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SECTION 1ContentPNEUMATIC HOISTSPAGESECTION 1Introduction. 3Pneumatic hoists. 4Pneumatic trolleys. 5Push and geared trolleys. 6Optional features and certification. 7Cross hauling with RED ROOSTER hoists. 8Paint systems. 9IntroductionWith the RED ROOSTER Air Hoists we specialise in the sale,rental and repair of air powered hoists, trolleys and winches.Our pneumatic hoists with safe working loads ranging from125 kg to 100 tonne are conform with the EC MachineryDirective and the European Standard for hoists BS EN 14492-2.All of our hoist parts are manufactured in either Japan orEurope, controlled under the ISO 9001: 2008 quality controlsystem.SECTION 2Rentals. 10SECTION 3ATEX. 12The RED ROOSTER TMM, TCR, TCS, TNC AND TMH seriespneumatic hoists offer a comprehensive range of hoistssuited for all types of industrial and marine environments.For use in areas where there is a risk of explosion due toSECTION 4Pneumatic hoists. 17Material handling hoists. 18Mini chain hoists. 20High speed hoists. 22Pneumatic chain hoists. 23SECTION 5Pneumatic hoist & trolley range. 31SECTION 6Pneumatic low headroomhoist & trolley range. 41SECTION 7Special designs. 48SECTION 8Accessories. 56SECTION 9Air suply systems. 62SECTION 10Radio remote control. 64SECTION 11Air Winches 0,2 - 35 tonne. 66SECTION 12Features TOKU high quality vane motor and planetary, gearboxwith long life grease Overload protection High strength cast steel housing for durability Compact and lightweight for easy handling Extended duty cycles and frequent reversals Variable speed for raising and lowering accurately Alloy steel hooks with safety catches (Bottom hookfitted with thrust bearing for easy operation) Adjustable load limiter (Not for TMM, TCR Mini or TCS) Failsafe automatic disk brake (fully enclosed)ensures the load cannot fall if power is lost Emergency stop Mechanical upper and lower hoist limits Lifting heights to meet your needs Choice of cord, pendant control or control systems Low noise level down to 80 dB (Silencer and filtereasily changed) Low air consumption (TCR and TMH model) Air pressure from 4.5 to 6 Bar (7 Bar maximum) Durable in harsh environments Self cooling air motor with the exhaust over themotor Low maintenance Easily available spares at the right conditions Hoist body manufactured in Japan, all other partsin Europe High quality calibrated load chain of European/Japanese manufacture with 5:1 FOS High speed (TCS model) Special designed hoists and trolleys Ex classification to EC directive 94/9/EC (ATEX models) Various paint specifications and coloursflammable gases or dust, we can offer a range of ATEXclassifications to suit your requirements (see ATEX section onpage 16). With safety the number one priority, RED ROOSTERhoists have been used and tested for the past 25 years. Whereengineers and operators require a hoist fit for purpose, easilycontrolled and maintained, with readily available spare parts,you’ll find RED ROOSTER hoists. We have the perfect liftingsolution for where the duty is high, or where a robust hoistis required to withstand harsh conditions. As standard, REDROOSTER hoists are able to work within a temperature rangeof -10 C to 70 C, with some slight modifications we can makethe hoists suitable to use at -20 C.Used in various industriesOffshore oil industry, assembly lines, power plants,refineries, mechanical engineering, shipyards, foundries,oil storage and many other industries.Index. 832WWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COMWWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COM 33

SECTION 1SECTION 1PNEUMATIC HOISTSModelWLL(kg)Chain fallsPNEUMATIC TROLLEYSAir consumption (l/sec)RaisingLoweringFull loadlifting speed(m/min)Minimumhose /21.000225275,30,5"23TCR-10001.0001252860,5"24The RED ROOSTER range of trolleys is designed to matchour range of pneumatic hoists, with capacities from 250 kgto 50 tonne, but they are easily adapted to be used withother manufacturers hoists. The trolleys are designed towork on a wide range of beam sizes and beam types, withModel*WLL(kg)No. ofwheelsNo. of drivenwheelsMin. bendradius (m)parallel or tapered flanges. The trolley can either have alifting lug to hook in the hoist or be built in using a linkplate. The versatile design and interchangeable parts can beused on a range of geared, low headroom, articulated andoverhead crane units.Min. hose dia(I/D)Air consumptionSpeed (m/min)*PageA*B*C*AT2SUp to 2.000421,5½"25 l/sec961235/36AT3S3.000422¾"25 l/sec661239AT6S6.000422,5¾"25 l/sec661239AT10S9.000 /10.000 /12.000422,51"50 l/sec88-39AT15S15.0004231"50 l/sec66-41AT25S20.0004231"50 l/sec44-41AT25S25.0004231"50 