Table of ContentsTitle PageCopyright PageMore Titles by Dr. Myles MunroeIntroductionJanuaryJanuary 1: Everyone Prays!January 2: The Greatest Common DenominatorJanuary 3: An Effective Prayer LifeJanuary 4: God Is Faithful to AnswerJanuary 5: What Is the Purpose of Prayer?January 6: Let Us Make Man in Our ImageJanuary 7: We Were Created for DominionJanuary 8: Man’s Dominion on the EarthJanuary 9: We Are God’s OffspringJanuary 10: What Is the Nature of Prayer?January 11: Who Prayed the First Prayer?January 12: Prayer Is Essential for God’s WillJanuary 13: God’s Purpose for Your LifeJanuary 14: Our Confidence in PrayerJanuary 15: Prayer Is Exercising Our AuthorityJanuary 16: Broken Relationship, BrokenEffectivenessJanuary 17: God’s Purpose for Us Is EternalJanuary 18: Putting Prayer into PracticeJanuary 19: Principles of Purpose for PrayerJanuary 20: The Right to Pray

January 21: God’s Purposes Reflect His CharacterJanuary 22: God’s Redemption through JesusJanuary 23: Jesus Is the Second AdamJanuary 24: Jesus Reigns with AuthorityJanuary 25: Jesus Transferred AuthorityJanuary 26: Accept Your Authority in ChristJanuary 27: Delivered from DarknessJanuary 28: Jesus Is Our Model of AuthorityJanuary 29: Are You Willing?January 30: Putting Prayer into PracticeJanuary 31: Principles of Authority in PrayerFebruaryFebruary 1: How to Enter God’s PresenceFebruary 2: Enter with a Pure HeartFebruary 3: Holiness and IntegrityFebruary 4: A Double-Minded ManFebruary 5: A Kingdom of PriestsFebruary 6: A Faithful Priest ForeverFebruary 7: A New Nation of PriestsFebruary 8: Entering His Presence as PriestsFebruary 9: He Is Faithful and Just to ForgiveFebruary 10: Receiving ForgivenessFebruary 11: Putting on RighteousnessFebruary 12: Putting on Truth and HonestyFebruary 13: Cleansed by God’s WordFebruary 14 Worship Rises Like IncenseFebruary 15: Separate Yourself to the LordFebruary 16: Faith in God’s PowerFebruary 17: The Power of Jesus’ Blood

February 18: Give God the GloryFebruary 19: Remain in the AnointingFebruary 20: Putting Prayer into PracticeFebruary 21: Principles for the Priesthood ofBelieversFebruary 22: A Lifestyle of PrayerFebruary 23: Too Busy to Pray?February 24: Prayer Saves TimeFebruary 25: My Father Is Always at WorkFebruary 26: Manifesting God’s ThoughtsFebruary 27: Jesus Was Naturally SupernaturalFebruary 28: Common-Union with the FatherFebruary 29: Prayer Does Not Come AutomaticallyMarchMarch 1: When You Pray March 2: Our Model for PrayerMarch 3: Our Father in HeavenMarch 4: It’s Your Kingdom, LordMarch 5: The Lord’s Provision Is DailyMarch 6: Please Forgive Me, LordMarch 7: Choose to Forgive OthersMarch 8: Keep Me Far from TemptationMarch 9: The Kingdom, Power, and GloryMarch 10: Did the Disciples Learn the Secret?March 11: Putting Prayer into PracticeMarch 12: Principles of Prayer from JesusMarch 13: Have You Found a Quiet Place?March 14: Be Still and Know March 15: Come Let Us Adore Him

