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Expertise in technologyMore than a century of experienceTo operate any process efficiently, it is essential to measure,actuate, record and control. With ABB’s measurement productsand solutions, you receive the best technology combined withthe most reliable products available on the market.ABB offers a broad range of life cycle services for optimumproduct performance. A global network of measurement productspecialists delivers local service and support.Research and development is a vital source of ABB’s technologyleadership. It builds on the foundation of existing technologiesfor new applications, and continues to develop the breakthroughtechnologies needed to meet future challenges.ABB and its heritage companies have been leaders in innovationand technology for more than 100 years.AztecBush Beach EngineeringLimitedPressductor 2 Flow measurement solutions

Comprehensive measurement solutionsServing any industryWorld-class measurement solutionsABB measurement products provide world-class measurementsolutions for any industry, utility or municipality. Latestinnovations deliver technological solutions to make it easierfor you to run your plant. ABB’s measurement products arebased on common technology, providing a common look andfeel and method of operation. This results in products thatare easy to configure, easy to integrate, and easy to maintain.For more information please’s measurement products portfolio: Analytical measurement Flow measurement Natural gas measurement Valve automation Pressure measurement Temperature measurement Recorders and controllers Level measurement Device management Force measurement Service1 Water and waste water 2 Power and industrial steam 3 Chemical and petrochemical 4 Oil and gas 5 Pulp and paper 6 Minerals 7 Metals8 Food and beverage 9 Pharmaceuticals123456789Flow measurement solutions 3

Expertise in flow measurementMillions and millions of flowmeters installedABB offers one of the world’s largest, most innovative ranges of flow measurementsolutions. Unrivalled in its breadth and scope, ABB flowmeters provide high-qualitymeasurement for almost any application and industry.A common HMI platform enables you to easily configure, integrate and maintainABB flow measurement products. Other innovations deliver higher accuracy,easier maintenance and maximum reliability. No wonder there are millions of ABBflowmeters installed around the world today.For more than a hundred years, ABB solutions have delivered reliable and accurateresults in countless flow measurement applications.For more information please visit of ABB’s innovations in flow measurement1914First venturi tube for gas1930First mass-produced variable area flowmeter1962First wedge type flow meter for slurry service1970s First swirl-type flowmeter1974First magmeter with capacitive signal pick up1980s First battery powered full-bore magmeter2002First subsea flowmeter2011First renewable powered flowmeter utilizingwind and solar power4 Flow measurement solutionsABB’s flow portfolio includes: Electromagnetic flow measurement . page Coriolis mass flow measurement . page Differential pressure flow measurement . page Natural gas and liquid measurement . page Vortex and swirl flow measurement . page Thermal mass flow measurement . page Variable area flow measurement . page Energy metering . page Service . page71418242830323335

Flowmeters for liquids, gases and steamA comprehensive portfolioApplication,product ds contentXXPulsatingXXViscosity 10 cStXXXXXLiquid calculationsCustody liquid measurementXXXGas/oil well XContaminatedXXXXXXGas calculationsXCustody gas measurementXSteam*XXXXXFluid temperature-40 180 C-40 356 F-55 400 C-67 752 F-25 300 C-13 572 F-50 200 C-58 392 F-20 400 C-4 752 F-50 500 C-58 932 FAmbient temperature-25 60 C-13 140 F-55 70 C-67 158 F-25 70 C-13 158 F-40 60 C-40 140 F-25 60 C-13 140 F-40 85 C-40 185 F-40 60 C-40 140 FAccuracy0.2% of rate0.5% of rate1% of rate0.1% of rate1 g/l1.6 perVDI/VDE 35130.7%of max.0.075% ofDP/SP spanDN 1 2400[1/25 96“]DN 15 400[1/2 16“]DN 25 3000[1 120“]DN 1.5 150[1/16 6“]DN 15 100[1/2 4“]DN 15 8000[1/2 320“]3D/2D15D/5D3D/2D15D/5D0D/0D0D/0D10D/4DPN 10 40CL 150CL 300JIS K10PN 10 64CL 150CL 300PN 40CL 150CL 300PN 16 100CL 150.600PN 16 100CL 150.600PN 10 400CL 150.2500CIP/SIPEHEDGFDAPartially filled pipelinesSize rangeTypical up-/downstream sectionsStandard fied calibrationsXEHEDG3A, FDAXXXXXXEx-approvalsATEX, FMCSAATEX, FMCSAATEX, FMCSAGOSTIEC, ATEXFM, CSANEPSIATEX, FMCSAATEX, FMCSAATEXCSACommunicationFF, HARTPA, DPFF, HART, PAHART, DPV1HART, PAFFHARTFF, HARTPATotalflowMODBUS* e.g. saturated steam, superheated steamFlow measurement solutions 5

