Digital Services AgreementWELCOMEThe Digital Services Agreement (“Agreement”) governs your use of the digital financial services (“DigitalService(s)”) made available at or through our mobile application(s) available on Androidor iOS.The availability of the Digital Services described in this Agreement may vary depending on how youaccess Digital Services (via website or mobile app) and some Digital Services are only available forcertain account types.This Agreement is revised periodically, and it may include changes from earlier versions. By usingDigital Services, you agree to the most recent version of this Agreement, which is always availableto you online at and within our mobile app(s). If you have any questions, pleasecontact us as described at the end of this Agreement.PRIVACY & SECURITYProtecting your privacy is important to us. All information gathered from you in connection with using DigitalServices will be governed by the provisions of the U.S. Bank Consumer Privacy Pledge, the U.S. BancorpInvestments Privacy Pledge, and the Online Privacy and Security Policy, (collectively “Privacy Policy”)which are available online, within our mobile app(s), or by calling us.We will disclose information to third parties about your account or the transfers you make when it isnecessary to complete the transfers you initiate using Digital Services, to verify the existence and conditionof your account for a third party (such as a credit bureau or merchant),to comply with government agencyor court order, or if you give us written permission.Protecting your log-in credentialsPrevent unauthorized access to your accounts by keeping your Log-in Credentials confidential and ensurethat you log out of Digital Services when you are finished.We will never ask you to share your Log-in Credentials, and you do not need to share your Log-inCredentials to send or receive money using Digital Services. If you give another person or businessaccess to Digital Services (either by sharing your Log-in Credentials or sharing your device), you agree thateach such third-party will be authorized to act on your behalf, and will be bound by this Agreement (andany separate agreement governing your account). We are not responsible for managing the authority ofyour third-party relationships, or the use of Digital Services by an authorized third-party using your Log-inCredentials or your device. Any activity performed using your Log-In Credentials or your device will bepresumed to be authorized by you unless you tell us otherwise. If you have shared your Log-in Credentialswith a third-party, and wish to revoke that access, you must contact us to block access to Digital Servicesuntil new Log-in Credentials are established. Our Shared Access feature (described below), allows you todelegate limited access to your eligible accounts without sharing your Log-in Credentials.Contact us at 800-USBANKS (for Prepaid Account customers, contact cardholder services at the numberon the back of your card) immediately if: You would like to disable or revoke your password. You believe that your password or other means to access Digital Services has been lost or stolen. You believe that someone may attempt to use Digital Services without your consent or has transferredmoney without your permission.Biometric featuresA biometric feature (such as a fingerprint or face scanner) is functionality that is built into many devices toprovide options for unlocking the device and logging into apps. You have the option to enable the biometricfunctionality of your device to log in to Digital Services using biometrics instead of using your Log-inCredentials. You acknowledge that any person who has a biometric feature stored in your device (or aperson that looks like you) may be able to access Digital Services on that device. If you choose to use1

biometrics for Digital Services, it is your responsibility to control access to your device to prevent anyunauthorized access to Digital Services.UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTIONS & ERRORSIf you believe that an unauthorized transaction has been made from your account, contact our Fraud LiaisonCenter. Contacting us right away will help reduce possible losses. We accept relay calls.Fraud Liaison Center877-595-6256U.S. Bancorp Investments800-888-4700Focus Card (payroll)877-474-0010Focus Card (non-payroll)888-863-0681Reporting unauthorized transactionsConsumer accountsYou will not be liable for unauthorized transactions or transfers involving your Consumer Accounts if youreport any unauthorized transactions within 60 days of when we first deliver a statement to you disclosingan unauthorized transaction. If you do not tell us within 60 days after the statement was sent to you, youmay lose any amount transferred without your authorization after the 60 days if we can prove that we couldhave stopped someone from taking the money had you told us in time. If a good reason (such as a long tripor a hospital stay) prevented you from telling us, we may, at our sole discretion, extend the period.Business and brokerage accountsWe may process any instructions submitted using your Log-in Credentials and such instructions areeffective even if you did not transmit or authorize them. You agree to maintain appropriate accounting andauditing procedures to protect your Business and Brokerage Accounts from intentional or negligent misuse.You agree to promptly review all paper and electronic statements, notices, and transaction information weprovide and to report all unauthorized transactions and errors immediately. You may not be liable forunauthorized transactions if you report them within 24 hours of the alleged unauthorized transactionposting.Wealth Management AccountsIf you believe that an unauthorized transaction has been made from your Wealth Management Account,you should immediately contact your account/relationship manager.Credit card accountsYou are protected from unauthorized transactions as outlined in your cardmember agreement. If you believethat an unauthorized transaction has been made on your credit card, you should immediately call thenumber on the back of your card.Prepaid accountsYou are protected from unauthorized transactions as outlined in your cardholder agreement. If you believethat an unauthorized transaction has been made in connection with your Prepaid Account you shouldimmediately call the number on the back of your card.Reporting errorsConsumer accountsContact us at 800-USBANKS as soon as possible if you think your statement or transaction history isincorrect, or if you need more information about any transaction listed in your statement or transactionhistory. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent the first statement on which the problemor error appeared. When reporting an error, please be ready to provide all the following: Your name and account number. A description of the error or the transaction in question. Please explain as clearly as possible why youbelieve it is an error, or why you need more information. The dollar amount of the suspected error.2

If you tell us verbally, we may require that you send your request in writing within 10 Business Days of yourverbal notification. We will tell you the results of our investigation no more than 10 Business Days after younotify us and will correct any error promptly. However, if we need more time to complete our investigation,we may take up to 45 days. In this case, we will provisionally credit your account within 10 Business Daysfor the amount you think is in error, so you will have use of the money during the time it takes us to completeour investigation. If we ask you to submit your request in writing and do not receive it within 10Business Days, we may not provisionally credit your account. For errors involving new accounts, we maytake up to 90 days to investigate your request and up to 20 Business Days to provisionally credit youraccount for the amount you think is in error. We will tell you the results within 3 Business Days of completingour investigation. If we decide there was no error, any provisional credit we provided will be revoked, andyou will be responsible for refunding us the full amount of the provisional credit. We will send you a writtenexplanation of why the claim was denied, and you may request copies of documents used in ourinvestigation.Brokerage, business, prepaid, credit card, and wealth management accountsIn case of errors or questions about any Brokerage, Business, Prepaid, credit card, and WealthManagement Account, please contact your account/relationship manager or call the number on the backof your card as soon as possible.MANAGING YOUR CONTACT INFORMATIONYour use of Digital Services may be limited, suspended, or terminated if you do not maintain accuratecontact information or if we cannot verify your identity. Changes to your contact information andcommunication preferences may be made within Digital Services or by contacting us. We are notresponsible for any payment processing errors or fees incurred if you do not provide accurate account orcontact information.For the duration of our relationship, you authorize your wireless operator (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile , U.S.Cellular , Verizon, or any other wireless operator) to use your mobile number, name, address, email,network status, customer type, customer role, billing type, mobile device identifiers (IMSI and IMEI) andother subscriber status details, if available, to allow us to verify your identity and to compare informationyou have provided to us with your wireless operator account profile information. See our Privacy Policy formore information on how we treat your data.Receiving email, text messages, and other communicationsMany customers use email as their primary form of communication with us. If you provide us with an emailaddress, you agree that we may communicate with you via email and you further agree to notify us of anychanges to your email address.By providing us with a telephone number for a mobile device, including a number that you laterconvert to a mobile device number, you are expressly consenting to receiving communications—including, but not limited to, prerecorded or artificial voice message calls, text messages, and callsmade by an automatic telephone dialing system—from us and our affiliates and agents at thatnumber. This express consent applies to each such telephone number that you provide to us nowor in the future and permits such calls for non-marketing purposes. Calls and messages may incurfees from your mobile services provider.You represent that you are authorized to use the email address or mobile phone number that you use forDigital Services, and you expressly consent to receiving non-marketing emails or text messages from us(and Service Providers associated with Digital Services), from other users sending or requesting moneyfrom you, and from other participating network banks (or their agents) regarding transfers betweenparticipating network banks and you.You acknowledge that any messages sent in connection with sending, receiving, or requesting moneythough the Zelle Network are initiated by you and that we (and affiliated Service Providers) only facilitatethe delivery of such messages on your behalf. To the extent required, you are responsible for gainingconsent from any person or entity to whom you intend to send messages and/or money using any of theDigital Services.Message frequency depends on your account settings and how often you use the Digital Services thatutilize such functionality. In the event your mobile device is lost or stolen, you agree to update yourinformation and make the appropriate changes to disable the use of your device. If you need assistance,3

