All references to Kronos in these Terms and Conditions should be read as “Contractor (immixTechnology, Inc.),acting by and through its supplier, Kronos.”TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR KRONOS PRODUCTS AND SERVICESKRONOS LICENSE, WARRANTY AND SUPPORT TERMSA.KRONOS GENERAL TERMS’ SALES SOFTWARE, SOFTWARE AND EQUIPMENT SUPPORTSERVICES (EXCLUDING webTA) AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICESB.KRONOS webTA SUPPORT POLICIES AND SERVICESC.APPLICATION HOSTING SUPPLEMENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONSD.KRONOS WORKFORCE CENTRAL SAAS TERMSE.KRONOS WORKFORCE READY SAAS TERMSF.KRONOS PROFESSIONAL AND EDUCATION SERVICES POLICIESG.KRONOS SUPPORT SERVICES POLICIES (not applicable to WebTA Support)H.KRONOS WORKFORCE TELESTAFF IVR SERVICEI.WORKFORCE DIMENSIONS TERMS AND CONDITIONSKRONOS GENERAL COMMERCIAL SALES TERMSThese supplemental terms and conditions apply to accepted order made to Contractor to all Kronos Equipment,Software, Professional and Educational Services, Support and such other Kronos offerings, as specified on anorder form (an “Order”). In addition to these terms the following sections apply for the different specific offerings:the terms of section A shall apply to the Software licensed and Equipment purchase, support and professionalservices, Section B shall apply to the Support services of the webTA Software; Section C shall apply to theHosting Services purchased in relation with certain Software licensed under Section A; Section D shall apply tothe Workforce central Saas Orders; Section E shall apply to the Workforce Ready Saas Order; Section G shallapplicable to the Software and Equipment support services (except WebTA) and Section H shall apply to theWorkforce Telestaff IVR orderSECTION AKRONOS GENERAL TERMS’ SALES SOFTWARE, SOFTWARE, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ANDSOFTWARE AND EQUIPMENT SUPPORT SERVICES (EXCLUDING webTA)1.GENERAL LICENSE TERMSimmixTechnology, Inc.Page 1[reformatted 05.03.2018]

Kronos owns or has the right to license the Software. The Software and Software documentation are confidentialand may not be disclosed to a third party without Kronos’ written consent. The Software contains proprietary tradesecret technology. Unauthorized use and copying of such Software is prohibited by law, including United Statesand foreign copyright law. The price Ordering Activity pays for a copy of the Software constitutes a license feethat entitles Ordering Activity to use the Software as set forth below. Contractor grants to Ordering Activity a nonexclusive, nontransferable, perpetual (except as provided herein) license to use theSoftware. Ordering Activity shall not use the Software if it is in breach of the terms of this Section A. Upontermination of this license Ordering Activity will have no further right to use the Software and will return theSoftware media to Kronos and destroy all copies of the Software (and related documentation) in OrderingActivity’s possession or control. This license is subject to all of the terms of this Section A of this Attachment A.2.FEE BASED LIMITATIONSOrdering Activity recognizes and agrees that the license to use the Software is limited, based upon the amount ofthe license fee paid by Ordering Activity. Limitations, which are set forth on the Order Form, may include thenumber of employees, simultaneous or active users, Software product modules, Software features, computermodel and serial number and partition, and/or the number of telephone lines or terminals to which the Software ispermitted to be connected. Ordering Activity agrees to: i) use the Software only for the number of employees,simultaneous or active users, computer model, partition and serial number, and/or terminals permitted by theapplicable license fee; ii) use only the product modules and/or features permitted by the applicable license fees;and iii) use the Software only in support of Ordering Activity’s own business. Ordering Activity agrees not toincrease the number of employees, simultaneous or active users, partitions, terminals, products modules, features,or to upgrade the model, as applicable, unless and until Ordering Activity pays the applicable fee for suchincrease/upgrade. Ordering Activity may not relicense or sublicense the Software to, or otherwise permit use ofthe Software (including timesharing or networking use) by any third party. Ordering Activity may not provideservice bureau or other data processing services that make use of the Software without the express prior writtenconsent of Kronos.3.OBJECT CODE ONLYOrdering Activity may use the computer programs included in the Software (the “Programs”) in object code formonly, and shall not reverse compile, disassemble or otherwise convert the Programs into uncompiled orunassembled code. The Programs include components owned by third parties. Such third party components aredeemed to be Software subject to this Section A of this Attachment A. Ordering Activity shall not use any of thePrograms (or the data models