BROCHUREAutomotive Ethernet Solutions AE6900T Automotive Ethernet Tx Compliance Solution-- AT6910T Automotive Ethernet compliance software-- D9020AUTP 100BASE-T1 Protocol Trigger & Decode E6962A Automotive Ethernet Rx Compliance Solution E6963A Automotive Ethernet Link Segment Compliance SolutionCompliance and protocol application are compliant to BroadR-Reach V3.2 and100BASE-T1(IEEE 802.3bw), OPEN Alliance TC8 ECU, or 1000BASE-T1(IEEE 802.3bp) specificatons respectively.

Automotive Ethernet-Driving the FutureAutonomous vehicles promise to change the nature of commercial and passengertransportation over the roadways. Within new vehicles, data speed and bandwidthrequirements are increasing. With the development of automotive Ethernet, fasterdata communications are now possible and the increasing demands for today’svehicles and future connected vehicles can be met. Unlike the slower speedbackplanes of CAN and LIN 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet requires rigorouscompliance testing. Keysight’s full suite of automotive Ethernet solutions automatetesting and validation across Tx, Rx and link segment for 100 Mb/s and 1000 Mb/sautomotive Ethernet providing increased test accuracy and saving time.Connected CarAutomotive electronics are increasingly complex with more sensors, controls, andinterfaces using higher bandwidth, which requires faster data throughput and morereliable networks.Ethernet has proven itself as a secure transfer medium that can move large amountsof data as well as reduce connectivity costs and cabling weight.The cloudData services, reportingand trackingSecure cloudaccess N FD/FlexRayUSBCAN/CAN FD/FlexRayEthernetEthernetEthernetClimate controlsystemsPower seatcontrolAnti-lock brakingeCallsTire pressuremonitoringHands-freetelephonyPODS for airbag systemsGPSEthernetPowertrain &enginemanagement(MiL, SiL, HiL)Camera etRear-viewcameraBackup sensors77, 79 GHzLTE-vCollisionavoidanceDSCRThe Connected CarFind us at www.keysight.comPage 2

The ChallengeThe standards for automotive Ethernet demand rigorous testing: IEEE 802.3bw, IEEE802.3bp, OABR 3.2 and the OPEN Alliance TC8 ECU. System tests required to meetthese standards covers transmitters, receivers, and harness/connector assemblies.Test instruments needed for the required measurements include vector networkanalysis (S-parameters), bit error ratio (BER) testing, and protocol analysis of highspeed digital signals.When you move to an evolving technology, like automotive Ethernet, with complex testrequirements, your team is in unfamiliar territory, expertise with low-speed buses likeCAN/LIN is less relevant than you or they may want to believe. It takes a tremendousamount of time to review and understand the details of each new standard. Additionaltime is needed to fully understand the test cases, required equipment, and testprocedures. Interoperability can be a very time consuming issue, testing to thestandards prevents some of those issues surfacing after a product ships. Keysightprovides a solution that has thousands of hours invested in understanding thestandards and creating automated, repeatable compliance tests. Ready to help youunderstand, integrate and deploy this technology.Achieve Reliable, High-Performance Automotive EthernetKeysight has removed the complexity and headache involved in setting up andexecuting the tests necessary for compliance with automotive Ethernet standardsfor transmission, the harness and connector, and receiving connectivity. Keysightautomotive Ethernet solutions provide software, instruments, fixtures and cablesso you have everything you need for complete testing of 100BASE-T1 and1000BASE-T1 standards. Whether you’re focused on design or validation, ourautomotive Ethernet solutions will accelerate your innovations from debug tocharacterization, to compliance, to completion.Keysight 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 test solutions perform end-to-endfunctional and standards-compliance conformance testing of automotive EthernetKeysight is fully investedin the creation of completesolutions for compliancetesting, and we’ve builtthese solutions onupgradeable platforms.Our worldwide team ofapplication and fieldengineers are is trainedand ready to respondwhen you and your teamsneed assistance.devices, with optional protocol decoding. Our Automotive Ethernet solutions suitenot only give you all of the hardware, software, cables and accessories you need toenable compliance tests, they also provide: A setup wizard for quick and easy setup, configuration and test A wide range of tests enabling faster and easier standards conformance Accurate and repeatable results from Keysight precision instrumentation Automated reporting with margin analysisFind us at www.keysight.comPage 3

Faster, More Efficient Automotive Ethernet TestingKeysight’s automotive Ethernet compliance solutions perform a completeset of conformance tests to meet the 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, and TC8ECU specifications.Automotive Ethernet Compliance SolutionsTransmitterLink SegmentReceiverSolution component overviewKey Features Test software applications including: Protocol trigger and decode 100BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bw) standards All required 100BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bw), OPEN Alliance TC8 ECU, and 1000BASE-T1 Tx (IEEE 802.3bp) tests Highly automated and easy-to-use Report generation with pass/fail test results AE6900T Automotive Ethernet Tx Compliance Solution-- AT6910T Automotive Ethernet compliance software-- D9020AUTP 100BASE-T1 Protocol Trigger & Decode E6962A 100BASE-T1 Receiver Solution E6963A 100BASE-T1 Link Segment ApplicationFind us at www.keysight.comPage 4

Automotive Ethernet Solution BundlesBundles give you the licensed application software and the option to purchase connectors,cables, and hardware for each solution. Choose from the application bundle model numberlisted in Table 1.AE6900T100BASE-T1 TxSoftwareE6962A100BASE-T1 RxE6963A 100BASE-T1Harness & ConnectorE6962A receiverapplicationE6963A link segmentapplicationSMA cable and adaptersSMA cableSMA cable and adaptersAE6950Afrequency divider board11636B power splittersAT6910T compliancesoftwareD9020AUTP protocoltrigger/decodeAccessoriesAE6941A AutomotiveEthernet compliance testfixtureAE6942A or AE6943A SMAto Molex/Mini-50 or SMA toMATEnet adapter boardsHardwareDSOS254A S-SeriesOscilloscope 2.5 GHz,M9010A PXIe Chassis4 analog channels33622A Function ArbitraryNoise Generator,2 channelE5080B ENA VectorNetwork Analyzer,options 440,181, 182 andN4431B Ecal 4 ports andconnectorsM9037A PXIeEmbedded ControllerE5071C Network Analyzerwith option TDR andN4431B Ecal 4 ports andconnectorsM3302A PXIe PXIe AWG andDigitizer CombinationM3302A PXIe AWGTable 1.For further information go to: more at: www.keysight.comFor more information on Keysight Technologies’ products, applications or services,please contact your local Keysight office. The complete list is available us at www.keysight.comThis information is subject to change without notice. Keysight Technologies, 2017-2019, Published in USA, June 19, 2019, 5992-2561ENPage 5

Jun 19, 2019 · Automotive Ethernet Solutions AE6900T Automotive Ethernet Tx Compliance Solution . With the development of automotive Ethernet, faster data communications are now possible and the increasing demands for today’s vehicles and futu