Infor CloudSuite IndustrialFunctional Listing10.00.00On-PremiseFebruary 2019

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListInfor CloudSuite Industrial System FunctionalityCore FunctionalityTECHNOLOGY Client: Supports MicrosoftWindows 8.1 and 10Microsoft Windows Server2016Supports MS-SQL ServeroSQL2016 SP1oSQL2017Microsoft Office 2016IntegrationOffice 365 Desktop version(on premise only)Microsoft Project Pro 2016IntegrationMongoose frameworkOne-click client installWeb client (IE11, Firefox,Chrome (recommended),Safari and Edge forWindows 10)Zero maintenance clientEvent management/workflowHighly configurable/customizable without sourceUser events andconfigurations surviveupgradesFull toolset provided todevelop custom screens,adding applications andbusiness logicThe flexibility of the tool setallows for responsivedesign. Build layouts thatadapt to the size of thedisplay design whether youare on a desktop, laptop,tablet or phone. Thisreduces your developmentefforts by building formsonce and using themanywhere.GENERAL FEATURES Role baseddashboards/home pageswith alerts and drill downs User Start Form – users canselect KPI’s and sub-formsthat are important to them Concepts and Overviewforms (Business ProcessMappings) Explorer based menuorganized by module or role User defined queries Pre-defined queries Full drill-downs throughoutExport record collectionsfrom user interface to ExcelImport record collectionsfrom Excel into InforCloudSuite via userinterfaceLinked formsTabbed form layoutQuick Entry formsWorkspaces (pre-arrangedforms)Reporting directly to Excel,Word, .PDF, HTML, XMLInfor CloudSuite IDO’sintegrated with SharePointMass updates of dataForm and grid data entryHide or Reorder gridcolumnsBackground process andreport queuesDiagramming componentUnlimited notesUnlimited attachments (anyelectronic link)Attach text documents orspreadsheets to individualrecords in any collectionRight click menu for addingforms or workspacesADMINISTRATION Password Security – Cannotreuse password for next xnumber of timesSecurity by user, group andsiteSecurity for multiple sitescan be created andmanaged from a master siteCreate tasks for other usersForm and field level securityData-level securityData access securityElectronic SignatureLicensing by session typeMiddleware access securityMulti-languageSOX compliant passwordmanagementPrinter output managementUser Session Management– OrphansSystem Administrator Homeform to allow quick accessto key system administrationdataBUSINESS REPORTING &ANALYSIS Mongoose Report Forms Mongoose DataViewReporting Over 400 standard reports Graphing elements can beimbedded on any form Cut & Paste and exportcapability from Forms to MSOffice applications Aging reports Reason reports on scrapand overages Flexible, query based reportformats Standard pre-printedenterprise forms withoptional license tocustomizeMICROSOFT OFFICEINTEGRATION**OFFICE MUST BE INSTALLED ON THECLIENT MACHINES Outlook Add-InEmails Added to Customer,Vendor, Prospect, and SalesContact Interaction Logswith AttachmentsOutlook Emails Added toInfor CloudSuite CRMOutlook Task ListAssociated with CalendarEventsSync Contacts and Tasks(between Infor CloudSuiteand Outlook)Sync Calendars (betweenInfor CloudSuite andOutlook)Sync Task Lists (betweenInfor CloudSuite andOutlook)Infor CloudSuite ApplicationSearch (search and accessdata directly from the Officeapplication)Outlook SmartLinkInfor CloudSuite Explorer inOutlook2

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListMONGOOSE PRODUCTIVITYTOOLS - DATAVIEWS, KPIS,AND DATASEARCH(formerly known as WorkbenchSuite) Supports business drivenKPI’s with full drilldown torelated areasFunctional area data setsfrom which to workPredefined combined viewsof Infor CloudSuite data forCustomer Service,Purchasing, InventoryManagement, CustomerOrders, Production, ServiceTechnician, etc.Ability to sort, rearrange,and override column datafully configurable withoutputs to Excel / PDF orprinted formatRight click drill down intoInfor CloudSuite programfiltered to current dataScreen filters for statusesFully configurable with InforCloudSuite toolsetDataSearchAPPLICATION EVENT SYSTEM Assign user defined eventsto any process, form,posting, record or activity. Electronic routing ofinformation based onbusiness rules Allows for