Android Car NavigationUser ManualThe use of certain features of these devices depends on yournetwork service provider's network settings and performance.In addition, due to the different network service providers, some1

certain functions of this device may not be able to apply orrestrict to apply. And please contact your network serviceprovider for consulting the network functions and availability ofthis device.This mark indicates that the product used a label which isclassified CLASS1 laser, indicating that the device uses theweakest level of laser beam, and there is no risk of radiationoutside the unit.ContentsContents.31. Quick Review.51.1 Turning On and Turning Off.5 1.2Panel Function Button.5 1.3Tips for Using Touch Screen.61.3.1 Clicking Function.61.3.2 Pressing Function.61.3.3 Dragging Function.61.3.4 Zooming Function .62

1.4 Main Screen.6 1.5Status bar indicator.7 1.6Time and Date Setting.8 1.7Text Entering.92. Function Operations.102.1 Basic Settings.102.1.1 User Defined Home Screen. 102.1.2 Setting Wallpaper.102.1.3 Shortcut.102.1.4 Widget.112.2 General.112.2.1 Steering Wheel.112.2.2 Screen Calibration.122.2.3 Navigation application.132.2.4 factory settings.142.3 Navigation.142.3.1 Navigation Software Installation.142.4 Radio.182.4.1 RADIO.182.4.2 RDS.192.5 Bluetooth Wireless Connection.202.5.1 startup bluetooth application.202.5.2 Bluetooth pairing.202.5.3 Bluetooth Phone Book.212.5.4 Phone.232.5.5 Call Record.242.5.6 Bluetooth Music.252.5.7 The whole Bluetooth hardware settingss.262.6 3G Application.272.6.1 Allow data roaming.272.6.2 Set the access point information.272.7.1 WLAN.342.7.2WiFi Hotspot.363

2.8 Multimedia.372.8.1 Equalizer.372.8.2 DVD Play.382.8.3 CD Player.402.8.4 iPod Play.412.8.5 Audio Play.422.8.6 Video Playing.432.8.7Picture Browse.452.8.8 Digital TV.482.8.9 Analog TV.482.9 AUX IN Function.492.10 Rear View.492.11 E-mail.502.11.1 Email Setting.502.11.2 Sending E-mail.532.11.3 E-mail input.542.12 Message Functions.552.12.1 Compose New Mails.552.12.2 E-mails reply.562.13 Applications.572.13.1 Weather.572.13.2 Calculator.582.13.3 Electronic reader.593 Firmware Upgrading.593.1 preparing for upgrade.593.2. update MCU.59 3.3Update system.60 3.4Update DVD.614. Trouble handle.625.Specification.644

1. Quick ReviewWarning: Before using this device, please read the manualsafety and law information.1.1 Turning On and Turning OffTurning OnTurning OffWhen you plug in the car keys, switch on ACC START orthe car's ACC power, the device will be automaticallyturned on, displaying the boot animation LOGO.When you take off the key, switch to ACC OFF, or turn offthe car's ACC power, the device will automatically beshut down.1.2 Panel Function onFunciton① In the off state, press this button short, the systemis turned on.② In the boot state, press this button short, thePower/Volum system becomes mute; press this button, the system isshutdowne③ Turn this button clockwise, the volume is increased④ Turn this button counterclockwise, the volume isdecreased.MainClick to enter into main interface.Interface①In each function, extended manipulation ofinformation, press the MENU key to pop up; ②InMain Menuthe main interface, press the MENU key for thesystem to quickly set functionBackClick to back to the last interface.NavigationClick to enter into GPS navigation interface.DVD PlayClick to enter into disk play interface.PHONEClick to enter into Bluetooth telephone interface.Click to enter into radio interface for receivingRADIOFM1/FM2/ AM radio5

TUNESDCompoundIn/Out DiscButtonSD MediaCard slot①in the audio and video playback interface, up / downone player②In the radio interface up / move down frequencydisk in and outInsert the appropriate memory card, multimedia filesystem can read the card6

