STIEG738(Cov)6/22/019:17 AMPage 1DU DX Self-lubricating bearingsPrelubricated bearingsDUDX 20M Garlock Bearings LLC 01/00Garlock Bearings LLCISO-9001 QS-9000Certificate No. A4360Garlock Bearings LLCGarlock Bearings LLC

STIEG738(Cov)6/22/019:17 AMDUDXPage 3Self-Lubricating BearingsPrelubricated Bearings Other Self-lubricating Bearingsfrom Garlock BearingsGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comINTRODUCTIONDU, high performance self-lubricating bearingsDX, bearings that can do moreProperties of DU and DX Compared1-11-21-41-6APPLICATIONSDU applicationsDX applicationsDU and DX bearings application data sheet2-12-22-52-6SIZES AND ORDERINGDU bearings inch sizes up to 2"DU bearings inch sizes over 2"DU thrust washers inch sizesDU flat strip material inch sizesDU bearings metric sizes up to 45mmDU bearings metric sizes over 45mmDU thrust washers metric sizesDU flanged bearings inch sizesDU flanged bearings metric sizesDX bearings inch sizesDX thrust washers inch sizes3-13-23-43-53-53-63-83-93-103-113-123-13DU DATA FOR DESIGNERSTechnical informationDesign factorsLubricated environments4-14-24-64-11DX DATA FOR DESIGNERSTechnical informationDesign factors5-15-25-4INSTALLATION AND FABRICATIONInstallation guidelines6-16-2In addition to the DU and DX bearingsdescribed in this catalog, Garlock Bearingsalso offers a wide range of other selflubricating bearings, including:MULTILUBE bearings which combinethe convenience, economy and flexibility ofinjection molding with outstanding frictionand wear properties.GAR-MAX impact resistant bearingscombine a rugged filament wound glassepoxy backing with a surface of woundPTFE and polyester fibers for low friction.Garlock Bearings also offers filled PTFEbearings, integral lip seal bushings and avariety of other types of self-lubricatingbearing materials to meet specializedapplication needs.GAR-FIL filament wound bearingswith a filled PTFE tape bearing surface forlong life without lubrication.MULTIFIL 426 bearing tape forremarkable performance with or withoutlubrication in machine tool ways, gibs andother sliding applications.Your inquiry is invited on anyof these bearings.Garlock Bearings LLC700 Mid-Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone (856) 848-3200Fax (856) 848-5115www.garlockbearings.comGarlock Bearings LLCISO-9001 QS-9000Certificate No. A4360TABLE OF CONTENTSGarlock Bearings LLCGAR-MAX , GAR-FIL , MULTIFIL and MULTILUBE are trademarks of Garlock Bearings LLC.DU and DX are trademarks of the Dana Corporation. 2000 Garlock Bearings LLC. All rights reserved.

