Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportIntroductionMedicaid clients receiving Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) in Colorado weresurveyed by mail regarding their satisfaction with the services provided by their Financial ManagementServices (FMS) provider. This report1 is specific to the FMS provider Public Partnerships LLC (PPL), butsummarized survey results for Palco and PPL are included on page one for comparison. This survey wasconducted by Consumer Direct Care Network Colorado (CDCN) under contractual obligation with theColorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF).MethodologyCDASS members were asked through mail survey to rate services provided by their FMS provider.Questions focused on FMS provider responsibilities toward customer service, web‐based systemsfunctionality and accessibility, and employer and payroll functions. Survey questions were approved byHCPF prior to mailing. The back page of the survey allowed for open‐ended comments.CDCN mailed surveys on March 28, 2021 using member mailing lists provided by both Palco and PPL.Survey recipients were asked to return completed surveys by April 30, 2021 using an included postage‐paid envelope. Data entry and analysis of returned surveys was conducted by CDCN QualityImprovement department staff. Comments were data entered as close to the hand written text aspossible, but with names and contact information removed or redacted.Satisfaction questions were formatted as a numeric five point Likert rating scale, with 5 being best ormost satisfied, and 1 being worst or least satisfied. Satisfaction ratings for each question are expressedas a common arithmetic average. An overall satisfaction rating ‐ the weighted average for all questionsis also presented.Satisfaction Ratings Summary all FMSsNumber of surveys mailedNumber of surveys returned2Return % of Answers with highest rating value of 560.0%56.2%57.0%My overall satisfaction with my FMS can bedescribed as (average rating, question 7) weighted average (questions 3‐7) report is intended for review by HCPF only, and is not for public distribution unless authorized by HCPF. Returnedsurveys and data analysis spreadsheet file are available to HCPF upon request.2Surveys received after April 30, 2021 not included in the survey analysis. FMS affiliation based on self‐identification of FMSprovider in question one. Surveys with no FMS identified in question one are excluded from this report.May 27, 2021Page 1

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportPage 1 of the survey (for reference)May 27, 2021Page 2

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportPage 2 of the survey (for reference)May 27, 2021Page 3

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportSatisfaction RatingsYes2. If you were affiliated with Acumen Fiscal Agent for the entire 2020 year, please mark “Yes” and completethe date you transferred to your current FMS vendor.%11.9%Number (#) and Percent (%) of Answers by Rating Value3. Please rate trainings and/or resources providedby your FMS at enrollment.123NeverEnrollment materials are easy to read/understand.Training I received about how my attendant/s trackand submit their work hours was helpful.I know how to contact my FMS if I have questions.The enrollment process for myself and myattendant/s was easy to .2% 116 29.3% 184 46.5% 3964.15143.6%143.6%5413.8% 108 27.6% 202 51.5% 3924.20112.7%163.9%266.3%18.4% 284 68.8% 4134.47205.1%297.3%5714.4% 106 26.8% 184 46.5% 3964.0276%Always#%Number (#) and Percent (%) of Answers by Rating Value4. Please rate the assistance provided by your FMSwith questions you have about online resources.12Very Poor#%34Average#%#5%Excellent#%NAvg#%Using my FMS’ website.184.7%174.4%7018.2%9625.0% 183 47.7% 3844.07Online or mobile app timesheet submission.225.7%236.0%5514.4%9825.6% 185 48.3% 3834.05Number (#) and Percent (%) of Answers by Rating Value5. When contacting your FMS with a question orconcern, staff members 123Never#%#%4Sometimes#%#5%Always#%NAvgAre respectful?10.2%51.2%245.8%8019.5% 301 73.2% 4114.64Answer the phone?245.9%358.6%6716.5%8120.0% 198 48.9% 4053.97Return your call or email within one (1) business day?276.7%369.0%6015.0%7619.0% 202 50.4% 4013.97Clearly answer your question or concern?92.2%276.6%6515.9%8821.5% 221 53.9% 4104.18Number (#) and Percent (%) of Answers by Rating Value6. Please rate these services provided by your FMS.12Very Poor#%34Average#%%NAvg#%Assistance completing FMS enrollment paperwork.164.3%195.1%4913.0%8422.3% 208 55.3% 3764.19Timeliness in processing FMS enrollment paperwork.174.5%266.8%5714.9%8321.7% 199 52.1% 3824.10Paying your Attendants – on time.71.7%174.1%358.5%8520.7% 266 64.9% 4104.43Paying your Attendants – accurately.51.2%82.0%286.8%8420.5% 284 69.4% 4094.55Providing accurate and timely tax documentation.102.5%92.3%358.8%8621.6% 259 64.9% 3994.44Number (#) and Percent (%) of Answers by Rating Value7. My overall satisfaction with my FMS can bedescribed as:123Totals45NeitherSatisfiednor isfied#%#%Avg#%#%#92.2%204.8%512193.4%3124.9%809 12.7% 1454 22.8% 3588 56.2% 6382 4.23N12.3% 107 25.8% 228 54.9% 4154.27N total number of responses for the questionMay 27, 2021Page 4

