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Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:31Page 2ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOCIOLOGYNEW IN 2006ThoSeglpciy,fadThe BlackwellEncyclopediaof SociologyKey FeaturesThis ground-breaking project will bring togetherspecially commissioned entries written and editedby an international team of the world’s bestscholars and teachers.To be available in both printand online versions, it will provide:2Edited by GEORGE RITZER1,700 articles (ranging in length from 500to 6,000 words) from over 1,000 expertGOERZTE,RIUniversity of Marylandcontributors2THE BLACKWELL ENCYCLOPEDIA OFClear, concise, expert definitions andexplanations of the key conceptsSOCIOLOGY will be published in 2006.2Arranged across eleven volumes in A-Zformat, it will be the reference source forstudents, researchers, and academics inthe field.An essential reference for expert andnewcomer alike, with entries ranging fromshort definitions of key terms to extendedexplorations of major topics2Materials that have historically defined thediscipline, but also more recentdevelopments, significantly updating thestore of sociological knowledge2Introductions to sociological theories andresearch that have developed outside ofthe United States and Western Europe2Sophisticated cross-referencing and searchfacilities2Lexicon by subject area, bibliography, andindex.2

Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:31Page 3ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOCIOLOGYAdvisory EditorsRebecca Adams, University of North Carolina atGreensboroGraham Allan, Keele UniversityPeter Beilharz, La Trobe UniversitySuzanne Bianchi, University of MarylandChris Carter, University of St.AndrewsRoberto Cipriani, University of Roma TreStewart Clegg, University of Technology,SydneyJay Coakley, University of ColoradoWilliam Cockerham, University of Alabama,BirminghamDaniel Thomas Cook, University of IllinoisRutledge Dennis, George Mason UniversityErich Goode, University of MarylandJeff Goodwin, New York UniversityKevin Fox Gotham, Tulane UniversityAxel Groenemeyer, University of BielefeldEva Illouz, Hebrew University of JerusalemPeter Kivisto, Augustana CollegeYvonna Lincoln, Texas A&M UniversityDavid Maines, Oakland UniversityBarry Markovsky, University of South CarolinaChandra Muller, University of TexasNancy Naples, University of ConnecticutJodi O’Brien, Seattle UniversityNick Perry, University of AucklandKen Plummer, University of EssexChris Rojek, Nottingham Trent UniversityJohn Stone, Boston UniversityYoshio Sugimoto, La Trobe UniversityEdward Tiryakian, Duke UniversityRuth Triplett, Old Dominion UniversityWout Ultee, University of NijmegenSteve Yearley, University of YorkMilan Zafirovski, University of North TexasManaging EditorsTHE DEFINITIVE SOCIOLOGY REFERENCEPre-Publication OfferRecommend your library order the ENCYCLOPEDIA NOW and they will receiveup to 30% OFF THE FULL PRICE** valid until 31 December 2006ABOUT THE EDITORGeorge Ritzer is Distinguished University Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland.He was awarded the 2000 Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award by the AmericanSociological Association. In 2004 he received an honorary doctorate from LaTrobe University.He has authored more than 25 books, including: The Globalization of Nothing (2004) and TheMcDonaldization of Society (1993, 1996, 2000, 2004). He is editor of a two-volume Encyclopediaof Social Theory (2005) and The Blackwell Companion to Major Social Theorists (2000), and is cofounding editor (with Don Slater) of the Journal of Consumer Culture.www.sociologyencyclopedia.comThis dedicated website contains information on the ENCYCLOPEDIA, including contributors, contacts and ordering, aswell as being a central resource for managing the project. In addition, you can register for updates, tips on searching,special offers and sample entries.11 VOLUMES IN 6000 PAGES / 1-4051-2433-4 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-2433-1] HB / NOVEMBER 2006J. Michael Ryan & Betsy ThornBoth University of MarylandSee www.sociologyencyclopedia.comfor a list of contributors by affiliationALSO OF INTERESTThe Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology, Second EditionhTeog,ylioScofyonraitcDilwkcaeBlALLAN G. JOHNSONGALONJHOS,N432 PAGES / 0-631-21681-2 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21681-0] PB / 20003

Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:31Page 4SOCIAL THEORYJOURNALSKEY TEXTBOOKSTShocgealiyrThe British Journalof Edited by BRIDGET HUTTERyhToer lacogilioScmyeContrapSecond EditionSecond EditionEdited byCRAIG CALHOUN,JOSEPH GERTEIS,JAMES MOODY,STEVEN PFAFF &INDERMOHAN VIRKEdited byCRAIG CALHOUN,JOSEPH GERTEIS,JAMES MOODY,STEVEN PFAFF &INDERMOHAN VIRKNEW EDITIONPublished on behalf of the London School of Economics andPolitical l TheoryyhToer lacogilioSc:nredxINEW EDITIONGCRAIHLO,UNGCRAIHLO,UNNew York University; University of Minnesota; Ohio State University;University of Washington; Indiana University, BloomingtonNew York University; University of Minnesota; Ohio State University;University of Washington; Indiana University, BloomingtonThis comprehensive collection of classicalsociological theory is a definitive guide to theroots of sociology. For the second edition, selectedreadings provide students with clearer introductionsto classical theory, providing examples and showingconnections to current sociology. There is anentirely new section with new readings on theimmediate “pre-history” of sociological theory,including the Enlightenment and de Tocqueville.Editorial introductions put the readings intohistorical and intellectual perspective, making thisan authoritative and compact survey of the mostrepresentative works of classical social theory, andan essential text for undergraduate courses. Theapproach of giving substantial primary sourcetexts rather than merely ‘snippets’, and backingthese up with substantial introductions, ismaintained for the new edition.This rigorous collection of contemporarysociological theory is the definitive guide tocurrent perspectives and approaches in the field.For the second edition, selected readings bringthe book right up to date and enhance itsattraction for students in terms of examples,accessibility, and connections to today’stheoretical discussions. Editorial introductions putthese readings into theoretical perspective,making this an authoritative and compact surveyof contemporary sociological theory, and anessential text for undergraduate courses. Theapproach of giving substantial primary sourcetexts rather than merely ‘snippets’, and backingthese up with substantial introductions, ismaintained for the new edition.480 PAGES1-4051-4855-1 [ISBN13:978-1-4051-4855-9] HB1-4051-4856-X [ISBN13:978-1-4051-4856-6] PB / NOVEMBER 2006480 PAGES1-4051-4853-5 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-4853-5] HB1-4051-4854-3 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-4854-2] PB / NOVEMBER 2006Edited by JULIA ADAMS,JEFFREY ALEXANDER, RONEYERMAN & PHILIP GORSKIPublished on behalf of the American Sociological SociologicalReviewwehTiRvlacogilioSc:nredxIEdited by ROSEMARY DEEM& MIKE SAVAGEPublished on behalf of Keele ScienceQuarterlyylretQuaenciSlaioSc:nredxIEdited by ROBERT L. LINEBERRYPublished on behalf of the Southwestern Social EW TO BLACKWELL IN 2006!Journal of AppliedSocial PsychologyEdited by ANDREW WeberWMbxearReadings and Commentary on ModernityEdited by STEPHEN KALBERGPHETSN,KABREGLBoston University“Having established himself as a leading Weber scholar and translator, Stephen Kalberg showsthat he is an editor of vision and sensibility. He presents the full range of Weber’s writing in away that indicates Weber's grasp of all aspects of social reality and the enduring value of his analysis.”JACK BARBALET, UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER4SERIES: MODERNITY AND SOCIETYSERIES EDITOR: IRA J. COHEN432 PAGES / 0-631-21489-5 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21489-2] HB / 0-631-21490-9 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21490-8] PB / 2004

Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:33Page 5International SocialScience JournalnlaourJenciSlaioSconlaintareI:nredxIEdited by JOHN CROWLEYThMeougal,hStdnicerThe Blackwell Dictionary ofModern Social ThoughtSecond EditionEdited by WILLIAM OUTHWAITEAMIWLOUHTW,EAIPublished on behalf of UNESCOUniversity of SociologicalQuarterlyEdited by PETER KIVISTOhTeylretQualcogilioSc:nredxIPublished for the Midwest Sociological Journal ofHistorical ed by YOKE-SUM WONG& DEREK #1 IN SOCIAL ISSUES BY ISIJournal of Social IssuesuseI laioScofnlaourJ:nredxIModern social thought ranges widely from the social sciencesto philosophy, political theories and doctrines, cultural