STIEG738(text)6/22/019:21 AMPage 1Self-Lubricating BearingsPrelubricated BearingsGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comINTRODUCTIONDUDX

STIEG738(text)6/22/019:21 AMDU Page 2IntroductionSelf-Lubricating BearingsIntroductionSelf-Lubricating BearingsGarlock Bearings LLCGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.com700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comThe limits: beyondany self-lubricatingbearing materialDU is the highestperformanceDU bearings—including plain bearings,thrust washers, flanged bearings andslides—offer these remarkable operatingparameters:self-lubricating bearingmaterial availableLoads – Panywhere. It offers3a combination ofproperties and2capabilities unmatched1bearing material and,consequently, hasDU .the high performanceself-lubricating bearing materialFigure 1-1. DU PhotomicrographCross SectionDU bearings combine the advantages ofmany conventionally lubricated, metallicplain bearings—particularly high loadcapacity and dimensional rigidity—withthe design freedoms of self-lubricatingmaterials, including the ability to operatesuccessfully well beyond the scope ofconventional lubricants.3. PTFE-lead overlayThe material: a steelbacked compositeThe key to the remarkable performancecapabilities of DU is its unique method ofmanufacture. By employing the uniquemethod of sintering and mechanicalinterlocking by impregnation, DU bearingseliminate the problems of temperature andaging faced by bonded films and fabrics.In addition, the polymeric self-lubricatingmaterial in the DU structure does not haveto provide structural support. Furthermore,1-2Speeds – VPerformance – PVself-lubricatingapplication range.Dynamic pressures up to 20,000 psi(140 N/mm2) and compressive yieldstrength of 44,000 psi (310 N/mm2),assuring high load carrying capacity andexcellent resistance to shock loading.Speeds up to 1000 fpm (5 m/s)without lubrication; 2000 fpm (10 m/s)with any otherthe broadestDU the metal components provide maximumheat dissipation. The photomicrographabove (Figure 1-1) shows the three mainelements that make up this composite:1. Steel backingThis steel backing gives DU its exceptionallyhigh load carrying capacity; thin, compactdesign; excellent heat dissipation; anddimensional and structural rigidity.2. Porous bronze innerstructureThis comprises a nominal 0.010 inch(0.25 mm) thick layer of carefully sizedbearing quality bronze powder which issintered onto the steel backing. Thisporous structure is impregnated with ahomogeneous mixture of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and lead. In addition toproviding maximum thermal conductivityaway from the bearing surface, this uniquebronze innerstructure also serves as areservoir for the PTFE-lead mixture.This low friction overlay, approximately0.001 inch (0.025 mm) thick, providesan excellent initial transfer film whicheffectively coats the mating surface of thebearing assembly, forming an oxide typesolid lubricant film. As this film is depleted,the relative motion of the mating surfacecontinues to draw material from the porousbronze layer.When conditions are severe, the feed oflubrication is increased. The peaks ofporous bronze coming in contact with themating surface generate localized heat and,due to the high thermal expansion rate ofthe PTFE, force additional lubricant to thebearing surface. The relative motion of themating parts wipes the lubricant over theinterface, continuously restoring the lowfriction surface film.PVs to 50,000 psi-fpm (1.75 N/mm2 x m/s)for continuous operation, 100,000 psi-fpm(3.50 N/mm2 x m/s) for short-term use. Inactual operation, DU bearings have beensuccessfully used at levels which approach3,000,000 psi-fpm (105 N/mm2 x m/s)lubricated.TemperaturesFrom -328 to 536ºF ( -200 to 280ºC),making it suitable for use in applicationswell beyond the scope of most liquidlubricants.MotionIdeal for all types of rotating, oscillating,and sliding motion, and both radial andthrust loading.LubricationCan be used totally dry, fully lubricated,or with intermittent lubrication and canbe used in the presence of manyindustrial liquids.1-3