collecting,distributing and approvalson line, real time Automates businessprocesses Collaborate with Customersand Vendors Configure Infor CloudSuite’sapplication flow Send alerts based on anyevent or change in data Cell phone or PDA deviceenabled Alerting on any businessprocess outside of ‘normal’conditions Suspend businesstransaction for approvals Internal and external Inboxfor reviewing messages Outlook enabled as well asother email systems Pre-defined S Inter-site/Intra-site transfers Transfer Orders Quick EntryForm Site-based, linked Planning In-transit material tracking Flexible financialconsolidation and reporting Automatic Inter-Companyeliminations Inventory visibility acrosssites Divisions establish uniquechart-of-accounts Divisions operate in anycurrency Consolidate to a standardchart of accounts Inter-site transfers at cost ormarkup One step inventory moves Multi-site journal entries Multi-site Customer, Vendor,and Item Maintenance Centralized Purchasing (POBuilder) Centralized Customer OrderEntry Centralized PO Vouchering(Voucher Builder) Centralized A/P manualVouchers Centralized PaymentProcessing (A/P) Centralized PaymentProcessing (A/R) Demand and Source SitePO-CO Automation Sites can be set up inMultiple databases, or youcan define multiple siteswithin a Single InforCloudSuite database. Youcan also have a combinationof both – a hybrid model.3

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListESTIMATING Quoting and cost analysis Engineering sandboxdevelopment What-If scheduling What-If planning Pricing tables BOM Import Multiple price breaks Same as except Quote status Quote conversion tocustomer orders Estimates Quick Entry Form CRM, MARKETING & SALES Opportunity / Lead / TaskstrackingContacts with OutlookintegrationProspect / CustomersinformationSalesperson Home form360 Account ManagementviewsSales and booking analysisPipeline Management andForecasting ToolsSales TeamsCompetitor TrackingSales CampaignsSingle and splitcommissions by order/linePricing and discounts byproduct, customer, customertype and complex matrixesCustomer /Sales Contact/Prospect CommunicationLogs with email integrationMail Merge and Email BlastOptional Infor CloudSuiteCRM license module Salespeople can be licensedto use only the CRM forms,so they don't need a fulluser license.CUSTOMER ORDER ENTRY Centralized anddecentralized order entry Customer Orders QuickEntry Form Automatic credit checking,warnings and hold Order change history Volume, customer/item,contract and matrix pricing Hard and soft allocations Return MaterialAuthorizations Tier Customers (Corp – BillTo, Sold To(s), Ship To(s)) Drop Shipping byorder/line/release Regular/Blanket Orders Kit ordersShip Early/PartialprocessingTime-phased itemavailabilityAbility to link customer orderlines directly to Job Orders,Inventory, Purchase Ordersand Transfer OrdersOrder/Line DiscountsAvailable to promise for realdelivery datesFeatures and Options orderconfigurationMulti-lingual customerpaperworkForeign currenciesoDefine multiplecurrencies forcustomersSales tax calculations,including VAT & GSTMulti-lingual invoicesProgressive billingsCustomer DocumentProfilesLetters of creditOrder acknowledgementsAdvanced Shipping NoticesConsolidated invoicingInvoice BatchingDrop ship orders (direct fromvendor)DIFOT Reporting (Deliveryin Full and On Time)Promotion pricing andrebatesShipment approvalsMulti-site item sourcing formCalculated freight shipmentfor Credit CardsCustomer 360 formSHIPPING MANAGEMENT Hard and softallocations/reservations Picking and Packing lists Delivery Orders Goods Received Notices Available to ship analysis Multiple units of measure Pick, Pack, and ShipWorkbenches Package Label Integration Shipment of non-inventoryitemsPOINT OF SALE Parts counter/servicecounter support Enter an order and invoicewhile the customer waits Combines order entry,shipping, invoicing, receiptprinting, invoice posting,payment entry, and paymentposting into one process Supports cash drawercheckout/check-in Supports cash, checks,credit cards, and on accounttransactions Supports multiple invoiceruns simultaneously Cash drawer management End of day processing Integrated to FS-Plus andInfor CloudSuite Order Line entry showswarehouse, location, and lotavailabilityELECTRONIC DATAINTERCHANGE (EDI) Support for 6 of the mostcommon