March 16: Adoration from Your HeartMarch 17: The True Heart of ConfessionMarch 18: David’s Agreement with GodMarch 19: Confess It QuicklyMarch 20: Give Thanks with a Grateful HeartMarch 21: A Deep Passion in PrayerMarch 22: Be Specific in Your PrayersMarch 23: Secure the Promises of GodMarch 24: A Daughter of AbrahamMarch 25: Can You Plead Your Case?March 26: Persistence with the JudgeMarch 27: Whatever You Ask for in Prayer BelieveMarch 28: Living in Thankful ExpectationMarch 29: Practicing Active BeliefMarch 30: Putting Prayer into PracticeMarch 31: Principles for Effective PrayerAprilApril 1: Learning about Prayer versus Practicing ItApril 2: Mental Assent versus FaithApril 3: Evidence of Things Not SeenApril 4: Hearing the Word but Not Absorbing ItApril 5: Growing Your FaithApril 6: Let the Message Sink inApril 7: Meditation: A Twofold ProcessApril 8:Hope Is Not FaithApril 9: When Hope Is Wishful ThinkingApril 10: Are You on “Someday Island”?April 11: The Size of Your God

April 12: Neglecting Prayer AltogetherApril 13: Putting Prayer into PracticeApril 14: Principles for Overcoming Hurdles toPrayerApril 15: Everyone Lives by FaithApril 16: Created to Walk in FaithApril 17: The Word Is Near YouApril 18: The God Kind of FaithApril 19: Faith Comes by HearingApril 20: Faith Comes by His WordApril 21: The Word of Faith for SalvationApril 22: Jesus, You Are My OwnerApril 23: You Will Not Be AshamedApril 24: Are You Planted by the Stream?April 25: Dwelling on the RiverbankApril 26: Are You Living in Reality?April 27: Putting Prayer into PracticeApril 28: Principles for Cultivating the God Kind ofFaithApril 29: The Power behind PrayerApril 30: Handling the Word of GodMayMay 1: Revealing God’s NatureMay 2: The Word Is AliveMay 3: The Power of the WordMay 4: If You Abide in MeMay 5: If My Words Abide in YouMay 6: The Word Builds FaithMay 7: Are You Living by Doubt?

May 8: God’s Promises Are “Yes”May 9: Faith for Difficult CircumstancesMay 10: God’s Word Is His WillMay 11: Speak God’s Words, Not YoursMay 12: Faith-Filled PrayersMay 13: Heroes of FaithMay 14: Preparing Us for PrayerMay 15: Putting Prayer into PracticeMay 16: Principles of the Word in PrayerMay 17: The Impact of SinMay 18: Fear Is Faith in the NegativeMay 19: Do You Struggle with Guilt?May 20: The Sea of ForgetfulnessMay 21: Do You Feel Unworthy?May 22: Do Your Prayers Deserve Answers?May 23: Come Boldly to PrayMay 24: You Are My Beloved ChildMay 25: What Are Your Motives?May 26: The Danger of BitternessMay 27: Forgive as You Are ForgivenMay 28: Do Your Relationships Need to BeRepaired?May 29: Idols of the HeartMay 30: Putting Prayer into PracticeMay 31: Principles for Overcoming Hindrances toPrayerJuneJune 1: Do You Understand Fasting?June 2: Fasting: A Natural Part of the Christian

LifeJune 3: Fasting Puts God FirstJune 4: Fasting Creates an Environment for PrayerJune 5: Fasting Helps Us Hear from GodJune 6: Fasting Brings Power from GodJune 7: Christ Is Our ExampleJune 8: Breakthrough in Difficult SituationsJune 9: Only Prayer and FastingJune 10: The Right Way to FastJune 11: Fasting Brings RestorationJune 12: Putting Prayer into PracticeJune 13: Principles of FastingJune 14: Not a Magic FormulaJune 15: The Power of Jesus’ NameJune 16: Use Your Covenantal RightsJune 17: What’s in a Name?June 18: Names Signify PurposeJune 19: “I Am Who I Am”June 20: Son of God, Son of ManJune 21: Jesus’ Name Meets Our NeedsJune 22: Call on His NameJune 23: Jesus Has Power of AttorneyJune 24: The Holy Spirit Helps Us to PrayJune 25: The Key to HeavenJune 26: Every Knee Will BowJune 27: Putting Prayer into PracticeJune 28: Principles of Praying in Jesus’ NameJune 29: Become a Person of PrayerJune 30: God Desires You as His Partner

