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Table of ContentsIntroduction . 4ProFusion iH Player . 4Front Panel . 4Rear Panel . 5Remote Control . 6Online Control Panel Setup . 7Option A: Mobile App Setup. 7Option B: Laptop/Desktop Setup . 7Using The Online Control Panel . 9Online Control Panel Overview . 9How To Control Playback . 10Station Selection . 11How To Change The Station . 11Now Playing . 11How To Refine And Create Stations In Now Playing. 11Stations . 12How To Manage Stations. 12How To Create A Station. 13How To Browse Genre Stations . 14Track History . 15How To Refine Your Stations In Track History . 15More Options In Track History . 15Schedule Control . 16How To Create Your Custom Schedule . 16How To Modify Your Custom Schedule . 18How To Turn On Your Custom Schedule . 20How To Turn Off Your Custom Schedule . 21Administration . 22How To Access The Administration Page . 22How To Return To The Online Control Panel Home Page . 23Device Information . 23Network . 24Ethernet Network Settings . 24Wireless Network Settings. 26How To Configure Wireless Automatically with Wi-Fi Quick Setup . 26How To Configure Wireless Manually . 27Recycle The Power To Your Player . 292Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Login To The Online Control Panel And Test Wi-Fi Connectivity. 29Update. 30FTP Server . 30How To Change The Protocol And/Or Update Server IP Address . 30Update Status. 31How To Perform A Configuration Update . 31How To Perform A Test Connection . 31Settings . 32How To Change The Date Or Time. 32How To Change The Audio Output . 32Users . 33User Types . 33How To Enable/Disable A Login . 34How To Edit Permissions For A Login . 34Permissions Described . 36Pandora Settings . 37Deactivate . 37How To Deactivate The Player . 37How To Reactivate The Player . 37Explicit Content Filter . 38How To Activate/Deactivate The Explicit Content Filter . 38Appendix A: Troubleshooting. 38Appendix B: Player Specifications . 40Appendix C: Contact Mood Media . 41Copyright 2016 Mood Media Corporation. All rights reserved. DMX and ProFusion are registered trademarks ofMood Media Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.PANDORA, the PANDORA logo, and the PANDORA trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks ofPandora Media, Inc. Used with permission.3Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