manufacturingtransactions both Inboundand Outbound Supports Supply & DemandManagement with 850Purchase Order, 830Planning Order and 862Shipping Order Supports 855 PurchaseOrder Acknowledgement Supports 856 ASNtransaction Supports 810 Invoicetransaction Provides options forautomatic data update ormanual editing prior topostingNote: Infor CloudSuite EDI caninterface with several differenttranslators: Inovis EDI, Sterling'sGENTRAN:Server, Radley'sRADEDI/CARaS or TSI'sMercator. You must purchaseand install one of these separateprograms in order to completeyour EDI communication system.For more information, contactyour Infor account representative.4

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListPROJECTS User defined activitytracking Full interface tomanufacturing, purchasing,accounts payable, accountsreceivable, order entry,inventory, payroll, & generalledger User defined project typesand cost codes Multi-level % to completeanalysis Revenue recognition bymilestones Invoice milestone billing Invoice and Revenuemilestones in differentcurrencies Retention invoices Microsoft Project interface(import/export) Work Breakdown structures Budget by period Labor and expensereporting Shipping Late Alerts on Projects,Project Tasks, and ProjectResources to alertmanagers about schedulingproblems Out of Range (Schedule orCost Code Variance)indicators by project Grid View of projecttransactions Project Manager Home form Project Change TrackingINVENTORY MANAGEMENT Real-time material tracking Real-time allocations Safety Stock Reorder Points Order min/mult/max Kitting Multiple Warehouses Selectable dedicatedwarehouses (as for spares) Location tracking Temporary and permanentitem locations Lot/serial controloLot RevisionsoLot ExpirationoRestriction codes Intelligent Serial and LotNumbers Cradle to grave Lot/SerialTraceability Pre-assignment of Lot/SerialNumbers Container Inventory Dimensional Inventory Consignment Inventory Manufacturer’s Item NumberInter and intra Warehousetransfers and movesObsolete and slow movinginventory flags and analysisABC flags and AnalysisInventory aging reportingCost methods, includingstandard, actual, LIFO, FIFOand Lot Specific by itemCosts by Item or ItemWarehouseMultiple units of measureUser defined unit ofmeasure conversionPhysical inventoryCycle countingMulti-lingual itemdescriptionsItem 360 – View all iteminformation from a singleformCompliance TrackingMASTER DATA MANAGEMENT Engineering Change Notices Revision Control Revision History Pending ECN flags Effectivity andObsolescence dates onoperations and materials Material Use-Up Report Multi-level (20) Bill ofManufacture (routing/BOM) Use until used up logic Alternate items on BOMs Engineering “sandbox” Planning BOMs with Feature& Option Configuration Phantom items Non-inventory items Where used Mass replace CAD BOM import Copy BOM from one site toother sites Optional PLM modulew/CAD interface (see below) What-if costing analysis Compliance trackingMATERIAL PLANNING Classic MRP or InfiniteAdvanced Planning (APS/I) Net change or regenerativeMRP Master ProductionScheduling Scheduler Batching groupsseveral different items fromdifferent jobs into a batch forprocessing Firm planned orders forPOs, PO Requisitions, Jobs,Production Schedules,Transfer Orders and ServiceOrders Material PlannersWorkbench Multi-level pegging Demand dependency Resource Bottleneckanalysis forms and reports Planning and Forecasting byWarehouse Prioritize demands bycustomer, by customerorder, and by customerorder lines, in addition toprioritizing by type. Customer-SpecificForecasts Planning BOMs (% ofprobability) Graphical capacity andscheduling charts What-If planning scenarios(APS/I) Single threaded planningfrom demand throughindented BOM (APS/I) Automated Ready statusflag states available or notfor inventory demands orsupply demands Components Shortageforms for visibility Freeze APS schedule Freeze Schedule with Offset Predict demand for jobs thatare configured through CPQ Automatically enforce GetATP(Available toPromise)/CTP(Capable toPromise)5