contact us at 1-800-usbanks, [email protected], or reply to the text message with the word“HELP.” To stop receiving text messages on your mobile phone, reply to the text message with the word“STOP.”The text messaging features of Digital Services are available from all major wireless operatorsbased in the United States of America (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T Mobile , Sprint, Metro PCS,U.S. Cellular , and Cincinnati Bell). Text messages may be delayed (or not delivered) if your mobiledevice is not in range of a transmission site, placed in airplane mode, or if sufficient networkcapacity is not available at a particular time. Even within a coverage area, factors beyond the controlof your wireless operator may interfere with message delivery, including your equipment, terrain,proximity to buildings, foliage, and weather. You acknowledge that urgent alerts may not bepunctually received, that your wireless operator does not guarantee that alerts will be delivered,and that we, our Service Providers, and the wireless operators are not liable for delayed orundelivered messages.Monitoring and recording communicationsWe may monitor and/or record any communications between you and us (or our Service Providers) forquality control and other permitted business purposes. This monitoring or recording may be done withoutany further notice to you or anyone acting on your behalf.LOCATION-BASED SERVICESIf you use any location-based feature (such as our ATM locator) you agree that your geographic locationand other personal information (such as your unique device identifier) may be accessed and disclosedthrough the application or service. You may turn off location-based features at any time through the settingsof your mobile device. If you disable location-based services, other features that use your locationmay not work until you re-enable location-based services.FEATURES TO HELP MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNTSAll your eligible accounts are automatically associated with your digital profile and will appear on theaccount summary screen. We make every effort to ensure that your use of Digital Services is synchronizedbetween the various means of accessing your account information. There are rare instances, however,where the information available through Digital Services may be delayed or different from the informationavailable using other methods (such as at an ATM or branch location). Additionally, some informationavailable at a branch or ATM may not be immediately available via Digital Services, or it may be describedusing different terminology. In the event of any discrepancies, the information related to your account(s)provided at a branch location will prevail over the information provided within Digital Services.The account information listed on the account summary screen is not a substitute for your officialperiodic account statement, transaction history or other correspondence you may receive from us.Any legal notices that normally accompany your mailed statement will either continue to be mailedor delivered to you electronically in accordance with your account preferences.Account nicknamesYou may add a unique nickname to your account(s) to help you identify and manage multiple accounts.Account nicknames are only visible to you and do not change the ownership rights of your account.Using the virtual assistant on your mobile deviceYou may enable the virtual assistant on your mobile device (such as Apple Siri or Google Assistant) todisplay or read your available balance without logging in. The balance presented this way is forinformational purposes only, and you must use your Log-in Credentials before you are able to initiatetransactions using Digital Services. You must enable this feature before you can access your balance viathe virtual assistant on your mobile device, and if you do so, it is your sole responsibility to maintain propersecurity measures (such as a screen lock on your mobile device) to prevent unauthorized persons fromretrieving your available balance information.Using a virtual assistant on a stand-alone deviceYou may link eligible account(s) to an Amazon Alexa enabled device through the U.S. Bank Alexa Skill(“Skill”) or to a Google Assistant enabled device through the U.S. Bank Google Assistant Action (“Action”).4

You can find the U.S. Bank Skill and Action in the respective app store available for your device. Use of theU.S. Bank Skill and Action is governed by both the third-party terms and conditions for your enabled deviceand the separate U.S. Bank Skill or Action agreement that you must accept before using such services.Smart Assistant voice bankingOur Smart Assistant voice banking features allow you to navigate the mobile app, check account balances,and initiate select transactions using voice commands instead of the on-screen keyboard. Some featuresmay have limited functionality as we continue to enhance our Smart Assistant, and we reserve the right tomodify voice banking services without notice.You can initiate a Smart Assistant session by tapping the microphone icon. Be aware of yoursurroundings as any commands you speak, or audible responses you receive, may be heard byothers. While using the Smart Assistant, the microphone will remain active for seven seconds afteractivation and may react to any commands captured during that time – even commands you may not intend.Keep in mind that any commands initiated while using the Smart Assistant, even if not specifically intendedby you, will be presumed to be authorized by you.The Smart Assistant is provided as a convenience to you and is not used to authenticate your identity orotherwise control access to Digital Services. If you use the Smart Assistant features, you are responsiblefor confirming the on-screen action matches your request, and that you verify the accuracy of any PaymentInstruction you provide.Shared accessShared Access allows you to provide a third party (called a “Shared Access User”) with limited access toeligible account(s) without sharing your Log-in Credentials. You may add one or more Shared Access Userto each eligible account(s) and assign a role (defined below) to each Shared Access User. The SharedAccess User will use separate Log-in Credentials to access the account you specify in accordance