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Table of contentsGeneral information .iiCopyright notice . iiTrademarks . iiAgilent ICF Support Layer v3.3 .6ICF Support Layer architecture. 6Compliance recommendations . 7Requalification with Waters' Total Assurance Plans . 7New features. 8Driver compatibility. 8GC control considerations. 9System and software requirements . 11Supported modules and firmware . 11Agilent LC - Pumps. 12Agilent LC - Sampling Systems . 13Agilent LC - Detectors . 15Agilent LC - Column Compartments. 17Agilent LC - Valve thermostat cluster (VTC). 17Agilent LC - Valves, Valve Drives, and Clusters . 18Agilent LC - Fraction Collectors. 19Agilent LC - Fraction Collector Clusters (FCC). 19Agilent LC - Other module types . 20Agilent LC - Systems . 21Agilent CE - Firmware information. 22Supported Agilent gas chromatography hardware . 22Agilent Gas Chromatograph and Headspace firmware . 25GC Autosampler and Tray Compatibility . 26Headspace compatibility. 28Agilent GC firmware interoperability and support statements . 28Importing plate type definitions . 28Upgrading Agilent ICF Support Layer . 29April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page iii

Installation process . 29Installing Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3 . 30Installing Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3 on an Empower Citrix server. 30Silent and push installations . 31Silent installations. 31Push installations. 33Verifying the installation. 35Uninstalling Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3. 36System validation . 36Issues resolved in this release. 36CRI-530 . 37CRI-1009 . 37CRI-1236 . 37CRI-1328 . 37CRI-1390 . 37CRI-1724 . 37CRI-1744 . 37CRI-1819 . 38CRI-1830 . 38Known issues in this release. 38CRI-540 . 38CRI-668 . 38CRI-672 . 39CRI-862 . 39CRI-909 . 39CRI-1100 . 39CRI-1043 . 39CRI-1182 . 39CRI-1279 . 40CRI-1280 . 40CRI-1284 . 40CRI-1303 . 40CRI-1312 . 40CRI-1383 . 41CRI-1548 . 41CRI-1784 . 41CRI-1821 . 41CRI-1953 . 42INFICFSL-716 . 42INFICFSL-767 . 42INFICFSL-768 . 42April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page iv

INFICFSL-773 . 42INFICFSL-786 . 43Issues addressed in this release. 43CRI-443 . 43CRI-742 . 43Agilent PreConfiguration Utility . 43Configuring any type of Agilent GC using the PreConfiguration Utility. 44Configuring a GC system to include a headspace sampler. 45Configuring the GC system (with or without a headspace sampler) in Empower. 47Options tab in the Instrument Method Editor . 48Dual tower support. 49Scripts for dual tower support. 49Enabling dual tower support in Empower . 50Diagnostics log export. 52Enabling script for diagnostics log export . 52Disabling script for diagnostics log export . 52April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page v

Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3These release notes explain how to install Waters ICF Support Layer version 3.3 for the AgilentInstrument Control Framework (ICF) version 2.6 Update 3, for control of all supported AgilentLiquid Chromatography (LC) and Gas Chromatography (GC) modules. This software is intendedfor use in conjunction with Empower 3 software in English, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified).ICF Support Layer architectureThe ICF Support Layer primarily defines an interface for integrating instrument control into anapplication (such as Empower).Figure 1–1: Interaction between Agilent ICF and EmpowerNote: The items in the diagram denote the components of the architectural elements that allowinstruments to interface with Empower. Colors denote these separate layers of control. Itemsmay be housed on separate platforms, such as computers or instruments.As shown above, Empower interacts with the ICF Support Layer and the ICF Support Layer inturn interacts with Agilent ICF. The ICF Support Layer acts as an interface between Empower andApril 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 6

Agilent ICF to integrate instrument control into Empower on an instrument level. "Instrumentlevel" means that the ICF aggregates multiple RC.NET drivers to a combined instrument view.Due to the aggregation of multiple drivers, the application adapter layer is more lightweight,because aspects of the functionality and synchronization tasks are already covered within the ICFlayer.The application and the instrument layers remain the same. But the RC.NET drivers, independentof the host CDS or workstation, can be modeled with finer granularity as required to control themodules.Note: To understand the full impact of the interaction between the Waters ICF Support Layer andAgilent ICF, you may need more information on Agilent ICF. Refer to the Agilent InstrumentControl Framework (Agilent ICF) document available from the website.Important: You must use the Agilent ICF release notes to understand functionality, including knownissues and supported configurations. You must have .NET framework version 4.6.2 (minimum) installed to successfully installAgilent ICF Support Layer.Compliance recommendationsAny time you install, change, or uninstall software or system modules in a regulated environment,Waters recommends that you follow your organization's approved standard operating procedures.A risk-based review may assist you in a regulated environment to evaluate changes detailed inthe release notes. Using company SOPs, determine if any documentation updates andrequalification of the system modules, chromatographic system, or chromatographic data system(CDS) are required.Requalification with Waters' Total Assurance PlansThe Waters' Total Assurance Plan (TAP) with System Qualification Option covers upgrades andrequalification of the instrument driver, software, firmware, or hardware in these cases: During yearly requalification, as provided in the plan. If installing this release is required for operation of a new module or system, wherequalification of the new module or system is covered by the plan.Requalification of the CDS software and computers after a driver upgrade may or may not beincluded in your TAP.Review your TAP to determine which services are covered and which are not covered. Forsituations not covered by the plan, Waters can perform the qualification, but additional chargeswill apply.April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 7