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListPURCHASING/RECEIVING Purchase Requisitions withapproval limits Regular and blanketpurchase orders PO Change Orders Vendor specific pricing Purchasing history Purchase Order ChangeLogs Vendor PerformanceAnalysis Receipt rejections andreason codes Landed Costs Vendor Document Profiles Purchase Order Tolerancefor Inventory and NonInventory Items Vendor 360 Foreign currenciesoDefine multiplecurrencies forVendorsRETURN MATERIALAUTHORIZATION (RMA) Generate a unique RMAnumber automatically Receive returns to nonnettable locations Customer credit memosbased upon receipt of thereturned item Add Notes or Documents toRMAs Manage cost of returnedproduct by linking to theoriginal order shipped Issue repair or replacementorders for returned materials Track information that willhelp you improve bothcustomer service and overallpart quality Maintain documentedcontrol over the return ofpartsUse Extended Dispositions tospecify multiple disposition codesfor one RMA line. These codesidentify the next steps for thereturned material. Eachdisposition code has one of thesedisposition types: Scrap: The material isdamaged beyond repair andmust be thrown away.Return to Inventory: Thematerial can be put back ininventory so that it can beresold on another customerorder or used as a materialon another job.Return to Vendor forRepair: The item can bereturned to the vendor eitherfor credit or repair.Return to Vendor forCredit: The item can bereturned to the vendor forcredit that automaticallycreates a voucheradjustment.Rework: If your system islicensed for the Servicemodule, material can becross-referenced to aservice order to repair theitem.REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ) Manages requests tovendors for materialquotations Mail, Fax, or Email RFQ’s tovendors Request up to 10prices/quantity breaks Historical data retention Attach electronic documentsto RFQ’s being sent out Pre-defined vendor sets byitem or product code Automatic generation ofvendors by vendor set, byitem/vendor cross referencetable or by past RFQ Supports non-vendors orfirst time vendors Selection assist by bestprice or best lead time Automatic assignment ofvendor to related PORequisition Cross reference to PORequisition Mass generation of RFQ’sfor price updates6

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListFINANCIAL REPORTING User defined financialreports Up to 99 columns Unlimited sub-totals andtotals Calculations betweencolumns Ratio calculations Drill down on screen Include Chart of accountsdimensions Full financial reporting withinMicrosoft Excel Optional PM10 reporting(See below) Excel Based Financials Supports Sun SystemsFinancials Supports Infor GlobalFinancials (German marketonly) Executive Home form IFRS CertifiedINTERNATIONALIZATION Translation into multiplelanguages Currency formatting in 0-8decimals Store multi-currencytransactions in any of 4values Ledger reporting bycurrency and losses Separate recording of gainsand losses Revalue the domestic valueof foreign bank accounts Landed costs Payment authorization Letters of credit VAT with Voucher PreRegister VAT Recognition on ServiceInvoices and Vouchers Fixed rate of exchange forkey business documents Multinational taxation Delivery Orders Goods Receipt Notices Alpha-numeric documentnumbering Support for Local.lyACCOUNTS PAYABLE A/P payments centralized ordecentralized Consolidated Vouchers (onevoucher for multiple POs) Recurring Vouchers Full integration withpurchasing for 3-way match Voucher pre-register (entervoucher prior to PO receipt) Vendor and voucher holdsSelective Auto Voucher ofPO ReceiptsRemit-To vendorsMinority Owned VendorsVendor Debit MemosElectronic fund transferpayments with remittanceadviceMulti-currencyAlternate exchange ratesPayment processingTrack 1099 Vendors andPaymentsMulti-lingual vendorpaperworkManage Surcharges GENERAL LEDGER Hierarchical General Ledger Multi-Calendars Multi-Books Set G/L Account as ControlAccount Flexible robust chart ofaccounts Statistical accounts Allocation accounts Dimensions and attributesfor accounts Account Class Report against anycombination of fields Export results of queries toExcel, ASCII file, Clipboard Full G/L drill down to sourcedocuments Budgeting Recurring Journals Upload Journal Data fromExternal Sources Undo a Journal Entry Positive Pay File Utility Reversing entries Multi-site journal entries Bulk Load of journal entries Post Journals in theBackground Bank ReconciliationsoImport BankStatementoBankReconciliationUtilityoOCR ReferenceControl