JulyJuly 1: God’s Purpose in VisionJuly 2: Vision as the SourceJuly 3: Our Need for VisionJuly 4: The Gold inside YouJuly 5: You Have a Unique VisionJuly 6: Vision Is Inspired by GodJuly 7: The Force of VisionJuly 8: Your Purpose in LifeJuly 9: A Sense of Personal PurposeJuly 10: A Clear PurposeJuly 11: What Is Your Dream?July 12: Born to Be DistinctJuly 13: What Has God Wired You For?July 14: The World Can’t ForgetJuly 15: Known for Her LoveJuly 16: Known for Your VisionJuly 17: Your Purpose Is Your PassionJuly 18: What Is Godly Passion?July 19: Purpose of a HeroineJuly 20: What If They Had Said No?July 21: You Were Born at the Right TimeJuly 22: His Eternal Purpose in Your HeartJuly 23: Your Gift Will Make a WayJuly 24: The World Will Make Room for YouJuly 25: Stirring Up Your GiftJuly 26: Don’t Be an ImitatorJuly 27: You Can Be an InnovatorJuly 28: Jesus, the Greatest Innovator

July 29: Vision Always Comes from PurposeJuly 30: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionJuly 31: Principles of Purpose and VisionAugustAugust 1: What Is the Heart?August 2: The Tablet of the HeartAugust 3: Completed in EternityAugust 4: Purpose before ProductionAugust 5: The Project Start-UpAugust 6: A Glimpse into the FutureAugust 7: Vision Is about GodAugust 8: The Dream That Won’t Go AwayAugust 9: God Speaks to YouAugust 10: Vision Is UnselfishAugust 11: Vision Brings FulfillmentAugust 12: A Vital Connection with GodAugust 13: Vision Is Personal and CorporateAugust 14: We Need TeamworkAugust 15: Problems in Corporate VisionAugust 16: Drawing Out the VisionAugust 17: I Need Your Vision, You Need MineAugust 18: Action Steps in Fulfilling VisionAugust 19: Principles of the Nature of VisionAugust 20: Vision Is SpecificAugust 21: Vision versus MissionAugust 22: No Need for CompetitionAugust 23: The Trap of Wishful ThinkingAugust 24: Are You Committed?August 25: Seeking Balance

August 26: Trying to Do EverythingAugust 27: A Jack-of-All-TradesAugust 28: The Cost of VisionAugust 29: Your Purpose Is Greater Than Your PastAugust 30: Let Your Life Be Fueled by VisionAugust 31: Principles for Understanding VisionSeptemberSeptember 1: Follow His DirectionsSeptember 2: Principles for Fulfilling PersonalVisionSeptember 3: The First Principle: Have a Clear,Guiding PurposeSeptember 4: The Why of ExistenceSeptember 5: A Job versus a PurposeSeptember 6: What You Were Born to DoSeptember 7: What Do You Want?September 8: Vision Is Future-FocusedSeptember 9: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionSeptember 10: Principles of Vision as GuidingPurposeSeptember 11: The Second Principle: UnderstandYour PotentialSeptember 12: The Power at Work within UsSeptember 13: Take a Tour of Your VisionSeptember 14: Perfect for Your PurposeSeptember 15: Say Yes to Your DreamSeptember 16: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionSeptember 17: Principles of Vision as Potential andAbility

