InDTU324 SeriesCellular ModemAT Command ReferenceRevision A September 2020

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Table of Contents1: INTRODUCTION . 12: ADMINISTRATION COMMANDS . 22.1 AT#INFO . 22.2 AT#CONFIGDEL. 22.3 AT#RESET. 32.4 AT#MRST . 32.5 AT#NWRST . 32.6 AT#PASS . 42.7 AT#STRUPMSG . 53: HARDWARE COMMANDS . 73.1 AT#SERIAL . 73.2 AT#SETRTC . 73.3 AT#GETRTC . 84: DEVICE STATUS SMS COMMANDS. 94.1 AT#LGPARA . 94.2 AT#LGMSG . 95: CELLULAR COMMANDS . 115.1 AT#IPCELLULAR . 115.2 AT#GETBRIP . 115.3 AT#IPPING . 126: SOCKET COMMANDS . 136.1 AT#IPTCP . 136.2 AT#IPUDP . 146.3 AT#AUTOTCP. 146.4 AT#AUTOUDP . 156.5 AT#OTCP. 166.6 AT#OUDP . 167: REMOTE CONTROL COMMANDS . 187.1 AT#SMSAT. 188: DM PLATFORM COMMANDS . 208.1 AT#D2S. 20InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference

1: IntroductionThe aim of this document is to provide users of InDTU324 series Modems running AT command, a detailed description of the commands supported by AT and various configuration / operation modes in which InDTU324 seriesModems could be used.Safety PrecautionsGeneral Precautions– The modem generates radio frequency (RF) power. When using the modem care must be taken on safetyissues related to RF interference as well as regulations of RF equipment.– Do not use the modem in aircraft, hospitals, petrol stations or in places where using GSM products isprohibited.– Be sure that the modem will not be interfering with nearby equipment. For example: pacemakers or medicalequipment. The antenna of the modem should be away from computers, office equipment, home appliances,etc.– An external antenna must be connected to the modem for proper operation. Only used approved antennas withthe modem. Please contact authorized dealer on finding an approved antenna.– Always keep the antenna with minimum safety distance of 26.6 cm or more from human body.– Do not put the antenna inside metallic box, containers, etc.Protecting your modemTo ensure error-free usage, please install and operate your modem with care. Remember the following:– Do not expose the modem to extreme conditions such as high humidity/temperatures, rain, direct sunlight,caustic/harsh chemicals, dust, or water.– Do not try to disassemble or modify the modem. There is no user serviceable part inside and the warrantywould be void.– Do not drop, hit or shake the modem. Do not use the modem under extreme vibrating condition.– Do not pull the antenna or power supply cable. Please attach or detach by holding the connector.– Connect the modem only according to the instruction manual. Failure to do it will void the warranty.InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference1

2: Administration Commands2.1 AT#INFOReturns device informationALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#INFOexec :AT#INFOOK#sw:InDTU3XX AT V1.0.0 beta V1.4 Apr 22 2020 #device:324LQ25-232-LPOKstate :AT#INFO?OK#sw:InDTU3XX AT V1.0.0 beta V1.4 Apr 22 2020 #device:324LQ25-232-LPOKinfo :AT#INFO ?OK2.2 AT#CONFIGDELFactory reset device configurationALLOWED: execNote: Device restarts after this command is executedAT#CONFIGDELexec :AT#CONFIGDELOKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference2

2.3 AT#RESETSoftware reset the M11X device ALLOWED:execAT#RESETexec :AT#RESETOK2.4 AT#MRSTThis command resets the InDTU324 module after a programmed delay. The InDTU324 module will reset cyclicallyuntil this mode is disabled.ALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#MRST (mode),(delay)– mode: timer reset mode 0: disabled 1: enabled– delay: time set to reset the embedded module range: "000:01" - "02:00" (format hhh:mm)– remainTime: time before next reset range: "000:01"- "02:00" (format hhh:mm)exec :AT#MRST 1,"02:00"OKstate (1 minute after executing the exec command):AT#MRST?#MRST: 1,"2:0","1:59”OKinfo :AT#MRST ?OK2.5 AT#NWRSTControls reset of the modem in case of network failure conditionsInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference3