Global availabilityA partner to rely on, wherever you areCalibration facilities for fluids with (5-350) m³/hCalibration facilities for gases with (1-8.800) kg/hABB has six flowmeter calibration laboratories located in Australia, China,Germany, India, the UK and the USA. The calibration rigs are built in accordancewith ISO standards and certified to meet key international standards bodies,such as SIMT, UKAS, NIST, DAkkS, NVLAP and NATA. The ABB flow calibrationcertification laboratories are recognized by the International LaboratoryAccreditation Cooperation (ILAC), enabling customers to use calibratedflowmeters globally. The flow rigs are some of the largest in the world basedon their constant flow capability.Information whenever you need it – Device management, fieldbus and wirelessABB’s instrumentation devices feature the latest in onboarddiagnostics and intelligence to help you run your businessmore effectively. Just as important, ABB gives you the choiceto decide which communication protocols you want to useto access this information. You can choose from a familyof tools and from different ways to manage the lifecycle ofthe devices in order to get the most out of your investment.6 Flow measurement solutionsABB’s device management product range includes Fieldbus and wireless solutions Mobility handhelds Asset vision software Scalable service management

Electromagnetic flow measurementThe best solution for conductive fluidsFrom water and wastewater to chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and manyapplications in the food and beverage industry, whenever the flowrate of conductiveliquids, slurries or sludges is to be measured, electromagnetic flowmeters from ABBare in their element. They have been recognized for many decades as being amongthe most successful in the market place – a comprehensive range of product linesand models that meets practically all needs, covering just about every application.ABB’s modular range of electromagnetic flowmeters enablesyou to achieve the best levels of efficiency and performancefrom your production process. With the most complete rangeof electromagnetic flowmeters, ABB delivers the power tosolve everything from the simplest to the most demandingprocess applications, enabling previously unattainableoperational and financial benefits. Proven to be tough, aswell as reliable and incredibly easy to work with, theseinnovative flowmeters save you time and money at everystage in the life cycle.Benefits of using ABB’s electromagnetic flowmeters ABB’s ProcessMaster improves your process control byas much as 60% using innovative signal processing andenhanced noise filtering technology Best in class high solids content flow measurementperformance from the proven FSM4000 flowmeter Increase your revenues through highly stable, accuratemeasurements from ABB’s world leading WaterMaster AquaMaster is one of the market’s most innovativeproducts with amazing low-flow performance and groundbreaking power optionsWhatever and whenever the application, ABB’s intelligentdesign, state-of-the-art technology and advanced featureswork harder and smarter to make your operations morecost effective.Flow measurement solutions 7

Electromagnetic flow measurementHigh accuracy for the process industryProcessMaster for demanding process industry applicationsHot fluid measurement with ProcessMaster in a chemical plantThe first choice for demanding process industry applications, ProcessMasterelectromagnetic flowmeter is tough, reliable, incredibly easy to work with and helpssave resources at every stage of the lifecycle.The challenge – maintain high accuracy and eliminate theimpact of gas bubbles and electrode deposits on processand flow resultsIn many process driven industries such as chemical, power,water and wastewater, oil and gas and pulp and paper,potential disturbances to electromagnetic flow measurementcan be disruptive and expensive. Gas bubbles in the flowmedium, deposits on electrodes and grounding problems allaffect measurement accuracy and increase the probabilityof process downtime associated with poor process and flowdata.The solution – precise, reliable measurement for efficientplant operation and constant product qualityModular in design, ProcessMaster makes diagnostics easy.Developed for tough process conditions, its advanceddiagnostic functions enable transparency of the device andprocess status. The electromagnetic flowmeter detects eventhe smallest amounts of gas bubbles in the fluid, as well asdeposits on electrodes. This allows you to react to criticalevents at a very early stage, increasing productivity andminimizing downtime. ProcessMaster is remarkable forits free pipe cross-section, high measurement accuracy,robustness and long-term stability.Your benefits Intuitive operation Extended diagnostic functionality Advanced signal processing with long-term stability State-of-the-art sensor memory technology8 Flow measurement solutions