New featuresThis release provides the following new feature: Distributes Agilent ICF version 2.6 Update 3 (2.6.33) with LC driver version A.02.19 SR2(2.19.205) and GC driver version 3.1 (3.1.206). Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3 provides support for the CTC Pal Series driver version1.4.0.16.Note: The CTC driver is not bundled with ICF Support Layer v3.3, it is distributed and ownedby CTC Analytics AG. Contact CTC for more information.Driver compatibilityThe release of Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3 provides support for the Agilent ICF modules inICF version 2.6 Update 3 with ICF-LC drivers version A.02.19 SR2 and ICF-GC drivers version3.1.Drivers are separate from and compatible with previous instrument control using legacy ICSinstrument drivers such as A1100 LC (v1.06), 7890 GC (v2.6), 6850 GC (v1.40), G1888A, andHS7697 headspace samplers (HCO v3.0), and with legacy Empower control for the 6890 GC.Installed legacy instrument control continues to operate with the systems for which it is specified.To allow access to legacy instrument methods, keep the legacy drivers installed on yourEmpower system.Important: The Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3 driver is not recommended for 6890 GCsystems configured with a G1888 or a HS7697A, due to known issue CRI-1784. For details, seeKnown issues in this release.Important compatibility noticesThe Waters ICF Support Layer v3.3 is backward-compatible with LAC/E modules installed withICF Support Layer v3.0, ICF Support Layer v3.1, and ICF Support Layer v3.2 in Empower for thefollowing: Agilent Liquid Chromatography (LC) Agilent Gas Chromatography (GC) with Liquid SamplerAll LAC/E modules running Agilent GC with Headspace Sampler must be upgraded to ICFSupport Layer v3.1, ICF Support Layer v3.2 with the Agilent ICF A.02.05, or ICF Support Layerv3.3 with the Agilent ICF 2.6 Update 3.April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 8

Figure 1–2: Example of an ICF configuration in a mixed environmentRestriction: You cannot use functionalities included with the ICF Support Layer v3.3 on Agilentsystems connected to a LAC/E with ICF Support Layer v3.0, ICF Support Layer v3.1, or ICFSupport Layer v3.2 installed.Note: Agilent ICF Support Layer v2.2 and later is compatible with Waters Driver Pack 4 andlater.GC control considerationsKeep the following in mind when updating to Agilent ICF Support Layer version 3.3. Older Agilent drivers (6850 GC, G1888A, HS 7697A, 7890GC) are compatible with AgilentICF version 3.3 drivers. There is no need to uninstall them.Note: This statement applies only if you are not using the Dual Tower feature. To avoidissues, you must uninstall the 7890 legacy drivers when using the Dual Tower feature. You must use Ethernet to connect to the GC instruments. RS232 serial communication is notsupported. The vial size is part of the configuration of Agilent G1888A HS and is a method parameter forAgilent 7697A HS. When you change the vial size on Agilent G1888A HS, the GC/HS systemmust be reconfigured using the PreConfiguration Utility. Before using the PreConfiguration Utility, it is highly recommended that you check and, ifneeded, adjust the configuration of the GC and HS hardware on the instrument (Gas types,Wash vials, Cool Down mode, Syringe size, Loop volume, Vial size (G1888A), and so on).using the keypad or the touchscreen interface. Use a fixed IP address for the GC and HS modules. DHCP is not recommended.April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 9

