OVERVIEWCONTACTADP acquired AdvancedMD, an established provider of EHR solutions for private practice healthcare environments in 2011.ADP AdvancedMDWith ADP, the AdvancedMD product offerings have expanded to include an enhanced in-house billing suite, medical coding10876 S River Front Pkwycapabilities and integration with outsourced medical billing providers.Suite 400South JordanADP AdvancedMD EHR provides functionality for medical practices as well as components designed for administrative andUTbilling use.84095United StatesFor medical practices, ADP AdvancedMD EHR provides a patient portal for admissions and check-ins alongside documentmanagement, e-prescriptions and more. All of this is available as a mobile platform on iOS [email protected] access to the EHR for nurses and physicians improves workflow by limiting system complexity for each role. Duringthe medical coding and billing phase, there are options to present the information for in-house coders or to integrate it withthe API from an outsourced medical billing company.The ADP AdvancedMD EHR and revenue cycle management solutions are available to clients via a tiered subscription accessprogram. There is an initial installation and training fee, and then clients may select “a-la-carte” options for their subscriptionpackage that are best suited to their practice.COMPARE ADP ADVANCEDMDEHR & MANY MOREADP AdvancedMD EHR provides a complete healthcare solution for practices of any size. Their products are cloud based,mobile accessible but can also be installed as desktop only.Compare software features,supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeEHR PRODUCTSComparison EngineADP AdvancedMD EHR - a complete, cloud-based healthcare solution for practices of any size which can be accessed onCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREmobile or desktop devices.EHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTAllscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a provider of practice management systems and technology, including electronic healthAllscriptsrecord technologies. Allscripts was formed in 1986 and is traded on NASDAQ as MDRX. The company is headquarteredSuite 2024in Chicago, but also has operations facilities in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their primary focus is on promoting physician222 Merchandise Mart Plazaengagement and allowing for integrated care coordination that is inclusive of financial and analytical considerations. TheirChicagointegrated approach to component assembly to create healthcare coordination systems echoes the current Federal and StateILinitiatives for patient centric integrative care teams.60654United StatesThe product line that Allscripts offers is expansive, and capable of being arranged in modular components to allow customersto create EHR systems that work for their unique specialty or practice environments. Allscripts has broken down theircomponents into five different groupings, or areas of focus. These five areas include analytics and insights, care al, financial and patient engagement. Allscripts is an investment based system with subscription management. It does notintegrate PHR except from 3rd party vendors.As of 2014, Allscripts listed over 180,000 users, and a combined network of 15,700 hospitals and extended care organizationsthat use their products and services. Much of this expansion is a result of a succession of mergers that began in 2008 whenAllscripts merged with Misys. This was followed by the acquisition of Eclipsys two years later, and dbMotion, Ltd in 2013.COMPARE ALLSCRIPTS EHR &EHR PRODUCTSMANY MOREProfessional EHR - catered towards small-mid sized healthcare providers and provides an easy to use interface.TouchWorks EHR - provides multi-site and multi-specialty support as well as a configurable desktop.Sunrise EHR - focuses primarily on financial and operational performance improvements.EHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCompare software features,supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWARECMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTAmazing Charts is designed for the small practice and solo physician. Despite this focus on small practices, Amazing Charts EHRAmazing Charts, LLCis a full EHR solution with components for medical billing and coding built in.650 Ten Rod RdSuite 12The workflow analysis and projection component can identify areas of performance that need remediation quickly; and theNorth Kingstownbilling component has been highly rated by their users for increasing dollar gain.RI02852Amazing Charts EHR software is designed to be used on desktop and mobile devices. There is a low initial cost of per physicianfor set up, and an annual cost per physician for support and service. Amazing Charts does not offer enterprise solutions andgives no facility discounts.United [email protected] November 2014, Amazing Charts announced the release of their cloud-based practice management software whichintegrates with Amazing Charts EHR. This practice management functionality extends Amazing Charts practice coverage with afull revenue cycle management system with automated benefits and eligibility checking.Amazing Charts have been named one of the top 50 EHRs by Medical Economics. The company is a part of Pri-Med. Pri-Medhas been in business for over 20 years producing medical records management and collaborative education tools for practicesof all sizes, individual PCPs, Enterprises and collaborative educational institutions.COMPARE AMAZINGCHARTSEHR & MANY MOREEHR PRODUCTSCompare software features,Amazing Charts EHR - provides small practices and solo physicians with EHR in the cloud or installed on-premise.supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREEHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTathenahealth has two distinct divisions of products: EHR and patient