Electromagnetic flow measurementThe trusted flowmeter of choiceMetering pulp in a paper millMetering reject in a paper millFSM4000 masters your critical applications and conserves valuable resourceswith highly accurate measurement of process parameters in a wide range ofindustries.The challenge – coping with abrasive slurries whenmeasurements involve solid-loaded liquids, low conductivityfluids, pulsating flows or other inhomogeneous materialsTo achieve efficient processes and make the most of highproduction capacity, all fluids must be measured precisely toevaluate the deteriorating quality and high levels of impuritiesin pulps, mixtures and slurries.The solution – critical measurement of conductive fluids indemanding processesIncreasing efficiency begins with highly accurate measurement.The FSM4000 creates the ideal conditions for acquiringaccurate raw materials data due to its volume flow measurement facility. In an industry like pulp and paper, the FSM4000is ideal for basic and highly demanding applications alike,measuring not only pulp stock concentrations of up to 15%,but also high levels of impurities, such as shards of glass andplastic particles, found when measuring reject materials andin closed water cycles. The flowmeter has vacuum-prooflinings, resistant to temperatures up to 180 C (356 F), andself-cleaning electrodes for alkaline applications in pulpprocesses. The FSM4000 provides an undamped, noise-freeoutput signal at the head box so that basis weight controlsystems keep on running no matter what the process conditions.Your benefits Longer life compared to standard lining flowmeters Reduced maintenance for lower cost of ownership High measurement quality through constant results Standard installation lengths/inside diameter with noconstrictionFlow measurement solutions 9

Electromagnetic flow measurementThe clean choice for hygienic applicationsMetering soft drinksMetering milk in the dairy industryHygienicMaster provides the perfect balance of performance, flexibility and controlto deliver clear business and performance benefits that maintain the integrity ofyour process.The challenge – getting the best levels of efficiency andperformance in the most demanding hygienic applicationsYour production process requires reliable, accurate instrumentation. In hygienic processes such as obtaining standard,repeatable dairy products with constant fat content, it is oftenimpossible to achieve the right balance of operational andfinancial benefit without sacrificing performance and control.The solution – unsurpassed electromagnetic flowmeasurement with highest accuracy and advanced signalprocessing for the lowest cost of ownershipHygienicMaster is the best hygienic flow metering solutionavailable. Designed specifically for the food & beverage,pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, it is manufacturedfrom FDA approved materials and certified in accordance withEHEDG and 3A. HygienicMaster is packed with advancedfeatures and functionality to enable you to operate moreefficiently, make rapid decisions, reduce costs, and increaseprofitably. It uses advanced filtering technology to improveaccuracy by separating the signal from the noise, resulting inbetter product quality and highest reliability.Your benefits Highest measurement accuracy Modern diagnostics to keep the process up and running Backwards compatible to old field sensors Intuitive navigation and configuration10 Flow measurement solutions

Electromagnetic flow measurementThe perfect fit for all water applicationsRemote flow control with WaterMasterWaterMaster provides the flexibility to solve demanding water applicationsWaterMaster is the ultimate solution for flow measurement and management insectors as diverse as water, wastewater, sewage and effluent.The challenge – the increasing demand to reduceleakage and meet tight environmental regulatorystandards through modernizationWater and wastewater companies are under pressure toreduce leakage in water distribution networks. As energycosts increase, so does the cost of providing water services.It is critical for utilities to get the best levels of efficiencyand performance from production processes that requirereliable, accurate measurement products.The solution – efficiently manage precious waterresources by accurately measuring water volumesconsumed from production processesABB’s WaterMaster flowmeters set the standard for water,wastewater, sewage and effluent flow measurement andmanagement. Reliable and accurate, the products andassociated software tools deliver speed, simplicity and easeof use at every stage of the process lifecycle. WaterMasterprovides the flexibility to solve demanding water applicationchallenges and deliver previously unattainable operationaland financial benefits. Proven in the toughest applications,the rugged, robust and buriable sensors eliminate the needfor expensive meter chambers.Your benefits VeriMaster in-situ verification capabilities Improved performance with digital signal processing (DSP) Advanced self-calibration and diagnostic capability Accuracy, simplicity and ease of useFlow measurement solutions 11