In the PreConfiguration utility, change Keypad Lock and Prep Run on Manual Request asneeded. Prep Run on Manual Request should be selected for Agilent G1888A HS andcleared for PAL-XT, PAL3, and Agilent 7697A HS. Prep Run on Manual Request needs notbe selected for manual injections, except when using an Agilent 6850 GC system. Do not create a GC instrument method offline. To view GC parameters in the instrumentmethod editor, you must scan and configure the instrument at least one time. Provide identical values for instrument method run time and sample set run time.High and low throughput informationWhen running samples, the following headspace rules apply when you select the highthroughput option: The vials must be arranged sequentially (for example, 1, 2, 3). All instrument methods must be the same within a sample set. The number of injections for each line should be 1. Do not select Alter running sample set.When you select low throughput in the instrument method, you can perform the followingoperations: You can arrange the vials in a non-sequential manner. Instrument methods can be different within a sample set. The number of injections for each line can be more than 1. You can select Alter running sample set.When running samples, the following headspace rules apply: Method sets cannot contain instrument methods with both the low and high throughputoptions selected in the same sample set. Do not Pause a sample set. Do not perform single injections. Use only sample sets.Agilent 6890, 7890, and 8890/8860 GC injectionsFor Agilent 6890, 7890, and 8890/8860 GCs, injections from the front and back injector towersare configured in this manner: Vial numbers 1-150 are injected using the front injector tower. Vial numbers 501-650 are injected using the back injector tower. Vial numbers 701-703 are injected using the single vial turret of the back injector tower.Note: No front and back names are used to differentiate between the injectors, as in legacyAgilent 6890 and 7890 GCs. For example, F:1, B:2, and so on are not supported by the ICF-GCdrivers.April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 10

Dual Tower modeIn Dual Tower mode, the vial numbers are specified as alphanumeric values. The vial numbersare used in the following manner: Vial numbers F:1-F:150 specify the front injector tower. Vial numbers B:1-B:150 specify the back injector tower.The vial number range varies with turret capacity.Example: For a 3-vial turret, the numbers should be F:1 to F:3 for the Front injector and B:1 toB:3 for the Back injector.If the tray is not present, then it works with the turret capacity.If the GC is configured with a headspace sampler and two Autosampler towers, dual towerfunctionality is not supported with the injector preference.Note: The 16-vial turret does not support trays.See also: For dual tower functionality, see Dual tower support.System and software requirementsWaters supports this Agilent ICF update with Empower 3 Feature Release 2 software (minimum),English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified).Restriction: You cannot install this software on computers with earlier Empower versions orfeature releases.Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3 supports the computer configurations, operating systems, andHotfixes that the relevant Empower version supports. For details, refer to the relevant version ofthe Empower 3 Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide and release notes.For incremental information on the operating system and hotfix support, visit the Waters modules and firmwareAgilent ICF Update version 2.6 Update 3, which is installed as part of the Agilent ICF SupportLayer 3.3 product, supports the Agilent LC modules listed in the following tables.If you follow Agilent guidelines for firmware versions that Waters tested in previous ICF SupportLayer releases, Waters expects no incompatibilities. Consult Agilent or refer to the Agilentwebsite for additional firmware compatibility guidelines.Recommended firmwareWith the release of Agilent driver version A.02.19 SR2 Waters recommends that you use thefollowing firmware revisions:April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 11

DeviceRecommended firmwareAgilent 1100 Series, 1200 Series and 1200InfinityA.07.01 or laterAgilent 1200 Series, 1200 Infinity and 1120Compact LCB.07.23 or laterAgilent 1200 Infinity Hosted ModulesC.07.20 or laterAgilent 1260/1290 Infinity II ModulesD.07.23 or laterNote: All modules in that stack require a firmware update within set A/B/C/D.07.01, not only newmodules. For example, the fraction collector uses new detector features.Agilent LC - PumpsProduct numberModule nameMinimum required firmwarerevisionG1310A1200 Series Isocratic PumpA.06.10G1310B1260 Infinity Isocratic PumpA.06.32G1311A1200 Series QuaternaryA.06.10PumpaG1311B1260 Infinity QuaternaryA.06.32PumpaG1311C1260 Infinity Quaternary Pump A.06.32VLaG1312A1200 Series Binary PumpaA.06.10G1312B1260 Infinity Binary PumpaA.06.10G1312C1260 Infinity Binary Pump VLaA.06.32G1361A1260 Infinity Preparative Pump A.06.50cluster with up to fourG1376A1260 Infinity Capillary PumpA.06.10G2226A1260 Infinity Nanoflow PumpA.06.10G4204A1290 Infinity QuaternaryB.06.50PumpaG4220A1290 Infinity Binary PumpaB.06.23G4220B1290 Infinity Binary Pump VLaB.06.43G4302A1260 Infinity SFC BinaryA.06.32PumpaApril 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 12

