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Table of ContentsAbout Us & Partners4Introduction & Methodology5Recruitment6Selection Process12Policies24Metrics37Demographics43Appendix A: Industry & Organizational Size Breakouts44Appendix B: Standard PrePre-Screening Phone Interview Questions61Participating Organizations63

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyAbout Us & PartnersERC is Northeast Ohio's largest organization dedicated to HR and workplace programs, practices,training and consulting. ERC membership provides employers access to an incredible amount ofinformation, expertise, and cost savings that supports the attraction, retention, and development ofgreat employees. We also host the nationally recognized NorthCoast 99 program and sponsor the ERCHealth insurance program. For more information about ERC, please visit you to the following ERC partner for their participation in the design and distribution of this survey.*survey .*Staffing Solutions Enterprises is a women’s owned business enterprise specializing incareer matchmaking and recruitment solutions. Founded by our CEO Carmella Calta,the business has sustained growth through determined commitment to core values ofintegrity, customer service and innovation. To compete and meet customer demand,Carmella has inspired the adoption and creation of industry leading Human Resource technology solutions. Our technology solutions haveimproved the efficiency and effectiveness of client recruiting and placement services ranging from small local enterprises to globalcorporations. Our technology based solutions include three highly effective products that expand our core recruitment service capability.*Please note: no participant information was shared with any partner, sponsor or other third party. ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com4

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyIntroduction & MethodologyThis report summarizes the results of ERC’s survey of organizations in Northeast Ohio, conducted in March & April of 2017, on practicesrelated to hiring trends & practices. The survey reports trends in: Online, mobile, and social media based recruiting toolsHiring metrics and projectionsGeneral selection methodsReference, background, and credit checksDrug testsEmployment testsPre-screening interviewsHiring decisionsSign-on and employee referral bonusesIntroductory periodsAll ERC members were invited to participate in the survey on March 14 via email invitation and other promotions, and participated in thesurvey through April 21. In order to provide the most reliable and accurate information, data was cleaned and duplicate records wereremoved. Any outliers or invalid data were also eliminated, yielding a final data set of 118 participating organizations, only from NortheastOhio. Qualitative data was coded where applicable or analyzed according to commonality or major themes, and all quantitative data wasanalyzed using statistical software to ensure data validity and reliability.This report shows several frequencies and response distributions. Breakouts of data are provided for industry and number of employees.Codes for industry data are as follows: M Manufacturing, NM Non-Manufacturing, and NP Non-Profit. Frequencies of data responsesmay not total 100% exactly in some cases due to rounding of decimals or the ability for participating organizations to select multipleresponse options. In some cases, breakouts are not included due to quantity of data or insufficient sample. ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com5

2017201 7 ERC Hiring TrendsTrends & Practices SurveyRecruitmentRecruitment sourcesFigure 1 S1 S ources used for recruiting purposesGeneral online job boards/websites92%Employee referrals87%Staffing agency/third-party recruiter63%Your organization's online career center/website60%College/university online career centers/websites59%Social media50%Outside referrals38%Job fairs36%Your organization's internal career center/intranetwebsite33%Industry-specific online job boards/websites31%27%Print advertisements/classifiedsDatabase of past rejected candidate resumes22%"Help Wanted" sign15%Candidate research services7%0%20%40%60%80%100%Other sources: Professional employer organization (PEO); e-mails ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com6

2017201 7 ERC Hiring TrendsTrends & Practices SurveyFigure 2 Frequency2 Frequency with which organizations engage a staffing agency/thirdagency/third-party ys5%0%20%40%60%80%100%Social media & mobile recruiting toolstoolsFigure 3 SocialSocial media tools used for recruiting Tube3%Instagram3%Google 1%0% ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com20%40%60%80%100%7

