Gamification DesignStrategy DashboardA participation to the OctalysisGroup’s Octalysis Challengeby Albertine Corre

Table of content Step 1Analysis of the current eBay experience through Octalysis Step 2Definition of Octalysis Strategy Dashboard Step 3Feature Brainstorm Step 4Overview of the ideal buyer experience trough Octalysis level 3 Step 5Screen mockups of the ideal eBay buyer experience described

Step 1 –Overview of theCurrent Experience

Level 1 Octalysis Overview - Now

Step 2 Defining theStrategyDashboard

Octalysis Strategy dashbordBusiness MetricsDesired beddedRewards

Business MetricsBusiness Metrics

Business Metrics - Game ObjectivesTIER 1TIER 2 Weekly active users Monthly revenu per user New sign ups / new users Referrals / Sharing Users becoming sellers User-genearated ideas

Defining the playersBusiness MetricsPlayers

Players We will focus on the buyer’s experience and consider three eBay buyer personas:Tiffany – 29yoHeavy userTom – 36yoOccasional userJane – 38yoConvenience user 40,000 income 36,000 income 45,000 income Buys several times a week Sells items regularly Connects almost daily tocheck on her buyers, wishlist,orders Loves a good deal Buys a few items per month Has sold a few items Connects from time to timeto browse through the site Likes to give a second lifeto objects Was brought to eBay bygoogling a product Never sold anything on eBay Has an account that sheused once or twice forprevious orders Looks for the easiest buyPrice sensitivity:Price sensitivity:Price sensitivity:Technology usage:Technology usage:Technology usage:

TiffanyHeavy user Tiffany is loyal to eBay and veryinvolved with the platform(reviews products and sellers,likes to give feedback ). Shelikes to spend time on thewebsite and app and wouldappreciate more options beingavailable to her. She is an adept of newconsumption modes(collaborative economy, mobilecommerce ) and likes to trynew technologies. She is an implicated consumerand likes to share advice onconsumption with her friends oronline.

TomOccasional userd Tom uses eBay from time totime when he has a specificpurchase in mind. He is cautious while consumingand is particularly fond ofsecond hand objects as he wantsto limit wastes. He sells thethings he doesn’t use ratherthan throwing them out. His use of eBay is mostlyrestricted tobuying shoppinggoods and is not yet a reflex forconvenience goods.

JaneConvenience user Jane only goes to e-bay throughgoogle searches for a particularproduct. She only shops online when shecannot find a particular item inher vicinity. She doesn’t know many onlineshopping sites and will prefer tostick to one that she alreadyused in the past for two reasons:(anti core-drive) She is more trustful She doesn’t want to createmultiple accountsJane clearly lacks intrinsicmotivations to use ebay.

Defining desired actionsBusiness MetricsDesired ActionsWin-StatePlayers

Discovery Click on a link to the website or a particularitem After a google search for a desired item After receiving an invitation from a fellowuser After hearing about eBay and googling it View the first page of eBay (welcome pageor item page) Browse the website Have a look at the targeted item andoptions Sign up to make the first purchase (GTdesert oasis; unlock milestones) Sign up to the newsletter (option)

Onboarding Fill in personal information on profile Make their first purchase (win-state) / Wintheir first bid Explore and try the website’s secondaryfeatures (GT option pacing, tutorial) Understand types of sellers, types of sales,seller ratings Discover eBay community and other optionssuch as idea boxesLeave comments and reviews afterreceiving an item

Scaffolding Interact with eBay on an increasingly regular basis Taking an active part in the community Browsing for products Checking-up on desired items Actively biding on items Reviewing sellers and items Contributing to the development/betterment of thewebsite (ideas ) Develop a reflex of use when in need for a product Start selling items Increase frequency and amount of buying andselling (GT magnetic cap) Endorsement of eBay on social media Invite friends to sign-up, through mentorshipprogram

Endgame Become a lead user and reference for otherusers or peers, and an ambassador of eBay: Stronger impact of endorsement on socialmedia Trusted reviews Recognized as helpful by the community Very invested mentor and prescriber Highly contributive to eBay (content, ideas,moderation ) Keep a steady frequency of buying and selling Be a first mover and a prescriber for updateson the website

Feedback mechanicsBusiness MetricsDesired ActionsWin-StatePlayersFeedbackMechanics

Feedback mechanicsFeeback mechanics of various genra can be used to trigger differentdesired actions throughout the phases of the player journey: Visual cues such as glowing choices, a desert oasis, and the overall flow ofthe interface allow to encourage the user towards a desired action such assigning-up or finalizing a purchase. Verbal cues can be used either a priori (tutorials) or a posteriori (pop-upmessages) to inform the user on available options as well as the impact oftheir actions. Finally, the designing of a well-fitted reward system is another way toprovide feedback to the user regarding their actions on the platform. Indeed,rewards can act both as incentives (expected rewards) or as reinforcementfor desired actions by putting the user in a win-state.

RewardsBusiness MetricsDesired ActionsWin-StatePlayersFeedbackMechanicsRewards

Reward contextA variety of rewards may be used to make the user journey as fulfilling aspossible. Towards the beginning of the journey, we will want to set fixed-action andcompletion-contingent rewards to explicitly engage the user in specific desiredactions. When entering the scaffolding and endgame phases however, more options(meaningful choices) must be given to the user regarding their actions on thewebsite. To encourage the diversification of behaviors (and the thus the use ofthe many options provided), it would be better to switch towards sudden andengagement-contingent rewards. All throughout the player journey, a growing importance should be given tosocial treasures as rewards. Indeed, the core drive of social influence andrelatedness is of a particular importance in this case, and a powerful, livelycommunity is a strong factor in attracting and retaining users.

