Adoption ApplicationContact informationAdopter NameDatePhysical AddressMailing AddressContact Phone Number (Local preferred)Email AddressDog InformationGender preferenceAge preferenceUnder 6 Months6-12 monthsMale1-2 years3-5 yearsFemale6 years or olderNo PreferenceNo PreferenceWhat breed of dog are you interested in? What is it about this breed that interests you?When are you ready to adopt?Is there a dog currently in the rescue you are interested in? If so what is the name of the dog?Are you looking for a dog to be a:Service DogEmotional Support DogFamily PetOther (explain)Have you ever owned a German Shepherd or Malinois as an adult? Do NOT include your parent's or childhood dog as experience.NoYesIf yes, how many years of experience?

Please check the top THREE characteristics you are looking for in a dog. Pick ONLY ProtectiveGood with other petsGood with childrenOther (explain)Home and LifestyleWhich describes your current residenceOwn a home*Rent a homeOwn a condo/duplex*Rent an apartment/duplex/mobile homeOther (explain)* Please Note: If you are renting , a copy of your lease and or letter from your landlord may be requested before approval of yourapplication.How long have you lived at your current address?If you have lived at your current address less than one year, please provide your previous address and length of residency.Do you have a fenced in yard?If so, how tall is the fenceYesunder 45 footNo6 foot or higherwirelessIf there is no fence, how will you contain your dog?Approximately how many hours per day do you anticipate your dog will be home alone?3 hours or less3 to 6 hours6 to 9 hours9 hours or moreIf more than 9 hours what provisions will you make for the dog in your absence?

How many people currently live in the home? Please list them starting with yourself, INCLUDE agesWho will be responsible for training and caring for the dog?Does anyone in your home have known or suspected allergies to animals? If so, whoCurrent and Former PetsWhat other Animals are currently living in the home?Type/BreedM/FAgeHow long ownedKept whereSpayed or Neutered(details below)List pets other than above that YOU/PARTNER have owned in the last TEN years? DO NOT include yourparent's dogsType/Breed M / F Age What happened to them (Gave away because.died, ran away)

Do you currently have or had a vet?NoYes, Name and number of vetHas anyone in the household been investigated or charged with endangering the welfare of a child or domestic violence ?NoYes, (explain)Have you or any other member of the household ever been investigated or charged by any animal welfare organization?NoYes, explainPersonal InformationWhat is your occupation and how many years haveyou been working in your profession?What is your spouse's occupation and for howlong?Please list 2 personal references Name AND number/email (no family members)Is there anything you would like to add to your application so that we can better understand the type of dog you are looking for?

I have read and understand the Adoption Process located on the rescue'swebsite. I acknowledge submitting an application does not guarantee anadoption nor does it guarantee any particular dog that I may be interested in. Ialso understand the application fee that is submitted with this application isNON-REFUNDABLE.Print Name to agreeHave youincluded yourapplication fee?As part of the adoption process and before placing any dog, you will be asked to sign a contract inwhich you agree to certain conditions. These conditions include keeping the dog as an indoorhouse pet, maintaining regular veterinary care and staying updated on their shots. Also, bysigning you agree to allow an Arctic German Shepherd Rescue representative to visit your homebefore and/or after placement of the dog. If you violate the contract, the dog may be surrenderedback to Arctic German Shepherd Rescue at the rescue request.I have read and carefully answered each question on this Adoption Application and have providedtruthful answers. I understand that Arctic German Shepherd Rescue will rely on the answers wehave provided in going forward with the adoption process and, in the event that Arctic GermanShepherd Rescue learns that false information has been given, I may be denied the right to adopta dog and/or any dog placed in my care by Arctic German Shepherd Rescue may be required toreturned to Arctic German Shepherd Rescue and all fees paid by me to Arctic German ShepherdRescue will be forfeited.PayPalCheckCashNo, explainHow did you hear aboutthe Arctic GermanShepherd Rescue?FacebookOur WebsiteCraigslistFriendOther (explain)Applications can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to AGSR PO Box 82464 Fairbanks, AK 99708DON’T FORGET THE NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE.Applications without the fee will not be processedIf the application fee is paid through paypal the fee is 21 send to [email protected] the application fee is mailed it is 20Would you consider volunteering for Arctic German Shepherd Rescue?NoYesCheck all that applyFostering dogsTransporting dogsComputer assistanceFundraising.Home checks and screening/interviewing adopting candidates.Increasing public awareness of Arctic German Shepherd Rescue.Helping around the rescue with fencing, repairs or building projectsOther (explain)

Shepherd Rescue learns that false information has been given, I may be denied the right to adopt a dog and/or any dog placed in my care by Arctic German Shepherd Rescue may be required to returned to Arctic German Shepherd Rescue and all f