2017201 7 ERC Hiring TrendsTrends & Practices SurveyFigure 4 SpecificSpecific uses of social media tools duringduring the recruiting processPosting jobs72%Sourcing candidates40%Employment branding29%Referrals17%Pre-interview candidatescreeningPost-interview candidatescreeningPost-offer %Figure 5 Person(s) who is responsible for reviewing candidates’ social media profile(s)5%7%12%Hiring ManagerRecruiter42%HROthers responsible for reviewing a candidate’ssocial media profile:profile: HR and Marketing Director;Quality & Compliance Manager; Department Manager;Plant Manager; Office Administrator ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com34%N/A (organization does not review socialmedia profile(s) of job candidates)Other8

2017201 7 ERC Hiring TrendsTrends & Practices SurveyFigure 6 MobileMobile recruiting strategies being usedA mobile optimized websiteAllowing job candidates to upload/editresumes via mobile deviceAllowing job candidates to trackapplication status via mobile devices11%25%30%12%49%58%17%77%21%Communicating with job candidates viaSMS text messagingOther strategy related to mobilerecruting1%17%3%9%Currently in placePlanning to implement in the next 12 monthsNot currentlycurrently planning to implement ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com74%96%9

2017201 7 ERC Hiring TrendsTrends & Practices SurveyApplicant Tracking SystemsFigure 7a Organizations currently using a formal applicant tracking system0Yes38%No62%Figure 7b Reasons organizations are not currently using a formal applicant tracking systemExisting internal process is sufficient59%Lack of resources20%System being implemented, but not yet functional9%Options are under review7%Have one, but do not use4%0% ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com20%40%60%80%100%10

2017201 7 ERC Hiring TrendsTrends & Practices SurveyFigure 7cFormal Applicant Tracking Systems used (# of organizations)7c FormalADPNewtonTaleoBambooUltiPro0123456789Other vendorsvendors (n 1):(n 1) : SmartRecruiters; HRsource; BrassRing; My Staffing Pro; CATS;JobScore; ACT; Applitrack; JobVite; HRnetSource; iCIMS; CPI-HR; Paychex;Greenhouse; Paycom; Paylocity ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com11

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveySelection ProcessGeneral Selection MethodFigure 8 8 SelectionSelection methods used to hire the majority of candidates (by position type)type)92%94%Interview64%Second interview91%82%85%Background screening63%Reference checks64%Pre-screening phone interviewDrug testing25%Education/degree verification7%Third interview25%7%46%14%19%8%Credit checksPhysicals18%22%17%5%8%4%3%3%3%Video interviewNicotine screenSimulations ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com37%24%Social media reviewExempt45%25%Skills based testing (ability, aptitude, or job knowledge)Non-Exempt78%74%71%37%Job Fit tests (personality or style)Work samples or portfolios78%0%20%40%60%80%100%12

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyHiringHiring & Selection Related VendorsFigure 9 VendorsVendors used by organizations for the following hiring and selection methods (# of organizations)organizations)Background screening (# of organizations)organizations)Corporate erling InfoSystemsCrimcheckJustifactsAlpha GroupEmployment Screening AssociatesAccurate Investigative Services02468101214Other vendors (n 1): Community Health Center; ESA Screening; First Advantage; Quick Search;SafeGuard; Verified Credentials; PeopleFacts; Pinkerton; Active Screening; Intellisource; BCII,S2Verify; FastFingerprints; Tricor Employment Screening; OpenOnLine; Fabco; PreTrax ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com13

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyDrug Testing (# of organizations)ConcentraLake HealthQuest DiagnosticsCorporate ScreeningSterling TalentwiseUniversity Hospitals CorporateHealthSumma Health SystemsSt. Vincent Charity Medical CenterOcc. HealthADPSouthwest General Urgent Care01234567891011Other vendors (n 1):(n 1): AultWorks HireRight; Pre-Check; S2Verify; Truescreen; Crimcheck; EmployersChoice; Occucenters Eastside; Cleveland Clinic; Western Reserve Occupational Health; MedSource;Integrity; Arc; Work Health & Safety Services; Accredited Labs; Psychemedics ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com14

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyReference Checks (# of organizations)Corporate er vendors (n 1): CrimCheck; S2Verify; Safeguard; Sterling; Poly-TechMedia/Marketing (# of pRecruiterMJ2Pre-Check0 ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com12315

