Getting Started with theSIMATIC S7-1500 Starter KitReady-to-use in next to no

Get started in just a few stepsWith our SIMATIC S7-1500 Starter KitWith SIMATIC S7-1500, you have chosen one of the fastest controllers on the market, with systemperformance that guarantees minimum response times and maximum control performance.SIMATIC S7-1500 is the standard device of the new controller family for universal applicationsas well as control tasks for medium and complex mechanical engineering and plant building.On the coming pages, you will learn how quick and simple it is to install, wire, switch on andconfigure the controller.»»Getting StartedWant some more detail? In our interactive Getting Started,all the information you need about assembling theSIMATIC S7-1500 is available online. In short videosequences, we show you step-by-step how easy it is tocommission, configure and program your controller.Each individual operation can be followed in a universalexample. In addition, you can find information on otherinteresting topics such as security, team engineering ormotion SIMATIC S7-1500 Starter Kit contains: SIMATIC CPU 1511-1 PN SIMATIC Memory Card, 4 MB Digital input DI 16 x 24 V DC HF Digital output DO 16 x 24 V DC/0.5 A ST SIMATIC TOP connect – Fully modular connection:– Front connector module, push-in– Connecting cable, length 3 m– 3-wire terminal module, push-in PM1507 power supply Mounting rail 160 mm, front connector Standard Ethernet CAT 5 cable, length 2 m DocumentationMaximum engineering efficiencyProgramming in the TIA PortalMake full use of the performance power of the S7-1500, and benefitfrom the efficient new programming options in the TIA Portal.»»Programming GuidelineHow can the S7-1500 be programmed effectively?What are the differences in system architecturecompared to the S7-300 or S7-400, and what do Ihave to observe in particular? All your questions areanswered in the Programming Guideline: Here you canfind important information and recommendations,supported with understandable »Information systemThe TIA Portal also comprises a comprehensiveinformation system. It supports you with backgroundinformation and operating instructions for all functions ofthe new controller family for solving your tasks. In thechapter titled “Programming instructions,” you will alsofind a host of useful examples for effective programmingof the S7-1500.

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Simple installationHow to install the hardware:Step 5Step 1Hook the CPU onto themounting rail and screwtight.Hook the load current supplyonto the mounting rail.Step 6Step 2Plug the U-connector ontothe back of the digital inputmodule.Open the front cover and pressthe fuse terminal down.Then pull out the mainsconnection plug.Step 7Step 3Remove the 4-pin connectionplug beneath the load currentsupply and screw the loadcurrent supply tight.Step 4Attach the digital inputmodule to the mountingrail. Ensure the rear of themodule is plugged intothe U-connector. Screwthe module tight.Step 8Insert the U-connector into theback of the CPU.Attach the digital outputmodule to the mountingrail. Ensure the rear of themodule is plugged intothe U-connector. Screw themodule tight.

Simple wiringHow to wire the assembly:How to wire the inputand output modules:Step 1Step 1To wire the mains connectionplug, prise off the connectorcover using a suitable tool.Step 2To wire the digital inputmodule, feed the 24 V DCsupply voltage in atterminals 20 (M) and 19 (L ).Step 2Connect the power supplycable according to the terminaldiagram in the plug. You canfind out the voltage for whichthe plug is suitable on the backof the plug.Step 3Insert the potential bridgesbetween the two bottomterminals.Step 3Tighten the screw on the frontside of the mains connectionplug.Step 4Connect terminals 39 (L ) and40 (M) of the digital inputmodule to terminals 19 (L )and 20 (M) of the digitaloutput module.Step 4Insert the plug into the loadcurrent supply, and wire theload current supply with theCPU.Insert the four potentialbridges between theterminals, and connectterminals 30 and 40,as well as 29 and 39 witheach other.

Simply switch onHow to wire the front connector:How to switch the S7-1500 on:Step 1Step 1Connect the individualwires in accordance withthe connection diagram onthe inside of the frontcover in the terminal,and screw tight.Connect the mains connectionplug to the load currentsupply, then connect the mainsconnection plug to the powersupply.Step 2Step 2Release the support for thefront connector, and tip it outgently from the pre-wiringposition.Insert an empty SIMATICMemory Card into the CPU.Step 3Step 3Place the front connectorin the vertical end position.This establishes an electricalconnection between the frontconnector and the module.Set the load current supplyswitch to the ON position.System cabling withSIMATIC TOP connectThe Starter Kit also includesSIMATIC TOP connect.With this fully modularconnection, you can wiredevices even more simplyand

How to create a project andconfigure the hardware:Get started in just a few steps:Step 1After you have set up and wired the hardware, install the TIA Portal on your PG / PC. Installation of the software packagesis handled automatically by the Setup program. Just insert the DVD into the drive to start the Setup. The installationinstructions and recommended system requirements will appear.Step 2Open the TIA Portal and select the command “Create new project”in the “Start” area.Step 3In the “Devices & Networks” area, select the command“Create new device” and create an unspecified CPU.Step 4In the project navigation, select the unspecifiedCPU, and then the function “Hardware detection”in the “Online” menu.Step 51. Select “PN/IE” as the PG/PC interface type and select the interface.2. S elect the CPU from the compatible stations in the subnet.3. Click “Detect” to replace the unspecified CPU with theconnected CPU type, and to create the hardwareconfiguration automatically.Open the following link to the interactiveGetting Started for the SIMATIC S7-1500 controllerfamily together with the TIA you will find practical examples covering all aspectsof the TIA Portal.

Find out theTIA Selection Tool: Select, configure and orderdevices for Totally IntegratedAutomation. It generates a complete orderlist directly from your productselection or product configuration.The TIASelection Tool –at a glance!Subject to change without prior noticeArticle No.: E20001-A940-P210-X-7600Dispo 06366xxx/xxxxx GI.SC.IC.XXXX.52.0.05WS 0115.0Printed in Germany Siemens AG 2015The information provided in this brochure containsmerely general descriptions or characteristics ofperformance which in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which may change as aresult of further development of the products. Anobligation to provide the respective characteristicsshall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms ofcontract.All product designations may be trademarks orproduct names of Siemens AG or supplier companieswhose use by third parties for their own purposescould violate the rights of the owners.Siemens provides automation and drive productswith industrial security functions that support thesecure operation of plants or machines. They are animportant component in a holistic industrial securityconcept. With this in mind, our products undergocontinuous development. We therefore recommendthat you keep yourself informed about new featuresand updates for our products. Information andnewsletters can be found at:http://support.automation.siemens.comTo ensure the secure operation of plant andmachines, it is also necessary to take suitablepreventive action (e.g. cell protection concept) andto integrate the automation and drive componentsinto a holistic, state-of-the-art industrial securityconcept for the entire plant or machine. Productsused from other manufacturers should also be takeninto account here. You will find further llow us iemens AGDigital FactoryFactory AutomationP.O. Box 48 4890026 NürnbergGermany

chapter titled “Programming instructions,” you will also find a host of useful examples for effective programming of the S7-1500. Maximum engineering efficiency Programming in the TIA Portal Make full use of the performance power of the S7-1500, and benefit from the efficient ne