ALLOWED: exec-state-infoNote: Network failure conditions are defined to be cases where registration to cellular/data network fails, or badsignal quality. Each time only one of the above network conditions are checkedAT#NWRST (option),(timer),(counter)– option: 0 to disable, 1 to enable, 2 to configure. Default disabled– timer : 5-120 second interval at which network conditions are checked (different network conditions arechecked each time). Default 5– counter: 10-1000; count of consecutive network failures, after which the device will reset if option 1.Default 10exec :AT#NWRST 2,10,18OKstate :AT#NWRST?#NWRST: 0,10,18OKinfo :AT#NWRST ?#NWRST: (0-2),(5-120),(10-1000)OKAT#USBATCOM ?#USBATCOM: (0-1)OK2.6 AT#PASSEnables / Disables pass-through mode.ALLOWED: exec-state-infoNote:– This command applies to a specific version of software only.– In InDTU324, usually beginning with AT#. In order to enter the other set of command, the user need to useAT#PASS to switch between the 2 modes:InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference4

PASS mode set to 0 : pass-through mode disabled; only AT# commands are accepted. PASS mode set to 1 : pass-through mode enabled; only AT commands are accepted.– If pass-through mode is disabled (can check with AT#PASS?) and enabling pass-through mode is desired: AT#PASS 1 to change to pass-through mode– If pass-through mode is enabled (cannot check with AT#PASS?, which returns ERROR, as this is not AT command), and exit pass-through mode is desired: Issue (and the modem should exit pass-through mode) AT#PASS 0 to make the switch permanent (otherwise, the modem will be in pass-through mode againwhen it restarts)AT#PASS (flag)– flag: 0 to disable pass through mode, 1 to enable. Default 0– Note all commands work only when pass-through mode is 0. exec :state: AT#PASS 1OKAT#PASS?#PASS: 0OKinfo :AT#PASS ?#PASS: (0-1)OK2.7 AT#STRUPMSGEdits the startup message of InDTU software.ALLOWED: exec-state-infoNote:– The startup sequence of unsolicited response of the InDTU324 software is always :length:0(startup message)AT#STRUPMSG (text)InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference5

– text : text for the startup message, up to 60 printable ASCII characters. Note that there is always a startupmessage, and the default startup message is “READY”, which can be selected using “*” as the text argument(and shown as “*” in state query).exec :AT#STRUPMSG ”Hello ”OKstate :AT#STRUPMSG?#STRUPMSG: ”Hello”OKinfo :AT#STRUPMSG ?#STRUPMSG: (60)OKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference6

3: Hardware commands3.1 AT#SERIALConfigure the user-side UART baudrate, character-framing and flow controlALLOWED: exec-state-infoNote:– Bauds 300, 600 are not supported– The character-framing of 7 data-bytes does work with current configuration, but unreliably.– Note that modem will reset if AT#SERIAL exec command is issuedAT#SERIAL (baud),(charFraming),(flowCtrl)– baud: one of (1200,4800,9600,14400,19200,38400,57600,115200)– charFraming: one of ("8N1","8N2","9O1","9E1"). See also note above.– flowCtrl 0: disable 1: enableexec :AT#SERIAL 115200,"8N1",0OKstate :AT#SERIAL?#SERIAL: 115200,"8N1",0OKinfo :AT#SERIAL ?#SERIAL: (1200 "9O1","9E1"),(0-1)OK3.2 AT#SETRTCSet (or stop) the real time clock ALLOWED:exec-state-infoAT#SETRTC (op),(value1),(value2),(value3)InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference7

– op: 0 enter time, (value1,value2,value3) (hh:mm:ss) 1 enter date, (value1,value2,value3) (YY:MM:DD)– value1: hour if op is 0; year if op is 1;– value2: minute if op is 0; month if op is 1– value3: second if op is 0; day if op is 1exec :AT#SETRTC 1,20,05, 20AT#SETRTC 0,12,12,12OKstate :AT#SETRTC?#GETRTC:2020-5-20 12:12:35;info :AT#SETRTC ?#SETRTC: 1))OK3.3 AT#GETRTCGet the real time clockALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#GETRTCexec :AT#GETRTC#GETRTC: 2020/05/20,16:50:48OKstate :AT#GETRTC?ERRORinfo :AT#GETRTC ?ERRORInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference8

4: Device Status SMS Commands4.1 AT#LGPARASMS configurationALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#LGPARA (mode),(argument)– mode: 0: Disable all DS SMS 1: Enable last gasp SMS. 2nd argument specifies which situation applies. 2: Edt the mobile number– argument: for mode 1 : 1 to enable power-down SMS, 2 to enable power-up SMS, 3 to enable both. for mode 2 : mobile number to which DS SMS is sentexec :AT#LGPARA 2,"18212345678 "OKAT#LGPARA 1,3OKstate :AT#LGPARA?#LGPARA: 3," 18212345678"OKinfo :AT#LGPARA ?#LGPARA: (0-2),(1-3)/(10-29)OK4.2 AT#LGMSGDS SMS message content configurationInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference9