IntroductionThis Feature Guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the various features of the ProFusion iHPandora and the use of the Online Control Panel to control your stations. For instructions for the setupof your player, see the Quick Start Guide and FAQs at iH PlayerFront PanelThe ProFusion iH Pandora front panel has three status indicator lights and a sensor for infrared remotecontrol. The remote sensor must not be blocked if use of the remote control is desired.The LED Control Guide can be found here.4Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Rear PanelOn the ProFusion iH Pandora rear panel, you will find the Reset button that can be pressed by insertinga paperclip or pin into the hole in the player chassis. The Reset button has multiple functions, based onhow long it is pressed.BUTTONReset ButtonACTIONFUNCTIONPress for 2 secondsPress for 5 secondsPress for 25 secondsPlays back IP address through the audio outputsResets the Online Control Panel passwords to defaultResets the Online Control Panel passwords andnetwork settings (Ethernet and DHCP) to defaultShort double clickEnables a Mobile Device to connect with theProFusion player and begin setup through the MoodController App.When Reset is pressed to obtain your player’s IP address, the music will fade down and the player’s IPaddress will be spoken through the audio output in both zones. The IP address for the Ethernetconnection will be spoken first, identified as “IP address.” If the player has been enabled for Wi-Fi, theWi-Fi IP address will be spoken second, identified as “Wireless IP address.” After the IP address(es) areplayed back, the music playback will resume, starting with a new track.5Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Remote ControlThe remote control can be used to execute the most common actions such as changing the station andadjusting volume. The remote control requires two AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries are a goodoption if you expect to use the remote control frequently.Mute/UnmuteStandby ToggleVolume Up/DownChange StationsI Don’t Like ThisTrackI Like This TrackActivates ProFusionDiscovery for MoodControllerNOTE: Weak batteries,scratched or dirtylenses, fluorescentlights and sunlight mayinterfere with remotecontrol operation. Makesure the remote controlhas fresh batteries thatare properly inserted.Shade the front panel ofthe player from directlight sources.Ensure the remotecontrol and player IRlenses are clean/clear.Skip TrackPlayPauseBUTTONFUNCTIONStandby ToggleSwitches between Playback and Standby modes. Standby mode stops allplay- back and puts player into a low-power state. The player can receiveconfiguration updates in Standby mode.Mute/UnmuteMutes and unmutes audioVolume Up/DownChange StationsControls the volume from the playerChanges the Pandora stationI Don’t Like This Track Immediate fade into new track, and blocks the track from playing again onthe current stationI Like This TrackRefinestation. More tracks like the track will play on this station.currentyourstation.PlayPauseResumes playback when pausedPauses playback6Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Skip TrackImmediate fade into a new track, if skips are available. Track will not play for4 hours on this stationActivate ProFusionDiscoveryEnableMobilehours onthis Devicestationto connect with ProFusion player and setup.Controls Pandora service with Mood Controller app.NOTE: Two short clicks on the Reset button will activate Profusion Discovery if the Remote Control is unavailable.Online Control Panel SetupThe Online Control Panel provides complete control of your ProFusion iH Pandora from your favoriteweb browser. The web interface can be accessed anywhere from within your local computer networkincluding laptops, workstations and wireless network devices.First, verify your player is powered on, connected to the network, and to your amplifier with volume on.Refer to the Quick Start Guide for detailed, setup instructions.OPTION A: MOBILE APP SETUPThe Mood Controller App makes setting up your Pandora for Business ProFusion media player as simple andeasy as possible. Control the music and your player directly from the app.WHAT YOU’LL NEED1 Mood Controller App - download from the AppStore or Google Play.2 Pandora for Business ProFusion iH Device.3 Profusion iH Remote Control (Included).4 A Pandora account - don’t worry if you do not have one yet. You will be prompted to create oneduring the setup process.TO BEGIN SETUP1 Download and open the app on your mobile device.2 Press and Hold the blue button on the iH remote control until the Link Light begins to flash.3 Follow the step-by-step directions to connect your ProFusion to your network,activate the device, and begin controlling the music.OPTION B: LAPTOP / DESKTOP SETUPWHAT YOU’LL NEED1 Internet access and one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari2 A paperclip that will be used to press the RESET button found on the back of the player. When the RESET button is pressedit needs to be held for (2) seconds to command the player to speak the assigned IP address via its RCA audio outputs.NOTE: The player will speak the IP address one digit at a time, and will pronounce “dot” to designate the end of eachoctet.3 A Pandora account - don’t worry if you do not have one yet. You will be prompted tocreate one during the setup process.7Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Online Control Panel Setup (continued)TO BEGIN SETUP1 Accept the security certificate.NOTE: You will receive notice that the site/certificate is untrusted or invalid. This is because it’s aself-signed certificate. It is safe to accept this local certificate.2 You will see the login page for the Online Control Panel. Bookmark this page for quick access to yourOnline Control Panel.3 Enter the default user name and password listed below:User: adminPassword: 236464 Then, click Login.Using the Online Control PanelONLINE CONTROL PANEL OVERVIEWThe Zone view is where you will manage your Pandora stations, playback and scheduling.Settings, Login,Help, StandbyCreate andmanage yourstations andschedulesNowPlayingControlsStatus/errormessages willappear herePlayback Control8Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

STANDBY MODEYour ProFusion iH Pandora can be put into Standby mode. Standby mode immediately stops allplayback and puts your player into a low-power state. The player can receive software updates while inStandby mode.BUTTON FUNCTIONPlace your player by clicking on the Standby button on the top-right of the screenTo exit Standby mode and resume playback, click Resume on the Standby notification screen.HOW TO CONTROL PLAYBACKThe Zone listed shows the service currently being controlled. The buttons next to Zone control playback.NOTE: Pandora will be your only Zone if you do not have any other music services through Mood.BUTTONFUNCTIONPause – Click to stop music playbackPlay – Click to resume music playbackSkip Forward – Click to end current track and play the next scheduled track. Skippedtrack will not play on any stations for 4 hours.Mute (Not Muted) – Click to mute. Playback is not halted.Mute (Muted) – Click to return volume to level displayed on volume sliderVolume Slider – Click and drag to fine-tune the volumeNOTE: You have a limited number of skips for each station per hour. If you do not have any skipsremaining on that station, the track will keep playing, but the track will not play again on that station for4 hours.9Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

