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Please read carefully these terms and conditions (“Account Terms”), which apply toyour accounts and services provided to you, and make sure that you understand them.You should seek independent professional advice in case of doubt.INDEXPart 1: General Terms and Conditions for All Accounts and ServicesPart 2: Terms and Conditions for Account and Banking ServicesSection I – Savings AccountSection II – Current AccountSection III – Integrated AccountSection IV – Multicurrency AccountSection V – Banking FacilitiesSection VI – Term DepositsSection VII – Debit Card ServicesSection VIII – Telephone Banking ServicesSection IX – E-banking ServicesSection X – RMB ServicesSection XI – E-cheque ServicesSection XII – Foreign Exchange ServicesSection XIII – Faster Payment SystemSection XIV – Other ServicesPart 3: Terms and Conditions for Securities and Investment ServicesSection I – General Terms for Securities and Investment ServicesSection II – Securities Trading ServicesSection III – Custody ServicesSection IV – Currency Linked DepositsSection V – Asset Linked InvestmentsSection VI – Securities Margin TradingSection VII – FX Margin TradingSection VIII – FX and Currency Derivative TransactionsSection IX – Share Option and Share Forward TransactionsSection X – Unit Trusts and Mutual FundsSection XI – Bonds and Fixed Income ProductsSection XII – Swap DepositsSection XIII – Risk Disclosure Statements1

Part 1: General Terms and Conditions for All Accounts and Services11.11.222.1INTRODUCTIONThese terms and conditions under this Part 1 apply to all Accounts and Services providedby the Bank to the Customer, and may be supplemented by Part 2, Part 3 and any otherterms and conditions which apply to an Account or a Service provided by the Bank to theCustomer.In the event and to the extent of inconsistency between any provision in this Part 1 andany provision in any other Part of the Account Terms, unless otherwise specified, thelatter shall prevail. In the event of inconsistency between any provisions in the same Partof the Account Terms, unless otherwise specified, the Bank shall (in its sole and absolutediscretion) determine how the provisions apply. In determining how the provisionsapply, the Bank shall operate in a way which best enables it to discharge all of its legaland regulatory obligations. The Customer shall not dispute or challenge any suchdetermination made by the Bank, which shall be conclusive and binding on the Customer.DEFINITIONSIn these Account Terms, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressionsshall have the meanings designated below:“Account” means any account, whether passbook savings, statement savings, current,integrated, multicurrency, fixed deposit, call, swap, investment or otherwise, opened,established, maintained with or provided by the Bank to the Customer from time to time;“Additional Settlement Account” means an account opened and maintained by a DirectParticipant with SI as specified in Rule 3.1.1 of the US Dollar Clearing House Ruleswhich (a) is in addition to the Settlement Account; (b) has the characteristics set out inthe Operating Procedures; (c) complies with the provisions contained in the OperatingProcedures; and (d) is for the purpose of making or receiving certain types of paymentidentified as being the account to or from which the payment is made by the code in thepayment instruction for that payment;“affiliate” means, in relation to any entity, any other entity controlled directly orindirectly by it, any other entity that directly or indirectly controls it or any other entitydirectly or indirectly under common control with it; and for this purpose, “control” meansownership of a majority of the voting power of the entity;“Applicable Law” means any law, legal or regulatory requirement, rule, code, guideline,judgment, decree, order, governmental permit, license, certificate of authority, orderof any government agency, regulator, industry body and self-regulatory professionalorganization which is applicable to the Bank, or any of its business or undertakings;“Application” means the form as prescribed or otherwise accepted by the Bank at its solediscretion (including all documents and files received by the Bank) signed or submitted byor on behalf of the Customer in applying for the opening, use, maintenance, provision orengagement of Account and / or Services;“Articles” means Paper Cheques, ECG items and Credit Card items;“ATM” means any automatic teller machine installed by the Bank or any other memberbank of Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited (“JETCO”), a company incorporatedunder the laws of Hong Kong, or any other person as the Bank may approve at its solediscretion from time to time;“Authorized Representative” means a person appointed by the Customer and acceptedby the Bank to give instructions on behalf of the Customer or otherwise represents theCustomer for and in connection with the operation of any Account or utilization of theServices (as notified