Electromagnetic flow measurementSaving energy and cost naturallyAquaMaster reduced bore flow sensor installed in potable water networkAquaMaster for accurate water network reportingAquaMaster 3 comes with power supply options, including 5-year battery powerand environmentally friendly wind and solar power.The challenge – effective flow metering for billing, surveyand leak detection in remotely located water distributionand irrigation networksAchieving the highest measurement accuracy, especially inremote locations where mains power is unavailable, is a criticalrequirement in water distribution networks and irrigationschemes. For operators, obtaining data from geographicallyremote installations is an expensive and time-consumingrequirement.The solution – using a truly flexible flowmeter combiningpower management, measurement accuracy, data storageand communicationsABB’s AquaMaster range is the industry benchmark.It conforms to international standards for accurate flowmetering and its wide measuring capability enables accuraterecording and data storage of daily flows. AquaMasterpatented sensors give class-leading low flow performanceto aid network leak detection. All data is stored in the sensorto reduce on-site setup. The on-board data logger recordsfor several months. In low flow periods, when leakage flowis more distinguishable, the flow sensor’s patented reducedbore rubber lining technology provides accelerated flowvelocity proving high accuracy at extremely low flowrates,often at night.Your benefits Best in class leakage detection Renewable (Solar/Wind) energy option Quad band GSM/SMS messaging Optional full bore irrigation application flow sensor12 Flow measurement solutions

Electromagnetic flow measurementThe next level in flowmeter versatilityAquaProbe is ideal for flow survey applicationsAquaProbe is easy to install and to useWell-established and widely used in clean water flow installations worldwide,AquaProbe insertion meters set the industry standard for probe-based in-situmeasurement.The challenge – perform temporary flow surveys orminimally disruptive flowmetering in a water distributionnetworkClean and potable water distribution applications often requireeconomical, non-disruptive installation of a flowmeter to thewater supply. Applications are often remote with potentially nomains power available and, as a consequence, data may needto be recorded locally and accessed remotely via wirelesscommunication.The solution – a flexible, reliable, high accuracy singleinsertion meter for both temporary and permanentinstallationsAquaProbe insertion meters need little introduction to anyoneconnected with clean water flow measurement. Easy to installvia its “hot tap” feature, AquaProbe’s ‘fit and flow’ designavoids the expense and inconvenience of taking the networkoff-line, as with traditional in-line flowmeters. AquaProbeis compatible with both AquaMaster 3 and WaterMastertransmitters and several power supply options are available,including 5-year battery power and environmentally friendlywind and solar power. AquaMaster 3’s on-board data loggerrecords high accuracy data for several months and can beaccessed via GSM networks.Your benefits AC, DC battery or solar/wind compatible power supply Bi-directional flow capability over a wide flow range Multi-speed, multi-channel, dual variable datalogger Unrivalled return on investmentFlow measurement solutions 13

Coriolis mass flow measurementSimple and precise flow measurementABB’s CoriolisMaster series provides a wide range of Coriolis flowmeters for variousapplications, from dosing single drops with highest accuracy to filling ocean-goingtankers. Choose one of the most compact meters on the market to cover even yourtoughest applications with solids or gas inclusions.CoriolisMaster offers a wide meter size range providingprecise measurement of mass flow, volume flow, density,temperature and concentration. CoriolisMaster savesinvestment costs covering all these measurements in onemeter. It is simple to install and commission.CoriolisMaster has a history of success in a variety of industriesand applications with the broadest measuring ranges –from measuring upstream hydrocarbon fluids to dosingchocolate or calculating the concentration of chemical liquids.ABB’s innovative sensor memory concept maximizes meteruptime.Using the Easy Set-up technology and sensor memorysystems saves precious maintenance and commissioning time.14 Flow measurement solutionsBenefits of using ABB’s Coriolis flowmeters Reduce flowmeter maintenance by up to 90% Coriolis meters are free of mechanical wear and minimizeany installation issues Save up to 25% pump power – by using the CoriolisMasterdouble tube design with lowest pressure drop Save critical installation space – the CoriolisMaster savesyou more than 40% in length and meter volume

