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Discover moreabout CRUCIAL. World first 600g/L high strength liquid glyphosateformulation powered by triple salt,triple surfactant technology.

KEY BENEFITSOutstanding Strength:Lower application ratesper hectareFast Knockdown:Quicker Turnaround,1 day for annual and3 days for perennial weedsRainfast in 15 minutes*with Pulse Penetrant:New industry benchmarkExceptional Viscosity:Fast pouring in all climaticconditionsLow Foam:More effective use of your timeExcellent Compatibility:Tried and tested with the widestrange of tank mix partnersSpray once, spray right:So you can execute withprecision, even underchallenging conditionsPeace of Mind:Backed by the NufarmCommercial PerformanceGuarantee

WORLD FIRST FORMULATIONEASY HANDLINGEight years in the making, CRUCIAL is a breakthrough herbicide. It is theonly liquid formulation in the worldwhich combines three glyphosatesalts – potassium, monomethylamineand ammonium. That means moreweed killing power per litre, usingless product per hectare.The world’s most advancedglyphosate makes no compromisewhen it comes to handling andmixing. CRUCIAL pours easily withminimal foam, and tank mixessuperbly with other products. Youalso told us you wanted a lighter,safer pack size, so we made thattoo – CRUCIAL comes in the all-newOHS-friendly 15L pack plus 20L, 110L,200L, 640L and 1000L. All packs canbe recycled through Agrecovery.TRIPLE SURFACTANTTECHNOLOGYTo make sure this unprecedentedload of active ingredient thatequals or exceeds best in classstandards of performance everytime, we’ve created the ultimatemix of complementary on-boardsurfactants. This mix of surfactantsallows the glyphosate molecules tostick and spread rapidly through theplant, giving you the ultimate kill.RESULTS YOU CAN TRUSTWith rapid brownout, excellentefficacy against target plants anda new benchmark in rainfastness,CRUCIAL is purpose-built for consistentresults in our unique and oftenchallenging conditions.TECHNICALLY SUPERIORNo-one in New Zealand knowsglyphosate like Nufarm. We’vebeen in this space for over 30years, with a proud record of localR&D and product development.CRUCIAL comes fully supported byan experienced in field team ofTechnical Specialists and TerritoryManagers, there to support youno matter what.SHORT DOWNTIMEWith CRUCIAL, you can graze,cultivate or drill just one day aftertreatment for annual weeds, andthree days for perennial weeds.Fast turnaround means less downtimebetween spraying and sowing, andmore flexibility especially duringspring and autumn.(Refer to label for silage).

WHERE CAN CRUCIALBE USED?Refer to the CRUCIAL label for specific use recommendations General weed control Brushweed control Agricultural areas Pasture renewal Pasture seedhead suppression (unimproved pastures only) Spraying silage before cutting Spraying hay or silage paddocks after cutting Pre-harvest – wheat, barley, oats, peas Orchards/vines – citrus, apples, pears, stonefruit, kiwifruit, grapevines Industrial and non-agricultural areas Turfgrass and recreational areas Aquatic areas – drains and waterways Forestry Market Gardens Asparagus Spraying out pre and post cropping

HOW TO GET THE BESTOUT OF CRUCIAL Identify target plant species and choose the required rate ofCRUCIAL – for recommended rates refer to the CRUCIAL label. Choose an appropriate tank mixing partnerif required. Ensure target plants are healthy and actively growing, withplenty of leaf area present. CRUCIAL is not absorbed aseffectively when plants are stressed.It also needs plant tissue to land on to do its job. Half fill the spray tank with clean water, add the requiredquantity of CRUCIAL, mix and fill the tank.See the CRUCIAL label for recommended water rates. Add Pulse Penetrant to the full tank,and complete mixing. Apply as a medium even spray to completelycover target plants. Refer to the product label if using tank mix partners.

