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Use VoIPAudioTo join the call using VoIP(that’s when you use yourcomputer’s audio systeminstead of a phone line)select “Use Mic & Speakers.”Use Your TelephoneTo dial-in with a regular phone,make sure the “Use Telephone”option is selected, then dialthe phone number provided.When prompted, enter theAccess Code and audio PIN.For best results, please usea computer headsetand not your computer’smicrophone and speakers.For best results, please use alandline with a corded headset.ChatTo send a text messageto the instructor or otherparticipants 1. Type your message.2. Select the recipient(s).3. Click the Send button.Your messagewill appear here.

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Agenda Why High-Octane Teleclasses?Top five mistakes and their cures?Is it worth your time?What can you do next to put on your ownhigh-octane teleclass or webinar?

InquiryWhat is your level of interest in putting ona teleclass or webinar by the end of the year?1None10High

Visibility Credibility Relevance


3. Develop2. DesignDeliver 1. Discover

Mistake #1

The Cure Unleash your passion.

High-Octane Delivery

Mistake #2

The Cure Get really clear about your audience.

High-Octane Discovery

Mistake #3

The Cure Identify the outcomes you want youraudience to achieve and then thebehaviors, skills, and knowledge needed toachieve those outcomes.

High-Octane Design

Mistake #4Boring andirrelevant.

The Cure PerformPracticeConnection4132ContentFollow the Natural Learning Cycle.

High-Octane Design

Mistake #5 Blah, blah, blahBlah, blah, blahBlah, blah, blahMore blah, blah, blah

The Cure Create materialsand visualsthat are interesting,engaging,and useful.

High-Octane Development

Bonus: Mistake #6Um,come to my teleclass.Please?

The Cure Shine the spotlight on how you willsolve your audience’s problem.

I want toput ona teleclass!On what topic?And how?And I needhelp!Week 2DiscoverDesignWeek 3Week 4Design / DevelopWeek 5Design / DevelopWeek 6MarketDevelopLogisticsThe CourseMarketingWeek 1DeliverManage

InquiryWhat needs to happen in order to make leading ateleclass or webinar worth your time?

What Are Your Choices?60-mindesignmentoring

What’s Next 100% money-back guaranteeRepeatable processComprehensive training and detailed templates 84960-mindesignmentoring 64930-mindesignmentoring 29930 webtools 4930 webtools

What is one thing youwill do differently as aresult of thiscourse?

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Jul 21, 2010 · Paul Plamondon, MS, CPCC 818-551-0885. To dial-in with a regular phone, make sure the “Use Telephone” option is selected, then dial the phone number provided. . Comprehensive training and detailed templates Repeatable process 849 60-min design mentoring