Coriolis mass flow measurementThe proven solution for all applicationsProven in many thousands of installations, the CoriolisMaster meter providesreliable measurement in the field. Insensitive to solid inclusions and withstanding ahigh degree of gas inclusions this meter has a history of success in all industries.The challenge – to provide highly efficient flow measurement with greater flexibilityWhen measuring flow, density, temperature and evenconcentration of liquids, most users look for a single solution –an accurate, low maintenance and universally usable flowmeterwith long term stability. It must be capable of measuringall fluids and fluid characteristics such as aggregate state,conductivity and density.Your benefits Self draining in vertical or horizontal installations All major worldwide approvals available Wide choice of line sizes: 1 mm (1/16”)-150 mm (6”) Provides different materials and withstands high pressures Hygienic version EHEDG approvedThe solution – best in class mass flow measurement for allyour high performance measurement requirementsThe modular CoriolisMaster design meets all high performancemeasurement requirements while encompassing the mostadvanced flow measuring principles. It offers unrivalledaccuracy to 0.1% in direct mass flow measurement, and iseasy to install in any orientation. It withstands vibrations orgas inclusions to a high degree and works where many othersfail. A range of flexible connection sizes means the instrumentadapts to all your measurement processes. Much more thana pure flowmeter, the CoriolisMaster delivers powerful massflow analysis alongside world-class meter diagnostics.The CoriolisMaster sensor in a custody transfer truck filling applicationCoriolisMaster in a process industry applicationFlow measurement solutions 15

Coriolis mass flow measurementThe better alternativeCoriolisMaster meters have it all: highest measuring accuracy, easy installation andhandling, compact and space-saving design and one of the lowest pressure lossesin the industry for double tube designs.The challenge – achieve precise measurement over a verywide flow range with just one meter sizeIn a highly complex plant with very limited installation space,the flow rates can vary by a factor of 100 due to differentplant loads. At present, meters operate with high pressuredrop and high maintenance costs. Plant managers need asimpler solution that saves maintenance cost and time, spaceand pump power.Your benefits Offers liquid and gas measurement One the lowest pressure drops in the industry Excellent performance guarantees a very wide flow rangeper meter size Hygienic meter versions availableThe solution – using CoriolisMaster, the better alternativeThe CoriolisMaster series is one of the most compact meterdesigns and one of the lowest pressure drops of any doubletube design. Its excellent measurement performance worksacross a wide flow range and its low pressure can savepump power of up to 50%. As no in- and outlet sections arerequired, the compact meter design saves precious installationspace. CoriolisMaster provides solutions not only for liquid flowmeasurements but also for gas flow measurements, density,temperature and concentration. The proven transmitterconcept provides a well-known operability, sensor memoryconcept and Easy Set-up.CoriolisMaster features a compact and space-saving design16 Flow measurement solutionsCoriolisMaster measuring oil-water-gas mixtures

Coriolis mass flow measurementMeasuring very low flowFor very low flow rates, the Coriolis MS2 sensor provides precision even forsmallest amounts of liquids. The single tube design offers unrivaled measurementperformance in a compact design. Meter sizes down to 1.5 mm (1/16”) are available.The challenge – dosing of single drops of chemicals orbiocidesWhether it’s chemical dosing to an oil well, a paper machine,dosing of flavor in food or chemical dosing in waste water, allface the same challenge: measure flow when most measuringprinciples fail due to low flow rates.Your benefits Withstands high pressures of up to 400 bar (5800 psi) Measures 600 g/h or lower Various wetted materials availableThe solution – one of the smallest and most compact metersavailable: the MS2 meterUtilizing a bent single tube design, the MS2 meter senses thesmallest flow rates with high precision. The sturdy designenables the meter to measure even under tough conditionswith a wide flow range. The meter comes with ABB’s renownedtransmitter concept enabling simplicity of usage, sensormemory concept and in-the-field diagnostics, verification,recalibration and optimization.Measuring flow even at very low flow ratesCoriolisMaster mass flowmeters are ideal for liquid mass flow applicationsFlow measurement solutions 17