therein) except solely as part of and in connection with the Software and asdescribed in the published documentation for such Software.4.PERMITTED COPIESOrdering Activity may copy the Programs as reasonably necessary to load and execute the Programs and forbackup and disaster recovery and testing purposes only, except for additional copies of the Teletime Software andthe Kronos iSeries (which must be licensed separately). All copies of the Programs or any part thereof, whether inprinted or machine readable form and whether on storage media or otherwise, are subject to all the terms of thislicense, and all copies of the Programs or any part of the Programs shall include the copyright and proprietaryrights notices contained in the Programs as delivered to the Ordering Activity.5.UPDATESimmixTechnology, Inc.Page 2[reformatted 05.03.2018]

In the event that Kronos supplies Service Packs, Point Releases and Major Releases (including legislative updatesif available) of the Software (collectively referred to as “Updates”), such Updates shall be part of the Software andthe provisions of this license shall apply to such Updates and to the Software as modified thereby.6.LIMITED WARRANTYContractor warrants that all Kronos Equipment and Software media shall be free from defects in materials andworkmanship, for a period of ninety (90) days from Delivery. In the event of a breach of this warranty, OrderingActivity’s remedy shall be Kronos’ repair or replacement of the deficient Equipment and/or Software media, atKronos’ option, provided that Ordering Activity’s use, installation and maintenance thereof have conformed to theSpecifications. This warranty is extended to Ordering Activity only and shall not apply to any Equipment (or partsthereof) or Software media in the event of:(a)damage, defects or malfunctions resulting from misuse, accident, neglect, tampering, (includingmodification or replacement of any Kronos components on any boards supplied with the Equipment), unusualphysical or electrical stress or causes other than normal and intended use;(b)failure of Ordering Activity to provide and maintain a suitable installation environment, as specified in theSpecifications; or(c)malfunctions resulting from the use of badges or supplies not approved by Kronos.When using and applying the information generated by Kronos products, Ordering Activity is responsible forensuring that OrderingActivity complies with requirements of federal and state law where applicable. If Ordering Activity is licensingWorkforce Payroll Software or Workforce Absence Management Software: (i) Ordering Activity is solelyresponsible for the content and accuracy of all reports and documents prepared in whole or in part by using suchSoftware, (ii) using such Software does not release Ordering Activity of any professional obligation concerningthe preparation and review of such reports and documents, (iii) Ordering Activity does not rely upon Kronos, BestSoftware, Inc. or such Software for any advice or guidance regarding compliance with federal (and state lawswhere applicable) or the appropriate tax treatment of items reflected on such reports or documents, and (iv)Ordering Activity will review any calculations made by using such Software and satisfy itself that thosecalculations are correct.7. PROFFESSIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES(a)ENGAGEMENTSUnless otherwise indicated on the Order, Professional and Educational Services (“Professional Services”) shall beprovided on a time and material basis at established fixed hourly prices labor rates and described in a statement ofwork.(b)WARRANTYContractor warrants that all professional and educational services performed under this Section A of thisAttachment A shall be performed in a professional and competent manner. In the event that Contractor breachesthis warranty, and Ordering Activity so notifies Kronos through Contractor within 30 days of receipt of invoice forthe applicable services, the Ordering Activity’s remedy and Contractor’s liability shall be to re-perform theimmixTechnology, Inc.Page 3[reformatted 05.03.2018]

services which were deficient in a manner so as to conform to the foregoing warranty, at no additional cost toOrdering Activity.(c)KRONOS PROFESSIONAL/EDUCATIONAL SERVICES POLICIESKronos’ Professional/Educational Services Policies shall apply to all Professional and/or Educational Servicespurchased under the applicable SOW and are in Section F of this Attachment A. In the event of a conflict betweenthe Professional Services Policies and this Section A of this Attachment A, the terms of this Section A of thisAttachment shall prevail.8. SOFTWARE SUPPORT SERVICES(a)SUPPORT OPTIONSOrdering Activity may select from the following Software support purchase options: Gold (or Gold Plus) andPlatinum (or PlatinumPlus) support (“Service Type”), each providing different service coverage periods and/or service offerings, asspecified herein (“Service Offerings”) and in the Kronos Support Service Policies (defined below). OrderingActivity must purchase the same ServiceType for all of the Software specified on the Order Form, (however, if Ordering Activity is purchasing supportservices for Visionware Software, Ordering Activity may only purchase Gold Service Type for the VisionwareSoftware). All Updates shall be provided via remote access.