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportQualitative Comment AnalysisOne hundred nineteen (119) of the 427 surveys received contained written comments. Topics withincomments were classified into common themes or categories. A summary of applied Thematic Coding ispresented ized RepresentativeCaregiver HiringCaregiver PayCaregiver Time SubmittalCase ManagerCommunication (Dissatisfied)Communication (Satisfied)Consumer DirectCovidDifficulty with PaperworkEnrollment ProcessEVVFMS Staff InteractionNo CommentSatisfied with ServicesTrainingWebsite/SoftwareSum21Number ofMentions43822943971576161323549% of .5%2.6%3.6%3.1%8.2%6.7%1.0%18.0%2.1%4.6%194An Excel spreadsheet documenting application of thematic codes is being supplied to HCPF as a separate resource.2Individual comments that covered multiple topics were classified into multiple categories; sum of “Mentions” exceeds totalcomments received.May 27, 2021Page 5

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportWritten CommentsI am thankful for every representative I worked with. Each was kind, professional, and worked until every needpresented was addressed.All the best for your future.Sincerely,[illegible]Time 4 care – is terrible, takes forever to get time doneEnrollment documents MUST have Form Fields & text fields & check box fields, and radio button fields. Thiswould allow computer fill‐in the form with keyboard, mouse, spoken word & listeningPPL does NOT do this! Contact me for a demonstration.Always gratefulMy attendant is being shorted on her check every month and then it takes forever to get somebody to talk to.Then, they tell us to resubmit the hours next month which I feel is illegal because it does not give youaccountable records for that month.I am ready to place a formal complain to the labor law dept. I would like to know if you plan to correct thissituation or not? I think this is a very serious situation.Thank you!Long wait times for answering phones. Automated answering system is congested with verbage. Takes 5minutes to get through to be on hold waiting another 20‐30 mins to speak with someone.Everything fine.Sometimes they are slow at Paying my attendant. Especially during the Pandemic. Money has been very tightfor some families. My attendant has complained they don’t respond to her when she has trouble getting to thesite. Won’t let her log in somedays. Otherwise things are going amazing. She cares about her clients.PPL has made our lives not so stressful.Nothing at this time.The whole process is to long and complicated it could be streamlined.The mobile app is horrible. It takes forever to get started! Why?We had a few glitches when the online timesheet became mandatory but things have worked out fine.I tried to hire a provider in summer 2020. After requesting a hard copy of a form to be mailed to me numeroustimes throughout the rest of 2020 early 2021. I NEVER received the form. I didn’t have a printer to print outthe form from the internet, and I was told several times that the form would be mailed. Finally, I was able toobtain a printer and printed the form myself. The provider was finally approved in February 2021. By then, shehad taken another job. I have had insufficient care for so long, and had inadequate care to recover from majorsurgery, an allergic reaction to medication, and major dangerous complications in Feb 2021—all thanks to PPL.Now I can’t get out of the house to start interviewing people to try to fill the position again.I was never sure FMS was my vendorCustomer Service is wonderfulMay 27, 2021Page 6

