The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) is seeking responses to the following request for proposal:SUMMER SOCCER CAMPSResponses clearly marked REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – SUMMER SOCCER CAMPS FOR THE REGIONALDISTRICT OF NANAIMO, RECREATION and PARKS and will be received up until 2:00 p.m. PST onMonday, December 7, 2015 by:Ann-Marie Harvey, Senior SecretaryRDN Recreation and Parks DepartmentOceanside PlaceMain Floor Reception Office830 West Island Highway, Parksville, BC V9P 2X4Faxed responses will not be accepted. Late proposals will not be accepted and will be returned to theproponent unopened.Responses may be withdrawn before the deadline upon written notice (facsimiles of notice will beaccepted) addressed to Ann-Marie Harvey, at 250-248-3294 (f).Responses withdrawn may be replaced by alternative responses providing written notice that analternative proposal will be submitted to Ann-Marie Harvey at least twenty-four hours before thedeadline for closing noted herein (facsimiles of notice will be accepted).Responses must remain valid for 90 days following the closing time and date. Responses areirrevocable after the closing time and date.The Regional District of Nanaimo reserves the right to reject any and all proposals for any reason or toaccept any proposal received which the Regional District, in its sole unrestricted discretion deemedmost advantageous to itself. The lowest or any proposal may not necessarily be accepted. Theproponent acknowledges the Regional District’s rights under this clause and absolutely waives anyright of action against the Regional District for the Regional District’s failure to accept its proposalwhether such right of action arises in contract, negligence, bad faith or any other cause of action. Theacceptance of any proposal is subject to funds being legally available to complete this transactionand/or approval by the Board of the Regional District or the officer or employee of the RegionalDistrict having authority to accept the proposal.Unless otherwise authorized in writing by Anne Porteous, Recreation Programmer, a proponent mustnot contact or communicate with any elected or appointed officer, or employee of the RegionalDistrict other than the Recreation Programmer in relation to this solicitation prior to an award of theservices by the Regional Board or the officer or employee of the Regional District having authority toaccept the proposal. Any such communication may result in disqualification of the proposal fromfurther consideration.

Addenda may be issued during the Proposal period in response to queries received. Addenda will besent in electronic format to all proponents who have received RFP packages. All addenda must beconsidered and acknowledged when responding to this RFP. Verbal answers are binding only whenconfirmed by written addenda.The information contained in this RFP is supplied solely as a guideline for Proponents and is notguaranteed or warranted by the RDN to be accurate, nor is it necessarily comprehensive orexhaustive.Each Proponent is responsible to review and understand the terms and conditions of this RFP, and theScope of Services being requested. The RDN will not be responsible for any loss, damage or expenseincurred by a Proponent as a result of any inaccuracy or incompleteness in this RFP, or as a result ofany misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the terms of this RFP on the part of the Proponent.Further, the RDN is not liable for any costs incurred in the preparation of the proposals.The Regional District of Nanaimo is subject to the provisions of The Freedom of Information andProtection of Privacy Act. As a result, while Section 20 of the Act offers some protection for third partybusiness interests, the Regional District cannot guarantee that any information provided to theRegional District can or will be held in confidence.Further information regarding the specifications in this solicitation may be obtained from:Anne Porteous, Recreation n.bc.caIn the Programmer’s absence, Proponents may contact:Hannah King, Superintendent of Recreation Program aRFP for Soccer Oct 2015, p.2

1. INTRODUCTION & SCOPEDefinitionsThroughout this request for Proposal the following definitions apply:“RDN” or “Regional District” means the Regional District of Nanaimo“District 69” means the north area of the District receiving recreation services and includes theCity of Parksville, Town of Qualicum Beach, and Electoral Areas E, F, G and H. (School District 69 isthe same geographic region.)“Proponent” means a qualified instructor or business that submits a proposal in response to thisRequest for Proposal“Proposal” means a submission in response to this Request for Proposal“RFP” means Request for Proposal“Services” means the works requested to be performed as per this RFP“Employee” means an employee, a subcontractor and its employees, volunteers or any otherperson under the Contractor’s control and supervision or for which it is responsible in law.Background InformationRDN Recreation and Parks is a department of the Regional District of Nanaimo. The department isfunded through a combination of property taxes, government grants and revenues derived fromthe sale of services.Recreation and Parks Mission StatementOur purpose is to: bring fun, enjoyment and vitality to our community. help individuals grow, develop and reach for their full potential as contributing citizens. nurture individual and community well-being. build an involved community that is proud of its leisure lifestyle and environment.Recreation and Parks Operating Philosophy We strive for quality and excellence in all that we do - making optimal use of all availableresources, accountable and a model of good government and public service. Individually, we reach for the highest levels of professionalism possible - beingknowledgeable, evaluating and improving our services and ourselves continually. We understand the importance of team and teamwork to our collective productivity, enjoyingeach other’s talents and contributions and treating one another with respect. Above all, we are committed to customer service - courteous, considerate, friendly, flexibleand responsive at all times.EligibilityPotential proponents are not eligible to submit a proposal if current, past or other interests, in theRegional District’s opinion, may result in a conflict of interest in connection with this project.RFP for Soccer Oct 2015, p.3

