Fact Sheet Fujitsu Revenue Management SolutionFact SheetFujitsu Revenue Management Solutionfor Consumer Goods Suppliers to RetailRequiring Scan Based TradingFujitsu Revenue Management Solution manages end to end supply chain management. This solutionintegrates demand planning, procurement, supply planning, order fulfillment, EDI and logistics planning,and execution. It efficiently monitors, analyzes, and acts upon supply issues as well as opportunities forstore replenishment.Understanding SBTINVENTORY VIEWSelling OrganizationInventoryOrganizationInventory TransfersSub InventoriesProduct ships from warehouse to customer storeBenefitsFujitsu Revenue Management Solution (FRMS)?FRMS* is an integrated and packaged solutionwhich sits on top of Oracle ERP and Value Chainproducts. It is defined as the process wheresuppliers maintain ownership of inventory withindistributors’ warehouses or stores until the itemsare scanned at the point of sale. This solutionintegrates forward and backward supply chainfor the distribution industry. This solutionencompasses all the needs to achieve a robustscan-based trading model.What is the problem?Business ChallengesSpecialty Retail Distributors and Scan-BasedTrading (SBT*) Suppliers face key businesschallenges: Increasing pressure from large retailers tomove to a Scan-Based Trading model ofdoing business with distributors SBT distributors have unique,customer-specific requirementsBenefits that create the opportunity tooptimize store replenishment and maximizesales. Increased sales Improved customer relationships Improved visibility of product sales Reduced order processing costs Reduced cost of stock overages Lowered cost of inventory Improved time to market Improved financial metrics* FRMS and SBT are basically the same thing and are used interchangeably throughout this document.Page 1 of 5

Fact Sheet Fujitsu Revenue Management SolutionArchitectureMONITOR » ANALYZE » ACTPlanning DataPoint of Sales DataInventory DataFulfillment DataInvoice DataBuy T WorkbenchRelease Replenishment OrdersStore InventoryFujitsu Revenue Management Solution (FRMS) pillar Store conversions alongside new store openings fromretail stores perspective–– Special private label data requirements–– Rollout schedules for new stores–– Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) exchange requirements on 852s The need to maintain the standard order processing, shipping,and inventory management for non-SBT customers Trade Management Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)Technology ChallengesClient organizations with a significant investment in the Oracle Technology Stack need to leverage existing functionality, i.e. in coreOracle Application modules and Advanced Planning Suite (APS)Modules to meet SBT Process requirements: Mission critical systems included Financials, Order Management,Inventory, KITS, Service Level agreement (SLA) Rules, Workflow,and Incentive Compensation Solution implemented in R12 Version of EBS, Demantra 7.2,Siebel FujitsuFujitsu brings together a scan-based trading solution with unique IPand incorporates end-to-end Oracle product lines [Siebel, E-BusinessSuite (EBS), Demand Planning, Advanced Supply Chain Planning(ASCP), Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)]. Loftware includeskey Software Configuration Management (SCM) Solution sets. Open ended best-of-breed solution set which can fit the needs notonly of the distribution, consumer goods and retail sectors but alsolife sciences (B2B and B2C) as wellPage 2 of 5 Follows scan based trading industry standards electronic dataexchange policies Respects shelf life for perishable product lines Helps distributors and manufacturers to work with retailers via auser-friendly IT solution which increases data accuracy, decreasesdata loss, brings inventory accuracy, better cycle counting, andaccurate electronic paperworkFujitsu FRMS solutionThis unique solution provides specialty distributors and SBT suppliersa solid foundation to improve; relationships, visibility, time to marketand most of all sales. This is a highly repeatable and completesolution with Oracle technology and applications pulled together withFujitsu expertise. The major benefits to specialty distributors and SBTsuppliers are: An integrated solution which bring all divisions and organizationsto one integrated platform Sales force empowered with on-hand information andknowledge of the products which help them to sellinstead of just booking orders Real-time visibility to sales management Automated solutions to reduce manual efforts in various processeslike food show orders, claims settlement and incentive programs Trade planning and promotions management using Siebel andtrade management Provides a robust solution for store replenishment planningand execution process with direct integration with DemandPlanning and ASCP Extensive use of Sub-ledger Accounting to build customer drivenrules to recognize revenue and cost of goods sold

Fact Sheet Fujitsu Revenue Management SolutionSiebelAIAintegrationdumps datain entSBT order type triggeredfrom Siebel SystemIntegrationSBT Integrated SolutionPage 3 of 5Ordermanagementtakes thisas IR/ISO –DPI orgInventoryintransitshipment shipper item –custom processInventoryintransitshipment visibilityNo ARpaperworkFormulabetweenparent itemand childrenwill bemaintainedin OPMAutomatic receiptat SBT org – only thechildren items –custom processAutomatic entry oforder - invoice onlyline type(open issue – dates)Pick release/ship confirm/inv transferbased online typechosen fromDPI orgA fake RTGwill bemaintained sothat ASCP seesthe demand onparent (alwaystrue for SBT)POS datareducesinventoryProducts awaitingPOS dataAccounting – SLA –a rule will be builtto read the accountfrom customeraccount level