RAPID TRANSLOCATIONFROM LEAF TO ROOTFor superior control, glyphosate must stick to the surface ofthe leaf, penetrate rapidly, then move quickly into the leavesand roots of the plant. If the plant goes into defensive modeand shuts down before the herbicide is translocated throughits tissue, it can survive being sprayed.CRUCIAL beats this natural defense system through goodadhesion and absorption, fast uptake and excellenttranslocation. A lethal dose is delivered to the foliage,stem and root system even under challenging conditions.UPTAKE AND TRANSLOCATION STUDYTrial NUNZ1867;conducted by Plant Protection Chemistry New Zealand CRUCIAL 2.4L, WeedMaster TS540 2.7L– 1440g glyphosate/100L – dropletsapplied to simulate 100L mix/ha– Pulse Penetrant 100ml/100L Tabu ryegrass grown from seed,5 replicates/treatment Uptake measured 30mins, 2, 6and 24 hours after application Translocation measured 24 hoursafter application Autoradiograph images of plantsto show distribution of glyphosate24hours after treatmentDroplet application site(10 x 0.24μl) on adaxial surface ofthe youngest fully-expanded leaf.

TRANSLOCATIONEffect of treatment on distribution of (14C)-glyphosate in ryegrass 24 hours after treatment% of applied (14C)-glyphosate80706050403020100CRUCIALTreated leafCRUCIAL Pulse PenetrantYounger foliageWeedMasterTS540Older foliageWeedMaster TS540 Pulse PenetrantRootsTotalBoth CRUCIAL and WeedMaster TS540 exhibited equivalent translocationthroughout the plant. The addition of Pulse Penetrant had no effecton translocation.AUTORADIOGRAPH IMAGECRUCIAL: Translocation ofglyphosate into the rootsand new tillers after 24 hours.

THE POWER OFPULSE PENETRANTAdding Pulse Penetrant to CRUCIAL significantly speedsherbicide uptake in ryegrass. Pulse Penetrant reduces thesurface tension of the spray solution to such a low level thatit is flows easily through stomata (tiny pores in the leaf).In spring, the waxy cuticle on the ryegrass leaf surfacethickens. Without Pulse Penetrant glyphosate cannoteffectively penetrate this thick waxy layer.Uptake is reduced which then results in poor control.

THE EFFECT OF PULSE PENETRANTON UPTAKE% uptake of applied glyphosate[14C] - glyphosate uptake into ryegrass over time9080807063605039403020104.40After 30 minutesAfter 2 hoursCRUCIAL Pulse PenetrantCRUCIALTrendlines for [14C] - glyphosate uptake, into ryegrass over time1009080% uptake7060504030201000612Hours after treatmentWeedMaster TS540 Pulse PenetrantCRUCIAL Pulse PenetrantAll treatments 1440g glyphosate in 100L/ha.Pulse Penetrant 100ml/100L. Tabu ryegrass.1824

RAINFAST IN 15 MINUTESWITH PULSE PENETRANTCRUCIAL tank mixed with Pulse Penetrant should deliver commerciallyacceptable weed control even if light rain occurs just 15 minutes afterspraying. No other glyphosate can match this standard. If it fails withour commercial performance guarantee, Nufarm will replace up to100% of your initial use rate of CRUCIAL for re-treatment.RAINFAST STUDY CRUCIAL 2.4L Pulse Penetrant100ml/L Mature well-tillered perennialryegrass plants in pots Rainfastness measured15 minutes and 20 minutesafter application Sprayed 30 April 2019 10cm of leaf at spraying Foilage dry at application 8-10mm of simulated rainapplied by sprinkler over15 minute period% Brownout of perennial ryegrass1008060402000714212842CRUCIAL 2.4L/ha Pulse Penetrant no rainCRUCIAL 2.4L/ha Pulse Penetrant rain 15minsCRUCIAL 2.4L/ha Pulse Penetrant rain 20minsAgresearch, Ruakura (Trial NUNZ1904)14 DAYS AFTERTREATMENTFrom L – R on image:Untreated, WeedMaster TS540 Pulse Penetrant - rain 20 minutes,CRUCIAL Pulse Penetrant 20minutes, CRUCIAL Pulse Penetrant15 minutes & Roundup Ultra Max Li 1000 20 minutes.