together with specimen signatures to the Bank from time to time insuch manner as the Bank may require), including the signatory(ies) of Specimen Signatureor authorized signatories appointed pursuant to any mandate or other authorization;“Bank” means Chong Hing Bank Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong withlimited liability, which expression shall include its successors and assigns;“Bank Group Members” means the Bank, its ultimate holding companies, thesubsidiaries and affiliates of the Bank or of its ultimate holding companies and allassociated companies (being companies in which an equity interest is held by any of theforegoing);“Business Day” means any day on which the Bank is open for business in Hong Kongexcluding Sundays, public holidays and (for all purposes in connection with the clearingand settlement of cheques, other items, payments and payment instructions, which arefrom time to time cleared or settled through an interbank clearing system in Hong Kong)Saturdays;“CB” means a bank or any institution appointed or authorized by the People’s Bank ofChina from time to time to provide clearing and settlement services for Renminbi in HongKong. Unless stated otherwise herein, all references to CB shall refer to CB in its capacityas clearing bank for Renminbi;“CCASS” means the Central Clearing and Settlement System operated by Hong KongSecurities Clearing Company Limited (or any successor system operated by any person);“Card Agent” means a Direct Participant who is appointed by a Credit Card Companyto (a) act as its agent bank to present the settlement file of its Credit Card items to theClearing House for processing; and / or (b) act as a settlement agent for the Credit CardCompany as the case may be;“Chong Hing Card” has the meaning ascribed to it under Section VII of Part 2;“Clearing House Automated Transfer System” or “CHATS” means the paymentsystem which enables settlement of interbank payments;“Clearing Facilities” means all premises, personnel, machinery, equipment, facilities,hardware, software, operational and processing systems, arrangements, and proceduresfor or in relation to the services provided by and the operation of the Clearing House for2

Hong Kong Dollars/US Dollars/Renminbi respectively (as the case may be), includingCHATS, ECG, e-Cheque Services, the Faster Payment System, JETCO items and CHATSOptimiser Payment Instructions (the latter two terms as defined in the Hong Kong DollarClearing House Rules of HKICL) and / or other facilities as the Bank may approve fromtime to time;“Clearing House” shall, as the case may be, (a) in respect of Hong Kong Dollar have thesame meaning as defined in Hong Kong Dollar Clearing House Rules; (b) in respect of USDollar have the same meaning as defined in the US Dollar Clearing House Rules; and (c)in respect of Renminbi mean RMB Clearing House respectively;“Confirmation” means a confirmation issued by the Bank to the Customer evidencingthe Transaction(s) entered into between the Customer and the Bank;“Compromise” or “Compromised” and any similar expression in relation to a PIN,TBS Number or Login Name means that such PIN, TBS Number or Login Name hasbecome known to an unauthorized third party, forgotten by the Customer or otherwisecompromised;“Consolidated Statement” means any consolidated statement issued by the Bank throughpost or through any electronic means or by any other method the Bank has agreed with theCustomer, relating to the Accounts linked by the Identifier, other Accounts, Services and/ or such information as may be determined by the Bank at its sole discretion from time totime;“Credit Card Company” means Unionpay International Co., Ltd or any other credit cardcompanies permitted by SI and MA and as notified by HKICL to Members for the purposeof clearing and settlement of the Credit Card items from time to time;“Credit Card items” means payment instructions for net settlement regardingtransactions processed by a Credit Card Company for its members, generated by a CreditCard Company’s Card Agent;“Customer” means any person in whose name the Account is opened and held (includingany personal representative or lawful successor and / or permitted assigns of such person).“Customer” shall include “Cardholder” as defined under Section VII of Part 2;“Data” means all data (including personal data) and information in whatsoever formin relation to the Customer’s Accounts, Transactions, Instructions and representation ofinformation (including any expression of opinion) in any Document;“Designated Settlement Account” means in respect of any payment (a) the SettlementAccount; or (b) the Additional Settlement Account which in either case is identified asbeing the account to or from which the payment is made by the code in the paymentinstruction for that payment;“Direct Participant” means a Member which maintains a Settlement Account with SI;“Document” or “document” includes, in addition to a document in writing, a disc, film,tape or other device in which Data are embodied so as to be