Fact Sheet Fujitsu Revenue Management Solution World class Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) integrationwith Prescient Strong warehouse management solution with SBT Seamless order processing capability both for scan based productsand non-scan based products Write credits for any order types Domestic and international paperwork support model Strong EDI integration with Oracle B2B Auto receipts at customer stores or regional DCs from warehouses Adjustment of all transaction units to the same level Forecasting and planning solution with increased Inventoryoptimization and forecast accuracy Balance between shelf life and safety stocks, helping optimizationof transportation cost and better inventory management Deployment planning using Oracle EBS R12.x and Siebel 8.x Special packaging (Shipper Items) Paperwork with COGS and potential revenueFRMS – ApproachThe Fujitsu SBT Solution is very robust and can be deployed veryefficiently. In order to maintain the high expectations of anyFujitsu solution, strict policies and procedures are adhered to.Each SBT solution: Leverages Oracle products Designs business processes for Demand Planning, SupplyPlanning, Order Fulfillment, Warehousing, Shipping andLogistics, EDI, etc. Develops Technical Objects and makes them sit on top ofOracle ERP Product lines in a template solution set fashion Is upgradeable Easily fits on top of any Oracle Business Accelerator package Employs the Oracle B2B EDI VanFRMS ListWhen the Fujitsu Revenue Management solution is deployed youwill be able to accomplish: Store-to-store transfers between retail stores that the distributoris serving Scan based products demand flow into Demand Planning Pricing and invoice date being processed on store transaction date Enabling new locations for retailers using FRMS EDI interface 852 Cycle Counts Store Returns Consumer Returns Process Correction Period Close ProcessFujitsu and OracleFujitsu is an Oracle Diamond Partner globally and has completed andachieved over 20 Specializations and in process of achieving over adozen others. We believe that Oracle Specializations allow us todifferentiate and validate our competencies and expertise. We willcontinue to achieve specializations as they become available.This partnership ensures that Fujitsu has full access to the latestOracle technology, training and staff, and enables Fujitsu to deliver awide range of high quality business solutions and services predicatedon Oracle products.In 2010 Fujitsu became the first Oracle Partner globally to achieveSOA Specialization status with Oracle and is Oracle’s current globalSystem Information (SI) Partner of the Year based on the work donefor the Japanese Ministry of Justice.“scan-based trading is on the increase,but this remains a deeply sensitive and political areaas far as the us supply chain is concerned.”*Page 4 of 5

Fact Sheet Fujitsu Revenue Management SolutionAbout Fujitsu AmericaFujitsu America, Inc., is a leading ICT solutions provider for organizations in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. Fujitsuenables clients to meet their business objectives through integrated offerings and solutions, including consulting, systemsintegration, managed services, outsourcing and cloud services for infrastructure, platforms and applications; data centerand field services; and server, storage, software and mobile/tablet technologies.For more information, please visit: and platform solutionsIn addition to Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers,Fujitsu provides a range of platformsolutions. They combine reliable Fujitsuproducts with the best in services, know-howand worldwide partnerships.Dynamic InfrastructuresAs a global IT infrastructure provider, Fujitsuoffers a complete range of servers designedto fill any role in today’s business. Whetheryour business requires affordable entry-levelservers, compact and scalable blade systems,or advanced multiprocessor servers capableof handling the most demanding data centerapplications, the PRIMERGY line deliversIntel Architecture servers with the rock-solidreliability and industry-leading performanceyou need.PRIMERGY PRIMERGY: Industrial standard server SPARC Enterprise: UNIX server PRIMEQUEST: Mission-critical IA server ETERNUS: Storage Interstage:Application infrastructure software Systemwalker:System management softwareMore informationFor more information, please visit: Information on our Intel basedPRIMERGY t/products/servers/ primergy/index.phpFor Information on ourEnterprise t/products/storage/ETERNUS/index.phpFor Information on ourSPARC Enterprise tssparc.shtml?products/ servers/sparc/indexFor Information on the newPRIMEQUEST t/products/servers/ primequest/Fujitsu green policy innovationFujitsu Green Policy Innovation is ourworldwide project for reducing burdens onthe environment. Using our global knowhow, we aim to resolve issues ofenvironmental energy efficiency through IT.Please find further information ght*Retail Marketplace Conference publishedJuly 2011Fujitsu and the Fujitsu logo are trademarksor registered trademarks of Fujitsu Limited inthe United States and other countries.Oracle, Demantra and Siebel are trademarksor registered trademarks of OracleCorporation and/or its affiliates in the UnitedStates and other countries. Microsoft is eithera trademark or registered trademark ofMicrosoft Corporation in the United Statesand other countries. All other trademarksreferenced herein are the property of theirrespective owners.Product description data represents Fujitsudesign objectives and is provided forcomparative purposes; actual results mayvary based on a variety of factors.Specifications are subject to changewithout notice.Copyright 2012 Fujitsu America, Inc.All rights reserved.FPC58-3136-01 09/12FCI 12.0716DisclaimerTechnical data are subject to modificationand delivery subject to availability. Anyliability that the data and illustrations arecomplete, actual or correct is excluded.Designations may be trademarks and/orcopyrights of the respective manufacturer,the use of which by third parties for theirown purposes may infringe the rights ofsuch owner.ContactFUJITSU AMERICA, INC.Address: 1250 East Arques Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94085-3470, U.S.A.Telephone: 800 831 3183 or 408 746 6000Website: Form: 5 of 5

and incorporates end-to-end Oracle product lines [Siebel, E-Business Suite (EBS), Demand Planning, Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP), Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)]. Loftware includes key Software Configuration Management (SCM) Solution sets. Open end