Global BankingRequirementsoBank TransitNumberoIBANoBank IdentifierCode (BIC)oBank AuthorityParty ID Cancellation Posting forSingle Entry AccountingSEPA direct debitfunctionalityDAS2 Fiscal ReportingAllocation accountsoBy PercentoBy Fixed AmountoBy Variable orStatistical AccountLedger Dimensions forAnalyzing Financial ReportsFixed Assets moduleObsolescence and effectivitydates on G/L accountsBuilt in Financial ReportWriterExcel Financial ReportWriterCash flow analysisCurrency conversionsRe-open closed yearsSecurity for out-of-periodpostingsExternal Financial InterfaceACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE A/R Cash Receiptscentralized or decentralizedthat automatically post toBank Reconciliations Consolidated Invoicing byperiod or group of shipments Multi-user Invoicing Credit managementincluding customer andorder holds Invoice Hold Progressive billing Adjustment Invoices Complex invoicing termssupported 3 Tier Customers (Corp –Bill To, Sold To(s), ShipTo(s)) Dunning letters Finance charges Letter of Credit support Multi-currency Multi-lingual invoices, creditmemos & statements Import electronic paymentsfrom bank files Centralized Invoicing Manage Surcharges Process Chargebacks7

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListFIXED ASSETS Cradle to grave assetmanagementoParent/Childrelationships User-defined asset numbers Useful Life displays inYear/Month Unlimited number of Assetclasses Comprehensive AssetDefinition Location Insurance Original PO and InvoiceNumber Serial and/or Model Number Manufacturer Costs Seven predefineddepreciation methods andallows additional, userdefined depreciationmethods to be added asneeded. Maintain multipledepreciation schedules foreach Fixed Asset. Partial depreciation Link to Purchase Orders Interfaces to the GeneralLedger: Fixed Assets Disposal Fixed Assets Transfer Depreciation Posting (forBOOK schedule only) Entering of a Fixed AssetpurchasePRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Support of hybridmanufacturing (jobs,production schedules,JIT/Kanban) Labor reporting Labor efficiency reporting Payroll integration Machine-hour reporting Co-Products Jobs (multipleSKUs from the same Job) By-Products Rework jobs Overlapping Operations Scrap or Yield by Operation Outside Vendor Processing Comprehensive selectivebackflushing of material,labor, and overheads(Allows for backflushing ofLot and Serial tracked items) Tooling requirements Finite and infinite forwardscheduling Planning can be used inplace of scheduling What-If scheduling Dispatch lists by individualresources or resourcegroupsCapacity RequirementsPlanning (machine, crewand tooling based)Intelligent setup sequencingJob prioritization and priorityfreezeAutomated setupsequencingManual override on jobsequencingDrive costs by Work Center& DepartmentJob tracking and costingbroken out into 5 costbucketsGraphical views of capacityand scheduleSchedule analysis byexceptionResource Bottleneckanalysis forms 1094C and 1095CprocessingEmployee 360 - manageemployees from a singleformProcess Manager to helpmanage processes such asOnboarding and OffboardingSupport for Rehire ofEmployee and AdjustedDate of HireSupports reporting ofEmployee Injuries forWorkman’s CompensationOUTSIDE PROCESSMGMT(OPM) Automates handling ofpaperwork for outsideoperations during themanufacturing process Creates Purchase Orderand cross-references fromJob Handles partial quantitymoves Vendor shippingmanagement Vendor shipping paperwork Vendor “To Be Shipped”report Vendor “Items at Vendor”reportHUMAN RESOURCES** Supports USA Only Applicant trackingBenefits ManagementDetailed personnel recordsRegulatory compliance401K supportVacation/Sick LeavetrackingPosition historyMarital Status (Married,Single, Head of Household)Full Payroll system (forNorth American companies)Generate Pay from ServiceHoursDirect Deposit supportExternal payroll interfaceSupport for HIRE ActPrint and Reprint W-2’s8

