Sample OrganizationFY 2015/2016Sample Development PlanCreated: July, 2015Board Approved: October, 2015Main Contact Info1Sample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC

Fund Development is a group activity that begins with the Board of Directors and thePresident/CEO, and includes management, staff, and volunteers. Commitment to give toSAMPLE ORGANIZATION AND help the organization reach out to, educate, build relationshipswith, solicit, and steward others is necessary to successfully fund SAMPLE ORGANIZATION’smission.This document outlines the 2015/2016 Development Goal and what steps will be taken to reachthe goal. The Development Committee will work with the Dev. Dir. to help ensure that activitiesundertaken by the board throughout the year are in strategic alignment with the Dev. Plan.The Development Plan outlines our goals and objectives for the year. Specific tactical/logisticaldetails for each area may be found in individual Project Plans.Overall Development Goal FY 15/16: 1,000,000Components of the Total GoalIndividual ContributionsBoard GivingCause MarketingDirect MailThird Party FundraisingGiving ChallengeOnline GiftsPlanned GivingIn Person Asks (Major Gifts)Endowment 700,000 100,000 0 75,000 0 25,000 100,000Do not budget an amount 400,000Depending if separate or goal included here.Events: 100,000Grants: 100,000United Way: 100,0002Sample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC

FY 2015/2016How We Will Get ThereIndividual Contributions: 700,000Board Giving:Objective:This campaign not only represents a significant portion of the monetary goal, butalso represents strong board support to other donors and to grant-makingorganizations. One hundred percent board participation is necessary for success.Goal: 100,000Time of Year:Ask begins with new fiscal year. Request eachgive at least one gift by second board meeting ofyear.Vehicles of appeal(at board meeting, letter, etc):Who is responsible?Appeal letter, board chair ask at board meeting,follow up with calls from Dev. Committee and DevDirectorBoard Chair/Dev Committee ChairDev. Dir*Board Alumni are also target group for cultivation. Specific appeals to this group will fall underother categories such as direct mail and house gatherings.*A staff giving campaign should be run after the Board Campaign is at 100%.Cause Marketing:Objective:Cause marketing opportunities are likely to be rare/sporadic. They will come in toplay when companies would like to sell a product while marketing the fact thata specific percent or dollar per item will benefit SAMPLE ORGANIZATION. Theobjective of these opportunities is to raise funds (likely in relatively small amounts)and to gain exposure (marketing impressions) to the greater population that may notcome in contact with SAMPLE ORGANIZATION regularly. These should be enteredinto carefully and should be accompanied by a SAMPLE ORGANIZATION CauseMarketing Agreement to ensure our brand is appropriately represented.Monetary goals, time of year, etc., will be determined relative to each unique causemarketing opportunity. One staff member will be the liaison to the companyconducting the Cause Marketing.3Sample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC

Who is Responsible:Dev. Dir.Goal: 0Direct Mail:Objective:Direct mail is a good vehicle for 1. acquiring new donors, 2. increasing the level ofcurrent donors, 3. and is a good platform for sharing mission and success stories.Goal: 75,000Number of Planned AppealsEarly Fall 2015November 2015Spring 2016Summer 2016 (run ROI on summer mailing)Newsletters w/ giving envelope: Fall, SpringThis is not the place for a lot of information on segmentation for mailings, but if there are maindemographic targets for which campaigns are planned to run, they can be described here.Who is responsible?Dev. Dir.Subset: Newsletters. Appeal envelopes will be included with newsletters, and funds raisedthrough this vehicle will be counted toward direct mail totals.Third Party Fundraising:Third Party Fundraising opportunities are likely to be rare/sporadic. They will come in to playwhen individuals or groups want to host an event, some or all of which thenet proceeds from will benefit SAMPLE ORGANIZATION. These should beentered into carefully and be accompanied by a SAMPLE ORGANIZATION ThirdParty Fundraising Agreement to ensure our brand is appropriately represented.Objective:The objective of these opportunities is to raise funds (likely in relatively smallamounts) and to gain exposure (marketing impressions) to the greater populationthat may not come in contact with SAMPLE ORGANIZATION regularly.Goal: 0No specific goal is set, as these events are sporadic and unplanned by nature.Who is responsible?4Events CoordinatorSample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC

Giving Challenge:Objective:The Giving Challenge is facilitated by The Giving Partner program at theCommunity Foundation of Fake City. SAMPLE ORGANIZATION’s objective andlevel of participation will likely depend on what is competing against the event atthat time of year. Part of the objective is to steward SAMPLE ORGANIZATION’srelationship with the Community Foundation.As the rules of the Challenge are updated each year, a goal and level ofparticipation will be determined closer to the time of the Challenge.Goal: 25,000Who is responsible?Dev. Dir., Development Committee, CEOOnline GiftsOnline and email campaigns. Will include direct campaigns and all gifts that come in through website as a result of other marketing and networking efforts.Goal: 100,000Email Appeal Calendar:Time of Year/ Topic:How many times a year, etc.Make sure email campaigns are coordinated with direct mailcampaigns and event invitations.Planned GivingA planned gift is any major gift, made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financialand/or estate planning. Planned giving, sometimes referred to as gift planning, may be defined asa method of supporting non-profits that enables philanthropic individuals or donors to make largergifts than they could make from their income. While some planned gifts provide a life-long incometo the donor, others use estate and tax planning techniques to provide for charity and other heirsin ways that maximize the gift and/or minimize its impact on the donor's estate.*Annual Gifts are generally from a donor’s yearly earned income. Planned Gifts are generallylarger gifts from investments.**More details can be found in the Planned Giving Project/Strategic Plan.5Sample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC

Goal: Planned Giving is not included as a projected budget revenue item, due to the unpredictablenature of the gifts (e.g., longevity, probate, etc). Cash from planned gifts may vary greatly fromyear to year.Who is responsible?CEO, Dir. Of Dev.In-person Asks for Major GiftsGoal: 400,000Individual, direct asks for Major Gifts. These asks will be the result of targeted prospecting andcultivation and will likely be done by a team of the CEO or Development Director and boardmembers and/or Development Committee members. SAMPLE ORGANIZATION defines a majorgift as any gift 1,000 and over.*Annual Gifts are generally from a donor’s yearly earned income. Major Gifts are often larger giftsfrom investments (e.g., 10,000, 25,000, etc).For major gift solicitations, the Director of Development will conduct prospect research and createa donor giving pyramid of prospects for gifts over 10,000.The Development Committee of the board will work with this list and the board to create cultivationand solicitation teams. The Dir. Of Dev. will work with each team to create a “touch plan” andgoals for the prospect/donor relationship, along with setting the amount of the monetary ask usingthe donor screening tools.If the organization has defined plans for how many prospects must be in the pipeline at any giventime, here is a good place to outline that. Specific plans for each pairing will be created anddocumented. It is up to the Development Director to make sure the Dev. Committee andsolicitation teams are each working their plans.EndowmentAn Endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets areinvested. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose,and any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value.If SAMPLE ORGANIZATION has an endowment, here is a good place to describe if there areyearly goals for adding to the endowment, and if asks are made in conjunction with asks for themain organization.The endowment may have its own board or its own committee. If so, define that here.6Sample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC

Events: 100,000Objective:Each event may have a slightly different objective. The Annual Celebration Dinneris SAMPLE ORGANIZATION’s most successful fundraiser, whereas the FR eventis considered to be more of a friend-raiser, with the goal of creating lastingrelationships that will result in monetary support in future years.Total Goal (Gross): 100,000Even 1:Event 2:House Gatherings 50,000 50,000Income from gatherings of major donors in boardmember’s homes will likely be counted under themajor gifts category, and may or may not actuallybe given the night of the gathering.Who is responsible:Events Coord, Event Committees, Board ofDirectors, CEOIt should be mentioned here if there is a “live ask” for fund at an event, how much it is (and whetherit has a matching gift already set), and whether the money raised will count in the event’s revenueor in another category.Grants: 100,000Generally come from community foundations, private foundations, and familyfoundations. Application schedules staggered throughout year.Goal: 100,000Who is responsible?Grant Writer, Dir. Of Dev.List grants applied to every year. And how much is generally received to make up the goal amount.Include how many new foundations it is the goal to apply to in the coming year.If there is a grant tracking document, it can be referred to here.United Way:Goal: 100,000United Way applications are due each year at xxx date. United Way prioritieschange often, but we have been able to fit into xxx priority to date. 100,0007Sample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC

Who is responsible?CEO, Dev. Dir., Program Dir.If certain programs are funded by United Way, describe it here.Conclusion:Reiterate here that fundraising is the job of every board member, and in fact all staff membersmust be involved in the process.This is also a good place to list the location where someone can find the organization’s fullStrategic Plan as well as any project plans that roll up into this Development Plan.8Sample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC

1 Sample Development Plan 2015 Phil-Com, LLC Sample Organization FY 2015/2016 Sample Development Plan Created: July, 2015 Board Approved: October, 2015 . An Endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets are invested. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support .File Size: 269KB