ideasand movements, and the influence of the natural sciences.This dictionary provides an authoritative and comprehensiveoverview of the main themes of social thought, principalschools and movements of thought, and those institutions thathave been the subject of social analysis or engenderedsignificant doctrines and ideas.SOCIAL THEORYNEW IN PAPERBACKJOURNALSDetailed entries cover major currents of thought,philosophical and cultural trends, and the individual socialsciences from anthropology to welfare economics. These aresupplemented by shorter accounts of specific concepts andphenomena. This second edition updates about 200 entriesand includes new entries on the Internet, ethnic cleansingand other topics. Each entry includes suggestions for furtherreading, and the volume contains a bibliography of allsources cited within the text.Edited by RICK HOYLE856 PAGES1-4051-3456-9 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-3456-9] PB / SEPTEMBER 2006Published on behalf of The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Theory andPostcommunismomctPsnaduiyhToer laioScAVAILABLE IN PAPERBACKWILLIAM OUTHWAITE & LARRY RAYALRYM,IWLRAYOU,HTWEAIThe Blackwell Companion to Major Classical Social TheoristsTShoCcaseil,trUniversity of Sussex; University of Kent at CanterburyEdited by GEORGE RITZERGOERZTE,RISERIES: BLACKWELL COMPANIONS TO SOCIOLOGY448 PAGES / 1-4051-0594-1 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0594-1] PB / 2003TMhCotenra,jsmTheoiSaprlycThe Blackwell Companion to Major Contemporary Social TheoristsEdited by GEORGE RITZERGOERZTE,RISERIES: BLACKWELL COMPANIONS TO SOCIOLOGY384 PAGES / 1-4051-0595-X [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0595-8] PB / 2003“[This] book is important. The theoretical challengesand chances for reinvigoration that postcommunismrepresents have undoubtedly been overlooked thus far.Outhwaite and Ray have provided a very suggestiveredress.”AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCEALSO OF INTEREST264 PAGES0-631-21111-X [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21111-2] HB0-631-21112-8 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21112-9] PB / 2004Post-Cold War Peace PsychologyEdited by DANIEL J. CHRISTIESERIES: JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUESSERIES EDITOR: IRENE HANSON-FRIEZE214 PAGES1-4051-5486-1 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-5486-4] PB / MARCH 2006NEWContested Knowledge, Third EditionKndeogwltseConCurrent Reproductive TechnologiesEdited by LINDA BECKHAM & S. M. HARVEYSERIES: JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUESSERIES EDITOR: IRENE HANSON-FRIEZE201 PAGES / 1-4051-3597-2 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-3597-9] PB / MARCH 2005STEVEN SEIDMANVENTSDMIES,AN296 PAGES0-631-22670-2 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22670-3] HB0-631-22671-0 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22671-0] PB / 20035

Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:33SOCIAL THEORYNEWThSueoy,tcifrThe Future of SocietyMP-otsyeSdncirPage 6From Post-Industrial toPost-Modern SocietyJOURNALSAnalyses of Social Issuesand Public PolicyNew Theories of the Contemporary WorldWILLIAM OUTHWAITEAMIWLOU,HTWEAISecond EditionUniversity of Sussex“An original, challenging, and timelydefense of the concept of society, this isan excellent introduction to contemporarysources and debates.”DAVID FRISBY, LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS& POLITICAL SCIENCEyciPolciPublnaduseI laioScofseyAnla:nredxIEdited by GEOFFREY MARUYAMAKRISHAN KUMARhnasiKr,KumraInstitute for Advanced Study, PrincetonIn the second edition ofthis classic study, KrishanKumar introduces andassesses the rival claimsof three theories crucialto an understanding ofcontemporary socialtheory: the informationsociety, post-Fordism,and post-modernism.Published on behalf of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social for the Theory ofSocial BehaviourouriBhvealaioScofyhToertorf nlaourJ:nredxIEdited by CHARLES W. InquiryyrnquiI lacogilioSc:nredxIEdited by STEVE KROLL-SMITHPublished on behalf of Alpha Kappa Delta: The InternationalSociology Honor SocietyExplaining how these theories developed andwhy they have held such an appeal, the authorprovides the most readable and evenlybalanced account of three very different, butoverlapping paradigms.Is the notion of society