capable, with or without theaid of some other equipment, of being reproduced from the disc, tape or other device;“Dormant Account” means an Account which has been inactive or dormant for a periodof time determined by the Bank at its discretion;“ECG” means the various types of electronic payments (in applicable currency asspecified by the HKICL from time to time) to be cleared and settled through CHATS ona bulk clearing basis as provided by the Clearing House Rules of respective applicablecurrencies, including for the time being CCASS Items, autodebit and autocredit items, EPSTerminal items, JETCO items, credit card items, electronic bill payment and electronicdonation items, Mandatory Provident Fund items and electronic cheques;“EPS Terminal” means any point of sale terminal installed by establishments under theEasy Pay System operated by EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited (“EPS Company”),a company incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong, or any other person as may beapproved by the Bank at its sole discretion from time to time;“Exchange Rate” means the rate for converting one currency into another currency whichthe Bank, at its discretion, determines to be prevailing in the relevant foreign exchangemarket at the relevant time, which shall be conclusive and binding on the Customer. Therate used for the conversion will vary depending on prevailing market rates, the size of theCustomer’s deposit, the currency of the deposit, the way the Bank receives the deposit andany existing arrangements with the Customer about exchange rates. General Informationabout exchange rates is available at the Bank’s website;“Facility” means all banking or credit facilities (or any part thereof) from time to timemade or to be made available by the Bank to, or at the request of, the Customer; andreferences to “each Facility”, “the relevant Facility”, “any Facility” and “no Facility”shall mean any such banking or credit facility as the context requires;“Foreign Currencies” means currencies other than HKD and accounting units acceptedinternationally as equivalent to currency, which the Bank agrees are available for thepurposes of the Bank’s Services;“HKICL” means Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited, a private company jointlyowned by the HKMA and the Hong Kong Association of Banks, which provides clearingand settlement services to all banks in Hong Kong and operates a central clearing andsettlement system for the public and private debt securities on behalf of the HKMA, andits successors and assigns;“Hong Kong” means the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’sRepublic of China;“Hong Kong Dollar” or “HKD” means the lawful currency for the time being of HongKong;“HK Dollar Clearing House” has the meaning given to “Clearing House” as stated inthe Hong Kong Dollar Clearing House Rules issued from time to time by HKICL;3

“ICU” means an institution (other than a Member) whose CHATS Transactions (includingCHATS Transactions in respect of Credit Card items but excluding other Articles) arecleared and settled through a Direct Participant and “its ICU” means, in relation to aDirect Participant, an ICU with respect to whom it is agreed with that Direct Participantthat its CHATS Transactions (including CHATS Transactions in respect of Credit Carditems but excluding other Articles) be settled through such Direct Participant’s DesignatedSettlement Account;“Indirect Participant” means a Member other than a Direct Participant; and “itsIndirect Participant” means, in relation to a Direct Participant, an Indirect Participantwith respect to whom it is agreed with that Direct Participant that its payments be settledthrough such Direct Participant’s Designated Settlement Account;“Indirect Participating Card Member” means a member of a Credit Card Company whois not a Direct Participant, Indirect Participant or ICU, and whose Credit Card items aresettled through a Direct Participant which acts as a Settlement Agent and “its Indirectparticipating Card Member” means, in relation to a Direct Participant, an Indirectparticipating Card Member with respect to whom it is agreed with that Direct Participantthat its Credit Card items be settled through such Direct Participant’s Settlement Account;“Instruction” means any request or instruction given by (or purportedly given by) oron behalf of the Customer to the Bank in such form and by such means as the Bank mayprescribe or otherwise approve at the Bank’s sole discretion from time to time (includingby any authorized signature or under any mandate of the Customer, by valid PIN, TBSNumber or by telephone, facsimile, internet and / or by writing) in each case through achannel designated by the Bank and, in each case, where such request and / or instructionhas/have been transmitted to, and acknowledged or accepted by, the Bank;“Internet Banking” has the meaning ascribed to it under Section IX of Part 2;“items” includes cheques, bills of exchange, drafts, cashiers’ orders and other monetaryand