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListPRINTING & PACKAGINGMODULE Templates for print quotes Standard printing industryformulas Formula Workbench tocreate and save customformulas Specify cost/pricerequirements and useIndustry specific formulas tocreate an estimated PrintQuote Price Copy the structure andinformation of a similarexisting quote into theWorkbench to create a newquote Compare costs to PrintQuote Price Analyze material usage andestimate the quantity ofmaterials used for printing,such as ink and oil, basedon the Print Quote Pricecalculations Calculate the paperconsumed by operations ona printing estimate job Determine operation setuptime and run time for yourmachinery, based on thePrint Quote requirements AUTOMOTIVE MODULE Retroactive Billing Failure Mode EffectsAnalysis (FMEA) Advanced Product QualityPlanning (APQP) Match Delivery Notice toInvoice Customer and VendorContracts Returnable ContainersManagement Due Date Add Time Stamp Overall EquipmentEffectiveness (OEE)MOLDING MODULE Manage production in fourimportant ways:oToolingoCo-jobsoEstimatingoAlternate BOMs Improve capability topromise - When youschedule a variety of orderswith disparate toolingrequirements, it’s easy toaccidentally createproduction bottlenecks withmultiple plans that call forthe same toolsimultaneously. The InforCloudSuite Molding Packincorporates tool schedulingas an integral part ofproduction planning, so youcan deliver what youpromise.Plan more quickly andefficiently - When tooling isa critical resource, there’sno substitute for robustplanning capabilities thattake those requirements intoaccount to help you planmore accurately.Get more accurate costing- By improving the accuracyof your production plan,you’ll have better costinginformation and be able toprovide better quotes.9

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListOptional Modules** Means Installed with Core Infor CloudSuite Industrial and turned on with a keyINFOR OS BUNDLEorganize recurringconversations around abusiness topic, defined bythe users, with the ability toinvolve internal and externalparticipants.INFOR MING.LE Contextual intelligence—Infor Ming.le combines realtime information from ERP,SCM, enterprise assetmanagement (EAM), andfinancial systems, as well asany other transactionalinformation, on a singlescreen. It automaticallysenses the type of workyou’re doing and displaysinformation relevant to thattask, without requiring you tosearch for information andstore the results.Infor Ming.le Mobile - InforMing.le’s mobile capabilitieslet you work smarter andfaster anytime, andanywhere. You can head offproblems and keep businessmoving with criticalinformation and alertsaccessible on your mobiledevice.Tasks and alerts—Infor’stechnology transmitstransactional information inreal time, so you can keepup with the progress ofimportant activities. You canfilter, view, and monitorinformation to keep tabs onthe items that matter most.Infor Ming.le also includes aworkflow interface that canpush approvals and alerts tothe appropriate people whenproblems arise.Drill back—Analytics andreports in Infor Ming.lefeature full drill backcapabilities so you can seethe information supportingthe data on your screen. Iftotal costs suddenly spikeon one production line, forexample, you canimmediately drill down andsee which component ofcost changed most tocontribute to the increase.You’ll be able to zero in onissues that matter and keepyour operations undercontrol more easily.Streams - The Infor Ming.leplatform enables you to Ming.le HomepagesoStart page for theCloudSuiteoTeam-basedoWidget catalogINFOR DOCUMENTMANAGEMENTGet the capabilities you need to: Input - Automatically adddocuments to InforDocument Management aspart of a capturing processor an automated process.Or, add them manuallyusing your ERP applicationsor any of the Infor DocumentManagement clients, allinside Infor Ming.le. You caneven use a Microsoft Officeapplication to adddocuments directly to theback-end platform. Thesystem creates theappropriate metadata,referencing your documentsto your ERP objects. WithInfor DocumentManagement’s DocumentCapture component, youcan store an invoice imagefile together with data that’sextracted from the invoice.Later, when looking at theinvoice in your invoicematching program, thescanned document is alsothere to view. All this can beaccomplished using basicsetup and configuration.Store - All of yourdocuments are stored in arepository that applies rolebased authentication andauthorization to ensure thesafety of your information.The repository also providesversioning and checkout/check-in capabilities, soyou can be sure you’realways working with thelatest, most completeversion of a document.Connect - Attributes thatare stored with yourdocuments allow soft links tobe created between yourdocuments and yourapplications. Yourapplication doesn’t have toknow any of the specificsabout a stored document toconnect to it. InforDocument Managementcreates this connection foryou, since your businessobjects and documentsshare all of the sameattributesINFOR IONInfor ION enables intelligentbusiness operations bysimplifying integration betweendisparate systems, whilecombining contextual businessintelligence, common reportingand analysis, streamlinedworkflow, and businessmonitoring in a single, consistentarchitecture. Embraces open, nonproprietary standards likeOAGIS (industry standardXML format) to ensure thatboth Infor and non-Inforapplications can talk to eachother in the same commonlanguage.Provides role-based accessand intuitive modeling toolsto ensure business userscan build event monitorsand workflows, as well asmodify business processes,as needed.Provides key capabilities inthe areas of exceptionmanagement through rulesbased monitoring andunified logging and errorreporting, and delivers alertsto any business user ontheir desktop or their mobiledevice.10

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality ListINFOR FACTORY TRACK The Shop Floor module isa modern touch-screensolution that allows trackingof production activities.Operators can access theshop floor kiosks to tracklabor, WIP, attendancetransactions and muchmore. The Warehouse Mobilitymodule a real-timebarcoding and datacollection solution thatservers an online extensionof CloudSuite Industrial’sinventory managementcapabilities The Time Track module isa comprehensive time andattendance managementsolution that deliverscapabilities like vacationmanagement, centralizedtime reporting, supervisordashboards, andconfigurable payroll extractsINFOR CLOUDSUITEFORECASTING Creates forecasts fromhistorical trend or fromcollaboration with customersor salespeople. Analyzes, graphs forecastsvs. history and trends, byitem or item groups. Statistically calculates ItemSafety Stock (ROP) andOrder Minimum (EOQ LotSize) and sets slow movingflag. Updates MRP/APS planbased on allowablepercentage changes duringspecified time fences. Monitors the forecasts vs.actual demand andgenerates exception alerts. Provides market trendanalysis with flexible periodto-period comparisons andgraphing. Generates budget reportsfor revenue, material andlabor based on the forecast. Supports reorder pointforecasting, application ofstatistical models to forecastsales or usage, groupforecasting, roll-up ofexpected demand andplanning BOM forecastingbased on historical usagepercentages. Supports the followingforecasting models: movingaverage, horizontal withexponential smoothing,lumpy, trend, seasonal,trend-seasonal, user definedmodels and automaticmodel selection based onbest fit to historical behavior.INFOR CLOUDSUITE CREDITCARD INTERFACE (**) Take credit cards aspayment on individualcustomer orders duringorder entry. On line authorization On line funds capture Fully secure, secondarydatabase for CC info Orders placed on credit holdwith de-authorization Payment auto-applied toinvoice Centralized Credit CardValidation Allows for manual reauthorization Interface to Gatewayprovider of your choice Support for Multiple CreditCard Gateways andCurrenciesoCenPOS andBridgePayINFOR CLOUDSUITE TAXINTERFACE (**) Interface for third party salestax systems Supports Vertex Quantumand AVP Taxware Supports invoicingtransactions for COInvoices, CO Credit Memos,CO Price Adjustments,Project Invoices, A/RInvoices, A/R Credit Memos,and A/R Debit Memos If using FS-Plus, supportsSRO Invoices and SROContract Invoices Uses third party software tocalculate sales tax andrecords information backinto Infor CloudSuiteINFOR CLOUDSUITEEXTERNAL PAYROLLINTERFACE (**)CloudSuite External PayrollInterface performs two-way dataexchange between InforCloudSuite Industrial and yourthird-party payroll system. Withthis two-way integration you willbe able to se

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Functionality List 4 ESTIMATING Quoting and cost analysis Engineering sandbox development What-If scheduling What-If planning shipping, invoicing, receipt Pricing tables Inventory, Purchase Orders BOM Import payment ent