In 2010, I purchased a HotCartportable electric, gas fired, hot highpressure washer from AaquaToolsto drive my existing containercleaning tools. What a differencefrom our traditional diesel firedpressure washers. By using tanklesswater heaters to deliver hot waterto their pumps, our sanitationprocess has improved dramatically.I since have replaced our containercleaning heads with AaquaToolsAaquaBlaster LTs, and againnight and day in performance andreliability. I would recommendAaqauTools without hesitation ifyou’re looking to improve yoursanitation process in your facility.Fred JohnsonVeronica Foods, Oakland, CA1Portable Hot High Pressure WasherHotCartThe AaquaTools HotCart was developed by AaquaTools to replacetraditional hot high pressure washers that rely upon water heatedthru a coil that in turn makes the wash water non-potable and leavingparticulates in the wash fluid. Because the HotCart uses onboardtankless water heaters to generate hot water the finished product isexactly the same as the source water only heated. The HotCart’s digitaltouchpad allows the operator to set a precise temperature /- only 1 or2 degrees. The tankless water heaters are fired by clean burning, highquality propane creating significant reliability, increased portability andan extremely user-friendly environment. No more smelly diesel fumes orburner issues related to diesel, kerosene or less than high quality fuel.High Pressure WashersFeatures Portable stainless steel frame withlocking casters Stainless steel hose reel with 50’ highpressure hose KEW Poseidon high pressure pump-8.8hp, 2750 psi, 5.5 gpm, 220/440/3 KEW ergo-friendly trigger gun & KEWTornado Lance Noritz energy efficient tankless waterheaters with digital touch pads (2) 40# propane bottles with QuickConnect(916) 635-2922

Cold & HOT (up to 185 F) High Pressure WasherPoseidon 7-67FAThe KEW Poseidon 7-67 innovative premium class industrial cold andhot water pressure washer is designed to receive your hot water up to185 degrees. The combined renowned lifetime and quality of the KEWC3 pump with optimal ergonomics, delivers an unbeatable heavy dutypressure washer for industry, agriculture, shipping, transport sector andfood processing industry.FeaturesMotor8.8 hp Ceramic pistons & fiberPhase1 or 3reinforced sealsPower220-460V, 25-13A Stainless steel valvesWater Flow5.5 gpm (max) Brass cylinder headPump Pressure2750 psi (max) Oil cup with level switchTemperatureCold or hot up to 185 F (max) Integrated filter preventsDimensions31” x 23” x 40”dirt from entering theWeight196 lbpump Visual oil inspection from outside the cabinet Integrated flow sensor—run dry protection Powerful 1750 rpm TEFC motor with thermal protection Low pressure detergent injection system with dual tanks“We have bought highpressure washers fromAaquaTools and to thisday the machines are greatwith no problems. Also theservice and delivery weregreat.”Said El OuadTadmor, Inc.1179 W. Corporate Dr.Arlington, TX 76006The choice of the North American industrial and solid waste industrydue to its outstanding performance and reliability history with literallyhundreds in service. The Poseidon is often combined with in-planthot water systems to perform as a portable electric hot high (916) 635-2922High Pressure Washers2

Rotary Surface CleanerANT4C 4-in-1 Contractor Hydro Twister The Hydro Twister has the output to tackle big cleaning jobs fast. Itcombines the features of 4 different accessories all into one system thatallows you to quickly switch between each feature.1. Surface Cleaner: Clean up to 20 times faster than with a standardwand without leaving “zebra stripes”.2. Water Broom: Quickly rinse the area from debris before or after youclean.3. Gum Spot Nozzle: Quickly remove gum and paint spots, locatedunderneath the deck which eliminates over spray.4. Edge Cleaning Nozzle: Clean the strip right up against pillars,columns, walls and buildings.An onboard edging toolcleans close to planters,columns, and walls.FeaturesFlow Rate Low profile deck Low maintenanceStandard Nozzle Stainless rotary armsTemperature Less fatigueDeck Size Hose is protected insideMaterialstainless steel handle Rustproof and heavy duty for daily use Rear splash guard to keep operator’s feet dry3000-4000/5-5.5 psi/flow(max); large nozzle 10 (max)(2) #2.7Cold to 250 F28”Stainless steelThe Contractor Hydro Twister is the proven choice for professionalsurface cleaning. The dual trigger guns activate either the rotary sprayarm or one of the other three devices. By combining four processesinto one unit, you will save time and fatigue when cleaning largeexpanses of concrete, parking lots or other flat surfaces. The secretthat makes the Contractor Hydro Twister so effective is the ideal waterspray angles and nozzle heights that optimize cleaning power.Use the water broom torinse a large area.3High Pressure Washers(916) 635-2922