negotiable instruments;“Identifier” means the identification number which may be designated by the Bank forthe Customer from time to time for linking and / or referring to all or any Accounts orServices of the same Customer;“MA”, “HKMA” or the “Hong Kong Monetary Authority”, means the MonetaryAuthority appointed under the Exchange Fund Ordinance (Chapter 66 of the Laws of HongKong);“Member” shall in relation to Hong Kong Dollar clearing/US Dollar clearing/Renminbiclearing (as the case may be) have the same meaning ascribed thereto in the Hong KongDollar Clearing House Rules/US Dollar Clearing House Rules/Renminbi Clearing HouseRules of HKICL respectively from time to time;“Operating Procedures” means the operating procedures issued by HKICL pursuant toRule 2.5 of the US Dollar Clearing House Rules and for the time being in force;“Paper Cheque” shall in relation to Hong Kong Dollar clearing/US Dollar clearing/Renminbi clearing (as the case may be) have the same meaning ascribed thereto in theHong Kong Dollar Clearing House Rules/US Dollar Clearing House Rules/RenminbiClearing House Rules of HKICL respectively from time to time;“PIN” means the personal identification number(s) (including signs) assigned by theBank and used by the Customer to authenticate the Customer’s access to the Customer’sAccounts or the Services for the purpose of giving and authorizing Instructions, or anysubsequent alteration thereof by the Customer from time to time;“Regional CHATS Payments” means payment instructions relating to cross-bordertransactions (as identified by designated payment codes for such transactions) input by aDirect Participant in favour of a Service Provider (which, for the avoidance of doubt, mayinclude that Direct Participant), effected through CHATS;“Renminbi” or “RMB” means Renminbi, or the lawful currency for the time being of thePeople’s Republic of China;“RMB Clearing House” means the medium and the location operated and managedby HKICL and available to Members to facilitate the clearing and settlement of PaperCheques in Renminbi drawn payable on Members in Hong Kong, and for the processing offunds transfers and other banking transactions in each case in Renminbi;“Securities” means all shares, debentures, stocks, loan stocks, warrants, bonds, notes andany rights, option, interest or derivative in respect of any of the same and other securities,in each case if the Bank in its absolute discretion have decided to accept the same as“Securities” under these Account Terms;“Services” means the banking, investment, nominee and other services and / or facilities,including ATM, TBS and Internet Banking, offered by the Bank from time to time at itssole discretion and subject to provisions of these Account Terms;“Service Provider” means a Direct Participant who registers with HKICL as such andauthorizes HKICL to provide its correspondent banks’ information in accordance withRule 6.8 of the US Dollar Clearing House Rules to enable Direct Participants to effectRegional CHATS Payments through CHATS to that Direct Participant for its onwardtransmission to the correspondent bank designated by the relevant Direct Participants;“Settlement Account” means the account opened and maintained by a Direct Participantwith SI as provided in Rule 3.1.1 of the US Dollar Clearing House Rules and whichcomplies with the requirements contained in the Operating Procedures;“Settlement Agent” means a Direct Participant which settles Credit Card items of (a) itsIndirect Participants, (b) its ICUs and / or (c) its Indirect-participating Card Members, asthe case may be, through its Settlement Account;“SI” means the institution appointed by the HKMA to provide clearing and settlementservices for US Dollars, and which for the time being is The Hong Kong and ShanghaiBanking Corporation Limited;4

“Specimen Signature” has the meaning as defined under Clause 4.1;“subsidiary” and “holding company” shall have the meanings given to them inrespectively, Sections 13 and 15, of the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 of the Laws ofHong Kong);“TBS” means the telephone banking services (whether via fixed line, mobile, touch-tonetelephone or otherwise) provided by the Bank from time to time subject to (among others)the terms and conditions provided in Part 1 and Section VIII of Part 2;“TBS Instruction” means any Instruction given to the Bank by the use of telephone(whether fixed line, mobile or otherwise) by voice and / or other means in such manner asthe Bank may from time to time prescribe;“TBS Number” means the number and / or signs assigned by the Bank and used by theCustomer to authenticate the Customer’s access to TBS for the purpose of accessing,operating, using and / or maintaining TBS;“Transaction” means a transaction effected or to be effected by the Bank pursuant to oras a result of an Instruction;“unauthorized transaction” means any error, discrepancy, omission, wrongful orirregular transfer or unauthorized transaction appearing in any advice, statement ofaccount, deposit