2S25.00084Straight1" / 1¼"100 ht1" / 1¼"100 84Straight1" / 1¼"100 elFor all pneumatic trolleys* AT.S standard, AT.ATX ATEX / Other trolley speeds available on request* A standard, B ATEX, C optionalTMH-15000/515.000564781,11"27Low HeadroomLHRStandard trolley temperature-10 C to 50 CTNC-15TW/315.00039010011"28Ultra Low HeadroomULHOptional trolley temperature-20 C to 70 CTNC-20TW/420.0004901000,751"28ArticulatedARTAir pressure6 Bar / 90 PSITNC-25TW25.00021201500,61"29Rack & PinionRPWheel materialSteel / 0.00041201500,31"30TNC-75TW/675.00062 x 1202 x 1500,351"30With our vast experience, in house design and manufacturingfacilities, we can also offer a range of special trolleys. We canmodify existing products or design to produce a custom madesolution.Pneumatic Trolley13Pneumatic steel construction (Alluminium body for TCRmini and TCS)Planetary gear boxFailsafe automatic disk brakeUpper and lower limit switchesHook optionsVarious paint options - standard to fulloffshore specificationLow noise emissions and self cooling exhaustLow air consumptionOverload protection (Not TCR mini, TMM or TCS)Spring loaded vane motorCord or range of pendant controlBuilt in emergency stop valve on pendant modelChain bag or ey wheels with sealed bearings (to suit flat ortapered beams)Anti tilt rollers (can be set to suit flange)Gear box (self locking)Air motorControl valveSilencers (low noise levels)Load bar (wide range to suit beam)Lock nutsSplit pinAdjusting spacers / washers (for easy adjustment)Rubber buffers (standard on ATEX units)Link plate (to suit all RED ROOSTER hoists)Lift points in side plates for shacklesWWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COM 55

SECTION 1STANDARD PUSH AND GEARED TROLLEYS250 KG TO 3 TONNEDesigned to operate with our range of pneumatic hoistsour standard push and geared trolleys are easily adaptedto be used with other manufacturers hoists or as part ofa travelling system.The trolleys are designed to work on a wide range of beamsizes and beam types, with parallel or tapered flanges.The trolley can either have a lifting lug to hook in the hoistor be built in using a link plate. The versatile design andinterchangeable parts can be used on a range of geared,low headroom, articulated and overhead crane units.GEARED TROLEY GTPUSH TROLEY PTDimensionsADIMENSIONSService250 to 1.00058 - 163 mmStandard2.00082 - 204 mmStandardTSP0303.00082 - 204 mmStandardTrolleys supplied for Hook In as standard / Link plate to build in optional152PT/2/R1-ATEX250 to 2.00058 - 163 mmATEX1312801291,514PT/2/R2-ATEX250 to 2.000163 - 305 mmATEX1312801291,514PT/3/R1-ATEX3.000100 - 204 mmATEX1523241691,723PT/3/R2-ATEX3.000204 - 305 n.bend ,723Trolleys supplied for Hook In as standard / Link plate to build in optionalCapacity (kg)TSG010TSG020RangeService250 to 1.00058 - 163 mmStandard2.00082 - 204 mmStandardTSG0303.000Link plate to build in optional82 - 204 bend 691,727GT/2/R1-ATEX250 to 2.00058 - 163 mmATEX1312801291,519GT/2/R2-ATEX250 to 2.000163 - 305 mmATEX1312801291,519GT/3/R1-ATEX3.000100 - 204 mmATEX1523241691,727GT/3/R2-ATEX3.000204 - 305 mmATEX1523241691,727Link plate to build in optionalFeatures 6Good load to weight ratioWheels profiled to run on parallel or tapered beamsSteel or bronze wheelsSealed heavy duty bearingsAnti drop platesAnti tilt rollersEasy to installOperates on curved beams, see specification for minimum radiusEasily available spare parts at the right conditionsManufactured in the UK with EU motor gearboxFlange width up to 305 mmWWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COMquotation is issued to enable the customer to decide onthe viability of the repair. Once authorized by the customerthe repair is dealt with promptly and efficiently to ensurea speedy return.We are specialists in the repair of our own and othermanufacturer's hoists. After inspection, a report andThe company has been certified by BSI to ISO 9001: 2008 forquality. Marine Specification/Corrosion resistant Paint systems from C2 - Industrial to C5 - Offshore specification(Red finish as standard. Other RAL colours available on request) Choice of pendants Radio control pendant for electro pneumatic controls Control systems Chain collectors (PVC, galvanised or stainless steel) Various types of hook or clevis available Air supply systems and valves Piped away exhaust air In house design for "specials" Festoon systems Main air shut off valveATEX - According to EC Directive94/9/EC (Ex Classification)Geared trolleys GTModelEvery RED ROOSTER product is subject to the most rigorousexamination and test prior to dispatch. Our testing facilitiesallow us to carry out dynamic testing up to 65 tonne withstatic testing