Commercial Tankless Water HeaterNC380The Noritz NC380 by AaquaTools is one of the largest capacity tanklesswater heater on the market today. Features include Quick-Connect andis best suited for heavy commercial use. Obviously since the unit isbuilt larger the tubing diameter is larger also, which results in faster hotwater delivery than our competition (don’t get fooled by imitators thatput two smaller units into one huge heater case!).The NC380 when coupled with a hot high pressure washer can providethe cleaning power of hot water to meet the demands of any industry.A single unit can produce over 13 gallons per minute. With its stainlesssteel casing and ASME accreditation, no other tankless water heater onthe market can match its durability and performance.Advantages Redundancy: Any one of the commercial units on a multisystem canbe taken offline and serviced without compromising your business. Efficiency: A commercial system heats water using only the energynecessary, reducing energy consumption significantly and saving onwater heating costs. Versatile Installation: Commercial units can be installed indoor oroutdoor; wall hung or racked.Compatible ProductsOutput Voltage120 VAC, 60 Hz, 4APoseidon Hot & ColdGas Consumption22,500-380,000 btuh (max)High Pressure Washer –Hot Water Capacity 13.2 gpmThe KEW Poseidon 7-67Temperature100-150 F, 160, 170, 181.4 Finnovative premium classWater inlet 1”, hot water outlet 1”,industrial cold and hotConnectionsgas inlet 3/4”water pressure washerInstallationIndoor/outdooris designed to receiveyour hot water up to 185Dimensions29.5”H x 18.9”W x 11.8”Ddegrees. The combinedWeight105 lbsrenowned lifetime andquality of the KEW C3 pump with optimal ergonomics, delivers anunbeatable heavy duty pressure washer for industry, agriculture,shipping, transport sector and food processing (916) 635-2922Tankless Water Heaters4

High Pressure Sanitation SystemThe AaquaSteam isbuilt in accordance withrequirements of the ASMEboiler and pressure vesselcode ASMECSD-1 and bearthe national board stamp(CSA CRN available).AaquaSteamThe AaquaSteam Portable Electric Steam Generator by Reimers hasproven to be a valuable tool to the wine industry for over 10 years.When coupled with an AaquaTools barrel wand the AaquaSteam quicklygoes to work faster than its competition due to its standard on-boardbooster pump. The RBH20KW steamer is the favorite amongst smallerfacilities due to its price point, efficiency and reliability while its biggerbrother the RBH30KW is a friend to larger facilities like Sterling andKendall Jackson Stone Street where it can be observed washing twolines of barrels with one machine.Features ompact DesignC Fully adjustable 30’ power cord Easy to read digital display/diagnostics Booster pump assists in rapid steam andhigh pressure production Blowdown 33’ high quality steam hose with SSTriClover fitting 3 wheel cart with locking caster and pushhandle5Steam GeneratorsKilowatts1.5 to 500Boiler Horsepower0.15 to 50Evap Steam5-1740 lbs/hr (2.27-789 kg/hr)Pressure Range0-150 psig (0-0.2 bar)Output Voltage120/208/240/380/415/480/600 50or 60 HzPhase1 or 3MaterialStainless steelWeight172 lbs(916) 635-2922