STIEG738(text)6/22/019:21 AMDX DX bearings offerextraordinary operatingadvantages anda wide range ofdesign possibilities.In slow speed,oscillatory applications,or wherever conditionsof intermittent operationor boundary lubricationexist, DX prelubricatedbearings have openeda new dimension inperformance capabilitiesfor design engineers.Page 4IntroductionPrelubricated BearingsIntroductionPrelubricated BearingsGarlock Bearings LLCGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.com700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comDX .the bearings that can do more3. Acetal resin linerThe key to the superior performancecapabilities of DX bearings is their uniqueconstruction incorporating a highly effectivegrease retention system.The bearings exhibit extremely low frictionduring operation and are highly resistant towear. By taking advantage of the lowfriction and longer service life provided byDX bearings, designers now have theopportunity to improve the performance oftheir product while increasing its effectiveoperating life. The designer can also beassured that frequency of maintenance isminimized due to the greatly extendedlubrication cycle of DX bearings.DX prelubricated bearings effectively fill thegap between fully lubricated bearings anddry bearings. They are referred to as“prelubricated” because they require only atrace of lubricant to operate satisfactorilyand will, therefore, run for very long periodsby drawing only upon the lubricant introduced on initial assembly.DX is a steel-backed material from whichbearings, thrust washers, and other shapescan be made. The DX material can be sizedin place by boring, reaming, etc. This abilityto resize the DX is of particular value in thecontrol of initial starting clearance and thecorrection of misalignment. The wall thickness of DX bearings is held to close limitsso that machining should be unnecessaryfor most applications.DX is recommended for conditions of intermittent operation or boundary lubrication,and for situations in which lubricant cannotbe supplied continuously or repeatedly. Thetime during which a DX bearing will operatewithout further lubrication will depend onoperating conditions.A unique, compositebearing materialDX, shown in magnified cross section inFigure 1-2, is a composite strip materialmade up of three layers: steel, porousbronze, and acetal resin polymer:1. Steel backing(Full depth not shown.) This steel backing isthe key to the exceptional strength; thin,compact design; excellent heat dissipation;and dimensional and structural rigidity ofDX bearings. This rugged, copper-platedsteel backing also provides a good interference fit in metallic housings throughout thetemperature range for the bearing.2. Porous bronze innerstructureThis comprises a nominal 0.010 inch (0.25mm) layer of carefully sized, bearing qualitybronze powder sintered onto the steelbacking. This porous bronze innerlayer isimpregnated with the acetal resin and issecurely sintered to the steel. The bronzealso serves as an effective heat conductivepath which minimizes undue temperaturerise at the bearing surface and providesdimensional stability.The acetal resin forms a nominal 0.010 inchthick (0.25 mm) liner that gives the DXbearing its distinctive yellow color. Thisacetal resin has the outstanding property ofhigh wear resistance and low friction evenwhen only minute quantities of lubricantare supplied to the polymer surface.Although DX bearings only have moderateperformance in the complete absence oflubricant, the response of the polymer provides superior bearing performance in thepresence of even a trace of conventional oilor grease. Under conditions of marginallubrication or those which do not favor theformation of a complete oil film—oscillatingor fretting conditions, high loads, lowspeeds, frequent stop/start or startingunder load—DX is the preferred material.The standard DX bearing surface carries apattern of circular indents which should befilled with grease on assembly of the bearing. The pattern is so designed that everypoint on the bearing surface is suppliedwith lubricant from an indent by the rotationof the mating surface. There may beoccasions when non-indented or groovedbearing bores are required. These areavailable as nonstandard items.DX Grease pockets must be filledwith a suitable lubricant beforeassembly. See page 5-9 for adiscussion on grease lubrication.DX is available in bearings, thrust washers,and strip. Furthermore, DX is also available,on special order, with a non-indentedbearing surface.The following is a summaryof DX performancecapabilities:Loads – PDynamic pressures