management, both of which are supported by mobileathenahealth, Inc.apps. Two recent acquisitions, one in 2013 of Epocrates, and the other in 2015 of RazorInsights have expanded athenahealth’s311 Arsenal St.capability to produce effective healthcare industry management software for the mobile and cloud environment.WatertownMAThe current athenahealth products include athenaCollector, athenaClinicals EHR, athenaCommunicator, athenaCoordinator02472Core, and Epocrates.United StatesThe Epocrates mobile app provides clinical decision-making support at points of care on the iPad and other mobile devices.While all of the athenahealth products can be used by almost any size of practice, the athenaCommunicator solution is aimedmore at the enterprise market. When combined with athenaCoordinator Core it provides an integrated ironment that can deliver order transmission as well. The EHR component, athenaClinicals, can accommodate manydifferent types of practices and specialties.The newest product, athenaCollector, represents a full commitment from the company to developing cloud based applications.The athenaCollector is currently providing medical building, practice management and workflow analysis only. The recentacquisition of RazorInsights suggests that the review and problem solving capabilities of athenaCollector will be expandedsoon. All of the athenahealth EHR products are delivered on a subscription basis for support, training and upgrades, with anCOMPARE ATHENAHEALTHinitial per user purchase by the client.EHR & MANY MOREathenahealth was founded in San Diego in 1992, and has since moved its headquarters to Watertown, Massachusetts. It is apublicly traded company, and its current CEO is Jonathan Bush.Compare software features,supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineEHR PRODUCTSCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREathenaClinicals EHR - a cloud-based EHR system that has been ranked number one for EHR usability in a recent KLAS study.EHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTCareCloud has been featured by Forbes, Inc.500, TechCrunch, CNNmoney and others as a leading provider of EHR solutions forCareCloud Corporationpractices, specialists and enterprise clients.5200 Blue Lagoon DriveSuite 900CareCloud EHR consists of a multiple component cloud-based system, which clients can construct from revenue cycleMiamimanagement, practice management, EMR, patient engagement, mobile EHR, advanced billing rules, professional services andFLhealthcare analytics.33126United StatesCareCloud products are built on an integrated practice structure, which enables faster communication between members ofthe care team, promotes interoperability and supports patient portal [email protected] CareCloud Central Enterprise service is designed for EHR implementation in large hospitals and multidisciplinary practiceenvironments. CareCloud Enterprise allows practice networks to choose which solutions to deploy - EHR, PM, Revenue CycleManagement - on a practice-by-practice basis. CareCloud Enterprise services also include custom branding of the EHR systemto support user adoption.CareCloud also offer services and training designed to promote productivity using their EHR system. The cloud and ICD-10implementations are creating coding and billing changes to the older ecosystem of data sharing that is being replaced by aCOMPARE CARECLOUD EHR &highly mobile EHR and revenue cycle environment. CareCloud has invested significantly in developing cloud based applicationsMANY MOREfor all levels of clients from solo physicians or specialists to full enterprise solutions.Compare software features,supported specialties, pricing &EHR PRODUCTSmore with the EHR in PracticeCareCloud EHR - a multiple component, cloud-based system which clients can construct based on their practice requirements.Comparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREEHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTCerner provides EHR software for healthcare organisations including hospitals, physicians, home health facilities andCernerpharmacies globally. The award-winning Cerner Ambulatory EHR system delivers integrated clinical and financial workflows2800 Rockcreek Parkwayand services from the smallest to the very largest practices.North Kansas CityMODesigned by physicians, Cerner’s Ambulatory solution allows physicians and practice staff access patient information and64117perform workflows on mobile and tablet devices and supports voice dictation. All the workflows are customisable and supportUnited Statesmore than 55 different medical specialties.Boasting a user-friendly dashboard, Ambulatory provides secure access to patient records and a “Chart Search” function thatreduces time spent seeking information. Ambulatory includes ePrescribe, nCode, electronic lab requisition and results [email protected] are designed to save time when making a diagnosis and reduce the possibility of human error.Founded in 1979, Cerner launched its first application, the PathNet laboratory information system, in 1980 and the companywas listed on NASDAQ just six years later. From its headquarters in North Kansas City, Missouri, the corporation has clients inmore than 18,000 facilities worldwide including more than 2,300 hospitals and 3,400 physician practices employing more than30,000 physicians. It has offices in China, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada and across Europe.COMPARE CERNER EHR &EHR PRODUCTSMANY MORECerner EHR - provides a multi-specialty health information management platform.Compare software features,supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREEHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTCureMD has used a user-centric architecture to structure their various products around that can offer everything from certifiedCureMDEHR management to revenue cycle processing. The interface