September 18: The Third Principle: Develop a ClearPlanSeptember 19: Ideas Are Seeds of DestinySeptember 20: Don’t Float through LifeSeptember 21: A Blueprint of Your VisionSeptember 22: The Importance of PlanningSeptember 23: Acknowledge God’s WorkSeptember 24: Fulfilling Your DestinySeptember 25: Who Runs Your Life?September 26: Setting the Right GoalsSeptember 27: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionSeptember 28: Principles of Vision PlanningSeptember 29: The Fourth Principle: Possess thePassion of VisionSeptember 30: Enabled by PassionOctoberOctober 1: Faithful to the VisionOctober 2: Vision Is the Source of PassionOctober 3: Resistance to the VisionOctober 4: Paying the PriceOctober 5: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionOctober 6: Principles for a Passion for VisionOctober 7: The Fifth Principle: Develop the Faith ofVisionOctober 8: Vision in the HeartOctober 9: Things As They Should BeOctober 10: Creative Thoughts and WordsOctober 11: The Negative Power of WordsOctober 12: Life the Way You See It

October 13: Your Vision Should Outlive YouOctober 14: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionOctober 15: Principles of the Faith of VisionOctober 16: The Sixth Principle: Understand theProcess of VisionOctober 17: God Chooses the RouteOctober 18: In the Midst of the ProcessOctober 19: Preparing for the PurposeOctober 20: Your Vision Awaits an Appointed TimeOctober 21: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionOctober 22: Principles of the Process of VisionOctober 23: The Seventh Principle: Set thePriorities of VisionOctober 24: Not Everything Is BeneficialOctober 25: The Beneficial ThingsOctober 26: Good versus BestOctober 27: Keep Your Eyes on the MarkOctober 28: My Yoke Is EasyOctober 29: Vision Protects YouOctober 30: Vision Disciplines Your ChoicesOctober 31: Discipline Is a TeacherNovemberNovember 1: Make Your Life CountNovember 2: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionNovember 3: Principles of the Priority of VisionNovember 4: The Eighth Principle: Recognize theInfluence of OthersNovember 5: Choosing Your FriendsNovember 6: The Law of Association

November 7: Vision Wakes Up the OppositionNovember 8: The Tobiah SyndromeNovember 9: The Protection of DisassociationNovember 10: The Protection of Limited AssociationNovember 11: Expand Your AssociationNovember 12: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionNovember 13: Principles of Influence on VisionNovember 14: The Ninth Principle: Employ theProvision of VisionNovember 15: Everything You NeedNovember 16: Does Prosperity Mean Excess?November 17: Does Prosperity Mean Future NeedsAre Met Today?November 18: The Nature of Real ProsperityNovember 19: Prosperity for the PurposeNovember 20: Provision Is Right for the VisionNovember 21: “Spare Parts” for Your VisionNovember 22: Warehouses in HeavenNovember 23: The Inherent Wealth of LandNovember 24: God’s Promise of LandNovember 25: The Ability to WorkNovember 26: Motivation for WorkNovember 27: The Ability to CultivateNovember 28: The Ability to Reserve for the FutureNovember 29: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionNovember 30: Principles of Provision for VisionDecemberDecember 1: The Tenth Principle: Use PersistenceDecember 2: The Courage to Stand

December 3: Overcoming Challenges in LifeDecember 4: Is Your Vision Larger Than YourOpposition?December 5: Destiny Demands DiligenceDecember 6: Jesus Encourages PersistenceDecember 7: Fight Through to VictoryDecember 8: We Are WarriorsDecember 9: Character under PressureDecember 10: Test Your Vision for AuthenticityDecember 11: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionDecember 12: Principles of Persistence in VisionDecember 13: The Eleventh Principle: Be PatientDecember 14: The Fullness of TimeDecember 15: Patience to OvercomeDecember 16: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionDecember 17: Principles of Patience for VisionDecember 18: The Twelfth Principle: Have aDynamic, Daily Prayer LifeDecember 19: Encouragement for the FightDecember 20: Prayer Is the Essential ResourceDecember 21: Attached to the Power SupplyDecember 22: Action Steps to Fulfilling VisionDecember 23: Principles of Prayer for VisionDecember 24: Seasons under HeavenDecember 25: Realizing Your VisionDecember 26: Draw Solid Blueprints for Your LifeDecember 27: How to Write Your Personal VisionPlanDecember 28: Finding Your True Vision