Portable Barrel & Tank CleaningAaquaBlaster LTThe AaquaTools AaquaBlaster LT is the most efficient barrel and smalltank cleaning tool available. Lightweight yet durable, the LT cleansfaster, is more thorough and uses less water than any other cleaningtool available today. Insertion is easily accomplished due to the LTsergo-friendly design either in combination with a stand or a rollersystem.Features No external power other than water Stainless steel construction Round, non-protruding washer heads Uses water temperatures up to 194 F Water flow rate of up to 7.9 gpm Fast cleaning cycleInlet Thread Environmentally-friendlyThe LT is ideal forapplications where theinsertion opening is smallerthan two inches such as winebarrels and closed head 55gallon drums.The cleaning efficiency ofthe LT is achieved thanksto four stream jets at lowflow rate but high pressure,thus providing high impactwashing. Stream nozzlesrotate around a turret to provideall interior surfaces.“Like all AaquaTools barrelcleaning tools, reliability isat the forefront. Competitorshave struggled with buildinga device that will hold upso AaquaTools continuallyemphasizes unsurpassedreliability and ” NPTMaterial316 stainless steelCleaning Area4 nozzles up to 6'Cleaning Cycle45 sec & higherCleaning Pressure100-2000 psi (adjustable)Permissible Pressure2300 psiRated Flow Rate4-5.5 gpmWater Temp185 F (max)Insertion Opening2” (max)Barrel Nozzles4 x 1/8” NPTTank Nozzles2 x 1/8" NPTcomplete orbital cleaning coverage ofThe LT incorporates a stand at the base that stabilizes and protects thecleaning device during and after (916) 635-2922Barrel & Tank6

Fluid-Driven Barrel & Tank CleaningThe AaquaBlaster wepurchased from AaquaToolsworks great. We use it on allour barrels, tanks and kegs.I no longer have to crawlinto tanks for cleaning. I justhook up the AaquaBlasterand set the hot water at 195 and walk away.Michael RoserCooper Vineyards21215 Shenandoah School Rd.Plymouth, CA 95669AaquaBlaster 360The AaquaTools AaquaBlaster 360 was introduced as a replacement forthe less than reliable Gamajet barrel cleaning devices offered in the late1990’s and has proven to be a reliable workhorse ever since. Thoughit is heavy, bulky and not very sexy, it is still our top selling containercleaning tool due to its affordability and ability to do a fantastic jobcleaning both barrels and the smaller tanks.Features Fast cleaning cycles Significant water savings Stainless Steel High impingementcleaning Adjustable nozzle sizes 2/4 nozzle cleaning turret KEW Bayonet QuickConnect adapterInlet Thread1/2” NPTMaterial316 stainless steelCleaning Area4 nozzles up to 6'Cleaning Cycle45 sec & higherCleaning Pressure100-2000 psi (adjustable)Permissible Pressure2300 psiFlow Rate4-5.5 gpmWater Temp185 F (max)Insertion Opening2” (max)Barrel/Tank Nozzles4/2 x 1/8” NPTThe 360 is a robust andpowerful barrel cleaning tool that produces like new barrels in a minimalamount of time. This fluid-driven, water-saving device can be drivenby nearly any high pressure washer and is designed for insertion intobarrels with the bung opening pointed directly downward.The 360 is driven by hot or cold high pressure washers that produce4 gpm of flow or more. The higher the flow, the faster the rotation ofthe nozzles, which in turn produces a more rapid cleaning cycle. Highpressure in-line Y filters are recommended and available to preventparticulates from interrupting the internal rotational gears of the “360”.The 360 incorporates a plate at the base that stabilizes and protectsthe cleaning device during and after insertion. The “360” allows for easyinsertion into wine barrels mounted on most Western Square or TOPCOtype barrel pallets and can be incorporated into traditional barrelcleaning platforms that contain rotational rollers.7Barrel & Tank(916) 635-2922