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportWritten Comments‐ Don’t return phone calls when I leave msg. and/or follow‐up calls to answer questions.‐ Spend ¾ of phone time confirming acct. info the staff members repeating info back to me. Is there a way tostream line the experience? I always have to allow at least 1 hour for a phone call with PPL and then I’m maybecalled back, with an answer, at PPL’s leisure. Unfortunately, most often I’m busy with client, using thebathroom or in the middle of the grocery store!! VERY frustrating!It takes a really long time to get attendants approved for work. This is very difficult to deal with as we need toget them working for our situation, as soon as possible.When leaving a message, sometimes they don’t get back to me. They are getting better at it however.Paychecks take a week or more after pay period ends.I have been with PPL for about 6 years. I am very satisfied with them. Whenever I call they answer and takenumber to call me back so I will not lose my place in line. Then they call me when I was told they would. Theydo not end call until all questions are answered or telling me when they would have an answer. They arethrough [sic] and professional but care about you!PPL is hiring people who do not speak good English. Therefore it is difficult to get my questions answered.There is definitely a language berrier [sic].The application process took months ‐Covid happened in MarchNever found employees – no one in Alamosa wanted/ or qualified for job. (salary)Wasted effort‐Took many more months for cancellations to occur ‐ACPH ‐ care manager never did her jobACPH had no homecare providers sinceCustomer service is below average and not prompt. Requests submitted via the website contact form willrarely receive a response and agents are typically unable to answer questions. This has resulted in muchfrustration over the past year since repeated calls have been required to resolve errors related to the CDASSbudget. Also, it takes far too long to register new employees and often I have borne expenses for start‐up costsuntil new employees’ paperwork is processed, which can take up to a few weeks or more.I can not reach cust svc on phone number I was given (888‐752‐8250) I call this number it talks aboutsatisfaction survey switches to survey and hangs up. I have to enrollment team (877‐908‐1752) and ask themquestion or they will have cust svc people call me back.Also inputting time & approving it using mobile app. Log in it will lock up when you try to get to date it will logoff. I have to log in again and it will finally let employee input time and let me approve it.Hard to get ahold of cust svc.I am very pleased with this.I have had 3 caseworkers in 2 years. First onewas hard working and on top everything for 5I never talk to her. But my [illegible] isyears or about. She was the best one. The second was:trying get things done. So far she emails and checks on us every couple months. I do everything by drop off andemail I pray I don’t lose her.If it is due to getting attendant pay and everything I call PPL andthey fix or tell me what is wrong and how to fix it. I happy that [sic]No complaintsSometimes they don’t return calls.May 27, 2021Page 7

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportWritten Comments‐ Service is good when I can reach a person over the phone. But the phone menu system is HORRIBLE.‐ The mobile app is great—when it works. Attendant hours are often saved but not submitted.The messages I leave are forgotten; I’m still waiting for call backs. When they do call back they are respectfuland friendly. The untimeliness [illegible] my [illegible.]Most of the time like answer questions regarding clocking in and out. Or if someone getting locked out byaccident. They help you solve the problem accurate steps to get back log‐in timely fashion.My wife worked through May 10. We submitted her time but was told her contract had expired it was latercompleted but the time to submit had expired. We have contacted the caseworker here in Walsenburg as wellas CDASS. All agree she is owed but nobody seems to be able to process her hours.2 of 3 attendants have had trouble with new smart phone App.Overall, PPL makes it easy for me, as authorized representative.was wonderfulIt’s so hard to get through to supervisors or area managers if a customer service rep can’t answer myquestions. Don’t know if there’s a quicker way to call us back.The training and information would be very difficult for some one not was older, not well educated orcomputer literate. I am a social worker and it was challenging for me. After all the paper work is done and youron the program it rolls very smoothly! And I’m glad I chose it! Thanks EVV training was terrific and detailed. EVV app is easy to use and works well. All my interactions for employee logins/resets has been quick and flawless. No complaints!! Kudos to PPL for PPE cost from care dollars!!The training and paperwork involved is very intense. It seems like it could be more concise and not require somuch time.I am elderly and it was taxing. Once you get passed the process of paperwork and training it has been easier.Thank you for providing me the help I so need. Truly a blessing, especially during this covid Pandemic.has been Amazing, I appreciate her kindness, patience and understanding. Having twoMy caseworkerspine surgeries, a brain injury and sever [sic] depression, things can get very overwhelming. I appreciate “myteam.” Ya’ll keep me going.Thank youThanks for a job well done!Update systemOld Info. Can’t contact P.P.L.They need A Good Phone number forI don’t know how to contact FMS.It would be good to receive their contact information!!I believe that we need to go back to online website timesheet because the phone is sometime hard to do myphone is not a big phone. Thank you.Sometimes the App wont load so work times can’t be added till a much later time.May 27, 2021Page 8

