2021 Charge ConferenceInstruction FormDistrict Wide Charge ConferenceOne District-Wide Charge Conference will be held this year. The location will be provided once details are finalized. Allcompleted forms (with attachments) are due to the district office ONE MONTH* prior to the District-Wide ChargeConference date.Packets due by close of business on: Central District:Sunday, November 14 Northeast District:Saturday, November 135:00 pm Northwest District:Sunday, November 143:00 pmThursday, October 14 Southeast District:Sunday, November 75:00 pmThursday, October 7 Southwest District:Sunday, November 73:00 pmMonday, September 27*10:00 amThursday, October 14Wednesday, October 13Charge Conference Packet Charge Conference packets/forms may be found online at under the “forms” tab. These formsMUST be downloaded first. Upon downloading and saving the PDF version of the forms to your computer, youmust use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to open the file in order to enter your data. The Windows 10 version ofa pdf reader will not allow you to fill in the forms. Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded If downloading Adobe Reader is not possible, the Word version of the forms should bedownloaded.The Pastor’s Membership Report and the Pastor’s Compensation Form (available in both Word and PDF versions)are set up to calculate totals. Navigation Tip: Use the “TAB” key to navigate through the forms. If you hit“Enter/Return” by accident, just backspace or “UNDO.” The calculations are executed by tabbing to the next field.The Safe Sanctuary Policy, Financial Policy, Accountable Reimbursement Policy, and Accessibility Audit/Plan areto be reviewed, signed and dated annually by the chairperson and pastor. A copy of each should be placedon file in the church office and submitted to the district office annually as part of the charge conference records.Make a copy of the packet and distribute each report to the person who will complete it, with a clear deadline wellahead of the Board/Council meeting to consider the packet.A checklist of Charge Conference documents and attachments is included to help you track the different reports.Submitting your packet for the District Wide Charge Conference: Contents of the Charge Conference packet must be approved by the Church Council/AdministrativeBoard/Governing Body before submitting to the District Office.Schedule and advertise a Board/Council meeting prior to the date your packet is due in the district office. Allreports should be presented to the Board/Council at this meeting. The Board/Council will vote to receive thereports and to recommend the packet to the District Wide Charge Conference for final approval.During the Board/Council meeting, the recording secretary will complete the 2021 Board Recommendation forCharge Conference (page 2 in the packet)Following the meeting, mail, email, or deliver ONE (1) copy of the Charge Conference packet for each church toyour District Superintendent’s office. Remember to print a copy for the church files. Deadline for this is onemonth prior to the date of the District Wide Charge Conference.Materials should not be presented in a binder, as this must be taken apart and placed in the permanent file.Please do not staple any forms together as all staples have to be removed for scanning.2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketPastorChurch UMC1

Board Recommendation for Charge ConferenceThe following church/charge held a meeting of the Church Council/Administrative Board/governing board to recommend eachchurch’s charge conference packet for approval at the District-Wide Charge Conference:Congregation name(s) hereThe Board Meeting was held on , 2021 at : ampmThe Board Meeting was chaired by .Recording Secretary is to initial each itemindicating the governing board has reviewed and is recommending the Charge Conference Packet.RecordingsecretaryinitialsItems that require a vote to approve:Membership Report (Including names read 1st year and 2nd year for removal) Year 1DISTRICTOFFICEUSE Year 2Pastor’s Compensation Record(s) for all appointed or assigned pastorsLay Servants (attach list if needed)Name Initial Yr. Approval RenewalName Initial Yr. Approval RenewalName Initial Yr. Approval RenewalCertified Lay SpeakersName Initial Yr. Approval RenewalCandidates for Ministry - Form 104Name Initial Yr. Approval ContinuanceName Initial Yr. Approval ContinuanceNominations Committee Approval of the slate of officers (slate must be in packet) Any revisions (including nominations from the floor of the conference) List of all committeesRequired Written Reports: Pastor’s Written Report (all appointed/assigned pastors) Signed Finance Report Signed Policy on Misconduct of Sexual Nature Culture of Call Retired Clergy Report(s) (if applicable) Signed Trustee Report 200,000 More Reasons’ Report Updated Local Church Leadership ListPolicies to Submit: Safe Sanctuary Policy Financial Control Policy Accessibility Audit and Plan (if applicable) Accountable Reimbursement Policy (if applicable) Current Insurance Declarations PageThe Church Council/Administrative Board/governing board of the pastoral charge approves of submitted recommendations andreports, and hereby recommends these submissions to the District-Wide Charge Conference for adoption.Recording Secretary (print)Recording Secretary SignatureDISTRICT OFFICE USEThe Charge Conference approved the submitted packet on at .District Superintendent Signature2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC2