December 29: Principles for LifeDecember 30: Identifying ResourcesDecember 31: Commit to Your VisionPrayerAbout the Author

Daily Power and PrayerDevotionMyles Munroe

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IntroductionIn a world of instability, uncertainty, unpredictability, fear,terror, and global confusion, the need for anchors is imperative.The waves of our contemporary cultures make it difficult tonavigate the challenges of each day, snaring the unsuspectingsoul in a current of self-destruction.Throughout history few things have remained stable andunshakable. Yet, without question, the most time-testedelements in the journey of mankind for the past seventhousand years have been the principles of the biblical text.The Word of God has been the sure foundation and source ofhope and faith for millions of people over the years. Thesemillions testify to the results of applying the Scriptures’powerful, eternal truths. God’s Word is the source of vision,faith, confidence, peace, and salvation. Today, its principles areneeded more than ever before.In this devotional, I have isolated two of the most importantthemes of the Word of God: prayer and vision. Each of theseareas can vitally impact life on planet Earth and must beunderstood, explored, and practiced for personal and corporatesuccess.I have battled the frustration of unanswered prayer and knowthe struggle many have faced in this crucial area of the humanexperience. Yet prayer is not difficult if you learn the principlesby which it functions. I discovered these precepts and know

that prayer works and can be achieved by anyone who iswilling to embrace them.I have also experienced the power of vision as I have capturedthe dream in my heart and pursued it with all diligence. Ilearned priceless principles that took me from where I was towhere I am today and discovered that those principles areavailable to every human and will guarantee the same results toall who are willing to apply them.In these daily devotions, I have labored to present the basicprinciples of these two vital subjects, along with practicalinstructions and advice.Because the Word of God is essential for life, I have alsoincluded daily Scripture texts for reading through the Bible inone year, with one Old Testament and one New Testamentpassage for each day. Jesus said, “Man does not live on breadalone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God”(Matthew 4:4), and the apostle Paul wrote, “Let the word ofChrist dwell in you richly” (Colossians 3:16). It is imperativethat we allow the God’s Word to dwell richly in our hearts sothat, as we meditate on it and absorb it, it truly becomes a partof our lives. Whenever we study the Word of God, we shouldalso pray and ask God for wisdom. The Holy Spirit is ourteacher, and we need to ask Him to illuminate the Word and togive us insight.I challenge you to use this book to cultivate a lifestyle ofprayer and visionary living that is destined to make a differencein your generation and the one to come, leaving an impact on

the earth. Throughout the year, I will be with you as a lifecoach—helping, guiding, and motivating you to pursue yourbest and achieve your greatest potential in life.May the Creator bless you as you pursue Him, enabling youto become all you were born to be. Let us begin the journey togreatness, and may each day’s devotion take you closer to Hisperfect will for your life.God bless you.—Dr. Myles Munroe


January 1Everyone Prays!The President of the United States does it, the Prime Ministerof Israel does it, the Chairman of the Palestinian People does it,and the Queen of England does it.Jews do it, Muslims do it, Hindus do it, Buddhists do it,pagans do it, heathens do it, Christians do it. Few are sure itworks; even fewer believe it is necessary. What is it? Prayer!Prayer could be designated as the first product of globalreligion. No matter how diverse the religions of the world maybe, they all practice prayer. Prayer is religion’s neutralizer.Yet prayer is still the most elusive and misunderstood practiceof religious adherents. To understand prayer is the desire ofevery man’s heart; even the pagan longs to connect with thedivine and find comfort, access, and results. Understandingprayer, however, takes some work. We must first understandthe source, principles, and purpose of prayer.What is prayer? Why is it necessary? How should we pray?Why must we pray to God in the name of Jesus? Why are ourprayers not always answered the way we expect? What roledoes faith have in the process of prayer? Does prayer affect orchange destiny?The questions go on and on; you can probably add many moreto the list. To understand the foundation of prayer, we must