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportWritten CommentsWas never notified of changes in 2020 taxes. Was tax exempt up until changes. I noticed tax were being takenout of my attendants checks.I have a new employee who has been trying to start her shift by phone since 3/10/2021 and as of today4/6/2021 she still can no[t] get her shift started by phone. She had to do her time manually through EVV HelpDesk.English seems to be the second language and is very hard to understand. ‐ Customer ServiceCustomer Service rarely answers the phone live ‐ always got a recorded message. Return calls are usually after3 days and are automated and we are instructed to left a message again!!Customer Service sucks and needs major improvement.Turning in time it kicks us off 3‐4 times before we turn in timeIn the 3 years I’ve been the Authorized Rep for a client and worked with PPL I have been frustrated/unsure thestatus of employees and/or not able to reach a PPL representative 70‐80% of the time. Most of the time I’mput on hold for so long (taking time from my actual job) that I’m eventually forwarded to voicemail and onlyonce did I receive a call to follow up on the voicemail. In setting up employees, I’ve frequently not beenupdated when/if there are issues with the paperwork (making it take even longer to start the employee). I’vecalled to remove old staff and yet they’re still in the system (from my portal access), and I’m toobusy/frustrated to keep following up to get it done correctly. I’ve been told I can view the status of EEpaperwork from the online portal but it doesn’t tell me if there are issues, just says “yes/no” if they’re okay towork. Overall very frustrated.PPL has terrible paperwork management policies ‐ each form has to be submitted multiple times due to themlosing docs. They are not clear in what changes are needed.Their “secured” email system is neither useful nor secure as we cannot upload to a secure site.They are the best!I have no additional comments,Thank You!Enrollment team does a good job. However, I have had some issues with supervisors understanding my issueswhen they happen then getting a timely resolution.PPL works seamlessly when the client has no out of the ordinary circumstances. Once the client has an unusualneed, getting help can take weeks if not longer, to talk with the right person.Attendant started off using the timesheet he was given. When he called to find out why he hadn’t gotten paid,they said he was using the wrong (old) timesheet.We weren’t clear about the online thing, and calling to ask for help was a nightmare, because getting throughon the phone was useless.Once I got someone that clearly walked me through it there were no other problems. It was just at thebeginning.Very slow response time to email questions and in updating information after submitting forms. I have hademails go un‐answered and have had to submit questions via email multiple times. Phone system is not easyfor Authorized Reps since it is set up for clients info to be entered. When issues come up for my two clients Ihave to call twice sometimes. Not easy when both are siblings and in the same household, many times I amhaving to address the same issue for both clients.May 27, 2021Page 9