Tank Cleaning Machine Integrated TurbineSC15TW2The Scanjet SC15TW2 rotating jet-head is a 1.50” dual nozzleautomated tank cleaning machine constructed of 316L stainlesssteel and other highly corrosion resistant materials. The SC15TW2has a fixed to moving gear ratio of 47 to 49 allowing it to produce ahomogenous 360 pattern that is superior to that of any other rotatingjet head in it’s class.Features Rugged construction Adjustable turbine Exceptional jet lengths Easy maintenance 316L SS construction Optimized cycle times Flow through gearboxDriveIntegrated turbineProgrammableNo (adjustable turbine)Gear Ratio47/49Spray Pattern360 Pressure Range0-300 psig (0-20.69 bar)Flow Range0-178 gpm (0-40.42 m3/hr)Water Temp35-252 F (1.67-122 C) staticJet-LengthMax @ 200 psig (13.79 bar) static;55’ radius (16.7m)WeightThe SC15TW2 is classedas a rotating jet-head withOpeningan integrated turbine driveInstallationand employs an adjustableTurning Radiusturbine and flow throughMaterialsgearbox. The adjustableturbine allows the rotationInlet Connectionsspeed of the SC15TW2 toLubricantbe adjusted without theneed of changing costlystators and/or gearing found in other (916) 635-2922The SC15TW2 is producedin accordance with ISO9001 Quality Standardsand our certificate ofconformity and accreditationis available on request.Additionally, the SC15TW2conforms to United StatesASME standards forconstruction and is typeapproved by DNV, ABS, andLloyds.20 lbs (9.09 kg)Minimum 6.6185” (168.11 mm)Portable & fixedOperating 5.2165” (132.5 mm)316LSS; PEEK; PTFE; Others1.50” NPT(M) & 1.50” BSP(M); 1.50”Camlock Part A; others on requestCleaning mediacleaning devices in itsBarrel & Tank8

Tank Cleaning MachineBIO 50The Scanjet BIO 50 is a 4 or 2 nozzle automated tank cleaning machineconstructed of 316L stainless steel and other highly corrosion resistantmaterials. The BIO 50 has a fixed to moving gear ratio allowing it toproduce a homogenous 360 spray pattern that is superior to that ofany other rotating jet head in its class.The BIO 50 is classed as a rotating jet-head with an integrated turbinedrive and employs self-washing and other features making it a hygienicdesign for use in operations that require such design criteria.Typical Cleaning Methods Fixed Installed CIP Systems Multi-tank Solution Recovery Single Use/Single Pass Single Use/RecirculatoryThe Bio 50 is produced in accordance to stringent quality standardsand meets or exceeds ISO 9001 International Quality Standards as wellas conforming to the cGMP as detailed by the United States FDA (Foodand Drug Administration and EHEDG (European Hygienic EquipmentDesign Group).9Barrel & TankFlow0-114 m3/hr (0-590 gpm)Pressure12-12 bar (30-175 psi)Water TempOperating: 203 F (95 C); static: 284 F (140 C) maxWeight15.4 lbs (7 kg)Connections2.00” NPT(F) and 2.00” BSP(F)MaterialAISI 316, PTFE, PEEK, Tungsten, AI2O2LubricationCleaning media(916) 635-2922

“Outstanding customer service. Itgives us confidence knowing thatwe are killing bacteria with ourHotCart and AaquaBlaster. Ourwork environment is cleaner. Cleanup is quicker.”Clyde Vaughn, OwnerStony Ridge VineyardLivermore, We have been using theAaquatool pressure washer withthe ICS Blst-N-Vac barrel washerfor about a year and a half. Thehigh temperature and pressurewater combines with rotating sprayjets keeps our barrels tartrate freefor more effective cleaning and“sanitizing” with ozone or SO2.The vacuum empties 99% of theliquid from the barrel for easierhandling and less mess. We havewasher over 2000 barrels and theunit has been mostly maintenancefree during this time. The fewreplacement parts we needed wereavailable within a couple of days. Irecommend this unit for those whowant truly clean barrels.”Pete Hedges, WinemakerHedges Family Estate �“The AaquaBlaster we purchasedfrom AaquaTools works great. Weuse it on all our barrels, tanks andkegs. I no longer have to crawlinto tanks for cleaning. I just hookup the AaquaBlaster to our KEW5003V and set the temperature to185 and walk away.”Michael Roser, WinemakerCooper VineyardsPlymouth, CA“Our HotCart has been flawlesssince we purchased it. I’mespecially impressed with theefficiency of the tankless waterheater, also how quiet it is whenwe utilize the hot water generatorwithout the pressure washer. Onesuggestion; the piping comingdown out of the water heater coulduse a bracket for support. My fearis that while moving the HotCart ifthe water supply hose were pulledon, it could potentially causedamage up into the tankless waterheater itself.”David BakerHook and Ladder WinerySanta Rosa, At Chateau Potelle, we havebeen using Aaquablaster for about1 year to clean our barrels. Wehave been very happy with theperformance and reliability of theAaquablaster. It is a sturdy barrelwasher and the most important forus is that it does a very good andconsistent cleaning of our barels.”Yannick Rousseau, AssociateWinemakerChateau PotelleNapa, The AaquaBlaster we purchasedfrom AaquaTools works great. Weuse it on all our barrels, tanks andkegs. I no longer have to crawlinto tanks for cleaning. I just hookup the AaquaBlaster and set thehot water at 195 Deg. and walkaway.”Michael RoserCooper Vineyards“We’ve been using theAaquaBlaster for a couple of yearsnow and it’s been just the ticketfor our small winery operation.It’s fast and easy to hook up to ourKEW and delivers enough blastingpower out of the four headsto REALLY clean barrels. Not“wash” them but CLEAN them!The flashlight doesn’t lie .I can’timagine NOT using it as a regularpart of our barrel program.”Squire FridellGlenLyon Vineyards & WineryGlen Ellen, We really went back and forthregarding our decision to purchasethe AaquaTools HotCart. Buyingthe Hot Cart was the best decisionwe made. It already has paid foritself in 2 weeks. The combo ofpower and heat generated hasbeen invaluable in our startupwinery. I honestly cannot envisionrunning a winery without one.”Blind Horse WineryThomas Nye Kohler, ��I wanted to thank Steve forpicking up the phone and talkingwith me and our Mechanic; MarioBalcazar. He was very helpful andwe look forward to better serviceand responses from this companyin the future. We care about thehealth of our seasonal creeks.”Pasatiempo, Inc.Francine Moody, Office assistant& horticulturistPaul Chojnacky, SuperintendentMario Balcazar, Mechanic

Wine Industry Sanitation antimicrobial sterilization bottling line sanitation high pressure steamsanitation barrel sanitation mobility portability control microbial loads UV light sanitation savewater environmentally friendly barrel washing tank warming fast cleaning cycles no residue extend barrel life non-intrusive chemical-free photon sanitizing system tank cleaning barrel roomhumidification reduced contamination sulfur-free TCA reduction enhanced oak characteristics PSS Sanitation for the Wine Industry antimicrobial sterilization bottling line sanitation high pressure steamsanitation barrel sanitation mobility portability control microbial loads UV light sanitation savewater environmentally friendly barrel washing tank warming fast cleaning cycles no residue extend barrel life non-intrusive chemical-free photon sanitizing system tank cleaning barrel roomhumidification reduced contamination sulfur-free TCA reduction enhanced oak characteristics PSS Food Processing Industry Sanitation antimicrobial sterilization bottling line sanitation high pressuresteam sanitation barrel sanitation mobility portability control microbial loads UV light sanitation save water environmentally friendly barrel washing tank warming fast cleaning cycles no residue extend barrel life non-intrusive chemical-free photon sanitizing system tank cleaning barrel roomhumidification reduced contamination sulfur-free TCA reduction enhanced oak characteristics PSSAaquaTools, Inc.3233 Fitzgerald Rd., Suite “B”Rancho Cordova, CA 95742(916) 635-2922 ph(800) 777-2922 toll-free(916) 635-8856 [email protected]

pressure hose KEW Poseidon high pressure pump-8.8 hp, 2750 psi, 5.5 gpm, 220/440/3 KEW ergo-friendly trigger gun & KEW Tornado Lance Noritz energy efficient tankless water heaters with digital touch pads (2) 40# propane bottles with Quick-Connect In 2010, I p