confirmation, certificate, passbook or other confirmation of instructionsissued by the Bank and any other transaction on any Account not authorized by theCustomer or any Authorized Representative;“US Dollars” or “USD” means the lawful currency of the United States of America forthe time being; and2.2“US Dollar Clearing House” means the medium and the location provided, operated andmanaged by HKICL and available to Members for the exchange, sorting and balancing ofcheques in US Dollars and other negotiable instruments in US Dollars drawn on Membersand for the processing of direct debits and credits, funds transfers and other bankingtransactions in each case in US Dollars presented by or on behalf of Members provided,operated and managed by HKICL.Unless the context otherwise requires:(a) words importing one gender include the other genders;(b) words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa;(c) references to Parts, Sections, Clauses and Paragraphs are references to parts, sections,clauses and paragraphs in these Account Terms, references to Paragraphs are toparagraphs in the Clause in which the reference appears and references to Clauses areto the clauses in the Section or Part in which the reference appears;(d) references to documents (including these Account Terms) include the same as fromtime to time amended, supplemented and substituted;(e) clause and other headings are for ease of reference only and shall not affect theinterpretation of these Account Terms;(f) the word “person” includes any individual, company, firm, partnership, joint venture,association, sole proprietorship or other incorporated or unincorporated entity and“including” and “includes” mean respectively “including without limitation” and“includes without limitation”;33.1(g) references to any Ordinance or statutory provision include references to suchOrdinance or provision as amended , consolidated, extended or re-enacted and anysubsidiary legislation made thereunder.OPENING AND CLOSING OF ACCOUNTS(a)Prior to the opening of an Account or using any Services, the Customer shall completeand sign such forms, mandates, specimen signature cards and other documents as theBank may prescribe from time to time, including suitable references, proof of identityand legal existence of itself and, if appropriate, its directors and controlling (bothintermediary and ultimate, legal and beneficial) shareholders. The Customer shallalso provide such other documents and information as the Bank may require fromtime to time. All documents provided in connection with the application to the Bankwill not be returned to the Customer.(b) The Customer may from time to time apply for any new or additional Accounts and/ or Services subject to the provisions of these Account Terms and other extra termsand conditions as the Bank may prescribe from time to time. By using, retaining ormaintaining the relevant Accounts and / or Services, the Customer shall be deemedto have confirmed the Customer’s agreement to such Account Terms and other extraterms and conditions as applicable. Such application for new or additional Accountsand / or Services may be made by the Customer by giving an Instruction to such effectin accordance with Clause 4. The Bank may require the Customer to submit suchfurther information and documents as it may require before accepting the Customer’sapplication for new or additional Accounts and / or Services. The Bank may refuse theCustomer’s such application without giving any reason.(c) By submitting an application to the Bank for any new or additional Accounts and / orServices, the Customer is deemed to repeat, confirm and agree that the Customer’sinformation, documents, representation, mandate and authorization providedpreviously to the Bank are correct, true, complete and not misleading, on the basisof which the Bank is requested and authorize to approve, review and / or accept suchapplication by the Customer, unless and to the extent otherwise as advised by theCustomer in writing to the Bank. Further, the Customer is also deemed to representand confirm in the Customer’s application to the Bank that (i) no other loan facility(such as credit card or overdraft facility) issued or granted to the Customer has anyoverdue payment record exceeding thirty (30) days or has been cancelled due to adefault in payment, (ii) (if applicable) no bankruptcy order has ever been made againstthe Customer, (iii) the Customer is not involved in any bankruptcy proceedings5