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyCredit Checks (# of organizations)Corporate ScreeningBackTrackADPOPENonlinePre-Check01234Other vendors (n 1): Asurint; IntelliCorp; SASS; S2Verify; Verified Credentials;PeopleFacts; Justifacts; Tricor Employment ScreeningEducation/degree verification (# of organizations)Corporate ScreeningBackTrackADPAISS SterlingCrimcheckAsurint01234567Other vendors (n 1):(n 1) : ASE; Pre-Check; Intellicorp; TraceBack; NationalStudent Clearinghouse; S2Verify; Justifacts; Employment ScreeningAssociates; Accurate; QuickSearch ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com16

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyPhysicals (# of organizations)ConcentraUniversity HospitalsLake HealthSumma HealthMedworks01234567Other vendors (n 1): AultWorks;; OccuCenters; Sterling; MedSource;St. Vincent Charity Occupational Health; Corporate ScreeningJob Fit tests (personality or style) (# of organizations)PRADCODISCLaGuardia Reynolds & AssociatesERCSelectLinx012345Other vendors (n 1): Culture Index; Watterson & Associates; Caliper; CandidateResources; TTI Success Insights; Applitrack; Healthcare Source; Impromax;Achiever Personality Testing; HC Assessments; Predictive Index; The CooperGroup; Gartner; LMI ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com17

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveySkills based testing (ability, aptitude, or job knowledge) (# of organizations)WonderlicPRADCO012345Other vendors (n 1): Criteria Corporation; ERC; Prove-It; The CooperGroup; Screenpointe; CASNET; Candidate Resources; eSkills; Kenexa;Saleskey; Servicekey; Watterson & Associates; JVS; LMI; Civil Service; SHLRecruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)Vendors (n 1): Safe Staffing; Precision; TAMS GroupVideo Interview (# of organizations)Vendor:Vendor: Sparkhire (n 2) ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com18

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyInformation evaluationFigure 10 TypesTypes of information evaluated by organizations conducting reference checks73%Job title or position held69%Place of previous employment64%Dates of previous employment52%Opinions about job performance51%Re-hire eligibility statusOpinions about personality, work culture fit,management/work style or motivation43%Job description or responsibilities42%Salary or wage39%Do not conduct reference checks8%0%20%40%60%80%100%Other types of information evaluated by organizationsorganizations conducting reference checks Ability to work well with colleagues and supervisors Ability to follow direction ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com19

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyFigure 11 Typessocialal media tools11 Types of information evaluated by organizations using soci33%N/A (Do not use social media tools)22%Job title or position held21%Place of previous employment16%Job description or responsibilities15%Dates of previous employmentOpinions about personality, work culture fit,management/work style or motivation5%Salary or wage2%Re-hire eligibility status2%Opinions about job performance1%0%20%40%60%80%100%Other types of information evaluated by organizationsorganizations using social media tools Skills, personality, and judgement Associations Hobbies and interests that could affect work ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com20

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyEmployment testsFigure 12 Positions12 Positions for whichwhich organizations use skillsskills based testing (ability, aptitude, or job knowledge)Administrative/Clerical31%N/A (Do not use skills based tests)25%Manufacturing/Skilled Labor25%Customer Service19%Sales15%Information Technology cutive9%Engineering7%Health & Human Services1%0%20%40%60%80%100%Other positions for which skills based tests are used: Field Workers; Technical; Creative Marketing; EditorialWhat organizations are measuring during the hiring process: Leadership Cognitive ability Level of creativity Critical Thinking Mathematical skill or ability Editorial skills Mechanical Aptitude Emotional Intelligence Job-specific knowledge Personality Sales Competencies Work habitsSpecific assessments cited: Achiever Assessment; Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test; CPP; DISC; Culture Index; Predictive Index; WPI;The Birkman Method; California Inventory; Watson-Glaser; Caliper; 16PF; MBTI; EOS ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com21