(b)TERM OF SOFTWARE SUPPORTUnless otherwise indicated on the Order Form, support service shall commence on the Software Delivery date andshall continue for an initial term of one (1) year. Renewal of support will be agreed by the issuance of a new orderand Contractor accepting such order.(c)GOLD SERVICE OFFERINGSOrdering Activity shall be entitled to receive:(i)Updates for the Software (not including any Software for which Contractor charges a separate license fee),provided thatOrdering Activity’s operating system and equipment meet minimum system configuration requirements, asreasonably determined by Contractor through Kronos. If Ordering Activity requests Contractor through Kronos toinstall such Updates or to provide retraining, Ordering Activity shall issue a new purchase order to Contractor forsuch installation or retraining at Contractor’s then current prices.(ii)Telephone and/or electronic access to the Kronos Global Support Center for the logging of requests forservice during the Service Coverage Period. The Service Coverage Period for the Gold Service Offering is 8:00a.m. to 8:00 p.m., local time, Monday through Friday, excluding Kronos holidays.(iii)Web-based support including access to Software documentation, FAQ’s, access to Kronos knowledgebase, Ordering Activity forums, and e-case management. Such offerings are subject to modification by Kronos.Current offerings can be found at px .(iv)Web-based remote diagnostic technical assistance which may be utilized by Kronos to resolve Softwarefunctional problems and user problems during the Service Coverage Period.immixTechnology, Inc.Page 4[reformatted 05.03.2018]

(v)Access to specialized content as and when made available by Contractor through Kronos such as technicaladvisories, learning quick tips, brown bag seminars, technical insider tips, SHRM e-Learning, HR PayrollAnswerforce and service case studies.(d)PLATINUM AND PLUS SERVICE OFFERINGS:Platinum: In addition to the Service Offerings specified for the Gold Service Offering above, the Service CoveragePeriod for the Platinum Service Offering is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.Plus option: In addition to the Service Offerings specified for the Gold Service Offering above, OrderingActivities purchasing the Plus option shall receive the services of a dedicated, but not exclusive, Kronos TechnicalAccount Manager (“TAM”) for one production instance of the Software. Customers purchasing the Gold-Plusoption shall designate up to one primary and one secondary backup technical contacts (“Technical Contacts”) tobe the sole contacts with the TAM, while Ordering Activities purchasing the Platinum-Plus option shall designateup to two primary and three secondary backup Technical Contacts. Upon request, Ordering Activity maydesignate additional and/or backup Technical Contacts. Ordering Activity is required to place all primaryTechnical Contacts through Kronos product training for the Software covered under this Section A of thisAttachment A at Ordering Activity’s expense under a separate order.Ordering Activities purchasing the Platinum-Plus option shall also receive a one day per year visit to be performedat the Ordering Activity location where the Software is installed. During this onsite visit, Contractor throughKronos shall work with Ordering Activity to identify ways to help Ordering Activity increase functionality ormaximize utilization of the Software in Ordering Activity’s specific environment. Ordering Activity must beutilizing the then-current version of the Software.(e)ADDITION OF SOFTWAREAdditional Software purchased by Ordering Activity as per the ordering procedure set out in the agreement duringthe initial or any renewal term shall be added to this Section A of this Attachment A at the same support option asthe then current Software support coverage in place under these terms. Ordering Activity agrees to pay the chargesfor such addition as per the Order.(f)RESPONSIBILITIES OF ORDERING ACTIVITYOrdering Activity agrees (i) to provide Kronos personnel with full, free and safe access to Software for purposesof support, including use of Kronos’ standard remote access technology, if required; (ii) to maintain and operatethe Software in an environment and according to procedures which conform to the Specifications; and (iii) not toallow support of the Software by anyone other than Kronos without prior written authorization from Kronos.Failure to utilize Kronos’ remote access technology may delay Kronos’ response and/or resolution to OrderingActivity’s reported Software problem. If Ordering Activity requires the use of a specific remote access technologynot specified by Kronos, then Ordering Activity must purchase the Plus option to receive support and provideKronos personnel with full, free and safe access to the remote access hardware and/or software.(g)WARRANTYContractor warrants that all support services shall be performed in a professional and competent manner.9.EQUIPMENT SUPPORT SERVICESimmixTechnology, Inc.Page 5[reformatted 05.03.2018]