InvitationThe Regional District of Nanaimo invites qualified Proponents with the capabilities andexperience to submit proposals to enter into an agreement for Summer Soccer Camps at variouslocations throughout District 69, as deemed suitable and available.2. TERM AND GENERAL CONDITIONS OF ENGAGEMENTTerm of EngagementIt is the intention of the Regional District to enter into a three year agreement with the successfulProponent to provide services beginning January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018 inclusive.Awarding of ContractVerbal notice of approval will be given to the successful Proponent followed by the signing of theRecreation Contractor Services Agreement, which constitutes the formal agreement.InsuranceThe Proponent shall maintain and provide evidence of a commercial general liability policyincluding non-owned automobile coverage, providing coverage for injury to property and personsincluding death, in an amount of not less than 3,000,000, per occurrence. The Regional District ofNanaimo shall be named as an ‘additional insured’.Registration with Workers’ Compensation BoardThe Proponent will provide to the Regional District evidence satisfactory to the Regional Districtthat the Proponent has paid and satisfied any and all assessments payable under the WorkersCompensation Act or any regulation thereunder with respect to the Services to be provided underthis Agreement.Criminal Record ChecksProponents and their employees require criminal record checks. Proponents shall at all timesduring the term of this Agreement comply with the Criminal Records Review Act (BritishColumbia).The Proponent shall ensure that all its employees under this Agreement undergo acriminal records check not more than 12 months prior to commencing services.Experience and QualificationsA Proponent must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for evaluationpursuant to this RFP:1. Has provided soccer camps within the past three years in similar circumstances.2. Demonstrates an understanding of providing summer soccer camps for participants rangingfrom 3-5 years to 6-12 years.3. Has necessary training, qualifications and experience, and ensures any staff hired to performthe service, are also qualified and experienced.4. Has the required coaches, and soccer equipment to address the scope of the services.5. Demonstrates a commitment to providing quality and excellence in service delivery,communicating professionally, and working in a collaborative manner.RFP for Soccer Oct 2015, p.4

3. SCOPE OF SERVICESServicesThe Proponent will be required to:a. Provide 3 weeks of summer soccer camp for participants ranging from 3-5 years and 6-12years within the Regional District of Nanaimo. Programs may be half day and/or full day.Programs must focus on fun, safety, and age-appropriate skills development.b. Work collaboratively with RDN personnel to deliver programs in accordance to RDN Policiesand Procedures.c. Ensure that instructor to participant ratios meet or exceed the ratios in table below:Minimum participant ratiosAgeRatio (Instructor: Child)3-5 years1:85-12 years1:10d. Hire, train and supervise all employees.e. Ensure employees have current first aid (Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid orEmergency Childcare First Aid) with CPR B or C and are epi-pen trained.f. Ensure adequate first aid supplies are on site during all program times.g. Cover the costs of supplies needed for program delivery i.e. soccer balls, cones, pennies’,nets, tents etc.h. Provide adequate supervision of all participants including taking participants to thewashroom safely.i. Ensure that program structure and content provides for the safety and well-being ofparticipants at all times. This includes having appropriate breaks for snacks/liquids and theprevention of heat exhaustion and sun exposure.j. Provide written program evaluation regarding ongoing improvements and success of theprogram.k. Provide supervision of participants up to ten minutes before program start; ensure orderlybehavior and control of participants during the program; and provide supervision after classto ensure no participant is left unattended.The Regional District of Nanaimo agrees to coordinate field bookings, advertising, classregistrations/cancellations, the collection of revenues, minor administrative duties associatedwith the service, and payment upon receipt of an invoice.Annual ScheduleThe following schedule will be required for each year of the agreement. The Proponent willsubmit the following information in writing to the Recreation Programmer: Program descriptions and dates:o Spring/Summer Active Living Guide December 18o Fall/Winter Active Living Guide June 1Confirmation that all employees meet the criteria outlined in (a) Experience andQualifications and (b) Criminal Record Checks must be received one month prior tocommencing serviceRFP for Soccer Oct 2015, p.5