with therole you assign. Depending on the role assigned to the Shared Access User, some Digital Servicesdescribed in this Agreement may be disabled or have reduced functionality.You are solely responsible for managing the level of access you provide to a Shared Access Userand we are not responsible for any losses you or others may incur if your Shared Access Userexceeds his or her authority or if you fail to revoke access granted to a Shared Access User. Youagree to indemnify us and hold us harmless for any loss or damage you or others incur as a resultof the actions of your Shared Access User.Limited authorityShared Access, and any roles assigned to a Shared Access User, is only applicable to Digital Services.Appointing a Shared Access User under this Agreement does not extend to telephone banking or bankingat a branch.Appointing a Shared Access User as described herein is separate from any other appointments ordelegations you have made or will make in the future (i.e., agents under a power of attorney, a writtendesignation of agent, etc.), and the authority of a Shared Access User is subject to the authority of anyother appointed agent.Shared access user rolesThe authority of your Shared Access User is based on the assigned role. Any additional limitations placedon the Shared Access User, even if we have express written notice of those limitations, are exclusivelybetween you and the Shared Access User.View only: The Shared Access User will have limited access to the assigned accounts and will be able toview account information and select account documents. A Shared Access User with View Only access willnot be able to conduct transactions on the assigned account(s).View and transactional: In addition to viewing account information as described above, the Shared AccessUser will also have limited transactional authority on the assigned accounts to conduct internal transfersbetween your eligible deposit accounts, make internal payments to your eligible loans and lines of credit,and initiate external payments to the billers you have previously established using the bill pay service. Youcan review transactions initiated by the Shared Access User in the Transaction Log within the ManageUsers dashboard.5

The View and Transactional role is only available for select account types. You may limit the transactional authority of your Shared Access User by: oEstablishing daily transaction limits for each account you assign to a Shared Access User.oLimiting the type of transactions you allow your Shared Access User to conduct. For example, youmay limit the transactional authority to internal transfers only.A Shared Access User with View and Transactional authority may not:oAdd a new biller using the bill pay service.oMake modifications to existing billers.oSet up recurring payments.oFuture date a payment greater than 30 days.oExceed any of the transaction limits that are established for the account.oCancel your electronically presented bills.If you revoke View and Transactional authority from a Shared Access User, any pending and scheduledtransactions initiated by the Shared Access User will continue to process unless you cancel thetransaction.Managing the shared access userAdding a shared access user: Any person who has authority to make changes to the eligible account mayadd a Shared Access User by enrolling in the Shared Access service and following the instructions on the“Manage Users” dashboard.The Shared Access User(s) will have the option to accept or decline the Shared Access User assignment.Once a Shared Access User accepts an assignment, and completes the Shared Access User enrollment,any assigned accounts will automatically appear on the Shared Access User’s account summary screen inthe Shared Access section.The appointed Shared Access User is not required to accept the assignment and may terminate theassignment at any time. Even if a Shared Access User accepts the assignment, we impose no duty orrequirement for the Shared Access User to take any further action on the assigned account(s). Youacknowledge that we have no duty or responsibility to monitor the acts of the Shared Access User or ensurethat the acts of the Shared Access User are for your benefit or the benefit of the account. Any separateagreement, or required duty to act, is solely between you and the Shared Access User; we are notresponsible for managing or enforcing any such agreement between you and the appointed Shared AccessUser.Removing a shared access user: Any person who is enrolled in Shared Access that has authority to makechanges to the eligible account may remove a Shared Access User by logging in to Digital Services andselecting “Remove User” within the “Manage Users” dashboard.We reserve the right to remove a Shared Access User from the account(s) at any time, and for any reason,without further notice to you.NotificationsThe Shared Access User will receive an email notification of the Shared Access assignment (and anychanges to the Shared Access User role).ConfidentialityThe Shared Access User is not exclusive to any account, or any person, meaning that a Shared AccessUser may have access to multiple accounts at the same time. You are responsible for determining if theShared Access User has access to other accounts. Any additional limitations you impose on the accessand the use of your account information, is strictly between you and the Shared Access User.6