obsolete?To answer this question, leading social theoristWilliam Outhwaite first considers variouscritiques of the concept that have dominatedrecent debate, including the arguments of:2Neo-liberals, who deny society’s existence2Postmodernists, who argue that it hasfragmented or dissolved2Globalization theorists, who claim that itcannot survive the demise of book of the NationalSociety for the Study ofEducation304 PAGES / 1-4051-1429-0 [ISBN13:978-1-4051-1429-5] PB / 2004Thinking SociologicallyEdited by PAUL KELLEHER, REBECCA VANDER BOGERT & ARNETHA F. Yae:nredxIylacogilioScngikhTPublished on behalf of the National Society for the Study of EducationSecond BAUMAN & TIM MAYmZYGBiATUM,ANMTyaUniversities of Leeds and Warsaw; University of SalfordOuthwaite takes a sympathetic look at thesecurrent theoretical trends, using them toexplain why we have lost confidence in theconcept of society. He argues, however, thatwe do still need the concept in order tomake sense of the forces which structureour lives.Part of the prestigious Blackwell Manifestosseries, this important book goes to the heartof contemporary social and political debate.SERIES: BLACKWELL MANIFESTOS184 PAGES0-631-23185-4 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-23185-1] HB0-631-23186-2 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-23186-8] PBDECEMBER 20056“Highly recommendedfor undergraduate andgeneral readers.”ALSO OF INTERESTAfter HabermasmHbarestAfEdited by NICK CROSSLEY & JOHN MICHAEL ROBERTSCHOICEIn this stimulating andoriginal book, ZygmuntBauman and Tim Mayelucidate key concepts insociology: for example,individualism versuscommunity, and privilege versus deprivation.While charting a course through sociology’smain concerns, Bauman and May also examinethe applicability of sociology to everyday life.208 PAGES0-631-21928-5 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21928-6] HB0-631-21929-3 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21929-3] PB / 2001See page 23 for Theology and Social TheoryOJHMCNAILEROC,BSTKNICROYE,LSSERIES: SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW MONOGRAPHS / SERIES EDITOR: ROLLUND MUNRO192 PAGES / 1-4051-2365-6 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-2365-5] PB / 2004David Harvey - A Critical ReaderyevHradDivaEdited by NOEL CASTREE & DEREK GREGORYDGRKEONRY,ole,ertCsaSERIES: ANTIPODE BOOK SERIES / SERIES EDITOR: NOEL CASTREE336 PAGES0-631-23509-4 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-23509-5] HB0-631-23510-8 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-23510-1] PB / JANUARY 2006Anthropologies of ModernityytMniodrefseogiplhArntEdited by JONATHAN XAVIER INDAOJNAHRTEDXINV,288 PAGES0-631-22826-8 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22826-4] HB0-631-22827-6 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22827-1] PB / JULY 2005The Nietzsche ed by KEITH ANSELL PEARSON & DUNCAN LARGESERIES: BLACKWELL READERS592 PAGES0-631-22653-2 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22653-6] HB0-631-22654-0 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22654-3] PB / DECEMBER 2005

Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:33Page 7NEWA Resource for Social Scientists and ical Methodology, Volume 34Edited by ROSS M. STOLZENBERGSecond EditionMROTS.ZNELBRG,University of ChicagoCOLIN ROBSONNCOILRBOS,NThis volume introduces innovative solutions to both old and new problemswith the key analytic tasks in empirical sociological research - measurementand analysis.University of Huddersfield“Second editions, like movie sequels, rarely surpassthe originals. Real World Research is a stunningexception.”SERIES: SOCIOLOGICAL METHODOLOGYSERIES EDITOR: ROSS M. STOLZENBERG400 PAGES / 1-4051-3301-5 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-3301-2] HB / APRIL 2005JOSEPH A. MAXWELL, GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY624 PAGES0-631-21304-X [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21304-8] HB0-631-21305-8 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-21305-5] PB / 2002NEW IN 2006WionSrdPfACwioeus,rA Crash Course in SPSS forWindowsNEWeSnchitwoaslMHenwklaR,robsterMARK PETTICREW & HELEN ROBERTSMRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow; Child Health Research and Policy Unit, City University“Anyone who wants to learn, or understand, about systematic reviewingshould beg, borrow, steal or buy a copy