understand the mind and purpose of the Creator Himself.Prayer is a result of God’s established authority betweenheaven and earth, as well as a product of His faithfulness toHis Word. “Your word, O LORD, is eternal. Your faithfulnesscontinues through all generations” (Psalm 119:89–90). In thefollowing pages, we will come to understand God’s powerful,eternal purpose for man and prayer.Prayer: Father, thank You for the gift of prayer.Please open my heart to understand the purpose andprinciples of prayer in the coming months.In Jesus’ name, amen.Thought: When you understand the principles of prayer, youcan communicate with God with power, grace, and confidence.

January 2The Greatest Common Denominator P rayer isthe greatest common denominator among all thegreat biblical characters and thousands of strongbelievers throughout history. Moses practiced it.Abraham practiced it. King David, Solomon,Esther, Deborah, Daniel, Joseph, all the prophets—and, of course, Jesus Christ Himself—hadprofound commitments to lives of prayer. Thebiblical record shows the direct impact of theirprayers on the circumstances and situations theyfaced. The evidence affirms one thing: no matterwhat you may think about prayer, somehow itworks.Is man’s role in prayer important? God believes so. God’sactions in the earthly realm require human participation. Topreserve humanity in the Flood, He needed Noah. To create anation, He needed Abraham. To lead Israel, He needed Moses.To bring back Israel from captivity, He needed Daniel. To defeatJericho, He needed Joshua. To preserve the Hebrews, Heneeded Esther. To secure the salvation of mankind, He neededto become a man.Prayer is not optional, but necessary. If we don’t pray, heaven

cannot intervene in earth’s affairs. We must take responsibilityfor the earth and shape what happens here by our prayer lives.“Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that theyshould always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1, emphasisadded).I invite you to discover your power, authority, and rights inthe earth and to position yourself to become a faith channel forheavenly influence in earth’s affairs. Heaven depends on you,and the earth needs you.Prayer is meant to be one of the most exciting aspects of a lifeof faith. It has the power to transform lives, changecircumstances, give peace in the midst of trial, alter the courseof nations, and win the world for Christ.Prayer: Father, thank You for providing biblical examplesof lives dedicated to prayer. Help me to have a prayerlife that brings powerful transformations.In Jesus’ name, amen.Thought: The power of prayer is the inheritance of the believer.Reading: Genesis 1–3; Matthew 1

January 3

An Effective Prayer LifeConsider this scenario: the day after he made a personalcommitment to follow the Christian faith, Thomas was shockedto see a mere handful of people in the large building that hadoverflowed with worshippers the day before. “Where iseveryone?” Thomas asked.“I’m not sure,” answered Cory, “but this is the way it is atevery Monday night prayer meeting.”“But yesterday there were thousands here for corporateworship,” Thomas said, bewildered. “I thought all Christiansprayed. Why aren’t they here? Why don’t they attend prayermeetings like they attend the regular worship service?”Does this scenario sound familiar? We can measure theaverage Christian’s belief in the effectiveness of prayer by howfew people attend prayer meetings in our churches. Prayer isnot a priority for us. Other activities seem more exciting. Wedon’t mind attending Bible studies, participating in ministryoutreaches, or serving on church committees, but we avoidprayer—both individually and corporately—because we don’tunderstand it.Outwardly, we agree that prayer is worthwhile, but secretly wewonder: Does God really hear me when I pray? Why does itseem as if my prayers just hit the ceiling and bounce back atme? Unanswered prayer is a major obstacle to a life of truefaith. Through the truths and principles we will share in the

days ahead, you can change your outlook on God, yourself,and prayer. You can have an effective prayer life that willoverflow into all the other areas of your life. The principles youdiscover will help to clear away the obstacle of unansweredprayer that has kept you from fulfilling your purpose, so youcan enter into a new dimension of faith, deep love for God, andpower for service.Prayer: Father, I don’t want to avoid prayer.Please lead me into a life of powerful and effective prayer.In Jesus’ name, amen.Thought: How would you measure your own belief in prayer?Reading: Genesis 4–6; Matthew 2