Copy of WCB coverage within one month prior to commencing serviceCopy of Insurance within one month prior to commencing serviceAnnual planning and review meetings with Recreation Programmer4. PROPOSALS REQUIREMENTSRequirementsProponents must meet the following mandatory requirements to be considered for furtherevaluation:1. A cover letter shall be provided with the proposal clearly stating the understanding of theservices to be provided. The letter must include the name(s) of the person(s) who will beauthorized to make representations for the proponent, their title(s) and telephone number(s).The person signing the covering letter must be authorized to bind the proposer.2. Two copies of the proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked 'RFP forSummer Soccer Camps’, by mail or in person. Proposals must be received at the closinglocation by the specified closing date and time.3. Proponents must respond to all the items listed below in the order they are presented:a. Company Profile and Contact: A brief profile indicating the scope of practice and therange of activities performed. Identify the Proponent’s contact person, mailing address,phone number and email address.b. Qualifications and Experience: List the Proponent’s current and past training,qualifications and experience. Describe your familiarity and experience with recreationservices and philosophies. If additional staff will be hired, describe recruitment and staffqualifications and experience.c. Service Delivery Approach: Proposals must show a clear understanding of the work to beperformed. This would include creative approaches that introduce and maintainparticipant interest in the program and develop skills that will support lifelong healthyliving.d. Staffing Structure: The number of instructors available, and the instructor to participantratios (and age groupings if applicable).e. Fee Proposal: Proponents will be paid 70% of the net revenue or a flat rate. Net revenueswill be calculated as Registration fees (with adjustments for refunds/withdrawals) lessfacility rentals (if applicable). Proposals must include the fees charged to each participantand any costs associated with the service (e.g. facilities, equipment, wages, taxes, etc).f.References: Three references within the last three years. Include a contact name,telephone number and email address for each reference.Proposal Evaluation CriteriaProposals that comply with the mandatory requirements will be evaluated on the basis of thefollowing criteria using the scoring grid outlined in Appendix 1.RFP for Soccer Oct 2015, p.6

Shortlisted Proponents may be required to attend a brief interview.RFP for Soccer Oct 2015, p.7

Appendix 1EVALUATION GRID FOR SUMMER SOCCER CAMPSPROPONENT DATE:CriteriaMax. scoreProponent’s scoreMandatory Criteria Cover letter completed and signed by person authorized to bind theProponent to statements made in the submission. Sealed package containing two copies of the proposal. Proposal must be received at the closing location by the specified closingdate and time.CommentsCIRCLE ONE: Y / NCIRCLE ONE: Y / NCIRCLE ONE: Y / NPoint-Rated Criteria1. Company Profile and Contact Identifies scope of practice and therange of activities performed. Demonstrates credibility,professionalism and reliability. Proof of WCB coverage Proof of Insurance with minimum 3,000,000.00 liability Written confirmation of intent to obtaina Criminal Record Check2. Qualifications and Experience Has provided relevant services withinthe past three years. Demonstrates an understanding ofproviding relevant services to the targetpopulation. Has necessary training, qualificationsand experience, and demonstratesadditional staff are qualified andexperienced. Has the required resources to addressthe scope of the services Demonstrates commitment toproviding quality and excellence,communicating professionally andworking collaboratively. Confirms current first aid (EmergencyFirst Aid or Standard First Aid orEmergency Childcare First Aid) with CPRB or C certifications and epi-pentraining Other required or beneficialcertification for the service1025RFP for Soccer Oct 2015, p.8

3. Service Delivery Approach Outlines a clear description of the workto be performed. Is in accordance with RDN Recreationand Parks mission statement andoperating philosophy Suitable, age-appropriate, creativeapproaches to providing service Supports the development of skills thatwill support lifelong active healthylifestyles.4. Staffing Structure Identifies the number of instructorsavailable. Identifies the instructor to participantratios (and age groupings if applicable).5. Fee Proposal Identifies proposed fees charged toeach participant and any costsassociated with the service (e.g.facilities, equipment, wages, taxes, etc)for 1-3 years. Makes optimal use of all availableresources allowing for the lowest pricefor the customer Competitive and appropriate fees foreconomics of D69 communities6. References Three references within the lastthree years25151510RFP for Soccer Oct 2015, p.9

2. Two copies of the proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked 'RFP for Summer Soccer Camps’, by mail or in person. Proposals must be received at the closing location by the specified closing date and time. 3. Proponents must respond to all the items listed belo