of Systematic Reviews in theSocial Sciences. It's a real gold-mine of information presented clearlyand with great humour.”Third EditionANDREW COLMAN & BRIONY PULFORDonyiBr,ANCdODorMLRWEf,ANPulBoth University of Leicester224 PAGES / 1-4051-4531-5 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-4531-2] PB / FEBRUARY 2006Systematic Reviews in the Social SciencesA Practical GuideUpdated for Versions 10, 11, 12, and 13This quick, simple, and user-friendly introduction to SPSSfor Windows has now been updated so that it can beused with versions 10, 11, 12, and 13 of the software. Twochapters and a new appendix have been added to thethird edition. Online support material to accompany thetext is available at World ResearchhcraeRsdWlorRaeMICHAEL RAWLINS, NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH AND CLINICAL EXCELLENCE (NICE), UK352 PAGES / 1-4051-2110-6 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-2110-1] HB / OCTOBER 2005ReMsocharfeltoidsEssentials of Research MethodsA Guide to Social Science ResearchJANET M. RUANEMANJTERU,ANEMontclair State UniversityALSO OF INTERESTThe Smart Study GuidehTed,eGuiytSmthTreaLOUISE TAMBLIN & PAT WARDPATWOESLUI,ARDTMNIBL208 PAGES / 1-4051-2117-3 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-2117-0] PB / MARCH 2006“Finally a well written, non-intimidating, down-to-earth beginners’methods textbook. Ruane truly fills a void in the literature. Her book willdelight both teachers and students.”MAUREEN OUTLAW, PROVIDENCE COLLEGEESSENTIALS OF RESEARCH METHODS is a concise and accessible introduction Sc:nredxIEdited by ROSS M. STOLZENBERGresearch methods in the social sciences.Written by an expert of research methodsteaching, this book takes extraordinary care to focus the reader on experiences in hisor her everyday life as a way of understanding and performing research methods.256 PAGES0-631-23048-3 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-23048-9] HB0-631-23049-1 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-23049-6] PB / 2004Published on behalf of the American Sociological

Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:34Page 8GLOBALIZATIONWorld CultureeurtCuldWlorKEY TEXTBOOKOrigins and ConsequencesNEW IN 2006FRANK J. LECHNER & JOHN BOLIOJHN, BORJAFILNKCELH,NRoanDdizetpvlmTheRadn,trBoth Emory UniversityThe Globalization andDevelopment ReaderThis book explores the development, content, andimpact of world culture. Combining two of themost fruitful theoretical perspectives on worldculture - the world polity approach and globalizationtheory - the book traces the development of worldculture from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. It includes extensive illustrations of key issues and empirical research, gives a historical treatment of the development of world culture, and assesses the complex impactof world culture on people, organizations, and societies.Perspectives on Development and Social ChangeAHTemtJ,bisryEdited by J. TIMMONS ROBERTS & AMY BELLONE HITECollege of William and Mary, Virginia; Tulane UniversityWhy are the poor countries poor? What should they do to turn theirsituations around? What happens to countries and individuals whenthey move from being ‘backwards’ to being ‘modern’? What does itmean to ‘develop’ and be ‘modern’ anyway? What are the social effectsof the processes of worldwide economic, cultural, and politicalintegration called globalization?280 PAGES0-631-22676-1 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22676-5] HB0-631-22677-X [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22677-2] PB / APRIL 2005The Globalization ReaderThSoeRcnia,dEtrSecond EditionEdited by FRANK J. LECHNER & JOHN BOLIOJHN,BOILRJAFNCKELHR,Both Emory University“An excellent core text for undergraduate andgraduate courses on globalization, and wouldbe an excellent starting point for anyonethinking of working in this area.”GEORGE RITZER, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND472 PAGES1-4051-0279-9 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0279-7] HB1-4051-0280-2 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0280-3] PB / 2003FORTHCOMINGoCnaBickzw1m:ltGoebapniTHE GLOBALIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT READER builds on the success ofFrom Modernization to Globalization, published by the editors in 2000, toprovide an up-do-date primer and key reference for students, scholarsand