3.2against himself, and (iv) the Customer does not have any intention to petition for theCustomer’s own bankruptcy.The Bank shall be entitled from time to time to prescribe:(a) minimum and maximum amounts or balances that must be credited to Accounts at thetime of opening and during the maintenance and operation of Accounts;(b) minimum balances required to be credited to Accounts before interest becomespayable on such Accounts;(c) charges, fees and commissions payable in respect of the operation of Accounts(including any Account the funds in which have been transferred to the Bank’sunclaimed balances account pursuant to Clause 3.5);(d) the available periods for deposit Accounts;3.3(e) the foreign currencies in which a foreign currency Accounts may be denominated.The Bank shall have the right to pay the Customer any amount withdrawn from a foreigncurrency Account by any one or a combination of the following:(a) by cash payment in the currency of the Account;(b) by issuing to the Customer a cheque, cashier’s order and / or draft drawn by the Bankon a correspondent bank in the currency of the Account;(c) by effecting mail or telegraphic transfer in the currency of the Account to an accountwith other banks or financial institutions in accordance with the Customer’s writteninstructions or orders;(d) by cash payment in Hong Kong Dollars converted from the currency of the Accountat the Exchange Rate determined by the Bank, in its sole discretion, to be prevailingbetween Hong Kong Dollars and the currency of the Account at the relevant time; in any other manner which the Bank, in its discretion, thinks fit. The Bank shall beentitled to levy such charges at such rates as the Bank determines for effecting suchpayment.Without prejudice to Clause 3.8, if, in the Bank’s reasonable opinion, any Account (a) hasnot been satisfactorily operated or maintained or (b) has a nil balance and, in the Bank’sreasonable opinion, has been inactive for an extended period the length of which shall bedetermined at the Bank’s discretion, the Bank may at any time at its absolute discretion bynot less than 30 days’ notice to the Customer, unless there are exceptional circumstances(for example, use of the Account for criminal or illegal activities), close that Accountwithout being obliged to give any reason for so doing. Upon the lapse of 30 days after thedeemed receipt of such notice by the Customer pursuant to Clause 25.1 or immediately, ifthe aforesaid exceptional circumstances exist, the Bank shall be released from all furtherobligations in respect of the relevant Account or to the Customer. The Customer shall beheld solely responsible for any and all consequences resulting or arising therefrom.The Bank may transfer any balance on an Account closed by the Bank pursuant to Clause3.4 to the Bank’s unclaimed balances account. Subject to payment of the service charge(details of which are available on request and are otherwise displayed at any branch orwebsite of the Bank in Hong Kong) provided for under Clause 9, the Customer may collectthe balance from the Bank during the Bank’s business hours on any Business Day.Notwithstanding Clause 3.4, the Bank may at any time without liability and disclosing anyreason suspend the operation of, or freeze, any Account of the Customer.Notwithstanding any other agreement between the Bank and the Customer, the Bank isentitled to:(a) suspend any Account or the provision of any Services to the Customer with or withoutgiving any prior notice or reason without any liability to the Customer; and / or3.8(b) close any Account or terminate the provision of any Services to the Customer withor without giving any reason without any liability to the Customer, after the Bankhas given reasonable notice to the Customer (except in the cases referred to in Clause3.8, or if there are exceptional circumstances, for example, the Account is being, oris suspected of being, used for any activities which may be illegal or in breach of anyApplicable Laws).Without prejudice to the generality of Clause 3.7, the Bank shall be entitled to terminate,close or suspend any Account or the provision of any Services immediately without noticeto the Customer if:(a) there is any change of the Applicable Law which prohibits or renders illegal theprovision of the relevant Service or any part thereof, and / or the maintenance oroperation of the Account;(b) the Customer commits any breach of any terms, conditions or obligations under theAccount Terms and fails to remedy the same within a reasonable time determined atthe Bank’s discretion after notice from the Bank requiring remedy and stating thatthe Account(s) would otherwise be closed or that the Service(s) would otherwise bewithdrawn or suspended;44.1(c) the Customer becomes bankrupt, or makes any arrangement with the Customer’screditors or any assignment for the benefit of creditors, or if distress or executionshall be levied or threatened upon any of the Customer’s property, or if the Customersuffers any similar action.INSTRUCTIONS AND AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVESWhere applicable, unless the Bank receives notice of change in accordance with Clause 5,the signature(s)/chop(s) on the designated signature panel of the Customer’s Applicationsubmitted to the Bank for an Identifier or, where agreed, other specimen signature(

“Credit Card Company” means Unionpay International Co., Ltd or any other credit card companies permitted by SI and MA and as notified by HKICL to Members for the purpose of clearing and settlement of the Credit Card items from time to time; “Credit Card items