NOW PLAYING SECTIONNow Playing displays the Track Title, Artist, Album and Album Artfor the track currently playing. “Now Playing” changes to “Paused” ifplayback has been paused. You also can change stations, providetrack feedback and quickly access other features in this section.HOW TO CHANGE THE STATIONSelect a different station from the dropdown. The current track willfade to silence followed by the first track of the new station selected.If you have created a daily schedule (dayparts), the station will changeautomatically throughout the day. You can override a schedule byselecting another station in the dropdown. The schedule will resume atthe next scheduled daypart.HOW TO REFINE AND CREATE STATIONS IN NOW PLAYINGThe “Thumbs” or like/dislike buttons, help personalize your Pandora stations to your liking.You have a limited number of skips for each station per hour. If you Thumbs Down a track and do nothave any skips remaining on that station, the track will keep playing. Your preference will be recordedand prevent the track from playing on your station in the future.BUTTONFUNCTIONThumbs Up – Refine your station. More tracks like the track will play on thisstation.Thumbs Down – Immediate fade into new track, and blocks the track fromplaying again on the current stationAccess a menu of options for the current track playing (see below)Bookmark This TrackBookmark This ArtistCreate Station From TrackCreate Station From ArtistBookmarks the track on your Pandora accountBookmarks the artist on your Pandora accountCreates a new Pandora station based on the track currently playingCreates a new Pandora station based on the artist currently playingSleep This TrackCurrent track will not play in any of your stations for an extended period oftimeNOTE: While you can add bookmarks from the Online Control Panel, they are managed and viewed exclusively Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

StationsStations is where you can manage your Pandora stations, create new stations and browse genrestations from the Online Control Panel. You may prefer to manage your stations through sure to log into the Pandora account associated with your player). Any changes made using theOnline Control Panel or Pandora will synchronize automatically.HOW TO MANAGE STATIONSThe stations associated with your Pandora account are listed under Manage Stations. When you createa station or add a genre station, either through the Online Control Panel or, it will be listedunder Manage Stations.Clicking the buttons next to each station will perform the following actions:BUTTONFUNCTIONRenames stationCreates your own station based on the shared station so you can refine it withThumbs Up/DownDeletes stationPlays station11Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

HOW TO CREATE A STATIONSearch the Pandora music database by artist, track or genre to create a new station.1 Type any full or partial track title, artist name or genre into the Search box and click the Search button.2 Pandora will return a list of artists, tracks and genres. ClickTo create your Pandora station, click onto expand a the right of result row. It will be added toyour stations and will begin playing immediately on your player.You can also create stations directly from tracks and artists in Now Playing and Track History.12Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

HOW TO BROWSE GENRE STATIONSPandora has many genre stations for you to explore. Browse Genre Stations lists all the Pandora genrestations by category.1 Click to expand a category to see the genres within.Create a new station from the Pandora genre by clickingnext to the genre station name. Itwill be added to your stations and will begin playing immediately on your player.13Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Track HistoryTrack History displays the tracks that recently played on a station from top to bottom. Title, Artist,and Album information is displayed. Because Track History shows the last tracks played in a station, itmay not reflect the tracks recently heard if there was station change.HOW TO REFINE YOUR STATIONS IN TRACK HISTORYIf you weren’t near a computer when a particular track was playing, it’s not too late!You can still pass on your preferences to Pandora by clicking the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down and Sleepbuttons in Track History.MORE OPTIONS IN TRACK HISTORYClicking the down arrownext to the Title and Artist of each track displays a pop-up window thatwill allow you to either bookmark and/or create a new station based on the title or artist on that row.(See the “Now Playing” section above for more information.)14Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Schedule ControlSchedule Control gives you the ability to play specific stations at designated times of the day(dayparts) with a Custom Schedule. This feature enables you to set the mood for your customers basedon the time of day. If you elect ‘No Schedule,’ the station selected in the dropdown will play untilanother station is manually selected.HOW TO CREATE YOUR CUSTOM SCHEDULE1 Click Edit.2 Add your first daypart to your Custom Schedule. Set the start time and select the stationfrom the dropdown, and click. Repeat this for each daypart.3 To schedule a period of silence, enter the start time for the silence, and select ‘No Audio’from the dropdown. Then clickto add the daypart to your schedule.NOTE: Make sure you have a daypart scheduled for when you want music to resume again15Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