up to 20,000 psi(140 N/mm2) assuring high load carryingcapacity and resistance to shock loading.Speeds – VSpeeds up to 500 fpm (2.5 m/s) withgrease lubrication.Performance – PVPVs to 80,000 psi-fpm (2.8 N/mm2 x m/s)for continuous operation.TemperaturesFrom -40 to 210ºF (-40 to 100ºC)continuous and up to 260ºF (125ºC) forshort periods.MotionIdeal for all types of rotating, oscillating,and sliding motion, and both radial andthrust loading.Lubrication3Typically grease lubricated. Can also belubricated with oil, other lubricants, and canbe used in the presence of many industrialliquids. DX is not recommended for dryapplications; instead we recommend DU.Frictional properties2The dynamic coefficient of friction is verylow, between 0.01 and 0.1, depending onspeed, load, and lubrication conditions. Thecoefficient of static friction of DX bearingsranges from about 0.015 to 0.15.1Figure 1-2. DX PhotomicrographCross Section1-41-5

STIEG738(text)6/22/019:21 AMDUDX Page 6IntroductionSelf-Lubricating & Prelubricated BearingsSelf-Lubricating BearingsPrelubricated BearingsGarlock Bearings LLCGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.com700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comProperties of DU and DX eBearing SurfaceDU Bearing MaterialDX Bearing MaterialSteelPorous copper-tin bronzePTFE / LeadSteelPorous copper-tin bronzeAcetal with pin indentationsLubricationNot requiredInitial prelubrication atassembly requiredLoad CapacityCompressive StrengthStatic Load CapacityDynamic Load Capacity44,000 psi (310 N/mm2)36,000 psi (250 N/mm2)20,000 psi (140 N/mm2)44,000 psi (310 N/mm2)36,000 psi (250 N/mm2)20,000 psi (140 N/mm2)1,000 fpm (5 m/s), dry2,000 fpm (10 m/s), (lubricated)100 fpm (0.5 m/s), greased500 fpm (2.5 m/s), in oilPV LimitsContinuousIntermittent50,000 psi-fpm (1.75 N/mm2 x m/s)100,000 psi-fpm (3.50 N/mm2 x m/s)80,000 psi-fpm (2.8 N/mm2 x m/s)Temperature Range-328 to 536ºF (-200 to 280ºC)-40 to 210ºF (-40 to 100ºC)intermittent to 260ºF ( 125ºC)Coefficient of FrictionStatic*Dynamic0.02 – 0.200.02 – 0.200.015 – 0.150.01 – 0.10Standard ProductsSleeve BearingsThrust WashersFlanged BearingsFlat StripRefer to pages 3-2 to 3-11Inch and Metric SizesInch and Metric SizesInch and Metric SizesInch, 18 inch and 8 foot lengthsRefer to pages 3-12 to 3-13Inch (metrics on special order)Inch (metrics on special order)Not availableInch, 18 inch and 8 foot lengthsSizing Bearing IDat AssemblyBurnishingBoring, turning, reaming,broachingSpeeds*Static coefficient of friction of the first movement may be greater for a long dwell period under load. Refer to page 4-4.Table 1-1APPLICATIONS1-6DUDX

STIEG738(text)6/22/019:21 AMDU DU bearings provideeconomical solutionsto many bearingproblems, makingthem ideal for a widevariety of applications.Page 8ApplicationsSelf-Lubricating BearingsApplicationsSelf-Lubricating BearingsGarlock Bearings LLCGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.com700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comDU gives you the widest applicationrange of any self-lubricating bearingTypical DU bearing applicationsBecause of the unique combination ofproperties and performance capabilitiesnoted on page 1-3 and detailed in latersections, DU bearings have a far greaterapplication range than any other selflubricating bearing. In fact, in someapplications, DU is the only bearingmaterial that can meet the demandingcriteria for long life and trouble-freeperformance, with or without lubrication.For decades, DU bearings have proven tobe the economical solution to a wide rangeof bearing problems. In many cases, DUbearings completely eliminate the need forlubrication, as well as maintenance, whileextending the life of the assembly. Thesesuperior bearings can also eliminate theneed for hardened shafts and other expensive surface preparation, further reducingthe total cost of the bearing assembly.In lubricated applications, DU bearingsprovide a margin of safety—particularlyduring start-up, in the event of interruptionof lubrication feed, and in highly loadedapplications.Millions of DU bearings are purchasedannually for applications as diverse as lowspeed, high load pivots to high speed,low load gear pump bearings, and virtuallyeverything in between. These are just afew of the reasons why design engineersthroughout the world specify DU bearingsfor their applications:DU with or