THE CLAIMOR CAUSE OF ACTION (WHETHER BASED ON CONTRACT,INFRINGEMENT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY, OTHERTORT OR OTHERWISE), OR FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL,SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES ARISINGOUT OF THE PURCHASE OR USE OF THE PRODUCTOR RESULTING FROM THE BREACH OF THIS LIMITEDWARRANTY, OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY. IN NO EVENTSHALL THE CUMULATIVE LIABILITY OF INVISTA EXCEED5Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitationof incidental or consequential damages, so the abovelimitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Also, someprovinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation ofincidental or consequential damages, so the abovelimitation or exclusion may not apply to you.Dispute Resolution —Mandatory Arbitration ProvisionTHIS DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROVISION ONLY APPLIESTO CONSUMERS RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES WHOPURCHASE STAINMASTER CARPET. IT IS IMPORTANTTHAT YOU READ THIS ENTIRE SECTION CAREFULLY.THIS SECTION PROVIDES FOR RESOLUTION OF DISPUTESTHROUGH FINAL AND BINDING ARBITRATION OFINDIVIDUAL CASES BEFORE A NEUTRAL ARBITRATORINSTEAD OF IN A COURT BY A JUDGE OR JURY ORTHROUGH A CLASS ACTION.Binding Arbitration Of All Claims. The arbitration processestablished by this section is governed by the FederalArbitration Act (“FAA”), 9 U.S.C. §§ 1-16. All disputesarising out of or related to this Warranty (whether basedin contract, tort, statute, fraud, misrepresentation or anyother legal or equitable theory) (a “Claim”) shall be resolvedby final and binding arbitration of individual claims onlyin accordance with this arbitration provision.Only Individual Claims Permitted. NO DISPUTE BROUGHTBY EITHER YOU OR INVISTA MAY BE JOINED WITHANOTHER LAWSUIT OR IN ARBITRATION WITH A DISPUTEOF ANY OTHER PERSON, OR BE PURSUED OR RESOLVEDON A CLASS-WIDE BASIS.Broadest Interpretation. Any question about whethera Claim is subject to arbitration shall be resolved byinterpreting this arbitration provision in the broadestmanner permitted by law to allow its enforcement.All such questions will be decided by the arbitrator.How the Arbitration Works. The party must file a Claimwith the National Arbitration Forum (“NAF”), an arbitrationadministrator. This administrator is independent fromINVISTA. You may obtain copies of the rules, formsand instructions for initiating and conducting arbitrationby contacting NAF at:National Arbitration ForumP.O. Box 50191Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405Website: www.adrforum.com800-474-23716Terms and Conditions Replacement of Wall-to-Wall Carpet: For wall-to-wallcarpet, any repair or replacement under these limitedwarranties will be made by INVISTA and will be limitedto the affected area of the carpet. Bound rugs are notcovered. If replacement is necessary, the limited warrantycovers the removal and disposal of the original carpet andthe cost and installation of the comparable replacementcarpet, unless otherwise specified by a specific warrantyand is subject to proration (see schedule on page 10).Any other labor charges, costs for moving furniture,equipment or baseboards, any costs associatedwith new carpet cushion, or other charges are yourresponsibility and will not be paid by INVISTA.This coverage applies to all brands of wall-to-wallSTAINMASTER carpet.THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID BY YOU FOR THE PRODUCT.FOR THE SAKE OF CLARITY, THE TERM “CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES” SHALL INCLUDE, BUT NOT BE LIMITED TO,LOSS OF USE AND LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY,AND THOSE INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGESREFERENCED IN §2-715 OF THE UCC.

Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty(pet urine; food & beverage)For the Warranty Period stated the surface pile of yourSTAINMASTER carpet will resist food and beverageor pet urine stains that occur during normal residentialuse (“covered stains”) subject to your compliance withrecommended carpet care and cleaning procedures,shown on pages 1 and 2, INVISTA will, at our sole option,repair the affected area of your carpet containing thecovered stain. If a repair cannot reasonably be made,we will replace the affected area of your carpet.No carpet is fully stain proof. Therefore, INVISTA doesnot extend warranty coverage to any of the substancesor causes of damage identified below (“non-coveredstains”). The following are examples of non-coveredstains excluded from this limited warranty: Non-food and non-beverage stains caused bysubstances, including, for example, but not limitedto, cosmetics, bleaches, inks, etc. Human or other pet stains (such as vomit, bloodand feces). Color changes due to fading.Lifetime Soil Resistance Limited WarrantyOver time any carpet may change color due to theaccumulation of dry soil from foot traffic. INVISTAwarrants that for the stated Warranty Period, subjectto your compliance with the recommended carpet careand cleaning procedures, your carpet will not have a“noticeable color change” due to deposits of dry soil asa result of foot traffic from normal, indoor household use. If, after following the recommended carpet careand cleaning procedures (including professionalcleaning shown on page 3) INVISTA determines thatthe noticeable color change is covered under this limitedwarranty,INVISTA will, at its option, repair the affectedarea of your carpet. If repair cannot reasonably bemade, we will replace the affected area of your carpet. Cash refunds will not be offered.Excluded from this limited warranty are color changesfrom grease, mud, asphalt, tar, paints, ink, rust, blood,cement, materials that permanently destroy dyes oralter colors (such as bleaches, acne medications, draincleaners and plant food), urine, feces, vomit, appearanceor color changes due to burns, pets, tears, cuts, pulls,shading or pile reversal, fading, furniture depressionsor athletic equipment.7During the applicable Warranty Period, the surface pile ofyour carpet when installed over carpet cushion meeting thestandards described below will not, under normal residentialuse, show a significant loss of carpet pile texture from thecarpet tufts bursting, blooming, opening or losing their twist. Texture retention is defined as the ability of carpet tuftsto retain their visible shape and not burst, bloom, open orlose their twist, and is measured by using an internationalstandardized rating scale.(2) This warranty is limited to loss of texture from foot traffic,resulting in tufts bursting, blooming, opening or losingtheir twist which cannot be corrected. If INVISTA determines that your carpet’s texture rating isbelow the minimum standards for the reasons describedabove, INVISTA will, at its sole option, repair or replacethe affected area of the carpet. In the U.S. carpet, must be installed over cushion whichmeets the HUD UM 72a, Class 1 standards, usually ½-inchpad. This certification sets minimum standards for carpetcushion for density (lbs./ft3), thickness (in.), weight(oz./sq.yd.), and other physical characteristics whichdetermine performance. In Canada, carpet must be installed over cushion whichmeets all the minimum parameters as per CGSB(3)Standard 20-GP-23M entitled “Standard for: Cushion,Carpet, Flexible Polymeric Material.” This standard setsminimum standards for carpet cushion padding fordensity (kg/m3), thickness (mm), and other physicalcharacteristics which determine performance. Cash refunds will not be offered.This limited warranty specifically excludes damagefrom pets or such things as tears, pulls, cuts, pilling, burns,furniture coasters, athletic equipment, vacuum marks orheavy wheeled devices. Changes in appearance causedby matting, crushing, soiling, shading or pile reversal,cornrowing, fading, or furniture depressions are alsospecifically excluded.Abrasive Wear Limited WarrantyDuring the applicable Warranty Period, your carpet will notincur Fiber Loss from Abrasive Wear (as hereinafter defined)by more than 10% in any area. “Fiber Loss from AbrasiveWear” is defined as actual loss of fiber, due to abrasion,from the surface pile of the carpet. If INVISTA determinesthat your carpet has incurred Fiber Loss from AbrasiveWear, INVISTA will, at its option, repair or replace theaffected areas of your carpet.Lifetime Anti-Static Limited WarrantyFor the expected life of your carpet, it will not generatestatic greater than 5.0 kilovolts (using AATCC)(4) TestMethod 134). If INVISTA determines that your carpet doesnot meet this anti-static limited warranty, INVISTA willrepair your carpet. If a repair cannot be reasonably made,INVISTA will replace the affected area.8STAINMASTER carpet Warranties Stains caused by substances that destroy or changethe color of the carpet, including, for example, butnot limited to, stains caused by dyes (such as clothingor food coloring), bleaches, acne medications,drain cleaners and plant food.Texture Retention Limited Warranty

This warranty coverage applies to indoor carpetinstallations only. If INVISTA determines that the noticeable colorchange due to sunlight or atmospheric contaminantsexceeds the AATCC(4) Gray Scale criterion, INVISTA will,at our sole option, repair or replace the affected areaof your carpet and will handle such claims per theTerms and Conditions.The following are some examples of exclusions from thislimited fade resistance warranty: Changes in carpet color due to air purifiers, photocopiers or other electronic equipment that emitsignificant amounts of ozone. Changes in carpet color resulting from external causes,such as spills of household chemicals, improper cleaningand other non-food and non-beverage substances. Noticeable color change due to accumulation of drysoil as a result of foot traffic from normal, indoorhousehold use.Lifetime Stain, Soil,Fade & Pet Urineafter 7 yearsYear 1100%Year 2100%Year 3100%Year 4100%Year 5100%Year 6100%Year 7100%Year 890%Year 990%Year 1090%Year 1180%Year 1270%Year 1360%Year 1450%Year 1540%Year 1630%Year 1725%Year 1820%Year 1915%Year 2010%Year 2110%Year 2210%Year 2310%Year 2410%Year 2510%Beyond 25 Years10%STAINMASTER carpet Warranties Gradual fading over time from pesticides, cleaningagents, benzoyl peroxide and other household items.Proration YearWarranty Coverage:CarpetYesLabor(Installation, Removaland Disposal)YesSee pages 1 - 2 to determine which limited warrantiesapply to the STAINMASTER carpet you purchased.Labor costs are removal and disposal of your originalSTAINMASTER carpet and installation of thereplacement carpet.(1) An invoice or other documentation signed by the vendor is required.(2) See the Carpet & Rug Institute Standard 20-GP-23M for theinternational rating scale.(3) Canadian General Standards Board (“CGSB”).(4) American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists,Research Triangle Park, NC (“AATCC”).910STAINMASTER carpet Consumer Care175 TownPark Drive, Suite 200Kennesaw, GA 30144INVISTA warrants that with proper care and maintenance,your STAINMASTER carpet with SolarMax Fiberwill not fade from exposure to sunlight or atmosphericcontaminants (ozone or oxides of nitrogen).Proration Schedule for allSTAINMASTER carpet Limited WarrantiesPLACEPOSTAGEHEREFade Resistance Limited Warrantyfor SolarMax Fiber styles only

1 2 STAINMASTER carpet duration of Limited Warranties at a glance To see which limited warranties apply to your STAINMASTER carpet, first determine the carpet collection that applies to the STAINMASTER carpet you purchased. Then simply read across the chart for warranty coverage and duration. Please no