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyHiring decisionsFigure 13 Communica13 CommunicationCommunication methods used to notify job candidatescandidates of a hiring decisionSelectedNot selected38%Email68%89%Phone call44%5%Auto-generated response from applicant tracking system26%14%Mailed letter22%5%Change status in online application system12%No notification11%28%In-person3%0% ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com20%40%60%80%100%22

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyFigure 15a Organizations15a Organizations indicating whether or not their hiring plans for 2017 have been impacted by the new presidentialadministration (President Trump)4%YesNo96%Figure 15b Organizations’15b Organizations’ opinionsopinions of the impact the new presidential administration (President Trump) has on their hiring plans5%7%NeutralNegativePositive89% ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com23

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyPoliciesIntroductory PeriodFigure 16a16a OrganizationsOrganizations with a probationary/introductory period for new hiresYesNo36%64%FigureLength of the probationary/introductory period for new hiresFigure 16b16b Length77%90 days60 days8%Other8%180 days6%0%20%40%60%80%100%Other lengths of probationary or introductory periods for newnew-hires: 30 days 45 days 120 days ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com24

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyJob PostingsFigure 17 Organizations17 Organizations that require all open positions be posted internally before being posted externallyYes28%No72%Other lengthslengths of time positions must be posted internally before posting externally: Coincides with external posting Varies by position No specified length of time ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com25

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyReference, background,background, and credit checksFigure 18Organizations that communicate to potential employees that the results of one of the following types of testing or1 8 Organizationsscreening adversely affected the decision making process58%Background screening53%Drug testingSkills based tests (ability, aptitude, orknowledge)14%13%Reference checks8%Credit checks3%Job Fit testing (personality or style)2%Nicotine screen0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Figure 191 9 ReasonsReasons organizations indicate they would not hire a candidateCriminal conviction directly related to the position70%Current or previous salary (as reported on application)37%23%Current or future legal authorization to work in the U.S11%Request not to call past or current employerSmoker: organization has a no smoker hiring policy4%0%20%40%60%80%100%Other reasons:reasons: Failure of drug screening; undisclosed employment history; poor recommendation from previous employer or reference;presence of immediate family members employed at the organization; discrepancies between interviews ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com26

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyFigure 20aOrganizations with a policy limiting information disclosures for reference checks on former employees20a Organizations015%YesNoFigure 20bTypes of information disclosure limitations on reference check requests20b TypesDates of employment85%71%Title58%Compensation22%Consent Needed14%Rehire eligibility status10%Other10%Name8%0% ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com20%40%60%80%100%27

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyDrug testingFigure 21 Circumstances21 Circumstances under which drug testing is conductedDrug testing during the hiring process73%Drug testing only if there is reasonablesuspicion56%Drug testing post-incident54%Random drug testing24%Follow-up drug testing22%0%20%40%60%80%100%Other circumstances under which organizations conduct drug testing:testing: DOT requirements Return to work suitability Annually for all employeesFollowFollow-up actions or procedures taken if drug testing fails in any situation: Last chance agreement In some cases, an employee may retain their position withcounseling, meeting the stipulations of an improvement plan, Termination or rescinded offerand no repeat failed tests. Offer unpaid time off for rehab Asecond screening of the specimen. If still failed then Follow up drug test every 30 days for 3 months. If they failtermination.any one of the 3 termination will take place. Theemployee is given a second chance. They are given Employees are referred to the Employee Assistance Program.opportunity to go through substance abuse assessment (at Suspension & Independent Medical's cost) followed by a conditional employment A discussion is had and based on response, orarrangement based on the employee following thecircumstances, an additional occurrence warning is given torecommendations of the Substance Abuse Professional.the employee. ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com28