withoutlubricationDU’s unique PTFE-based bearing surfacepermits smooth, low friction operation withno lubrication, no maintenance, no costlylubrication systems. Where permissible,lubrication further improves the performance of these bearings.2-2DU bearings areconvenient to useThe prefinished surface of DU bearingsrequires no machining. These thin, compactbearings require minimum space and arelocated within the housing by interferencefit. DU bearings are supplied from stock ina wide range of inch and metric sizes, asoutlined on pages 3-2 through 3-11. Andthese superior bearings are readily availableworldwide through an extensive network ofdistributors and licensees. Special sizes arealso available upon request.DU bearings providehighest performanceAs noted on page 1-3, DU bearings takePVs to 100,000 psi-fpm (3.50 N/mm2 x m/s)or more, operate at temperatures from -328to 536 F (-200 to 280 C), can be usedwith fully rotational, oscillatory, and axialsliding motion, take both radial and thrustloads, and resist shock loadings.DU bearings are reliableThe performance capabilities andpredictable wear patterns of DU bearingshave been more thoroughly documented,both in the field and in the laboratory, thanany other self-lubricating bearing. Thesebearings are noted for their long, troublefree life, their tolerance of dusty, dirtyenvironments, and their ability to withstandoperating extremes and perform inthe presence of most solvents andindustrial fluids.The following list covers some of themany types of successful DU bearingapplications, as well as some of thespecial problems solved by this uniquebearing material.Agricultural equipmentA wide range of agricultural vehicles andimplements such as tractors, combines,crop sprayers, tillers, harvesters, graindryers, etc. use DU bearings to eliminatelubrication points. Specific applicationsinclude clutches, governor linkage, brakepedals, control pivots, cross shaft linkage,and parking brakes.Off-highway, truck,and automotiveTypical applications in these areas includeearth-movers, graders and other constructional and off-the-highway equipment,trucks, and autos. Specific uses includepower steering cylinders, steering gearthrust washers, disc brakes, calipers andpistons, shock absorbers, governor linkage(diesel), windshield wiper motor/transmissions, tilt gear assemblies, hydraulicsteering mechanisms, shifter linkage, brakepedal pivots, clutch cross shafts, steeringshaft universal joints, throttle bodies,tachometers, fuel pumps, roof actuators,steering pivot tubes, kingpin assemblies,suspension and steering ball joints, yokeassemblies, steering idler arms, torsionalsupports, and many more. DU bearings arechosen to minimize the need for lubricationand servicing, and for their high reliabilityeven in dirty environments.AviationAircraft engines, controls, landing gears,sliding wing supports, linkages, brakes, etc.DU bearings are particularly ideal for applications where parts requiring lubrication orservicing are inaccessible, and for theirindifference to extremely low temperatures,tolerance of airborne dirt, and ability tooperate in the vacuum of outer space.DU Business machinesPhotocopy machines, typewriters, mailsorters, postage meter systems, computerterminal printers and peripheral equipment,automatic printing devices, mail processingmachinery, electric staplers, high speedbusiness machines, photo processingmachines, etc.Garden, lawn, andoutdoor equipmentLawnmowers, garden tractors, fairwaymowers, chain saws. Specific applicationsinclude starter mechanisms, drive shafts,gears, front mounts, and clutches.Hydraulics and valvesPumps, including gear, rotary, water, axialpiston, and other types; ball, butterfly,poppet steam, check and other valves andvalve trunnions; pump pressure and thrustplates, reciprocating air compressors,hydraulic actuators, centrifugal compressors, water hydrants, air regulator leverpoints, bellows compressors, etc. Severalof these applications dramatically demonstrate the unrivaled capabilities of DUbearings. In one gear pump application, forexample, PV values approaching 3,000,000psi-fpm are achieved under fully lubricated(hydrodynamic) conditions, with no bearingfailure or premature wear. Althoughthese levels are not maintained for longperiods of time, they indicate the fail-safecapabilities of DU bearings under extremeoperating conditions.Home appliancesand consumer goodsTape recorders, refrigerators, air conditioners, cleaners, polishers, sewing machines,ovens, dishwashers, clothes washingmachines, and other appliances. Even“domestic” applications like these candestroy ordinary self-lubricating bearings.In the case of the washing machines, DUbearings were the only units which couldwithstand the punishment of combinedrotating and reciprocating motion.2-3