Chapter 5. Last Gasp CommandsALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#LGMSG (opt),(message)– opt: 1: Configure DS SMS for power down 2: Configure DS SMS for power up– arg: for message content of the SMS, up to 60 printable ASCII charactersexec :AT#LGMSG 2,"M110 modem powered up"OKstate:AT#LGMSG?#LGMSG: 1,"DTU modem powered down"#LGMSG: 2,"DTU modem powered up"OKinfo :AT#LGMSG ?#LGMSG: (1-2),(60)OKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference10

Chapter 6. Cellular Commands5: Cellular Commands5.1 AT#IPCELLULARConfigure cellular parameters for both the SIM slots: APN, username and password.ALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#IPCELLULAR (slot),(APN)[,(username),(password)[,(cid)]]– slot: SIM slot (NOTE: slot 2 is only available on selected models)– APN : Access Point Name– username : username for cellular data access. If no username is needed, can omit the argument and softwarewill use a non-null but meaningless value when state is read– password : password for cellular data access. If no password is needed, can omit the argument and softwarewill use a non-null but meaningless value when state is read– CID : context ID. Please consult Inhand team on when to use this parameter and what value to useexec :AT#IPCELLULAR 1,"internet",”AAA” ,”123456”OKstate :AT#IPCELLULAR?#IPCELLULAR: 1,"internet",”AAA” ,”123456”,”1”OKinfo :AT#IPCELLULAR ?#IPCELLULAR: (1),(64),(25),(25),[(1-11)]OK5.2 AT#GETBRIPGet the IP address (when data activated)ALLOWED: state-infoNOTE: The command returns only IPv4 address for now.InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference11

Chapter 6. Cellular CommandsAT#GETBRIPstate :AT#GETBRIP?#GETBRIP: 1,1,"”OKinfo:AT#GETBRIP ?#GETBRIP: (1),(0-1),(IPV4 or IPV6)OK5.3 AT#IPPINGIP PING configurationALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#IPPING (option),(address),(num),(interval),(timeout)– option 0, 1: reserved 2: configure ping address and parameters– address: IP address of the target to be pinged– interval: time in second between each ping trial. Default value is 3. Valid range is 1 to 10.– timeout: time in ms before ping is timed out. Default value is 10. Valid range is 5000 to 60000.NOTE: The IPPING command is just used for setting the PING address and parameters (interval, timeout) for use byoher functions. This command cannot be used to directly PING a given address in the current implementation.exec :AT#IPPING 2,"",4,10,5000OKstate :AT#IPPING?#IPPING: "",4,10,5000OKinfo :AT#IPPING ?#IPPING: (0-2),(120),(1-10),(1-10),(5000-60000)OKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference12

6: Socket Commands6.1 AT#IPTCPCommand to set TCP socket parametersALLOWED: exec-state-infoNote:– Mode & IP address should be entered in quotes– Currently only the "client" mode has been implemented– The "delay" parameter is deprecated and has no effect (suggested not to use)AT#IPTCP (idx),(port),(mode),(ip)[,(delay)]– idx 1: set primary IP of remote TCP server (client mode only) 2: set backup IP of remote TCP server (client mode only)– port: number from 0 to 65535– mode "C": Modem as client to remote server "S": Modem as server for remote client to connect– ip: IP address of remote partner (IPv4 dotted notation)– delay: (deprecated, no need to enter)exec :AT#IPTCP 1,30006,"C",""OKstate :AT#IPTCP?#IPTCP: 1,30006,”C”,"",1#IPTCP: 2,0,”C”,"",1OKinfo :AT#IPTCP ?#IPTCP: (1-2),(0-65535),("C","S"),(120),(0,1)OKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference13

6.2 AT#IPUDPCommand to set UDP socket parametersALLOWED: exec-state-infoNote:– Mode & IP address should be entered in quotes– Currently only the "client" mode has been implemented– The "delay" parameter is deprecated and has no effect (suggested not to use)AT#IPUDP (idx),(port),(mode),(ip)[,(delay)]– idx 1 or 2, just mirror of AT#IPTCP command, not applicable to UDP– port: number from 0 to 65535– mode "C": Modem to connect to remote UDP server "S": Modem waiting for remote UDP client to connect– ip: IP address of remote partner (IPv4 dotted notation)– delay: delay: (deprecated, no need to enter)exec :AT#IPUDP 1,50003,"C",""OKexec :AT#IPUDP?#IPUDP: 1,50003,”C”,"",1#IPUDP: 2,0,”C”,"",1OKexec :AT#IPUDP ?#IPUDP: (1-2),(0-65535),("C","S"),(120),(0,1)OK6.3 AT#AUTOTCPCommand to Start Auto TCP functionalityALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#AUTOTCP (mode)InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference14