up to 400 tonne.Optional featuresRange 1TSP005/010Capacity (kg)OPTIONAL FEATURES ANDCERTIFICATIONPush trolleys PTModelSECTION 1 Marine Specification/Corrosion Standard hoists are suitable for use in areas certified asGroup II 3 GD c IIA T4 (135 C) 1) With extra protection can be used in areas certifiedas Group II 2 GD c IIB T4 (135 C) 2) Further protection allows the hoist to work inareas certified as Group II 2 GD c IIC T4 (135 C) 2)(not suitable for TCR Mini or TCS range) In house design for "specials"1)2)Standard documentation Report of Thorough Examination CE Declaration of Conformity(Machinery Directive) Hoist manual, safety instructions Explosion drawing & parts list Chain certificates Hook certificatesAdditional documentation/certification Painting certificatesATEX certificateCertificate of ConformityCertificate of OriginMaterial certificatesWitness tests - Lloyds Register, DNV, BV, etc.Documentation package, quality plan,procedures, factory acceptance tests, etc.Formerly known as zone 2 & 22Formerly known as zone 1 & 21Extra Features/Special designs Anti collision bumpersLarger capacities availableRack and Pinion drive (geared)Special paint systemsSpecial design to fit any beamParking brakeATEX specification cat. IIB & IICWWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COM 7

SECTION 1CROSS HAULING WITHRED ROOSTER HOISTSLike all air hoists, the RED ROOSTER hoist range is designedfor vertical lifting. Under special circumstances, cross haulingcan be achieved with single or two-fall hoist models, up toan angle of 20 degrees from the vertical, with 25 degrees onsome capacities under specific conditions.It is imperative that special precautions are in place for crosshauling applications - a lift plan, method statement and arisk assessment should be completed by a qualified person.A site assessment should be carried out, checking thestructure from which the hoists will be suspended, the hoistlocations (route of travel), operator position and also theshape size and weight of the item to be cross hauled.Site conditions should always be taken into account asdifferent problems will be encountered at each site.We recommend tag lines to be attached to the hoists andwherever possible, lower the load down to the next hoistat an angle letting it take the load, then raise at a muchreduced angle.For all cross hauling applications, please contact ourspecialists to confirm the suitability of our hoists forthe application.SECTION 1MARINE AND CORROSIVE PROTECTIONPAINT SYSTEMSWe have established paint application systems to control thepainting of our equipment based on ISO 12944.Our systems can also be used for several parts of NORSOKM501. These systems give good durability with resistance towater, abrasion, chemicals and are flexible.Corrosivecategoryand riskC1 very lowFor our C2 and C3 systems we use Jotun paints PenguardFC Epoxy. For the high marine specifications C4 and C5 weuse an anti-corrosive primer with a hardtop CA acrylic topcoat.Examples of typical environments in a temperate climate (info only)Exterior-InteriorHeated buildings with clean atmospheres, e.g. offices, shops,schools, hotelsC2 lowAtmospheres with low level of pollution. Mostly rural areasUnheated buildings where condensation may occur, e.g. depots,sports hallsC3 mediumUrban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulphur dioxidepollution. Coastal area with low salinityProduction rooms with high humidity and some air pollution plants, laundries, breweries, dairiesC4 highIndustrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinityChemical plants, swimming pools, coastal, ship and boatyardsC5-1 very high(industrial)Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphereBuildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and highpollutionC5-M very high(marine)Coastal and offshore areas with high salinityBuildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and highpollutionA specialist painting contractor is used when otherpainting specifications are required. Not all paintingsystems are suitable for use on our air hoists andtrolleys due to the shape and size of the equipment.SECTION 18WWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COMWWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COM 9