The following terms and conditions shall supplement the terms and conditions of this Attachment A and shallgovern the equipment support services provided by Contractor through Kronos to Ordering Activity. In the eventof a conflict of inconsistency between the Section A of this Attachment A and this Section 9, the Section A of thisAttachment A shall govern.Contractor and Ordering Activity hereby agree that Contractor through Kronos shall provide depot equipmentrepair support services ("Depot Support Services") for Ordering Activity's Kronos Equipment ("Product(s)")specified on an Order Form to and from locations within the United States and Puerto Rico pursuant to thefollowing terms and conditions:9.1TERMEquipment Support Services for the Product(s) have a term of one (1) year commencing upon the expiration of theapplicable warranty period, as specified in the Section A of this Attachment A entered into between Contractorand Ordering Activity.Equipment Support Services can be extended for additional one year terms on the anniversary of itscommencement date ("Renewal Date") if agreed upon by the issuance of a new order and Contractor acceptingsuch order.9.2PAYMENTOrdering Activity agrees that all Products of the same type that are owned by the Ordering Activity, includingwithout limitationOrdering Activity's "Spare Products" (as defined below), will be covered by the Depot Support Services or ServicePacks. Ordering Activity agrees that if Ordering Activity purchases, during the term of the Depot SupportServices, any Products of the same type as those specified on an Order Form, such additional Products shall becovered by the Depot Support Services.9.3DEPOT SUPPORT SERVICE DESCRIPTIONUpon the failure of an installed Product, Ordering Activity shall notify Contractor through Kronos of such failureand Kronos will provide remote fault isolation at the FRU (Field Replacement Unit) or subassembly level andattempt to resolve the problem. Those failures determined by Kronos to be Product related shall be dispatched to aKronos Depot Repair Center, and Ordering Activity will be provided with a Return Material AuthorizationNumber (RMA) for the failed Product if Ordering Activity is to return the failed Product to Kronos, as reasonablydetermined by Kronos. Ordering Activity must return the failed product with the supplied RMA number. Hours ofoperation, locations and other information related to Kronos' Depot Repair Centers can be found at and are subject to change. Return and repair procedures for failedProduct shall be provided based on the Depot option - Depot Exchange or Depot Repair - selected by OrderingActivity on the applicable Order Form and as specified herein and in Kronos' then-current Support ServicesPolicies which may be found herein under Section G of this Attachment A.(a)Depot Exchange: Contractor through Kronos will provide a replacement for the failed Product at the FRUor subassembly level on an "advanced exchange" basis, utilizing a carrier of Kronos' choice. Replacement Productwill be shipped the same day, for next business day delivery to Ordering Activity's location as further described inthe Support Policies. REPLACEMENT PRODUCT(S) MAY BE NEW OR RECONDITIONED. OrderingActivity shall specify the address to which the Product is to be shipped. All shipments will include the Kronosprovided RMA designating the applicable Kronos Depot Repair Center, as the recipient. Ordering Activity, uponreceipt of the replacement Product from Kronos, shall package the defective Product in the materials provided byimmixTechnology, Inc.Page 6[reformatted 05.03.2018]

Kronos, with the RMA supplied and promptly return failed Products directly to Kronos using the carrier specifiedby Kronos.(b)Depot Repair: It is Ordering Activity's obligation to purchase and retain, at Ordering Activity's locationand at Ordering Activity's sole risk and expense, a sufficient number of spare products ("Spare Products") to allowOrdering Activity to replace failed Products at all Ordering Activity locations. Upon failure of an installedProduct, Ordering Activity shall install a Spare Product to replace the failed Product. Ordering Activity shall alsospecify the address to which the repaired Product should be return shipped. Ordering Activity shall then return thefailed Product, with the required RMA, to the applicable Kronos Depot Repair Center. Ordering Activity shallmake every reasonable effort to return the failed Product using the same packing materials in which the originalProduct was sent. Upon receipt of the failed Product, Contractor through Kronos shall repair the failed Productand ship it, within ten (10) business days after receipt, to Ordering Activity. Kronos shall ship the repaired Productby regular surface transportation to Ordering Activity.9.4 EQUIPMENT SERVICE PACK SUPPORT SERVICE DESCRIPTIONIf Ordering Activity purchase the Equipment service packs support, Kronos manufactured terminals specified onan Order, Ordering Activity shall be entitled to receive:(a)Service packs for the Terminals (which may contain Terminal system software updates, firmware updates,security updates, and Terminal feature enhancements) available for download at Kronos’ customer web site.