STIEG738(text)6/22/019:22 AMDU Page 10ApplicationsSelf-Lubricating BearingsApplicationsPrelubricated BearingsGarlock Bearings LLCGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.com700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comMaterials handlingRailway equipmentLiquid filling equipment, side loader rollerassemblies, power take-off units, variablespeed sheaves, marine winches, hoists,coal mine roll conveyors, forklift trucksafety rollers, canning line chains, oilskimmer conveyors, screw conveyorsystems and components, hydraulic lifts,scissors lifts, filling and bagging machines,weighing equipment, etc. The ruggeddurability of DU bearings is particularlyuseful in these applications, many ofwhich are subjected to shock loadings.Railway side bearings, switch gears, levelcrossing gates, detector boxes, automaticdoor closing mechanisms, semaphoresignal arms, etc.; trolley wheels and chains,trolley car door mechanisms.DX prelubricatedbearings giveyou the widestapplication rangeMedical and dentalDental chair lifts, base rotation pads, stopplunger mechanisms, guide rollers andattachments; X-ray machine radial armswivels and scissors mounts; hospitalbeds; sterilizer casters and operatingtables. DU bearings are ideal wherecleanliness and reliability are important.MarineMarine engine gearcases, steer axis sterndrive pivots, sailboat winches, anchors andchain winches, hatch covers, hoist pivots,submersible pumps.PackagingGlass packaging and processing machinery, glass container equipment, coinwrapping machines, packaging systemtie bar bearings, bookbinding equipment,camshaft heated wrapping machines.Recreational vehiclesSnowmobile clutches, transmissions forfour-wheel drive vehicles, mobile homebrakes, outboard motors, steering columns,shifter pivots.Textile equipmentSpinning, weaving, tufting, and finishingmachinery, rotating bobbins, etc. In theseapplications, DU bearings offer exceptionalcleanliness, freedom from the effects ofstatic electricity and fire hazards, toleranceof “fly” and other airborne dirt, eliminationof complex lubrication systems, andsmooth running with no-stick slip.ToolsShears, hand tools, reaming tools, crimpingtools, reciprocating saws, cutting torches,arbors, etc.Other diverse applications benefiting fromthe unique advantages of DU includemachine tools, gymnasium equipment,compound bows, telescope mounts,couplings, paper making machinery, shellmaking machines, hydraulic door closers,surgical equipment, measuring instruments,wind direction indicators, car wash sidebrush rollers, safe hinges, switchgears,concrete mixers, gas meters, expansionsliding bearings for bridges, heavy plantsand buildings and much more.For further information on these andother applications, please consult ourApplications Engineering staff.Note: Because of the lead content, DUbearings should not be used in contactwith food or pharmaceutical products.DX bearings are recommended forapplications involving intermittent operationor boundary lubrication. As a result of theunique lubrication-retaining pockets on thesurface, DX bearings are especially wellsuited for applications where lubricantcannot be supplied continuously or repeatedly. The length of time that a DX bearingwill operate without further lubricationdepends on the interaction of the load,surface speed, and temperature encountered in specific operation conditions.With proper lubrication and relubrication atappropriate intervals, DX bearings can lastindefinitely, as suggested by Figure 5-1.Agricultural equipmentGearbox, clutch, bale trips and wheel casterswivels for bale accumulators; front axlepivot bearings, steering idler box bearingsand kingpin bearings for harvesters; tractorattachments including implement liftinggears, rollers, seeding equipment, etc.Off-highway, truck, and automotiveSuspension joints, kingpin assemblies and stubaxles of trucks; automobile driving joint hinges,steering and other linkages; steering andarticulation