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportWritten CommentsThe customer service is excellent. We receive timely responses to phone inquiries and emails. We are verypleased with the excellent, skilled professionals who assist us.The whole process is confusing and buggy. Phone assistance is hard and not useful. Phone assistance is also nottimely.Do not like that all recent calls went to the call back option.PPL – provides excellent service since starting the programThere have been no attendant enrollments in this household since the initial enrollment years ago. I take careof the time sheets and monitor the budget summary each pay period. I am satisfied with how this programworks and provides income for the care ofSometimes they get things done other times they fart around. Turned in a change of Pay rate form in Dec of2020. Didn’t call to tell us it was wrong went all the way through Jan Feb and half of march at a different payrate.Difficult to reach FMS customer service at times. Some FMS customer service reps are more helpful thanothers.We are pleased with company. They are always helpful.The online portal to access and do timesheets struggles. it deletes times and dates, won’t easily switch screensfrom one entry to the next. The App is hard to use. It’s layout is okay to follow, just doesn’t run smoothly.PPI is great been with them for years never had a problem.I am very grateful!!Thank you so much for assisting me and my caretakers!You can call in and an agent will tell you that something has been resolved but you can’t trust that it is accurateinformation.Worse yet ‐ their robo machine calls and says to call PPL. No indication of what the matter could be. When youcall and finally reach an agent they don’t know why PPL needed us to call.Resolving anything with PPL takes 2‐3 times longer than what is would for any other business.I find it annoying when 1 person says to do something then when you call back you are told you needed to dosomething else. Then when you fax in paperwork if it is incorrect or “unreadable” nobody notifies you. Also ifnot tech savy your program is very difficult and requires numerous phone calls and time waiting on the phone.PPL has been great – always pay accurately and on time. They get you the forms you need quickly. The newway to put in time worked is much easier and better. This program has been life changing for our family andfor that we are grateful!PPL habitually calls back 48 hr. After leaving message. Both my attendants have sent all their banking info toPPL and have yet to have direct pay. Both my attendants did not get paid for 3 months Jan 1 2020‐May 7 2020.When they did get paid they argued about the hours, andlost 2 wks pay. [Illegible]lost 2 wks July 1‐15 2019. When I had surgery and needed 24 hr. care they told me to have them work, andthey would adjust at fiscal. There was no money and my girl’s worked 1 week free and told me to pay them.May 27, 2021Page 10

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportWritten CommentsFMS provider has paid employees out of wrong accounts.FMS provider has mixed up employees and paid wrong employee.Tax documents where late.Online budget tools are useless as they don’t keep up.Pay rates are never posted before changes.Customer service takes 3‐4 months to resolve issues.Always friendly, always helpful.Getting supervisors to return calls is the main complaint.When struggling to get new providers approved ‐ there are hold ups or other problems that we have to talk tosupervisors over. We don’t get call backs unless I get very aggressive ‐ should never reach that point.Getting call backs.Some more training to your staff. Some know they can look immediately at e‐mailed paper work. Others willargue that they won’t be able to see such paper work for 24‐48 hours ‐ ugh! They can see the paperwork ‐ theywon’t even try!Overall, my experience with PPL has been great. The only times I ever had issues is when the pay rate needs tobe adjusted due to an increase of monthly allocation. I didn’t know I needed to re‐send documents. Myattendants were not paid for a full month. Once the issue was semi‐resolved I still have issues. It would help toknow what documents need to be re‐sent each year and when; and to be very precise in the letters regardingwhat changes need to be made, to who, why they need to be changed, and when it’s due. Overall great work!Thank you for being a blessing in my life during these difficult times.Putting in hours on App. doesn’t work very well. It knocks you out of App or doesn’t respond at times it takes5‐10 minutes to put hours in.It would be helpful for attendants to be able to adjust withholdings on their accounts. Thank you.Customer service is terrible. FMS staff many times don’t know the correct answers, or I receive differentanswers. I have to call in multiple times for answers.Also, I’ve made 3 email requests to increase pay for an associated and my emails go unanswered.Terrible follow up and response time. I wish I could fire PPL and use a different service.With a provider as large as PPL you would think you could find a time app that works better than time 4 care ifI had to rate it I would give it a very very poor to terrible rating. It Freezes up when punching in or out whichcauses time errors which need to be corrected which if you have very many time added they begin to questionyou which is not your fault but the worthless App.I’m very satisfied with FMS programThank you,[survey 1 of 2]I’m very satisfied with FMS programThank you,[survey 2 of 2]I still haven’t received my W‐2 form from last year. Sorry realized I have to get ahold of ppl.Always have had excellent responses when needed.We thank you for our good service.Thank YouMay 27, 2021Page 11