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveySignSign-on and employee referral bonusesbonusesFigure 22 OrganizationsOrganizations providing signsign-on bonuses for any positionYes25%No75%Types of jobs for which signsign-o n bonuses are provided and the average amount of the bonus offered Loan Officers, varies Typically executive positions, up to 25,000 Exempt - depends 2,500- 5,000 Every position is different. Mostly used for executives and is negotiated per offer. Hard to fill positions; up to 3,000 per hire To help with relocation expenses, dependent on role. Engineering. Amount depends on the position and the person's experience (demand for that experience). Executive/Management but is not a standard Executive level positions Case-by-case, typically for field workers with a far drive for a specific project location Typically in executive but may consider at lower level when having difficulty recruiting or need to do in order to be competitive Usually for experienced accountants - 2,500 Sales- no set amount Only in rare instances. This is determined at an executive level. For hard-to-fill roles, we have offered up to 1500 for a sign-on bonus. We have offered sign on bonuses to non-commissioned employees such as IT & Engineering. ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com29

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyFigure 23Organizations providing employee referral bonuses (by position type)23a Organizations1%35%7%Hard to fill/criticalpositions onlyAll positionsNo employee referralbonusesOther57%Figure 2323b MaximumMaximum amounts of employee referral bonuses offeredMaximum bonus awarded 50 75 100 150 200 ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.comDescription of policy and amount of employee referralreferral bonusIf the new hire stays for 90 days, the referring associate receives 50.00 50 for Part Time 75.00 at 90 daysEmployee is paid 75 after the new hire has been with the company for 90 days. 100 for Full Time 100 employee referral bonus paid after 90 days of service for the new employeeIf the new hire stays with the agency for 6 months, the employee that referred the new hire gets 100We encourage employees to refer qualified candidates for open positions. If the Company hiresthe referred candidate, the referring employee will be paid a 150 referral bonus minusapplicable taxes after the new employee has completed 90 days of employment. Both thereferring employee and the new employee must be actively employed at the time of payment orno payment shall be made to the referring employee. Employee Referral Payment forms may beobtained from the Human Resources department.If an employee's referral is hired, they must complete the standard 90 day introductory period,and then the employee will receive a check for 150 for helping to grow our team. 150 if referral makes it thru 3 month probationary period 200 Bonus when new hire reaches 90 days of employment.30

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyMaximum bonus awarded 250 300 500 ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.comDescription of policy and amount of employee referralreferral bonus 250 for hourly 50 after 45 days completed, 100 at 90 and 250 at 180 days 250 to referring employee if employee and new hire are both employed after 90 days and ifnew hire passes probationary period 250 per referral - Unlimited amounts of referrals allowed.New employee must work 90 days before current employee gets the 250.If candidate is employed for 90 days. The employee referring candidate is awarded 250.00 100 for referral employed 3 months. Additional 200 for referral employed 6 months. 300. 150 after 90 days; 150 after a year. 100 once hired and employed 30 days then an additional 200 if still employed at 6 months 50 after 60 days/ 250 after 6 monthsOur basic program: 50 upon hire and 250 after 6 months of employmentNon-exempt 300 500. 250 after 3 months and another 250 after 6 months. Mgmt and HR not eligible. This ispaid out through the payroll.Entry level Production 500 500 non exempt 500 for salary 500 after the referral achieves one year of service.If your referral is hired, you will be awarded 500 after 90 days of referee's employment withgood standing. 250 at the time of hire and 250 after 6-months 250 when the referral starts and then another 250 after 90 daysHourly/ Non-Exempt, and Individual Contributor - 500 after 30 days 500 after they have been on our payroll for 6 months 500 for all hourly positionsDetermined by grade level:, 7 - 10 200, 11 - 14 300, 15 - 19 400, 20 - 26 500For positions below a manager - 500Non-Exempt 500 500 for all positions/ 250 paid after 90 days and 250 paid after 180 days 500 entryExempt 500 500 for maintenanceWe give 250 at the start of the hire and an additional 250 if they stay for 6 months 250 after 6 months and 250 after a yearEmployees must submit a referral form prior to the candidate being offered an interview. Firstbonus of 250 is paid when the candidate is hired. Second bonus of 250 is paid after thecandidates 6 month of employment. Employee will receive 1 full day off paid after successfulcompletion of 1 year of employment.If referral is hired and still employed - Award at 6 months 250.00, Award at one year 250.00.31