HIGH STRENGTH EFFICIENCYCRUCIAL’s high strength formulation means lower application rates perhectare; smaller volumes to purchase, transport and store; and fewer emptycontainers to recycle. After mixing, CRUCIAL remains stable in the tank for fivedays with good water quality so you don’t have to start again with a new mixif the weather interferes with spraying. Note: Pulse Penetrant will break downin water, so if the mixture contained Pulse Penetrant and it has been storedovernight or longer Pulse Penetrant will need to be re-added. Tank mixes ofCRUCIAL and other products should be used promptly.CRUCIAL: EFFICACY – PERENNIAL RYEGRASS IN SPRING% Brownout100% 0111620254Days after applicationWeedMaster TS540 2.7L6810151719Days after applicationCRUCIAL 2.4LWeedMaster TS540 2.7LRoundup Ultra Max 2.5LCRUCIAL 2.4LRoundup Ultra Max 2.5LTrial NUNZ1749Trial NUNZ1750 No re-growth in any plot No re-growth in any plot All with Pulse Penetrant 100ml/100L All with Pulse Penetrant 100ml/100L Established perennial ryegrass pasture,sprayed 23 Sep 2017 Established perennial ryegrass pasture,sprayed 14 Oct 2017 Grazed 3 days after spraying Not grazed after spraying

RESISTANCE MANAGEMENTCRUCIAL is a Group 9 (G) herbicide. Resistance tothis herbicide could develop from excessive use.Consult for further informationabout herbicide modes of action and appropriateresistance management strategies for weedslisted on the label.

COMPATIBILITYCOMPATIBILITYRATINGTANK MIX PARTNERS (RATE/HA)HERBICIDEINSECTICIDEAgritone 750 Archer ,Archer 750 Avadex XtraBaton 800WSG* Charter 750WDGDirector CSDirector CSNortron Attack DEW 600Firebird Kamba 500,Kamba 750 Kaiso 50WGNail 600ECAttackNail 600EC,Nail 240EC Chlorpyrifos500ECOmbre Relay Super S Roustabout 840Flowable AtrazineKaiso 50WG Roustabout 840Nu-trazine Kaiso 50WG Sero 750WG Sprinter 700DSTandus XL 1LKEY Compatible Compatible on constant agitation - no retention on 150 micron sieve Not compatibleBaton 800WSG* - Very fine sediment – 2,4-D crystals formed, high risk of reduced efficacy.All products tested with 5.4L of CRUCIAL plus Pulse Penetrant in 100L water/ha.

CRUCIAL GLYPHOSATECONVERSION TABLEWeedMasterG360WeedMasterTS470RoundupUltra 0L4.6L3.8L3.6L9.0L6.9L5.7L5.4L

COMPANION HERBICIDES FOR USEWITH CRUCIAL WHEN SPRAYING OUTPRODUCTRATEMAIN BROADLEAFWEEDS TARGETED200-400ml/haCalifornian thistle, clovers,dandelion, hawksbeard,plantain, thistles and yarrow20g/haButtercups, docks1-3L/ha apples,stonefruit, kiwifruitand grapevines.40mL/ha as anadjuvantto glyphosateA wide range of weeds (refer to label)- mallow, nettle, hedge mustard,speedwell, cleavers400ml/haClovers, dandelion, docks,willow weed, etc20-40 ml/haMallow, nettles, wireweedand seedling storksbill1-2L/haHemlock, ragwort, storksbilland thistles40g/haCalifornian thistles, clover,ragwort, sheep sorrel, yarrow, etc