has a 5 star usability certification from the Commission on Health102 BroadwayIT amongst other certifications.NewYorkNYThe CureMD premise was to develop a system that could provide technologically efficient software use to every person within10271the architecture of care for a patient. This integrative approach allowed for the creation of products that can support pointUnited Statesof care decision by presenting integrated notes from all areas of care in one screen flow. CureMD can be used by physicians,payers and consumers. It can easily adapt to integrate PHR information into the hosted EHR as well.CureMD products require an initial investment for set-up, but then are maintained through a subscription service that [email protected] tiers of functionality. This replaces the model of system change and upgrade management which can disrupt clinicianworkflow. The adaptability of their systems is made possible by the initial funding, while the subscription helps healthcarefinancial cycles stay within their targeted areas.Clients include Mass Mutual Insurance Company and Atlantis Health Plan. Many of these networks will be included in thedevelopment of their Cardio Risk Assessment tool, which is expected to be available nationwide by 2016. This tool represents anon-invasive evaluation of patient risk that aims to improve patient care and reduce care costs.COMPARE CUREMD EHR &New York based CureMD is a privately held health information management company providing EHR systems and services. Asof 2014, over 500 care delivery networks nationwide are using the CureMD system.MANY MORECompare software features,supported specialties, pricing &EHR PRODUCTSmore with the EHR in PracticeCureMD EHR - provides a cloud based specialty specific health record management platform.Comparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREEHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTe-MDs provides EHR software that is designed to be used in busy practices to help staff cope with rapidly changing ande-MDscomplex practice environments.7800 Shoal Creek Blvd.East Wing 100EThe e-MDs Cloud Solution is an entirely browser-based system which includes Medicapaedia, an advanced terminology engineAustinwhich captures granular patient data at the point of care.TX78757Role-based system dashboards adapt to a practice’s existing workflows and provide clinicians with snapshots of criticalinformation allowing them to make fast decisions about ongoing care and treatment.e-MDs Cloud Solutions is supplied with a patient portal which provides patients with a questionnaire. This automaticallyUnited [email protected] their patient chart and can calculate health risks for individuals, allowing practices and clinicians to identify thosewho will need more care and engagement.Founded in 1996 by a group of family practitioners in Austin Texas, e-MDs developed an EHR system for an ambulatory officeand was one of the first six ambulatory systems to be certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare InformationTechnology in 2007. The company has a reputation as being run by experienced health care and IT professionals who areresponsible for all of its product development and design. It has a customer advisory council made up of industry leaders andCOMPARE e-MDS EHR & MANYruns a series of user forums to encourage practice staff and physicians to suggest improvements to its products.MORECompare software features,EHR PRODUCTSsupported specialties, pricing &e-MDs Cloud Solutions - a SaaS EHR solution which provides clinical efficiency, IOE, interoperability and more for practices ofall sizes.more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREEHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTThe eClinicalWorks EHR system aims to improve provider workflow through its desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.eClinicalWorksComprising of EHR/PM components which are designed to cater for practices and enterprises of all sizes and specialities. The2 Technology Drivesystem contains functionality able to support over 40 specialties and sub-specialties which are supported from one s currently offer free data conversion from legacy EHR and PM systems and EHR training is included in theUnited Statessoftware license. eClinicalWorks EHR is available as a stand-alone EHR system, or with integrated practice managementsoftware and revenue cycle management.eClinicalWorks currently claims a 98.9% renewal rate on SaaS and maintenance contracts for the eClinicalWorks EHR alWorks currently serves healthcare professionals across all U.S. states. These users include Southeastern Health, a nonprofit hospital system located in southeastern North Carolina, New Orleans’ Tulane University Medical Group and NorthernOhio Medical Specialists Accountable Care Organization.Founded in 1999, eClinicalWorks has headquarters in Massachusetts as well as offices in New York, California, Georgia andIllinois. eClinicalWorks provide EHR software for over 100,000 physicians across 50,000 facilities.COMPARE eCLINICALWORKSEHR & MANY MOREEHR PRODUCTSCompare software features,eClinicalWorks EHR - provides EHR software to improve workflow on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREEHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTEpic provides EHR software to 300 customers and 70 per cent of all HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 hospitals across the US. ItsEpicEpicCare system connects staff across hospital departments with a single record database and embedded clinical intelligence.1979 Milky WayVeronaRunning on both desktop computers and iOS devices, EpicCare is supplied with integrated speech recognition, nativeWIintegration with other mobile applications and supports video consultations and remote patient monitoring.53593United StatesThe software allows staff to personalise favourites within individual