development practitioners wishing to get up to speed quickly onthe issues of processes of social change and development in the ‘ThirdWorld’. It offers carefully excerpted samples from both classic and recentwritings in the development literature. A general editorial introductionto the book, and short, insightful introductions for each section,provide a well rounded foundation for non-specialist audiences.448 PAGES1-4051-3236-1 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-3236-7] HB1-4051-3237-X [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-3237-4] PB / NOVEMBER 20068The Blackwell Companion to GlobalizationEdited by GEORGE RITZERGOER,ZTREI:[email protected] PAGES / 1-4051-3274-4 [ISBN13:978-1-4051-3274-9] HB / MARCH 2007See page 21 for The Anthropology of Development and GlobalizationJOURNALSGlobal NetworkswsNkteorblaG:nredxIA Journal of Transnational AffairsEdited by ALISDAIR ROGERS,STEVE VERTOVEC & ROBIN

Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:34NEWGlobal MovementsSocial MovementsMmoevsblantGMmoevslantioScAn IntroductionKEVIN MCDONALDNMKVEICDON,ADLSecond EditionUniversity of MelbourneDONATELLA DELLA PORTA & MARIO DIANI“Global Movements is essential reading forall those trying to understand our 21st-centurysociety. It is the first complex account of newforms of worldwide protest and society.”MOARID,ONALDEPTO,IREuropean University Institute; University of Trento“As in the first edition, the authors offer excellent framing of debates and issues in thefield and thorough coverage of the literature. This is the most comprehensive text in thefield and a must-read for serious students of social movements.”TIM JORDAN, OPEN UNIVERSITYVERTA TAYLOR, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT SANTA BARBARAThe past decade has witnessed an extraordinaryrise of new global movements that throw intoquestion the way we think about culture, powerand action in a globalizing world. This book:222SOCIAL MOVEMENTS is a comprehensive introduction and critical analysis of collectiveaction in society today. In the latter part of the last century, social movements became apermanent feature of modern democracies. The students’ and workers’ protests of the1960s have been followed by movements focusing on women's rights, ethnic identities,peace and environmental issues. This book draws on research and empirical work acrossthe social sciences to address the key questions in this international field.Examines three of the most significant globalsocial movements of the last decade: antiglobalization, new Islamic movements, andthe Falun Gong in ChinaExplores key dimensions of thesemovements, the tensions they confront, andthe crises that created themDemonstrates how these global movementsrequire a rethinking of the very idea of socialmovements.In this new edition, the authors have updated all chapters with the most recent literature,and expanded on topics such as individual motivations, new media, public policies, andgovernance. The book has also been redesigned to a more user-friendly format. Morethan ever, SOCIAL MOVEMENTS is the ideal introduction for students of social movementswithin social and political science.360 PAGES / 1-4051-0282-9 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0282-7] PB / DECEMBER 2005GLOBAL MOVEMENTS will provide an essential textNEWfor students of globalization and social movements.264 PAGES1-4051-1612-9 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-1612-1] HB1-4051-1613-7 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-1613-8] PB / JANUARY 2006GLOBALIZATION / SOCIAL MOVEMENTSNEW IN 2006Page 9AnLaimTtohfec,irThe Idea of Latin AmericaWALTER D. MIGNOLOreWtla,oMgnliDuke UniversityTHE IDEA OF LATIN AMERICA is a geo-political manifesto that questions the idea of Latinity,charting the history of the concept from its emergence to the present day.NEWGlobal CommunicationSERIES: BLACKWELL MANIFESTOS224 PAGES1-4051-0085-0 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0085-4] HB / 1-4051-0086-9 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0086-1] PB / NOVEMBER 2005oCnmitaobclGuniTheories, Stakeholders, and TrendsSecond EditionTHOMAS L. McPHAILHTOM,ASCLPHAIALSO OF INTERESTUniversity of Missouri, St. Louis“An excellent introduction to the majorinstitutional players in global media.McPhail shows how the far-flung operationsof media and advertising conglomerates areincreasingly shaping