SECTION 2SECTION 2RENTALSRENTALSRED ROOSTER RENTALService, quality and realibilityPneumatic hoistsWith RED ROOSTER hoists, hire rates reflect the length ofhire. We aim to offer you the equipment you need, whenand where you need it.By including only RED ROOSTER hoists products on ourrental fleet we have both the in-house expertise and spareparts available to maintain our rental fleet to the higheststandard. We carry in excess of 500.000,- of spare parts forpneumatic hoists alone.The full range of RED ROOSTER standard pneumatic hoists,trolleys and low headroom units found in this catalogue areavailable for hire, from 250 kg to 50 tonne. We have chainsavailable to give up to 100 mtr height of lift on the smallermodels, 34 mtr on the 37,5 tonne and 25 mtr on the 50 tonnehoists. We can supply longer heights of lift for special orders.All hoists can be supplied with cord control units or pendantcontrol with a main emergency stop. At present we haveover 400 hoists fitted with the required safety features suchas upper and lower limits, emergency stops and load limiters.We also supply chain collectors for most heights of lift, hosesupport brackets, ATEX units, air pigs and air hoses.Our experienced staff will advise you with your equipmentneeds and will quickly confirm price and availability. Fromour stock of over 400 hoists, winches, load cells and otherlifting solutions we can offer conform your requirements.A large part of our rental hoists and trolleys are 10 tonneto 50 tonne capacity.Our hire rates reflect the length of hire, the quantity ofequipment and specification required. We can supply ourrange of equipment worldwide at the most competitiverates possible.On completion of every hire the equipment is inspected,dismantled, refurbished and function tested prior to returnto store. For every hire, the equipment is prepared as percustomer specifications and tested before dispatch.We always endeavour to meet the required delivery ‘no matterhow challenging’. Technical support is always worldwideavailable. By problems, we are there for you with advise,spare parts, service or a replacement units available at shortnotice.Pneumatic trolleysOur rental trolleys suit capacities from 250 kg to 50 tonne(see pictures below), can fit a wide range of beam sizes,different speeds and can be either standard or ATEX units.We also have a range of low headroom trolleys.Benefits Hiring from a company you can trust Fast availability of large quantities and capacities ofequipment Delivered to your site on the day agreed ready for use Competitive rates, structured to take into account thehire duration Leave maintenance to the specialists (allowing you toconcentrate on your business) Avoid capital outlay, pay only for what you use andspread out-goings throughout the hire Technical support: free evaluation of your requirements On-site assistance Equipment can be tailored to solve your specific needs Rental with the purchase option on request Fully certified equipment supplied with the necessarycertification and rental manual Operators can be supplied along with the equipmentOther items available for hire include: 10WWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COMElectric hoistsPneumatic winchesLoad measuring equipmentLarge capacity manual chain blocksUltra low headroom hoistsSpooling winchesWWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COM 11

SECTION 3SECTION 3ATEXThe RED ROOSTER Spark Resistant Air chain Hoists are verysuitable to be used in explosion dangerous areas becauseair does not generate sparks (on the contrary to electricity).RED ROOSTER Spark Resistant Air chain Hoists are veryeconomical, and supplied at very competitive prices.In various industries like (petro) chemical industry, oil/gasindustry, offshore, power plants, mining, food industry andmany other industries an explosion dangerous atmospherecan arise during processing, transporting or storing, due togas, vapor or dust.Explosive atmospheres can be caused by flammable gases,mists or vapours, or by combustible dusts. If there is enoughof a substance mixed with air then all it needs is a sourceof ignition to cause an explosion. Preventing release ofdangerous substances and controlling potential sources ofignition are two widely used ways of reducing risk.Why do we need ATEX certification If you manufacture a product that is to be used in apotentially explosive environment and you want tosell in the European Union, then you will need toapply the CE and Ex mark on it. The ATEX 94/9/EC Directive (ATEX 95) covers bothelectrical and mechanical equipment which is splitinto two categories of equipment, Group I mining &Group II above ground. Our lodgement is for mechanical non electricalequipment which are capable of causing their ownsource of ignition.All standard RED ROOSTER pneumatic hoists and trolleys from250 kg to 100 tonne can be certified for use in II 3 GD c IIA T4 1)area and with additional protection built into the hoistthey can be certified for II 2 GD c IIB T4 1) & II 2 GD c IIC T4 2)area. The preparation work required to be carried out