2021 Charge Conference Packet ChecklistThis page is provided for your use in preparation of the packet to send to the District Office prior to yourcharge conference.Church PastorAll completed forms (with attachments) are due to the district office on your assigned date, prior to theCharge Conference date.Pastor’s Membership ReportSigned Pastor’s Compensation PageSigned Report of the Lay ServantMinistry Candidates (Form 104)Nominations (use either Traditional Structure Form or the Simplified Structure form, both included, or you may supply your own)Lay Member to Annual Conference FormChurch Governing Structure FormNominations Form completed with names and contact infoSigned Report of the TrusteesSigned Finance ReportPastor’s Written Report200,000 More Reasons ReportSigned Retired Clergy Report - only those not appointedPolicy Statement on Sexual Misconduct with signatures of officers, volunteers, and staffCulture of CallPolicies and Documents to be submitted with this packet:Local Church Current Insurance Declarations Page for each policyUPDATED Local Church Leadership List -- Created by the conference database, this document isspecific to your church and was sent from the District Office. Update by hand (do nottype) preferably with red inkLocal Church Financial Policy (to accompany signature page from this packet)Local Church Safe Sanctuary Policy (to accompany signature page from this packet)Local Church Accountable Reimbursement Policy (if pastor has Accountable Reimbursement incompensation package)2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC3

Pastor’s Membership ReportThis report is done on a yearly basis and is dated from prior year Charge Conference date to current year Charge Conference date.ChurchPeriod beginning (prior Charge Conference date) , 2020 and ending (current Charge Conference date) , 2021A. Membership at 2020 Charge Conference (Revised, if applicable, following amembership audit conducted since prior year charge conference. Please note any changes to thereported prior year number on an attached membership audit page.)(A)B. New Members (Attach as a list by each category)Received into professing membership since the last charge conference1. On profession of faith or restored(1)2. Transferred from other United Methodist churches(2)3. Transferred from other non-United Methodist churches(3)Total Members Received(Lines 1 2 3) (B)0(C)0(D)0Note: Include only the names of those received into baptized membership sincethe last charge conference on your attached list of new members.Do not include Baptized Members in the numerical count of Professing Members.C. Removed from Membership (Attach as a list by each category)4. By action of the Charge Conference. (number of names in F)(4)5. By trial court, or by withdrawal(5)6. By transfer to other United Methodist churches(6)7. By transfer to other non-United Methodist churches(7)8. By death (Please include date of death)(8)Total Professing Members Removed (Lines 4 5 6 7 8) D. Membership at 2021 Charge Conference (A B - C) E. Names of Persons Filed with Charge Conference for Next Year’s Removal (First year reading)F. Names of Persons Being Recommended for Removal at this Charge Conference(Second year reading - record the number in C4 above)Note that the Discipline requires these to be considered individually!G. Have Membership Books Been Audited? Yes NoIf not, why not?2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC4