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyMaximum bonus awarded 750 800 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 5,000 ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.comDescription of policy and amount of employee referralreferral bonus 750 for technical & supervisor positionsExempt 750 750 for standard 200.00 if the referral is hired; 200.00 if the referral is here at 90 days; 400.00 is referral ishere at one year.Skilled trades or Professional 1,00020% will be paid at the end of 60 days of employment. The balance will be paid at the end of 6months. The bonus amounts are gross amounts and subject to the bonus tax rate.The employee that did the referral will receive 1000.00 if after 6 months the employee is ingood standingFor hard to fill roles: 500 when the referral starts and then another 500 after 90 daysManager/ Supervisor - 500 after 30 days/ 500 after 90 daysDepends on the role, ranges from 250-1,000 500 paid immediately after new employee starts work, another 500 paid at the end of their 3month probationary period. 1000 for management positionsExecutive 1,000Both employees have to be in good standing after 180 days - 1,000 1000 midlevelManager and above 1000 500 after the first three months after hire. 500 after six months after hire 1000 for management 1,000 for any part time hireSalary 500 after 30 days and another 1000 after 6 monthsDirector and above - 500 after 30 days/ 750 after 90 days/ 750 after 180 days 500 after 6 months, 600 after a year and 400 value in prize selection 1500 for harder to fill positions 1500 executive or hard to fill 2,000 ExemptFor positions above a manager - 1,500 to 2,000 1,000 after new hire is employed for 30 days; subsequent 1,000 after new hire is employed for180. Director levels and higher, and HR, are ineligible to receive bonuses. Only applies to fulltime positions. 2,500 for any other full time hireWe provide referral bonuses from 1,000 to 2,500 depending on the position 5,000 for manager and aboveBonuses can be up to 5,000 depending on the tier that the position is in and whether it is fulltime, part-time or PRN.32

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyContracts/jobContracts/job agreement documentsdocumentsFigure 24 Organizations24 Organizations requiring job candidates to sign a contract or other job agreement document upon offer of position9%22%12%Yes, for hard tofill/critical positionsonlyOther, for anothersubset of employeesYes, for all positionsNo56%Other subset of employees and types of documents:documents : Non-Compete agreement for Management, Sales and Field Service employees Sign an offer acceptance letter indicating they have no current health conditions that could reasonably be expected to affect jobperformance (per Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare guidelines), New managers If we are paying for some tuition reimbursement on new employees we may state that they would have to pay it back within acertain period of time Lab or technical positions with knowledge of proprietary trade secrets complete a non-disclosure agreement. All employees sign a non-compete agreement upon hire ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com33

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyRecruiting & hiring practicespracticesFigure 25Practices in place for international candidates applying to work for organizations in Northeast Ohio25 PracticesAsk candidates if they are authorized to work in the U.S.51%Do not hire international candidates25%Ask candidates if they will require sponsorship either now or in thefuture in order to work in the U.S.16%Use work eligibility status as a method by which to narrow the pool ofcandidates9%Have a program or policy in place to actively recruit & hireinternational candidates at our NEO operations3%Only bring in international candidates who already work within ourorganization, but are not currently employed at our NEO operations2%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90% 100%Other responses: We will hire international candidates when they have outstanding skills and we can offer sponsorship. Never had the opportunity to hire international candidates.Figure 26 Organizations with a formal policy in place for the use of social media for recruiting purposes3%YesNo97% ERC, 2017 www.yourERC.com34

2017 ERC Hiring Trends & Practices SurveyFigure 27 27 Organizations that provide relocation assistanceYes31%No69%Specific policipolicies concerning relocation assistance:assistance: Depends on the position. We have offered small moving expense benefits. Depending on the position, we offer up to 25,000 for relocation reimbursements Moving support - transportation of goods to new location Every position is different. Mostly used for executives and is negotiated per offer. Employees are compensated for some of the costs involved in house hun

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