onour hoists varies on the protection level requested by thecustomer. With the information on where the hoist will beoperating we prepare the hoist to be suitable for the zone,gas group and temperature rating.Our lodgement COV0912421/1 filed with Lloyds Registercovers the range of ATEX units we manufacture.The TCR, TNC, TMH & TCS ranges of hoists are heavy duty unitswith a wide range of uses in a variety of industries all over theworld. The ATEX range of hoists are built to stand up to differentenvironments making them safe to use in explosive atmospheres.Depending on the classification we can bronze spray hooks, fitstainless steel safety latches, use either zinc plated or stainlesssteel load chain and fit stainless steel chain collectors.12WWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COMATEX DIRECTIVERED ROOSTER pneumatic trolleys, geared trolleys and pushtrolleys are fitted with bronze wheels, bronze anti-tip rollers,rubber buffers and air trolleys have ATEX rated air motors,gearboxes and valves. Our trolleys are suitable for a range ofbeam sizes and profiles, with rack and pinion, beam brake,low headroom and ultra low headroom units available inmost capacities.We also do a range of ATEX pneumatic wire rope hoists builtto suit customer requirements. These hoist units have beenfully converted to air powered units from ATEX certified partscovered by our risk assessment for the process and parts usedin manufacture.Our Spark Resistant Air chain Hoists are widely used ina.o. the On and Off-shore, (petro) chemical industry, paintspraying, chemical production and -storage, pharmaceuticalindustry and tank-cleaning.1)Formerly known as zone 2 & 222)Formerly known as zone 1 & 21Spark Resistant Air Chain HoistsBronze wheelsRubber bumpersAtmosphéres explosiblesATEX comes from the French words "ATmosphéresEXplosibles" which is the name commonly given tothe two European Directives for controlling explosiveatmospheres. The aim of the directive 94/9/EC is toallow free trade of ATEX equipment within the EU.Some other parts of the world do not have regulationson non electrical equipment in explosive areas andhave also adopted the ATEX directive.Hazardous areasGas atmospheres Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) is for the manufacturersof equipment used in explosive atmospheres. Directive 99/92/EC (ATEX 137) is for the health andsafety protection of workers and manufacturers ofinstallations within a potentially explosiveatmosphere.Dust atmosphereThe Directive 99/92/EC applies to most workplaceswhere an explosion may occur, so employers must carryout risk assessments to classify different groups toensure that the correct equipment can be selected forthat specific area. These risk assessments should be kepton file and the classification for that area passed on tomanufacturers or suppliers when selecting the correctequipment. This equipment should be of the same orhigher classification.ZONE 22 AREA OUTSIDEZONE 21 (DUST DEPOSITS)ZONE 21(1 MTR. AROUND SILO)ZONE 20DUSTSEPERATORZONE 20SILOZONE 21The above diagrams are simple examples of explosive atmopheres within industry.Each site may differ.CopperplatedsprocketsStainless orinox steelchainCategorieGasDustCategorie 1 zone020Categorie 2 zone121Categorie 3 zone222Bronze coatedhooksSpark resistantpendant controlwith emergency stopSECTION 2WWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COM 13

SECTION 3SECTION 3EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERESEXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERESAn explosive atmosphere is defined as a mixture of dangeroussubstances with air, under atmospheric conditions, in theform of gases, vapours, mist or dust in which after ignitionhas occurred, combustion spreads to the entire industry, pharmaceuticals, refineries, power generation,chemical industry, mining and in the exploration andproduction of oil and gas. Even in non hazardous productionprocess gas may leak from cylinders or leaking pipes.Equipment groups, categoriesand zone classificationGroupCategory Level of ProtectionDangerous gases, dusts, mists and vapours are producedin many workplaces such as agriculture, waste disposal,recycling, wood processing, metal processing, paint shops,I MiningCombustable Substance: gas, dust, vapour, mistM(1)AA BBOxidizing Agent: oxygen in the airCIgnition Source: spark, hot surface, flame, staticCI Mining0, 1, 2 (Gases)20, 21, 22(Dust)M(2)High level of protectionEquipment must shut down if anexplosive atmosphere occurs.1, 2 (Gases)21, 22 (Dust)II Non-mining1Very high level of protectionWhere gas, dust or vapour mixturesare present continuously or for longperiods.0, 1, 2 (Gases)20, 