(b)Access to the Kronos Support Services Center for the logging of requests for assistance downloadingequipment service packs for the Terminals; and9.5 RESPONSIBILITIES OF ORDERING ACTIVITYOrdering Activity agrees that it shall return failed Products promptly as the failures occur and that it shall not holdfailed Products and send failed Product to Kronos in "batches" which shall result in a longer turnaround time andsurcharge to Ordering Activity. In addition, Ordering Activity agrees to:(a)Maintain the Products in an environment conforming to Kronos' published specifications for suchProducts;(b)De-install all failed Products and install all replacement Products in accordance with Kronos' publishedinstallation guidelines;(c)Ensure that the Product(s) are returned to Kronos properly packaged; and(d)Obtain an RMA before returning any Product to Kronos and place the RMA clearly and conspicuously onthe outside of the shipping package. Ordering Activity may only return the specific Product authorized by Kronoswhen issuing the RMA.9.6 SUPPORT EXCLUSIONSDepot Support Service does not include the replacement of "consumables". In addition, Depot Support Servicedoes not include the repair of damages, and Ordering Activity will not attempt to return damaged Product,resulting from:immixTechnology, Inc.Page 7[reformatted 05.03.2018]

(a)Any cause external to the Products including, but not limited to, electrical work, fire, flood, water, wind,lightning, transportation, or any act of God;(b)Ordering Activity's failure to continually provide a suitable installation environment (as indicated inKronos' published installation guidelines) including, but not limited to, adequate electrical power;(c)Ordering Activity's improper use, relocation, packaging, refinishing, management or supervision of theProduct(s) or other failure to use Products in accordance with Kronos' published specifications;(d)Ordering Activity's use of the Products for purposes other than those for which they are designed or the useof accessories or supplies not approved by Kronos;(e)Government imposed sanctions, rules, regulations or laws preventing the shipment of the Products; or (f)Ordering Activity's repair, attempted repair or modification of the Products.Professional services provided by Contractor through Kronos in connection with the installation of any Softwareor firmware upgrades, if available, and if requested by Ordering Activity, are not covered by Depot SupportServices. Firmware (including equipment service packs) which may be available to resolve a Product issue is notinstalled by the Kronos Depot Repair Center but is available for download at Kronos' customer web site providedOrdering Activity is maintaining the Product under an annual Depot Support Services plan with Kronos.9.7 WARRANTY(a)Depot Repair and Exchange warranty: Contractor warrants that all repairs performed under the Section Aof this Attachment A shall be performed in a professional and competent manner.ALL OTHER WARRANTIES FOR THE DEPOT SUPPORT SERVICES PROVIDED HEREUNDER,EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSEAND MERCHANTABILITY, ARE EXCLUDED BY AGREEMENT OF THE PARTIES.(b)Services Pack support Warranty: Contractor warrants that all service packs and firmware updates providedunder this Section A of this Attachment A shall materially perform in accordance with the Kronos publishedspecifications for a period of ninety (90) days after download by Ordering Activity. In the event of a breach ofthis warranty, Ordering Activity’s remedy shall be Contractor’s repair or replacement of the deficient servicepack(s) or firmware update(s), at Contractor’s option, provided that Ordering Activity’s use, installation andmaintenance thereof have conformed to the specifications.9.8 LIMITATION OF REMEDIESTo the extent permitted by law, the remedy of Ordering Activity and liability of Contractor shall be replacement ofthe repaired Product.10.KRONOS SUPPORT SERVICE POLICIESKronos’ Support Services Policies shall apply to all Support Services purchased and may be accessed in SectionsB for the WebTa Software support services and Section G for the other products of this Attachment A. In theevent of a conflict between the Support Policies and this Section A of this Attachment A, the terms of this SectionA of this Attachment A shall prevail.11.EXPORTOrdering Activity acknowledges that the Equipment and Software may be restricted by the United StatesGovernment or by the country in which the Equipment or Software is installed from export to certain countriesand certain organizations and individuals, and agrees to comply with such laws. Ordering Activity agrees toimmixTechnology, Inc.Page 8[reformatted 05.03.2018]