January 4God Is Faithful to Answer God is faithful toanswer prayer. Our understanding of prayer hasbecome so distorted that we have developed adefinition for the word that reverses its truemeaning. When we believe something has no—orlittle—chance of happening, we say, “It hasn’t gota prayer.” Yet Jesus assures us that God hears andanswers our prayers. He said, “Therefore I tellyou, whatever you ask for in prayer, believethat you have received it, and it will be yours”(Mark 11:24, emphasis added). The answer is sosure that we are instructed to believe it hasalready happened.God’s will and Word do work when they are understood andput into practice. Whether or not you believe it right now,prayer does work, but you must first understand it. You mustlearn how to pray according to the truths and principles ofprayer found in God’s Word. True, biblical prayer buildsintimacy with God, honors His nature and character, instillsrespect for His integrity, enables belief in His Word, causestrust in His love, affirms His purposes and will, andappropriates His promises.

Prayer is meant to be answered—otherwise, God would notask us to pray. He won’t waste your time and effort; He’s toopractical for that. He is interested in results, not just “manywords” (Matthew 6:7) spoken in prayer. Jesus’ approach toprayer was also very practical. He didn’t pray withoutexpecting to be heard. He said, “Father, I thank you that youhave heard me. I knew that you always hear me” (John 11:41–42, emphasis added). We need to know how to approach Godand to learn the kind of prayers God responds to. We need topray as Jesus prayed.Prayer: Father, I desire to learn Your heart concerning prayer.Teach me of Your faithfulness to answer prayer.In Jesus’ name, amen.Thought: Prayer is meant to be one of the most excitingaspects of a life of faith.Reading: Genesis 7–9; Matthew 3

January 5What Is the Purpose of Prayer?What is the purpose of prayer? Doesn’t God do whatever Hewants, anyway? Why should we have to pray when Godalready knows everything?These are valid questions. To answer them, we first need tounderstand essential truths about God’s nature and Hispurposes for mankind that make prayer necessary. We willspend a few days looking at God’s original intent for mankindand for prayer.To begin with, God does everything for a reason, because Heis a God of purpose. His actions are not arbitrary. “The LORDAlmighty has sworn, ‘Surely, as I have planned, so it will be,and as I have purposed, so it will stand’” (Isaiah 14:24). “Theplans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heartthrough all generations” (Psalm 33:11). “Many are the plansin a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”(Proverbs 19:21).God is a God of purpose, and everything He has created inthis world, including men and women, has been created tofulfill His purposes. The Creator’s commitment to His originalintent for creation is a priority for Him that motivates andregulates all His actions. We can trust that God’s purposes aresteadfast and that they will guide us into His perfect will forour lives.

I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times,what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will doall that I please.(Isaiah 46:10–11) Prayer: Father, You are a Godof purpose. Thank Youfor including me in Your purposes for this earth.Please use me to help fulfill Your plans.In Jesus’ name, amen.Thought: Everything God does is driven by His purposeddesire, which never changes.Reading: Genesis 10–12; Matthew 4

January 6Let Us Make Man in Our Image God said, “Letus make man in our image, in our likeness”(Genesis 1:26). What does this statement revealabout His purposes for humanity and for prayer?First, God created humanity t

August 14: We Need Teamwork August 15: Problems in Corporate Vision August 16: Drawing Out the Vision August 17: I Need Your Vision, You Need Mine August 18: Action Steps in Fulfilling Vision August 19: Principles of the Nature of Vision August 20: Vision Is Specific August 21: