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ExchangeContactInformationFrankfurt University of Applied SciencesInternational Officec/o Juliane Reinhardt-MaxNibelungenplatz 1D-60318 Frankfurt am MainGERMANYPhone: 49 (0)69 1533 3840E-Mail: [email protected] toapply May 1, 2016 - for winter term 2016/17November 1, 2016 - for summer term 20171. Partner universities must nominate their students for exchange bye-mail2. The exchange application for incoming students includes: Completing the online Application FormUpload the following documents: Learning Agreement (List of courses you would like to take atFRA-UAS) Academic transcript of records from home university (inEnglish) Documentation of English language proficiency (needed ifstudents choose courses taught in English). This should be anofficial document or signed by a school official. Please note:native English Speakers DO NOT need proof of Englishlanguage profiency. Copy of Passport or Identification Card 1 Passport Photo It Registration Form Students at FRA-UAS can use universitynetwork services (Wi-Fi and comuter labs).AcademicCalendarWinter term 2016/17Arrival dateOrientationGerman language courseStart of coursesEnd of coursesExaminations:End of semesterPublic HolidaysSeptember 1, 2016September 2, 2016 – September 11, 2016Approx. mid. September till mid. October 2016October 17, 2016February 10, 2017After end of lecture periodMarch 31, 2017October 3 2016;December 24, 2016 – January 08, 2017

Summer term 2017Arrival dateOrientationGerman language courseStart of coursesEnd of coursesExaminations:End of semesterPublic HolidaysVisaMarch 1, 2017March 2 – March 11 2017Approx. mid. March – mid. April 2017April 10, 2017July 14, 2016After end of lecture periodSeptember 30, 2017April 14 – April 17, 2017May 1, 2017; May 25, 2017; June 05, 2017;June 15, 2017Citizens of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan,New Zealand, Switzerland, as well as EU citizens may apply for theirresidence permit after entering Germany without a visa.Citizens of other countries are required to apply and obtain a residencepermit prior to entry (an option also open to US citizens) at the GermanEmbassies of their respective countries.After the application has been approved by the Aliens' Office, the Consulatewill issue a residence permit in the form of a visa. The Aliens' Office requiresall residence permit holders to register upon their first arrival. A finalresidence permit for the duration of your studies will be granted inGermany after arrival.The students will be helped by international office staff after arrival inGermany with this procedure.Among the required documents are:oYour "Invitation” to Study at Frankfurt University of AppliedSciences" as proof of acceptance in GermanyoDocument stating that you have sufficient funds for your studiesin GermanyDetails on the documents to be presented with your visa application areavailable on the webpage of the respective German embassy abroad ordirectly from the embassy itself.Detailed information enthalt/Visabestimmungen node.htmlHealthInsuranceHealth cover in Germany is compulsory for studying. No enrolment will bemade without it.We ask you NOT to draw out a semester health insurance in your country as

these are not accepted for enrolment.We will therefore ask you to contract a German health insurance uponarrival. This insurance will:oCover your health expenses during your stay in GermanyoCover your health expenses while travelling in Europe.We have a special agreement with a general student insurance company(Techniker Krankenkasse). All formalities will be done with the support ofInternational Office Staff during the orientation within the first days of yourstay.Approx. cost per semester: 480 Euros.Student IDYour student ID includes a so called semester ticket: you will have freeaccess to public transportation (trams, busses and trains) within Frankfurtand its surroundings areas.You will have to pay a fee called “Semesterbeitrag” at the beginning of thesemester.Please bring approx. 300 in cash on your arrival day because the fee canonly be paid cash. This ensures that you are able to pick up your StudentID on the first day, otherwise you will have to pay for publictransportation during your first days (a day ticket is 8,90 ! ).HousingPlease note that there is no on-campus housing available at FrankfurtUniversity of Applied Sciences. However our international office providesinternational exchange students help and appropriate guidance regardingstudent housing.A number of rooms for international students are provided by the"Studentenwerk" (German student’s support institution) in addition toprivate and/or semi-private housing options. A room in the“Studentenwerk” costs 250 to 320 Euros/month. Prices on private marketrange from 380 to 550 Euros/month. Students can apply foraccommodation while filling out the online-application form.We try hard to provide a room for all of our international exchangeapplicants. You will be informed about your room and payment conditionsabout 10 weeks prior to your arrival. Please note that a room will only bereserved once the deposit is paid.Some things you might want to bring for your roomoSheets/Bedding / Kitchenware / Towels / Pictures of friends andfamily /oBathrobe and flip-flops (the shower might not be directlyconnected to your bedroom)oPlug adapterIf you arrive before the 1st of September 2016 (resp. March 1nd 2017 -

summer term), you will have to organise accommodation in a hostel. Pleasenote, you can move in your room from Monday to Friday only. If you arriveon a weekend, you will have to organise accommodation in a hostel too.Please check out the following websites for this: ntServices Cost oflivingAn orientation program will be provided.Incoming students are highly encouraged to sign up for the buddyprogramIn addition, a semester-round program ‘FRANKFURT YOU’ isoffered for international studentsMonthly expenses: Accommodation 350 Food 200 Clothing 50 Health insurance 78 Liability insurance 7 TV/Radio License Fee for Citizens 17,50 Study materials, textbooks and computer 50 Telephone and Internet 40 Leisure and sports 100

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences International Office c/o Juliane Reinhardt-Max Nibelungenplatz 1 D-60318 Frankfurt am Main GERMANY Phone: 49 (0)69 1533 3840 E-Mail: [email protected] Application Deadlines May 1, 2016 - for winter term 2016/1