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportWritten Commentsof PPL did an excellent job of helping the AR and attendants fill out all of the paperwork forenrollment. After that there wasn’t ANY training of ANY kind on how to log anything for PPL. PPL neveranswers the phone, you must always leave a message, and you may never get a response back. PPL has verypoor customer service.I am very happy with Public Partnerships.My attendants paychecks are always received after the initial payday. But we are satisfied with the agents inhelping us get accurate information when we call to check on her pay. They know about anything we may askabout.I appreciate all their efforts. They make it easier for me to understand and help my mom w/ caregivers.My FMS time 4 care App is very poor It always says wait not responding then I send feedback and it seemsas if it (App) is getting worse. That is my only dissatisfaction with my F.M.S.The enrollment into FMS was smooth and efficientI am very excited to be a member and employer using FMS.New hire processing can be painful, I have to follow up [illegible] on my side or extremely not timely.Any rate change or paperwork, I have to follow up.Transition in 2020 when we went to EVV, very unsmooth, and inconsistent per employee.Was not explained clearly at the change that all employees needed rate “change” form provided. Where nochanges employees ended up held up until form submitted, not case w/all employees.Changing information once in the system appears to be straight forward but not necessarily so. If something isentered incorrectly it’s difficult to get it straightened out, different information from different people.Changing over to the new time entry system took months because I wasn’t told there was a problem untilreceiving a notice that the attendants weren’t going to get paid unless paper was sent in. It had been in 4months prior, but a sheet was missing etc. etc. An unnecessarily frustrating situation ‐ an email when the firstforms arrived would have saved time!Extremely good!!!This program has helped to keep our Handicapped daughter at homeThank you [survey 1 of 2]This program has helped to keep our Handicapped daughter at homeThank you [survey 2 of 2]We especially like working withworking of the system. Please give. She’s our go to as others aren’t adequately informed of thea “shout out” for her “out of the world” service to the clients and ar’s. The online W2 function does not work for my employee’s. The W2 has the wrong information for my family member (employee) Who takes care of my member.‐ It should not have anything in Block 1*This is 2 years now that taxes are a nightmare because of this error that we have brought to your attention onseveral occasions.May 27, 2021Page 12

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL)2021 Member Satisfaction Survey ReportWritten CommentsThe Time4care app is unstable and the Attendants complain about it frequently.Information provided about COVID sick pay hours was incomplete. It was not clear they were supposed toenter their hours in Addition to the Form. And after I emailed my question about how attendents get paid; noinstruction was given on how to code their hours forgot?/iphone issues/etc.We site has gotten Better!! [sic]5 stars for allowing upload of Forms!!5 stars for improving contact us form w/ Auto Fill of chart identifying info. Finally, I get answers to myquestions The 1st time instead of the 1st reply was also previously ‐ “we’re sorry we can’t answer your questionbecause you forget to list 5 identifying pieces of information.”More money for employees who live at home with client. Client care requires more time and hours workedthan is allowed through the program.Work out situation about employees who live at home with client. The system does not work in their favor. Weget screwed over as far as money and payment and hours worked goes.A lot of times you get someone who is hard to understand (English is not their 1st language). When I haveproblems or questions that they themselves can not answer they are almost rude about it like it is my or mymembers problem (we are the dumb ones). We call for help or answers, not to be belittled! Do they forget weare helping others who need help?! When I do call I’m taking time from helping/supporting the member/client,please be considerate with my time and concerns. Do not ask for my log on ID’s! That to me is a red flag! I donot know you and I’m not sharing my passwords for our security!We understand the need to have bi‐lingual speaking people. For us, English is our 1st language, actually it isour only language. Don’t be biased by names.We been in PPL for longer [illegible] were [sic] happy and satisfied with the service. Thank you.The FMS provider is good (PPL)It’s Consumer Direct employees that are very disrespectful. Starting with a lady by the name of.PPL needs more customer service people answering phones. It’s seldom convenient to wait for a return call. Ilost an employee because she could not get answers on a problem she had.PPL always forces us to leave our phone #, even when I call 8AM when they 1st open. I do not hear back andhave not talked to them since 2020.My employee’s answers are the same, so I am only sending in my survey.L TC inrolled me in CDAS back in “07 or “08. (lllooonng time ago)I understand EVV was passed in “17; going live in “20. No one every thought we See SARS ‐ Cov 2 (COVID‐19).Time 4 Care and EVV are doing the best they can to keep up, with in these programing.I think my FMS is [illegible] now.I need larger printed reading material, can’t see @ times when reading, Have to use magnifying glass.Everything was professional and phone bank helpers are very courteous

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) 2021 Member Satisfaction Survey Report May 27, 2021 Page 1 Introduction Medicaid clients receiving Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) in Colorado were surveyed by mail regarding their satisfaction with the services provided by their Financial Management . On