USBUSB SocketRESETMICReset ButtonMicrophone①Connect other devices by USB socket.②Connecting an external WIFI/3G dongleClick reset button to reset system and re-start.Receive voice from bluetooth telephone call.Remark: All long press means press time at least lasting 3seconds; Button and socket is different according to different cartypes, please take real type as standard.1.3 Tips for Using Touch ScreenWhen using the touch screen, you can use several ways toperform corresponding operations on the device.1.3.1 Clicking FunctionYou could select an application icon or option on thescreen to realize clicking function. For example, clickBluetooth to enter into bluetooth application.1.3.2 Pressing FunctionYou could press the current user interface, icon,inputting column by pressing function. For example,press on the blank area of the main interface, thencomes a pop-up menu, you could perform some function1.3.3on the menu. DraggingFunctionDrag the touch screen or press the scroll bar for up anddown operation. For example, browse the contact list ofthe bluetooth phones by dragging function.1.3.4 Zooming FunctionWhen browsing the web, click the screen twice, thenyou could zoom in or out the page content. Or youcould press the screen with two fingers by control thesliding distance between the fingers to zoom in or outthe page content.7

1.4 Main ScreenYou can use the touch screen operation to use the variousfunctions of the device. This equipment has a total of five mainscreen, left or right sliding can be switched with each other.Any interface press the HOME physical buttons on the panelto return to the main screen interface, and display theapplication icon in the main screen interface, click anyapplication icon to open the program.Note: You can add the freedom of the space of the mainscreen or Remove Programs icon to see equipment BasicSettings section.Click the application icon; you can view all of the programs ofthe equipment.1.5 Status bar indicatorIcons on the left top of the screen are notifications formessages and events; Icons on the right top of thescreen are device status indicator.If there is new message, it will be displayed on thestatus bar, slide your finger gently from the status bar,8

all prompts would be displayed. Then you could clickthe message and view the content.Indicators onthe leftDescriptionIndicators onthe rightDescriptionNetwork signalstrengthNetwork signalNew MessageUSB connectioninstructionsCurrent Time indicationWIFI signal indicatorTip: You can tap and hold the status indication bar to viewthe current day.Note: The device software is under upgrading, thestatus indicator may be different with your device;please refer to the actual device software.1.6 Time and Date SettingThis device has the function to automatically calibrate thecurrent time on the condition that the GPS is active. Youcould also manually set the date, time zone and format.Applications Settings Date and Time Setting Date or Setting TimeTip: You can set the time zone and time format accordingto request.9

1.7 Text EnteringWhen edit text, you could use existing method of enteringand Android keyboard to edit English, numbers, andsymbols etc., such as editing message, searching keywords etc.Tip: The display format would be different according todifferent status and keyboard of the entering, please referthe actual one.1.7.1 Switch on the Entering MethodOpen the text editing interface10

Click in the editing area, then the editing menu wouldappear.According to the input method, input method you want to usethe midpoint of the input method menu, you can choose theAndroid keyboard or install third-party input method.1.7.2 Android Keyboard InputSwitch the input method into Android keyboard (seeswitch input method)Remark: You can click the number sign keytoswitch to numbers and symbols input mode. Clickto switch letter case.2. Function Operations2.1 Basic Settings2.1.1 User Defined Home ScreenThere are 5 main screens of this device, sliding left orright to switch. In any interface, you just need to clickthe HOME to back to main screen.Note: You could add shortcut, widget and file in theblank area of the main screen on the conditionthat there is enough room for placing.11

2.1.2 Setting WallpaperClick the blank area of main screen Wallpaper Wallpaper or Pictures BankChoose your preferred wallpaper and click to set aswallpaper.2.1.3 ShortcutClick the blank area of main screen shortcut Choose ShortcutClick the shortcut needed.12

2.1.4 WidgetIn application interface, slide to the right page WidgetLong press and then drag the chosen widget to add it inmain menu.2.2 General2.2.1 Steering WheelUsers could set the steering wheel according to hint. Note:Steering wheel interface is special for cars withbuttons, but some cars’ steering button are not able forstudy but by “can”, such as Ford MONDEOApplication Setting General Settings Steering wheel Settings13

Steering Wheel

User Manual The use of certain features of these devices depends on your network service provider's network settings and performance. In addition, due to the different network service providers, some . 2 certain functions of this device may not be able to apply or restrict to apply. And please contact your network service provider for consulting the network functions and availability of this .