21, 22(Dust)II Non-mining2High level of protectionWhere gas, dust or vapour mixturesare likely to occur occasionally.1, 2 (Gases)21, 22 (Dust)II Non mining3Normal protectionWhere gas, dust or vapour mixturesare unlikely to occur and only forshort periods.2 (Gases)22 (Dust)Bmonitoring of operation, or by using a flame-proof enclosurefor the source of ignition to protect the surrounding areaagainst possible effects of an internal explosion.Very high level of protectionEquipment must continue to operatein an explosive atmosphere.Mechanical equipment De-energisedExplosion protectionExplosion protection can mean to generally prevent theoccurrence of an explosive mixture. Explosion protection canalso be achieved by eliminating potential ignition sources inadvance, e.g. high temperatures and sparking by designingcomponents accordingly and by permanent(Formerlyknown asrisk zone)Mechanical equipment EnergisedAn explosion can only take place when the following3 factors coincideAExplosion zone classificationPrimary explosion protectionPrevent the formation of explosive atmospheres.Tertiary explosion protectionRestricts the effects of an explosion.Dust explosion protectionGroup I: For mines susceptible to MethaneGroup II: For gases in locations other than mines, which aredivided into three sub groups:IIA: For atmospheres containing propane or gases ofan equivalent hazardIIB: For atmospheres containing ethylene or gases ofan equivalent hazardIIC: For atmospheres containing hydrogen or gases ofan equivalent hazardEquipment for Group II used in an explosive area is also classifiedPowder or dust like products are the by product of manyfarming, mining and industrial processes. This hazardousdust can be produced by grain, wood, paper, metals andcoal in industries such as plastic, chemical and manyothers. Many of these powders and dusts are inflammablebut under certain circumstances they can explode.14WWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COMDust explosions can be far more dangerous than gasexplosions as the initial dust explosion can move moredust into the air creating further explosions and can causedestruction over a large area. A dust layer of less than1 mm is enough, when stirred up and mixed with oxygen,to create an explosion.Description1GZONE 0(Gas/vapours)An area in which an explosivemixture is continuously presentor present for long periods.2GZONE 1(Gas/vapours)An area in which an explosivemixture is likely to occur innormal operation.3GZONE 2(Gas/vapours)An area in which an explosivemixture is not likely to occurin normal operation and if itoccurs it will exist only for ashort time.1DZONE 20(Dust)An area in which an explosivemixture is continuously presentor present for long periods2DZONE 21(Dust)An area in which an explosivemixture is likely to occur innormal operation.3DZONE 22(Dust)An area in which an explosivemixture is not likely to occurin normal operation and if itoccurs it will exist only for ashort time.Temperature classesGases are divided into two groups:Prevent the ignition of potentially explosive atmospheres.(Formerlyknown asrisk zone)Gas groupsSecondary explosion protectionCategoryThe auto ignition temperature is the temperaturein C at which a gas will spontaneously ignitewithout another source of ignition.TemperatureClassesMax SurfaceTemperatureIgnition Temperaturerange of mixtureT1450 C 450 CT2300 C 300 to 450 CT3200 C 200 to 300 CT4135 C 135 to 200 CT5100 C 100 to 135 CT685 C 85 to 100 Cby the gas group.Gas group of theexplosive atmosphereEquipment with the same or higher gasgroup marking can be used in the areaIIAIIAIIBIIA, IIBIICIIA, IIB, IICWWW.RAMI-YOKOTA.COM 15

SECTION 3SECTION 43EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERESPNEUMATIC HOISTSClassification of combustible gases, vapours and mistsExplosion groups and temperature classes of a selection of gases and vapoursExGroupTemperature ClassesT1T2T3T4T5T6 135 100 C 100 85 CIgnition temperature range of the mixture 450 C 300 450 C 200 300 C 200 135 CPermissable max, surface temperature of the equipmentIIA450 C300 C200 C135 CAcetoneEthanolPetrol (general)AcetaldehydeAmmoniumi-Amyl AcetateDiesel fuelsBenzene (pure)n-ButaneAircraft fuelsAcetic Acidn-ButanolFuel oil DIN 51603EthaneCyclohexann-HexaneEthyl AcetateAcetic Anhydride100 C85 CEthyl ChlorideCarbon MonoxideMethaneMethanolMethyl ChlorideNapthalenePhenolPropaneTolueneIIBCity GasIICHydrog

engineers and operators require a hoist fit for purpose, easily controlled and maintained, with readily available spare parts, you’ll find RED ROOSTER hoists. We have the perfect lifting solution for where the duty is high, or where a robust hoist is required to with