Product numberModule nameMinimum required firmwarerevisionG4782A1260 Infinity II SFC BinaryD.07.13PumpaG5611A1260 Infinity Bio-InertA.06.32Quaternary PumpaG5654A1260 Infinity II Bio-InertQuaternaryD.07.01PumpaG7104A1290 Infinity II Flexible PumpaB.06.71G7104C1260 Infinity II Flexible PumpaD.07.20G7110B1260 Infinity II Isocratic PumpD.07.01G7111A1260 Infinity II QuaternaryD.07.01PumpG7111BVLa1260 Infinity II QuaternaryD.07.01PumpaG7112B1260 Infinity II Binary PumpaD.07.01G7120A1290 Infinity II High-SpeedB.06.71PumpaG7161A1260 Infinity II PreparativeBinary PumpD.07.20G7161B1290 Infinity II PreparativeBinary PumpD.07.20a.Pump valve clusters are possible for marked pumps with up to two valves of type G1160A and/or G1170A with 5067-4159 or5067-4147.Agilent LC - Sampling SystemsProduct numberModule nameMinimum required firmwarerevisionG1313A1100 Series AutosamplerA.06.10G1329A1200 Series StandardAutosamplerA.06.10G1329B1260 Infinity StandardAutosamplerA.06.10G1367A1100 Series Well-PlateAutosamplerA.06.31April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 13

Product numberModule nameG1367B1200 Series High-Performance A.06.31AutosamplerG1367C1200 Series High-Performance A.06.31Autosampler SLG1367D1200 Series High-Performance A.06.31Autosampler SL G1367E1260 Infinity HighPerformance AutosamplerA.06.32G1377A1260 Infinity HighPerformance MicroAutosamplerA.06.12G1389A1100 Series MicroThermostatted AutosamplerA.06.10G2258A1260 Infinity Dual-LoopAutosamplerA.06.50G2260A1260 Infinity PreparativeAutosampler (high flow)A.06.50G4226A1290 Infinity AutosamplerA.06.31G4303A1260 Infinity SFC StandardAutosamplerA.06.54G4767A1260 Infinity II SFCMultisamplerD.07.13G5667A1260 Infinity Bio-Inert HighPerformance AutosamplerA.06.32G5668A1260 Infinity II Bio-InertMultisamplerD.07.13G7167A1260 Infinity II MultisamplerD.07.13G7167B1290 Infinity II MultisamplerD.07.13G7129A1260 Infinity II VialsamplerD.06.76G7129B1290 Infinity II VialsamplerD.06.76G7129C1260 Infinity II VialsamplerD.07.20G7157A1260 Infinity II PreparativeAutosamplerD.07.01April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 14Minimum required firmwarerevision

Agilent LC - DetectorsProduct numberModule nameMinimum required firmwarerevisionG1314A1100 Series VariableWavelength DetectorA.06.10G1314B1260 Infinity VariableWavelength Detector VLA.06.10G1314C1260 Infinity VariableWavelength Detector VL A.06.10G1314D1200 Series VariableWavelength DetectorB.06.32G1314E1290 Infinity VariableWavelength DetectorB.06.32G1314F1260 Infinity VariableWavelength DetectorB.06.32G1315A1100 Series Diode ArrayDetectorA.06.10G1315B1200 Series Diode ArrayDetectorA.06.10G1315C1260 Infinity Diode ArrayDetector VL B.06.30G1315D1260 Infinity Diode ArrayDetector VLB.06.30G1365A1100 Series MultipleWavelength DetectorA.06.10G1365B1200 Series MultipleWavelength DetectorA.06.10G1365C1260 Infinity MultipleWavelength DetectorB.06.30G1365D1260 Infinity MultipleWavelength Detector VLB.06.30G1321A1200 Series FluorescenceDetector (FLD)A.06.10G1321B1260 Infinity FluorescenceDetector SpectraA.06.32G1321C1260 Infinity FluorescenceDetectorA.06.54April 29, 2020, 715006563 Ver. 00Page 15

Product numberModule nameMinimum required firmwarerevisionG1362A1260 Infinity Refractive IndexDetectorA.06.10G4212A1290 Infinity Diode ArrayDetectorB.06.30G4212B1260 Infinity Diode ArrayDetectorB.06.30G4212A/B HDR-DAD Cluster2x G4212A or 2x G4212B or a B.06.57combination of 1x G4212A and1x G4212BG4260B1260 Infinity II ELSD a32.06G7102A1290 Infinity II ELSD (LAN32.06only)aG7114A1260 Infinity II VariableWavelength DetectorD.07.01G7114B1290 Infinity II VariableWavelength DetectorD.06.70G7115A1260 Infinity II Diode ArrayDetector WRD.07.01G7117A1290 Infinity II Diode ArrayDetector FSD.06.70G7117B1290 Infinity II Diode ArrayDetectorD.06.70G7117C1260 Infinity II Diode ArrayDetector HSD.07.01G7117A/B HDR-DAD Cluster2x G7117A or 2x G7117B or a D.06.70com

Agilent ICF Support Layer v3.3 These release notes explain how to install Waters ICF Support Layer version 3.3 for the Agilent Instrument Control Framework (ICF) version 2.6 Update 3, for control of all supported Agilent Liquid Chromatography (LC) and G