comply with all applicable laws of all of the countries in which the Equipment and Software may be used byOrdering Activity. Ordering Activity’s obligations hereunder shall survive the termination or expiration of theOrder Form. Ordering Activity must obtain Kronos through Contractor prior written consent before exporting theSoftware.12.FIRMWAREOrdering Activity may not download firmware updates for the Kronos Equipment unless Ordering Activity ismaintaining suchEquipment under a support plan with Contractor. If Ordering Activity is not maintaining the Equipment under asupport plan with Contractor, Contractor through Kronos shall have the right to verify Ordering Activity’s KronosEquipment to determine if Ordering Activity has downloaded any firmware to which Ordering Activity is notentitled.13.TRAINING POINTSTraining Points which are purchased by Ordering Activity may be redeemed for an equivalent value of instructorled training sessions offered by Kronos. Available instructor-led sessions are listed at http://customer.Kronos.comand each session has the Training Points value indicated. Training Points are invoiced when used by the OrderingActivity. Training Points may not be exchanged for other Kronos products and/or services.14.KNOWLEDGEPASS EDUCATION SUBSCRIPTION:The parties hereby agree that the following terms shall apply to Ordering Activity’s purchase of the KronosKnowledgePass Education Subscription only, if specified on the Order Form:Scope: The KnowledgePass Education Subscription is available to customers who are licensing Kronos’Workforce Central and iSeries Timekeeper Software products and who are maintaining such products under asupport plan with Kronos. The KnowledgePass Education Subscription provides access via the internet to certaineducational offerings provided by Kronos (the “KnowledgePass Content”), including:Product and upgrade information for project teams and end usersHands-on interactive instruction on common tasksSelf-paced tutorials covering a range of topicsJob aidsKnowledge assessment and reporting tools to measure progressWebinarsTerm of Subscription: The annual KnowledgePass Education Subscription shall run co-terminously with OrderingActivity’s Software Support, and shall renew for additional one (1) year terms provided Ordering Activity renewsits KnowledgePass Education Subscription as provided below.The KnowledgePass Subscription is available when the Ordering Activity subscribe on annual basis.Limitations: Ordering Activity recognizes and agrees that the KnowledgePass Content is copyrighted by Kronos.Ordering Activity is permitted to make copies of the KnowledgePass Content provided in *pdf form solely forOrdering Activity’s internal use and may not disclose such KnowledgePass Content to any third party other thanOrdering Activity’s employees. Ordering Activity may not edit, modify, revise, amend, change, alter, customize orimmixTechnology, Inc.Page 9[reformatted 05.03.2018]

vary the KnowledgePass Content without the written consent of Kronos, provided that Ordering Activity maydownload and modify contents of Training Kits solely for Ordering Activity’s internal use.Train-the-Trainer Program (TTT): Certification under the Train-the-Trainer Program is valid only for the pointrelease of the Software for which the TTT Program is taken, and covers only the Ordering Activity employee whocompletes the TTT Program.15.CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATIONAmong other information that may be Confidential Information, the Ordering Activity hereby agree that theSoftware (and Software documentation), and the Specifications shall be deemed to be Kronos’ ConfidentialInformation and trade secrets.16.GENERAL(a)Ordering Activity shall not assign, transfer or sublicense the license to the Software without the priorwritten consent of Kronos and any purported assignment, without such consent, shall be void.(b)Ordering Activity understands and acknowledges that while Kronos may disclose to customers certainconfidential information regarding general product development direction, potential future products and/or productenhancements under consideration, Ordering Activity is not entitled to any products or product enhancementsother than those contained on the Order Form. Ordering Activity has not relied on the availability of any futureversion of the Software or Equipment identified on an Order Form, nor any other future product in executing thisSection A of this Attachment.(c)Use, duplication, or disclosure by the United States Government is of the Software, Documenta

All references to Kronos in these Terms and Conditions should be read as “Contractor (immixTechnology, Inc.), acting by and through its supplier, Kronos.” TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR KRONOS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES KRONOS LICENSE, WARRANTY AND SUPPORT TERM