RAINFAST GRAZINGWITHHOLDING PERIODPERIODRECOMMENDED CROPPLANT-BACK PERIODS*3 hoursNil. Allow 3 days forCRUCIAL to be effectiveNil: brassicas, ryegrass, cereals/maize, fodder beet 12 weeks: clovers,legumes (up to 0.2L/ha) 6-12 months:clovers/legumes (over 0.2L/ha)4 hours7 days14 days: brassicas, grasses, cereals/maize, clovers/legumes 6 months:fodder beetObserveCRUCIALinstructionsFor export crops refer toexport spray programmesfor specific informationobserve all CRUCIALinstructionsObserve all CRUCIAL instructions6 hours14 daysNil: brassicas, grasses, cereals/maize 4-8 weeks: clovers, legumes6-8 weeks: fodder beet1 hourNil. Allow 3 days for CRUCIALto be effectiveNil for all crops2 hoursNil. Allow 3 days for CRUCIALto be effective1-2 weeks: cereals/maize 4 weeks:brassicas, clovers, grasses 3 months:fodder beet1 hourNil. Allow 3 days for CRUCIALto be effective14 days: brassicas, cereals/maize,grasses, clovers/legumesNote: Do not use Sero 750WG priorto planting fodder beet. If soil pHexceeds 6.5 do NOT sow brassicas.Do NOT apply Sero 750WG within2 months after a lime application*The recommended crop plant-back periods are a guide only and may varyfrom those listed depending on climatic conditions, soil type, soil pH and otherfactors. If in doubt sow a small area first to check soil residues.

COMPANION INSECTICIDESFOR USE WITH CRUCIAL WHENSPRAYING OUTPRODUCTRATEMAIN ngtails, Argentine stem weeviland NysiusTANK MIXING ORDER1234Fill the tank ¾full with waterand add in thefollowing bles- suspensionconcentrates,capsulesuspensions, etc.Sero 750WGCharter 750WDGNote: The information in this table is a quick reference only.Always consult the product label before use. Archer and Kamba are registered trademarks of Nufarm Australia Ltd CRUCIAL, Sero, Nail and Relay are registered trademarks of Nufarm Limited Pulse is a registered trademark of Nufarm Technologies USA Pty Ltd Goal is a registered trademark of Nutrichem Company Limited Dew is a trademark of Nufarm Ltd Charter is a trademark of Nufarm Australia Ltd Nufarm 2020Dew 600

RAINFASTPERIODGRAZINGWITHHOLDINGPERIODBroadleaf crops - brassicas, chicory,fodder beet, legumes, plantain3 hoursNil.Broadleaf crops - brassicas, chicory,fodder beet, legumes, plantain3 hours7 daysCROP TO BE PLANTED567EmulsifiableconcentratesWater solubleconcentratesRelay SuperKamba 750Adjuvants,wetters, oils,penetrantsNail 600ECCRUCIALPulse PenetrantChlorpyrifos 500ECArcher 750

POWERFUL REWARDSFOR LOYALTYEvery purchase of CRUCIAL earns you valuablereward points in Priority Partnership , the loyaltyrewards programme for New Zealand growers.Reward points can be redeemed on a widerange of items for the whole family.If you are not a member yet, find out more and join online at PROMISE*COMMERCIAL PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE:We are so confident about the superior performance of CRUCIAL, that weguarantee commercially acceptable results when it is used accordingto the label directions. If it fails Nufarm NZ will replace up to 100% of yourinitial use rate of CRUCIAL for re-treatment.MORE INFORMATIONPlease contact your local Nufarm Territory Manageror visit us online at



Nufarm New Zealand6 Manu Street, OtahuhuPO Box 22-407, Auckland 1640,New ZealandPhone 0800 683 [email protected] CB 07/21 CRUCIAL is a registered trademark of Nufarm AustraliaLimited. Pulse is a registered trademark of NufarmTechnologies USA Pty Ltd. WeedMaster and PriorityPartnership are registered trademarks of NufarmLimited. Roundup Ultra is a registered trademarkof Monsanto Technology LLC. Nufarm 2021

(Refer to label for silage). WHERE CAN CRUCIAL BE USED? Refer to the CRUCIAL label for specific use recommendations General weed control . Roundup Ultra Max 2.5L WeedMaster TS540 2.7L Roundup Ultra Max 2.5L 11 16 20 25 4 6 8 10 15 17 19 25 100 90 8