Statements and noticesFor most accounts, you have the right to receive paper statements and other account-related notices forany account that you access electronically, but you may elect to receive electronic versions of accountstatements and notices (e-statements) as detailed below.Generally, the cycle time for your e-statements will be the same frequency as your paper statements. Whenyou start receiving e-statements, you (and any joint owner) will begin to build a seven-year electronicdocument history that will be available within Digital Services.If you add a joint account owner, the joint owner will be able to see statements from the time they becomea joint owner and may also be able to gain access to information from before the time you added them tothe account by searching account history for specific transactions.Once you enroll in the electronic presentment of any document, you may no longer receive paperversions of the selected documents unless you specifically request it. Contact us to request a papercopy of any disclosure, notice or other document. Copies of required regulatory disclosures and taxstatements will be mailed at no charge. Reverting to paper delivery, requesting copies of previously issuedaccount statements, and requesting copies of checks or other account-specific items may incur a fee. (Seeyour Consumer and Business Pricing Information disclosures for paper delivery pricing information.)You are responsible for downloading and saving your electronic documents for your own purposes. If youclose an account, you will no longer have digital access to the closed account or the associated electronicdocuments. Your final account statement will be produced on paper and mailed to you. You can request apaper copy of any past statement by contacting us.E-statement availability alertWhen you enroll in e-statements, you will be automatically enrolled in e-statements availability alerts. Thesealerts will be sent in accordance with your notification preferences. Please see the account alerts sectionfor more information on managing your account alerts.By enrolling any account in e-statements, you agree that the e-statements availability alert constitutesthe date of delivery of such e-statement. The statute of limitations regarding claims related to any itemsdisclosed in a particular e-statement begins on the date we notify you that an e-statement is available. Anyfailure to access, view, print and/or save an e-statement will not impact the statute of limitations.Tax statementsBy default, you will receive paper versions of your tax statements and you must separately enroll forelectronic delivery of tax statements for each eligible account. Once you initiate electronic delivery of taxstatements, you will continue to receive the selected documents electronically until you change yourdelivery preferences as described below.Account statements and noticesIf you enroll in e-statements, you will also receive electronic versions of any notices that may be periodicallyprovided with your account statements. For example, important annual disclosures that are normallyprovided with your paper statements will now be delivered to you electronically along with your estatements.Any account owner may enroll in e-statements for accounts in which they have an ownership interest. If anaccount has multiple owners, the enrolled account will no longer appear on any paper statement, but it willbe available to all owners who use Digital Services. If you were receiving information for multiple accountson your paper statement, please be aware that, after e-statement enrollment, you will begin to receive aseparate e-statement for each account that is registered.Managing your delivery preferencesYou may manage your delivery preferences for e-statements and notices by logging in and updating yourpaperless preferences or by contacting us. Note that for electronic tax statements, you must unsubscribein writing. If you opt-out of any electronically presented statement or notice, the next available statement ornotice will be mailed to you at the address we have on file and the associated account alert will bediscontinued. Statements and notices that were previously presented electronically will not be mailed toyou. Any accounts that were previously combined on your paper statement will have to be re-combined byrequest at your local branch or by contacting us.7

In addition to having access to images of cancelled checks from your transaction history within DigitalServices, you also have the option to add the images of cancelled checks to your e-statements. Foraccounts that are eligible to receive images of cancelled checks, you can manage this feature by loggingin and updating your paperless preferences.Account alertsAccount alerts are notifications and reminders (such as low balance alerts) related to your accounts.Account alerts and alert options vary based on the type of account. Generally, you may choose whichaccount alerts you would like to receive, the account(s) to which the alerts will relate, and up to three emailaddress or mobile numbers to which the alerts will be sent. You agree to notify us of any change to yourcontact information to ensure continued delivery of your account alerts. Message and data rates may apply,and the message frequency depends on the account settings you select.Managing your alertsIn addition to permanently deleting an account alert, you may establish “quiet times,” which will suppressalerts generated during the identified time, or you may deactivate an account alert by changing the statusto “inactive.” Alerts suppressed during the identified quiet times will be presented when the quiet timesexpire. Inactive account alerts will be maintained on your list of alerts but will not be presented until the alertstatus is changed to “active.”Delivery of alertsAccount alerts will be sent at various times on any day that transactions meeting your specified criteriaoccur. You understand and agree that account alerts may not be sent on a “real time” basis and may besent at the next scheduled delivery time after the specified transaction event occurs. We reserve the rightto change the frequency or timing of account alerts.Limitations of account alertsAccount alerts are for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace your account statementsor any other communications we may provide to you regarding your account(s). Some account alerts maybe automatically

1 Digital Services Agreement WELCOME The Digital Services Agreement (“Agreement”) governs your use of the digital financial services (“Digital Service(s)”) made available at