Differential pressure flow measurementSimplifying complex measurementsABB has proven experience and capability in the design, engineering, manufactureand application of the most comprehensive range of differential producing flowelements, including some of the most complex differential pressure (DP) solutions.ABB’s DP flow measurement portfolio includes innovativein-line and insertion DP flowmeters that are fully configured,leak-tested and ready to install, saving you time and moneywhile reducing critical skill set requirements. ABB’s DPflowmeters reduce the cost of ownership in a number of ways.They reduce purchasing, installation and maintenance costsand minimize pressure losses in the system. Whether yourapplication involves high or low pressures, aggressive fluids,erosive slurries, viscous liquids or extreme temperatures,ABB has a DP flow solution to meet your needs.18 Flow measurement solutionsBenefits of using ABB’s differential pressure flowmeters Save time and reduce installed cost up to 30% Lower boiler, compression and pumping costs by utilizingflowmeters that reduce pressure loss by 90% Enhance environmental compliance by reducing potentialleak points up to 50% with installation ready solutions

Differential pressure flow measurementMeeting your process conditionsWedge flowmeter in wellhead natural gas applicationWedge meters are well suited to fluids used in the oil and gas industryABB’s Wedge flowmeter is robust, reliable and versatile. It has no criticaldimensions to wear and is compatible with not only multivariable transmittersbut also with a variety of remote seal DP transmitters. So whether the measuredprocess is dirty, viscous, hot, clean, abrasive or tends to foul, ABB Wedgeflowmeters offer accurate measurement.The challenge – eliminate plant down time whilstmaintaining meter performance in high temperatureand high pressure processesDelayed coking is a thermal cracking process used in petroleum refineries to take advantage of residuals and vacuumdistillates after crude oil has been cracked into consumerproducts. Furnaces, transfer lines and coking drums mustoperate continuously to meet production demands, withminimal down time as a prerequisite. As fluids pass throughthe process, the life of the flow meter is further tested as theprocess stages become even more demanding.Your benefits Reduce installation costs by 50% compared to traditionalDP systems High resistance to corrosion and erosion Minimal maintenance requirements Requires minimal straight pipe lengthsThe solution – robust flowmeters with no moving partsand minimum maintenance requirementsABB’s wedge flowmeters have no moving parts or criticalsurfaces, so maintenance is virtually eliminated and performanceis never affected by worn or damaged surfaces. Compatiblewith remote differential pressure seals, aggressive fluidsand solids are retained and managed within the process.The wedge design is flexible enough to cover a range of cokerapplication requirements for wetted materials and pressure ortemperature limits. A number of coating options further extenderosion and corrosion resistance. Instead of multiple completeflow meters, a single wedge primary with multiple pressuretaps manages measurement redundancy.Flow measurement solutions 19

Differential pressure flow measurementOrifice metering for all applicationsOriMaster M installed in a lagged steam pipelineOriMaster simplifies installation and commissioningOriMaster, the one-piece, advanced design, orifice-based flow meter that greatlysimplifies installation and commissioning and reduces the possibility of leakagebetween the orifice and transmitter.The challenge – achieve reliable, accurate orificeinstallations and best performance with reduced overallcostsBest practice guides focus on the importance of orificecentralization. Impulse lines must be short and routedidentically and correctly, depending on the fluid phase andtransmitter location. Impulse lines often leak from the manyjoints involved and routing can determine the presence ofcondensation or gas bubbles with the resultant effect onresponse times and accuracy.The solution – savings in procurement, engineering,installation and maintenanceABB’s OriMaster is a compact, complete, pre-assembledflowmeter combining orifice, instrument manifold, impulselines and differential pressure or multivariable transmitter inone pressure-tested assembly. Total cost savings are achievedthrough reduced engineering time, a simplified procurementprocess and significantly less labor time and installation cost.Once installed, the savings continue through higher reliabilityand reduced maintenance costs, with significantly fewerpotential leak points. Should process conditions change.The orifice plate

ABB’s device management product range includes Fieldbus and wireless solutions Mobility handhelds Asset vision software Scalable service management ABB has six flowmeter calibration laboratories located in Australia, China, Germany, India, the UK