Rewards1/2 Trophies can be designed to reward a wide variety ofdesired actions. They belong to Status rewards in theSAPS model, which is of a particular importance in anexperience with a strong core drive of social influenceand relatedness. Trophy types can be designed in a way to create collectionsets, triggering core drive 4. Some trophies can be expected (users know how to getthem), which is more reassuring for new players, whileothers may be set up as easter eggs (sudden rewards) toreward proactivity on the website. These sudden rewardsnot only feel more rewarding to the user than expectedrewards. They will also reinforce exchanges among thecommunity (tips, bragging )

Rewards2/2 Customized congratulations messages (high-fives) allow toconnect on a personnal level with the user and can be usedto implement a narrative (influencing core drive 1). Further than the rating system for sellers, eBay shouldallow a wider range of options to allow recognition amongthe community: thank-you economy, social proding (voteusers as « helpful » for example), social treasures Finally, eBay should implement an evolved UI startegy,which would allow new users to not feel smothered byoptions as they join, and expert users to feel empoweredon the website as they grow, thanks to option pacing,options and milestone unlocks.

Step 3- FeatureBrainstorm

Discovery Desert oasis guidingclicks Narrative (on impact ofconsumption choicesand helpfulness to thecommunity) Beginners luck(advantage for joiningthe website now)High-fives User reviews inducetrust Glowing choicesguiding clicks Countdown timer Dangling of gooddeals Limited UI to avoidsmothering inoptionsEvanescentopportunity (for bids) Visual storytelling Fear of missing outon a good deal(pushes to join)

Onboarding Step-by-step tutorial High-fives/anticipationparade (when purchasealmost complete) First major win-state First badge Acquisition ofphysical items Filing up a profile(avatar, build fromscratch ) Dangling of trophiesto obtain Option pacing Appointmentdynamic and countdown timer (bids) Narrative (impact ofconsumption choices, Introductionof reviewshelpfulness to thecommunity) Introduction ofthe community(water cooler) Social proddingGlowing choices Visual story-tellingEvanescentopportunity (for bids) Fear of missing outon a good deal(pushes to purchase)

Scaffolding Badges (expectedand sudden) High-fives Win-states for bids Acquisition of items Alfred effect (itemrecommendation,bids automation) Narrative (impact ofconsumption choices,helpfulness to thecommunity) Collection of badges Option pacing (e.g. canmentor friends whenyou have 10 badges) Magnetic cap on numberof bids Fear of missing out Appointment dynamicand count downtimer(bids) Reviews Boosters for bids Milestone unlocks (e.g.can use colors after morethan 20 reviews) Water cooler Thank-you economy: Socialprodding, Gifting (specificbadges), upvotes Brag button / Touting horn toshow off new badges Introduction of Mentorship Easter eggs forexploring siteEvanescent opportunity Mini-quests (short-termchallenges)(pushes to purchase Evolved UI to accessand check-up regularly)more options

Endgame Recognition by thecommunity (status,crowning) Badges (rarest andexclusive)Narrative (impact ofconsumption choices,helpfulness to thecommunity) Reviews Boosters for bids andmentorship Milestone unlocksWin-state for bids Acquisition of items Water cooler Alfred effect Collection of badgesThank-you economy: Socialprodding, gifting (specificbadges), upvotes Monitor attachmentto communitymembers Brag button / Touting horn toshow off new badges Mentorship, endorsement Option pacing Magnetic capsEaster eggs forexploring site Mini-quests (short-termchallenges) Evolved UI to accessmore options Appointmentdynamic and countdown timer(bids) Evanescent opportunity Fear of missing out(pushes to purchaseand check-up regularly) Status Quo sloth

Step 4 –Overview of theExperience

Level 3 Octalysis Overview - IdealHeavy ngScaffoldingEndgame

Step 5 – DesignPrototyping

Home page

Home pageA refined interface to guide the user’s action (desert oasis).Only the main options are directly accessed from the homepage: search, browse, « hot deals », community, favourites,notifications, basket, registration, signing in.


Registration A pop-up windowallows for a betterflow and highertrust than thecurrent design.Introduction ofnarrative andtriggering orcuriosity.

Research page example

Product page example

Product page exampleInstall feeling ofurgency to buy

High-five example

High-five examplePersonalised High-fivesallow to triggertargeted core drives.Here: An anticipationparade trigger CD2 An appointmentdynamic is put up,triggering CD6

Community home page

Community home pageThe community’sspecific searchbar is more easilyaccessible.A more appealingpresentation of thecommunity’s sections.The community is forboth sellers andbuyers.

Examples of Easter Eggs

Examples of Easter EggsEaster eggs can appear in many forms. To makethem challenging and reward the most focusedusers, Easter eggs could be design in the form ofslight modifications of the website interface.For example: the modification of an known icon,or a small addition to a usual page.

Clicking on Easter Eggs

User profile page

User profile pageFeedback onaccomplishmentson the platform(available to theuser and others).Trophies to comeare displayed (withguidelines on how toget them); somemystery trophiesdon’t give guidelines

Thank youto the Octalysis Groupfor their attention andtime, and for fosteringgamification expertisearound the world.Albertine Corre

Onboarding Fill in personal . Visual cues such as glowing choices, a desert oasis, and the overall flow of the interface allow to encourage the user towards a desired action such as signing-up or finalizing a purchase. .