joints, rear chassis hinges, fairleaderrollers, suspension system, locking links on thegrapple, and brake and accelerator pedal shaftsfor log skidders and loaders.Handling and lifting equipmentVertical guide rollers for garage car lifts; transfergearbox for forklift trucks; gearbox and in idlerchain sprockets for crane transmissions; wormdrive gear, winding drum supports and ropepulleys for lift hoists; car conveyors; mainswivel arms for aircraft loading equipment;pulley sheaves for support cable pile drivers;and drive assembly unit and platform lift armassembly for walkie pallet trucks.Full rotating serviceMachine tool building industryLubricated upon assembly, DX bearingsoperate very satisfactorily under full rotatingconditions. They are particularly recommended for applications involving splashlubrication, as in gearboxes, whereconventional plain bearings would requirefull oil lubrication. Such higher speedapplications require additional clearancefor oil lubrication. Contact our EngineeringDepartment for a suitable recommendation.Thrust washersMade of DX material will give satisfactoryoperation under conditions of marginallubrication. DX thrust washers are particularly recommended where the loads are toohigh, the speeds too low, or the quantityof lubrication insufficient to maintain thehydrodynamic film required by mostmetallic bearing materials.2-4Typical DX bearingapplicationsDX bearings should be considered for anyapplication where the bearing is usedprimarily as a pivot and where, because ofsmall movements and heavy loading,fretting might occur with some other typeof bearing. Applications of this type includesuspension and steering linkages in trucksand earth-moving equipment.Oscillating applicationsDX Spindles in drill, grinding, and milling machines;ram guide plates in multiram presses; andeccentric drive unit in precision grindingmachines.HydraulicsSupport bearings in rotary actuators; supportbearings for nose piece in hydraulic rams;variable swashplate trunnion bearings inhydraulic pumps; piston rod guide in hydraulicand pneumatic cylinders; oil gear pumps.Engineering and general applicationsPivot linkages of the gutter brush assembly inroad sweepers; trolley casters, industrial andmedical; right ascension axis and declinationaxis shafts of an astronomical telescope.2-5

STIEG738(text)6/22/019:22 AMDUDXPage 12Applications Self-Lubricating Bearings, Prelubricated BearingsSelf-Lubricating BearingsPrelubricated BearingsGarlock Bearings LLCGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.com700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comDU and DX Bearings Application Data pr New Design r Existing DesignBearing to be used forIf not new, what type of bearing has been used?Part NumberI.D.Was it satisfactory?If not, why not?O.D.LengthService ConditionsSpeeds (Max., Min., Average RPM or Cycles per minute)Loads (lbs. or psi)RadialConstantShockMotionr Rotating shaft with unidirectional loadr Oscillating shaftAngleShaftDrawing NumberDiameterMaterialMisalignment anticipatedHardnessLengthConstruction:r LightHousingAxialFluctuatingVibratoryr Rotating load with Stationary shaftr Reciprocating Stroker Horizontalr VerticalI.D.Service Life RequiredTotal Life (operating hours)r Continuousr Intermittent (describe)Surface FinishO.D.Materialr HeavyTotal Allowable Wear (inches)Environmental Conditionsr Airr Clean r Contaminated–Typer Gasr Clean r Contaminated–Typer Liquid–TypeConcentrationLubricating propertiesIs sealing available?TypeEnvironmental TemperatureMaximumQuantity required per year?Table 2-12-6MinimumNormalSIZES and ORDERINGDUDX

STIEG738(text)6/22/019:22 AMDUPage 14 Sizes and Ordering: Inch SizesSelf-Lubricating BearingsSizes and Ordering: Inch SizesSelf-Lubricating BearingsGarlock Bearings LLCGarlock Bearings LLC700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.com700 Mid Atlantic Parkway, P.O. Box 189, Thorofare, New Jersey 08086Phone 1-800-222-0147 Fax 856-848-5115 www.garlockbearings.comDU DU Bearings Inch Sizes Up to 2"DU BearingsInch SizesOrdering InformationTo determine Part Nu

Garlock Bearings also offers filled PTFE bearings, integral lip seal bushings and a variety of other types of self-lubricating bearing materials to meet specialized application needs. Your inquiry is invited on any of these bearings. Garlock Bearings LLC 700 Mid-Atlantic Parkway, P.O.