workflows and has smart features that learn an individualuser’s habits and are able to suggest corrections.Designed for larger hospitals, the EpicCare system is also used in smaller practices and supports up to 50 different [email protected] has been built to allow more than one member of staff to work on a document at the same time with rapid updates to allusers. Its built-in NoteWriter feature supports practice staff in taking notes, documenting symptoms and suggesting patientoutcomes.Epic was founded in 1979 and is a private company and entirely employee-owned. From its headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin,it employs more than 8,000 people. All of its software is developed, installed and supported in house and its executive team ismade up of clinicians, developers and process experts with long experience of patient care and health care technology.COMPARE EPIC EHR & MANYMOREEHR PRODUCTSCompare software features,EpicCare Ambulatory EHR - EHR featuring ‘smart software;’ a platform that learns from the users preferences and adapts toimprove user experience.EpicCare Ambulatory EHR - EHR voted the number 1 Acute Care EMR in 2011 by Klass.EHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor Directorysupported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWARECMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTGreenway Health offers many different software options for health information technologies, each with its own specific focusGreenway Healthbut capable of being integrated within one system as multiple modules. The main software packages are IntergyEHS, and100 Corporate BoulevardSuccessEHS. Within each of these packages there are over 60 solution features that can be combined to provide support forCarrolltonvarying aspects of coordinated care and healthcare delivery network needs.GA30117The core of the Greenway product line lies in creating a balanced structure to manage the priorities of clinical, administrativeUnited Statesand financial solutions. All of their systems and products are designed around the best practice guidelines for value basedhealthcare delivery. They also provide revenue cycle management, workflow automation, and EHR integration to direct n recent years, Greenway have expanded their product line to move into health information technologies in provider networksand care coordination systems, including certified EHR. Greenway is primarily used as a tool to measure and improve valuedriven care outcomes and workflow improvement. The Greenway Health product line is designed to be user-centric, withsupporting decision making at direct points of care its priority.Greenway Health is a Georgia based company that began in 1977 as Greenway Medical Technologies. It was acquired by theTampa based Vitera and re-branded as Greenway Health. As of 2014, Greenway health has over 10,000 providers in theirCOMPARE GREENWAY HEALTHconsumer network covering 30 healthcare specialties.EHR & MANY MORECompare software features,EHR PRODUCTSsupported specialties, pricing &PrimeSuite EHR - a complete, cloud-based healthcare solution for practices of any size which can be accessed on mobile ordesktop devices.more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREIntergy EHR - a product fit for practices looking to upgrade to an ICD-10 ready EHREHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTiPatientCare supplies an EHR software suite which supports practices from single-physician up to hospitals that employiPatientCaremore than 200 physicians. The software can also support practices with multiple locations and with a variety of specialities.One Woodbridge CenteriPatientCare EHR is available as an on-site or web-based installation.Suite 812WoodbridgeThe system checks patient eligibility, provides specified laboratory results and can send patients appointment reminders byNJSMS. Providers can access the software on mobile and tablet devices, making notes, using dictation support and taking and07095annotating photos.United StatesiPatientCare EHR now supports a Google Glass app - “miGlass” - which records a patient’s visit to the practice and allows themto take home a video so that they can duplicate necessary care procedures including dressing changes, medication [email protected] follow other instructions provided by their health care team.iPatientCare has no license fee and a pay-per-use pricing model which includes upgrades, maintenance and support.iPatientCare or Medical Communication Systems (MCS) was founded in 1995 and is headquarterd in Woburn, Massachusettsand East Brunswick, New Jersey. Privately-owned, the company has won a number of awards for its EHR products and isknown as an innovator within the industry. Its EHR software was among the first to receive certification by the CertificationCOMPARE iPATIENTCARE EHRCommission for Healthcare Information Technology in 2006.& MANY MORECompare software features,EHR PRODUCTSsupported specialties, pricing &iPatientCare EHR - provides a wide range of practices with a cloud-based healthcare solution which supports mobile access,pay-per-use pricing and Google Glass.more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREEHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTKareo is the provider of Kareo Clinical - an EHR solution catering to smaller health care practices. It allows staff to take patientKareonotes and prescribe, refer and request lab analysis using a series of intuitive tools that work on both mobile and tablet devices.Suite 4003353 MichelsonKareo Clinical is designed for use by a range of specialisms and provides a comprehensive list of functionalities, including aIrvinecustomizable dashboard, ePrescribing and a fully-integrated patient portal. It is fully integrated with the company’s practiceCAmanagement software Kareo Billing, which the company estimates can increase practice revenue by