– mode 0: AUTOTCP connection OFF 1: AUTOTCP connection ONexec :AT#AUTOTCP 0OKstate :AT#AUTOTCP?#AUTOTCP: 0OKinfo :AT#AUTOTCP ?#AUTOTCP: (0,1)OK6.4 AT#AUTOUDPCommand to Start Auto UDP functionalityALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#AUTOUDP (mode)– mode 0: AUTOUDP connection OFF 1: AUTOUDP connection ONexec :AT#AUTOUDP 0OKstate :AT#AUTOUDP?#AUTOUDP: 0OKinfo :AT#AUTOUDP ?#AUTOUDP: (0,1)OKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference15

6.5 AT#OTCPOn-demand TCP socket connection.ALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#OTCP (mode)– mode 0: TCP connection OFF 1: TCP connection ONexec :AT#OTCP 0OKNote: In the current implementation, “OK” means command is accepted. It does not mean that the deviceis connected to the server. “CONNECT” should appear on the appropriate terminal if connection issuccessful.state :AT#OTCP?#OTCP: 0OKinfo :AT#OTCP ?#OTCP: (0,1)OK6.6 AT#OUDPOn-demand UDP socket connection.ALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#OUDP (mode)– mode 0: UDP connection OFF 1: UDP connection ONexec :AT#OUDP 0OKstate :InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference16

AT#OUDP?#OUDP: 0OKinfo :AT#OUDP ?#OUDP: (0,1)OKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference17

7: Remote Control Commands7.1 AT#SMSATThis feature is to control the modem to interpret AT command from incoming SMS, executing it, and return theresult to sender by SMS. The user can enable the modem to receive AT command by incoming SMS.1. When enabled, the modem will treat the incoming SMS as a source of AT command only if all of thefollowing conditions (a, b and c) are fulfilled:(a) The content of SMS sent to the modem is using standard 7-bit GSM data decoding scheme(b) The first 6 characters of the SMS content matches the key parameter set by AT SMSAT command(default key is “000000”)(c) The 7th and 8th characters of the SMS content is “AT” (in capital letters).2. If SMSAT is enabled, the modem will read each incoming SMS, if the conditions mentioned in 1 are matchedthe message will be executed, even it is an invalid AT command.3. When using SMSAT feature, only CNMI: x, 1, x, x, x setting could be used (i.e. incoming message will bestored in SIM card).4. The maximum length of the AT command is limited by length of SMS, i.e. 160-6 154 characters.5. When the SMS AT command is executed, all intermediate and final Read Responses will be buffered recorded,then return to the sender’s phone number in one single SMS.6. If Read Response(s) of the AT command is (are) more than 160 characters, only the first 160 characters will bereturned.7. In case the modem cannot get terminal Read Response within 26 seconds, the modem will then abort thecommand, and return intermediate Read Responses (if present).8. If the SMSAT feature is enabled, all incoming SMS, either with valid AT command or not, will be erased. Thisis to prevent SIM card memory from fully filled; such the modem will not receive new SMS.Configure, enable and disable remote AT command by SMS; ALLOWED: exec-state-infoAT#SMSAT (mode)[,(param)]– mode 0: Disable SMSAT 1: Enable SMSAT 2: Change the password for SMSAT 3: Change the SMS response trigger– param for mode 2 : password, 6 alphanumeric characters in quotes for mode 3 : 0 to disable SMS response; 1 to enable SMS response (not needed for modes 0 or 1)InDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference18

exec :AT#SMSAT 2,”123456”OKstate :AT#SMSAT?#SMSAT: 0,"123456",0OKinfo :AT#SMSAT ?#SMSAT: #SMSAT: (0-3),((6)/(0-2))OKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference19

8: DM Platform Commands8.1 AT#D2SEnable or disable Inhand DM Platform function ALLOWED:exec-state-info AT#D2S (mode)– mode 0: disableexec : 1: enableAT#D2S 1OKstate :AT#D2S?#D2S: 1OKinfo :AT#D2S ?#D2S: (0,1)OKInDTU324 Series Cellular Modem AT Command Reference20

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