Kronos Time and Attendance RenewalTTI PresentationLisa Kent, CIOSummer Xiao, Deputy CIO – Enterprise Applications

SummaryVendorKronosPurpose:Kronos is the current time and attendance trackingsystem used city-wide. This renewal contract is topurchase the continued support and maintenance ofthe Kronos Time and Attendance system. The contractalso include capacity for future upgrade needs. This isa SaaS, vendor hosted solution with 241 physical timeclocks installed onsite at City of Houston locations.ContractAmount: 15,662,996.14DepartmentsContractTerm:Citywide3 1 1 1(3 one-year renewal options, total of 6 years possible)

Vendor Overview City of Houston implemented Kronos Workforce CentralProduct in 2011. Kronos is used city-wide and integratedinto SAP. Kronos is a leader in the workforce management softwareindustry. Founded in 1977 and currently has 35,000customers worldwide. COH currently uses Kronos Desktop, Kronos Clocks andKronos Mobile App for employee time and attendancemanagement. Kronos introduced Kronos Dimensions 2017 as the nextgeneration cloud and SaaS workforce solutions tool.

Contract Core Components Current Software Licenses – Licenses for existing users for WorkforceCentral product. Support and Maintenance – Support and maintenance for existingWorkforce Central product. Hardware – New Kronos clocks, replacing outdated clocks Upgrades – Upgrades to new versions of the Workforce CentralProduct. New Software Licenses – Future upgrade to Workforce Dimensionproduct that will eventually replace Workforce Central. Telestaff productfor HAS and HFD shift bidding. Professional Services – Professional services for upgrades or newsoftware purchases.

Contract New Components Houston Airport System Telestaff software for 1200 users.Telestaff is an add-on software to Kronos that enables shiftbidding. HAS plans to implement Telestaff in FY2020. One timeimplementation cost is 147,442 and annual cost is 83,952. Houston Fire Department will implement Kronos and Telestaffsoftware for 3900 users. This will replace the current legacycustom built time and attendance system maintenance. One timeimplementation cost is 216,945 and annual cost is 288,288. Kronos released a complete new application called Dimensionsthat is planned to replace the Kronos Central application. Weanticipate moving to that system in the next 3 years. One timeimplementation is 1,052,520 and annual cost is 1,789,360.

Kronos New Products Kronos TelestaffTelestaff is a Kronos Product which has call back and shift biddingfunctionalities. It enables organizations to call back staff based onqualifications and enables equity in overtime distribution. Employeesalso can bid on open shifts using Telestaff. These functionalities areessential to HFD moving away from the legacy custom built application. Kronos DimensionsDimensions is the latest Kronos Time and Attendance platform that isbuilt on current technology. Kronos Dimensions will eventuallyreplace the current Workforce Central product used by the City ofHouston. Dimensions is a platform software that has the latest userinterface (UI) design and enables intelligent analytics through datacollected on the platform.

6 Year Contract Spend ForecastKRONOS Contract Planned Spending AuthorityDept.ServicesFundWorkforce Central(Existing Product)HITSFY2021FY2022FY2023FY2024FY2025 1,249,813.00Totals 1,249,813.00 8,946,800.00Workforce Dimensions SaaS(Future Product) 1,789,360.00Workforce DimensionsPS/Training 1,052,520.00 1,052,520.00 837,600.00 837,600.00 25,740.00 26,769.60 27,840.38 28,954.00 30,112.16 164,166.14Houston Fire Telestaff- 3900 users 288,288.00 288,288.00 288,288.00 288,288.00 288,288.00 1,441,440.00Telestaff PS/Training 216,945.00 216,945.00Professional Services 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 500,000.00 83,952.00 83,952.00 83,952.00 83,952.00 83,952.00 503,712.00 147,442.00100,000.00 702,558.00 2,391,712.16 15,662,996.14inTouch with Touch ID- 250 clocksAnnual HardwareMaintenanceHASFY2020Houston Airports Telestaff- 1200 usersTelestaff TrainingProfessional ServicesTotal by Fiscal Year1002 RevolvingFund 8001 – Revenue Fund 24,750.0083,952.00 1,789,360.00 1,789,360.00 1,789,360.00 1,789,360.0047,442.00202,558.00 100,000.00 1,608,515.00 4,494,405.00 100,000.00 2,388,369.60 100,000.00 2,389,440.38 100,000.00 2,390,554.00


May 28, 2019 · Kronos Mobile App for employee time and attendance management. Kronos introduced Kronos Dimensions 2017 as the next generation cloud and SaaS workforce solutions tool. . Telestaff is an add- on software to Kronos that enables shift bidding. HAS plans to implement Telestaff in FY2020. One time