.4 When your Custom Schedule is complete, click Save.16Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

HOW TO MODIFY YOUR CUSTOM SCHEDULE1 Click Edit.2 To remove a daypart from your Custom Schedule, click17beside the daypart you wish to remove.Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

3 Add any new dayparts to your Custom Schedule. Set the start time and select the stationfrom the dropdownand click. Repeat this for each daypart.4 When your Custom Schedule is complete, click Save.18Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

HOW TO TURN ON YOUR CUSTOM SCHEDULE1 In the Schedule Type dropdown, select ‘Custom Schedule.’2 Click Change Schedule. Your Custom Schedule will begin to play within a few moments.19Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

HOW TO TURN OFF YOUR CUSTOM SCHEDULE1 In the Schedule Type dropdown, select ‘No Schedule.’2 Click Change Schedule. Playback will stop.20Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

3 ‘Zone Stopped’ will show under Now Playing. Select a station from the Station dropdown at thetop of the page. The selected station will begin to play and continue until a new station is selected,or the Schedule Type is changed to ‘Custom Schedule.’AdministrationThe Administration section houses the player, network, user and Pandora settings for your ProFusioniH Pandora.HOW TO ACCESS THE ADMINISTRATION PAGEClick Administration in the left of the screen.21Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

HOW TO RETURN TO THE ONLINE CONTROL PANEL HOME PAGEWhen in Administration, click Zone in the top right to manage your stations and playback.Device InformationDevice Information provides some key information about your specific player. Device Informationcontains the following: Device ID, software version, configuration version, device description, MACAddress and, Wireless MAC Address (if enabled).ID: The Device ID is a unique number specific to your ProFusion iH Pandora. It ensures that customconfigurations and settings are applied only to your specific player.Note: When calling Mood Media for assistance, please confirm your Device ID prior to calling.Software Version: Software version indicates which release of ProFusion software is currently installedon your player.Configuration Version: Configuration version refers to a set of specific settings such as scheduling,playback start and stop times, and other settings unique to your player. This number also ensures thatan older configuration update to your player will not overwrite the current configuration settings.22Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Info: Usually references your company name and location. This information is optional and may not bepresent.Ethernet MAC: A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned tonetwork interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. You may need to provide theMAC address to your network administrator for network access.Wireless MAC: If Wi-Fi is enabled and active on your player, your Wireless MAC address will display. Youmay need to provide the Wireless MAC address to your network administrator for network access.NetworkNetwork provides information regarding the network configuration for your ProFusion iH Pandora. Thisincludes the IP type (DHCP or Static), IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS settings. DHCPis the default setting; if you use DHCP, you will not need to input IP address, subnet mask, defaultgateway and DNS settings. You can also set up your player for Wi-Fi.NOTE: Modifying the network settings incorrectly will likely render your ProFusion iH Pandora unable toconnect for updates. Proceed only at the direction of your network administrator or Mood Media.Ethernet Network SettingsHow to change Ethernet network settings1 Click Edit.23Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

2 Select the IP Type: DHCP or STATIC.a. DHCP is the default. If this is correct for your system, please skip to step 3.b. For Static IP: Enter the IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, DNS primaryand DNS secondary for the player.NOTE: These fields require three-digit entry for each octet. See image below forproper format (ex. correct; incorrect).If required, Static IPinformation can be obtainedfrom your networkadministrator or ISP.3 Click Save to commit your changes.NOTE: DNS setting is required. For DHCP, DNS should resolve automatically, but if your stream does notbegin playing, consult your Network Administrator or ISP.24Need Help? Call 800 929.5407 or visit

Wireless Network SettingsIf your wireless router supports Wi-Fi Quick Setup (sometimes referred to as ‘WPS’), you maybe able to configure your player automatically. Depending on the security of your wirelessrouter, it may not be possible to use the Wi-Fi Quick Setup. In this case, follow theinstructions to configure Wi-Fi manually.HOW TO CONFIGURE WIRELESS AUTOMATICALLY WITH WI-FI QUICK SETUP1 Locate the WPS button on your router. The position of the WPS butto

The ProFusion iH Pandora front panel has three status indicator lights and a sensor for infrared remote control. The remote sensor must not be blocked if use of the remote control is desir