information andentertainment around the world.”MICHAEL CURTIN, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN376 PAGES1-4051-3466-6 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-3466-8] HB1-4051-3427-5 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-3427-9] PB / AUGUST 2005oGnziatblLdoesrWinners and Losers in GlobalizationDaemGrlhue,oiasGUILLERMO DE LA DEHESA248 PAGES / 1-4051-3382-1 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-3382-1] HB / DECEMBER 2005In Defense of Animals: The Second WavemsAnilaofensDfIEdited by PETER SINGERRETPNGRIE,S264 PAGES / 1-4051-1940-3 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-1940-5] HB / 1-4051-1941-1 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-1941-2] PB / JULY 2005The Blackwell Companion to Social MovementsEdited by DAVID A. SNOW, SARAH A. SOULE & HANSPETER KRIESISERIES: BLACKWELL COMPANIONS TO SOCIOLOGY776 PAGES / 0-631-22669-9 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22669-7] HB / 2003See page 13 for Social Movements in Health9

Sociology Catalogue Mk II.qxp23/02/200610:34Page 10SOCIAL INEQUALITIES / GENDERFeminism AfterBourdieuNEWGender, Race,and ClassSkaseBLgidvn,ksFordham University; ColumbiaUniversityGENDER, RACE, AND CLASS is a critical overview ofNEWThe BlackwellCompanionto SocialInequalitiesEdited by LISA ADKINS& BEVERLEY SKEGGSFeETdnvaKArIY,Edited by LINDA MARTÍN ALCOFF& EVA FEDER KITTAYSERIES: BLACKWELL PHILOSOPHY GUIDESSERIES EDITOR: STEVEN CAHN672 PAGES0-631-22427-0[ISBN13: 978-0-631-22427-3] HB0-631-22428-9[ISBN13: 978-0-631-22428-0] PBOCTOBER 2006For all his pre-eminence, Pierre Bourdieu hadlittle to say about women or gender. Yet, asthis volume amply demonstrates, the richnessof his social theory can be opened up bycontemporary feminism.REAXVIBYLNW,CHNASKTICRESERIES: 21ST CENTURY SOCIOLOGYSERIES EDITOR: STEVEN SEIDMAN168 PAGES0-631-22034-8 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22034-3] HB0-631-22035-6 [ISBN13: 978-0-631-22035-0] PB / DECEMBER 2005The Blackwell Guide toFeminist PhilosophyUniversity of Manchester; Goldsmith's College, University ofLondonLYNN S. CHANCER& BEVERLY XAVIERAWATKINSthese three well-known dimensions of the socialworld. The study of these as a combined topic hasevolved over the years, and this concise, accessiblevolume shows why the subject continues to resonateboth in and outside the academy. Drawing on bothscholarly and popular cultural examples to illustratethe workings of gender, race, and class, the booksynthesizes the wealth of research on each of thetopics, while also presenting a set of intellectuallyand politically compelling reasons for analyzingthem together. Students and scholars will find this anideal text for understanding and utilizing the basicconcepts and theories underlying contemporarystudies of social adecRG,nedrAn OverviewFORTHCOMINGALSO OF INTERESTSERIES: SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW MONOGRAPHSSERIES EDITOR: ROLLAND MUNRO268 PAGES1-4051-2395-8 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-2395-2] PB / APRIL 2005GTohegnlfycid,rFeminist AnthropologyogyplhArntsmeFniEdited by ELLEN LEWINNELWENL,ISERIES: BLACKWELL ANTHOLOGIES INSOCIAL AND CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGYSERIES EDITOR: PARKER SHIPTON480 PAGES1-4051-0195-4[ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0195-0] HB1-4051-0196-2[ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0196-7] PBDECEMBER 2005The Sociology ofGenderAn Introduction to Theory and ResearchAMY S. WHARTONWAMSHYAROT,NFeminist TheoryWashington State University“Exceptional for its breadth and brevity,this book shows unique respect for studentsas sociological thinkers. Wharton engaginglypresents up to date theoretical tools of genderanalysis to help students explore the difficult,current questions posed by sociologists ofgender. ”SARAH BETH ESTES, UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATISERIES: KEY THEMES IN SOCIOLOGY280 PAGES1-4051-0124-5 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0124-0] HB1-4051-0125-3 [ISBN13: 978-1-4051-0125-7] PB / 2004yhToertsmeFniEdited by ANN E. CUDD&

Kevin Fox Gotham,Tulane University Axel Groenemeyer,University of Bielefeld Eva Illouz,Hebrew University of Jerusalem Peter Kivisto,Augustana College Yvonna Lincoln,Texas A&M University David Maines,Oakland University Barry Markovsky,University of South Carolina Chandra Muller,U