as much as 10%.92612United StatesKareo provides free full customer service and training for its EHR solution for the lifetime of the product and also provides apatient communications module, which allows practices to send out automated appointment reminders to patients via phone,888-775-2736email or text. Pricing is flexible, with low-volume, partner EHR, billing company and other pricing plans available.Entirely cloud-based, Kareo EHR runs through a browser and needs only a desktop computer or tablet with a high-speedbroadband connection to operate. The software supports a built-in voice recognition program on iOS devices, with a dictationmodule available for purchase separately.Black Book has named Kareo as the number one supplier of integrated EHR, PM and revenue cycle solutions and its EHRsoftware has been listed in the top 50 EHRs by Medical Economics.COMPARE KAREO EHR &MANY MOREHeadquartered in Irvine, California, Kareo was founded in 2004 and has offices in Las Vegas and Indianapolis. It was namedas one of the top 100 technology companies in the US by Red Herring magazine in 2014 and is one of the country’s fastestgrowing private companies. Kareo now supplies more than 25,000 health providers around the US.Compare software features,supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineEHR PRODUCTSCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREKareo EHR - Kareo Clinical is targeted at small healthcare practices and providers across a wide range of specialisms. Thesoftware is entirely cloud-based and can therefore be accessed through any computer or mobile device with a high-speedbroadband.EHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTMcKesson Business Performance Services (BPS) provides EHR software for hospitals and physicians in all sizes of practice. TheMcKesson Business PerformanceMcKesson BPS system is designed to manage clinical workflows on cloud-based servers and is available through desktop andServicestablet devices.One Post StreetSan FranciscoMcKesson BPS’s Medisoft and Lytec platforms automate the registration and administration of both new and existing patients.CAThe patient is handed a mobile device and enters either their new information or edits their existing details which are then94104validated by the practice in Medisoft or Lytec, reducing the amount of time practice staff spend copying patient details fromUnited Statesintake forms.415-983-8300McKesson’ BPS’s practice management systems also handle billing – functionality that is also available to mobile and [email protected] users. McKesson Practice Choice is a web-based EHR and practice management system which helps smaller practicesmanage patients’ preventative care and provides patients with secure access to their health information through a portal.Founded in 1833 in New York to sell wholesale pharmaceuticals, McKesson is the oldest and largest health care servicescompany in the US. Now headquartered in San Francisco, its technology and pharmaceutical distribution divisions serve morethan half of the country’s hospitals and a fifth of its physicians.COMPARE McKESSON EHR &EHR PRODUCTSMANY MOREPractice Choice EHR - EHR software for smaller healthcare providers.Medisoft Clinical EHR - an ICD-10 ready EHR software product designed to cater small and independent healthcare providers.Lytec MD EHR- LytecMD combines the practice management features of McKesson Lytec with a complete EHR system.Compare software features,supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREPractice Partner EHR - EHR software catered towards larger healthcare providers.EHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTThe current focus of Meditab is on producing software solutions that provide EHR management, patient portal, careMeditab Software, and integrative imaging and communications between specialists and practices.2233 Watt AvenueSuite 360Their full EHR solution software package is marketed under the name IMS Clinical. As of the first quarter of 2015, IMS Clinical isSacramentocurrently issued in its 14th version. The IMS Clinical suite provides certified EHR, practice management software, a Care PortalCAfor patients and providers, a full practice analytics component, secure communications, e-prescription capabilities, mobile EHR95825solutions, and EHR for specialties.United StatesThere are currently over 380,000 member practices and specialists using IMS Clinical v14, creating one of the largestcollaborative digital networks for integrated healthcare b offers live and online support systems, as well as on-site training to their clients. Their current customer retention rateis reported by the company at 99.8%.Meditab, founded in 1998, is a privately held company. The company officers are primarily physicians and pharmacists whobring their experience with active practice into the boardroom to inform the development and direction of the Meditabproducts. that makes EHR software products for patient care management.COMPARE MEDITAB EHR &MANY MOREEHR PRODUCTSCompare software features,IMS Clinical EHR - EHR Suite with integrated practice management, patient portal and more.supported specialties, pricing &more with the EHR in PracticeComparison EngineCOMPARE EHR SOFTWAREEHR INPRACTICEEHR Vendor DirectoryCMCONVERTED MEDIA

OVERVIEWCONTACTNextGen Healthcare is an EHR and practice management software solutions company. It develops proprietary solutions andNextGen Healthcareuses no third party components for its certified EHR solutions.795 Horsham RoadHorshamThere are six products in the NextGen line, and three services that they offer to the healthcare in

EHR SOFTWARE VENDOR DIRECTORY 2017 Edition. EHRIN PRACTICE EHR Ve Diec . more with the EHR in Practice Comparison Engine COMPARE EHR SOFTWARE. EHRIN PRACTICE EHR Ve Diec OVERVIEW Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a provider of practice managemen