2022-2023 Pastor’s Compensation FormPlease see instructions concerning the change of the fiscal year on page 2.PastorChurchFor Period of: July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023 orFull-time-Part time2021July 2022-June 2023(to be used through June 2022)HousingParsonage ProvidedYes or NoDate of (S)PPRC chairperson parsonage inspectionHousing Allowance May only be used in lieu of parsonagePaymentChurch Contribution to Pastor Compensation (Salary from Church)12Equitable Compensation or other Conference Support Compensation supportreceived from the Annual ConferenceDeductionsCash Allowances paid directly to pastor without documentation required(non-accountable plans not already included in line 1)Utilities and Appurtenances Amount paid to pastor for utilities and other housingrelated expenses under designation by the church. See IRS Publication 517 for moreinformation.3TOTAL OR GROSS CASH PAYMENT564Add Lines 1-4Flexible Spending Plan This is a FSP that the pastor sets following IRS CafeteriaPlan Section 125 Rules. This may NOT be used for health insurance premiums. It is abefore tax payroll deduction which is elected annually and is a Use it or Lose itamount.UMPIP Contribution - This is a voluntary amount elected by the pastor to be paid intoUMPIP. FOR CHURCH MATCH, FULL TIME PASTORS MUST CONTRIBUTE ATLEAST 1% OF COMPENSATION (LINE 5 HOUSING).UMPIP Contribution - Is this tax-deferred?TotalReimburseTotal Payroll DeductionsNet Compensation Paid to PastorYes or No7b8Add lines 6-8Subtract Line 9 from Line 5910 0.00 0.00TOTAL CASH COMPENSATIONTransfer from Line 5Accountable Reimbursement This is only paid out via voucher, with receipts1112 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00File at ChurchTOTAL COMPENSATION & REIMBURSEMENTS13 0.00 0.00required, and represents maximum available. Pension for full time is not paid on thisamount. Written Reimbursement Policy Must Be Agreed Upon and OnAppointment*Benefits 0.007403B Contribution to Other than UMPIP This is a contribution to an IRA held with abank or investment firm. There must be a voluntary compensation reductionagreement on file with the church and you may elect it to be tax-deferred.Net 0.00Add Lines 11 and 12Does the church provide group insurance for the staff in which thepastor participates?14Yes or No15How many weeks of vacation time will the pastor receive this year?(p.303-304, 2020 Arkansas Conference Journal)*For all full-time pastors, the church will be responsible for a pension benefit of 14% of total comp (line 11) plus housing and will be billed directlyby the conference office. This is a benefit and not included in the total compensation paid to the pastor.The Pastor Parish Relations Committee recommends compensation after consultation with the pastor and the District Superintendent. Therecommendation is reported to the Finance Committee and the Administrative Board/Council for discussion and agreement. The ChargeConference sets compensation. The church is obligated to compensate the pastor at this level until the end of the conference year. (¶624.1)Pastor signatureTreasurer signatureS/PPRC Chairperson signatureDistrict Superintendent signatureFor District Office Use OnlyDate entered in databasePension billing share for multiple point charges2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC5

2022-2023 Pastor’s Compensation Form InstructionsThe compensation form is updated to match the conference appointive and fiscal year of July 1 - June 30. Congregationsshould continue paying the 2021 compensation for the first six months of 2022. The new annual compensation will be appliedto begin July 1, 2022. If a congregation seeks to increase compensation for January - June 2022, (¶624.1.), it should completean additional compensation form using annualized amounts, indicate the appropriate effective dates,and include the additional form in the Charge Conference Packet for approval.Housing Parsonage Provided – If your church provides a parsonage answer “Yes” otherwise answer “No” Date of Parsonage Inspection – Write the date of the last inspection of the church owned parsonage. If the church doesnot provide a parsonage then leave this line blank. Housing Allowance – List the amount of money the church provides for the pastor’s housing allowance. This is only in lieuof a church owned or leased parsonage. The pastor does not have to provide the church receipts for reimbursements ofthese funds. This amount may be reported on box 14 of the pastor’s W2. This amount is paid in addition to the amounton Line 13.Payment Church Contribution to Pastor Compensation – List the total pastor’s salary as approved by the charge/churchconference prior to any deductions. Do not include other compensation items listed below (Equitable Compensation, CashAllowances, or Utilities and Appurtenances) or housing allowance. Equitable Compensation or other Conference Support – List all funds received from the Conference for the support ofthe salary for the pastor. Cash Allowances – List any amount paid to the pastor for non-accountable cash allowances. This may include, but notlimited to car or travel allowance, discretionary funds, and/or expense accounts. Utilities and Appurtenances – List funds designated for use by the pastor for housing related expenses as provided forby IRS section 107. This may include utilities, furnishings, or other non-consumable housing related expenses. Moreinformation on this topic can be found in IRS Publication 517 or by es/gcfa-tax-packet/.Deductions Flexible Spending Plan – These plans sometimes referred to as Cafeteria 125 plans may only be used in conjunction witha bona fide group health care plan. If the church does not offer the pastor health care coverage through a group plan, thenflexible spending plans may not be used for health care reimbursements. In other words, these plans cannot be used toreimburse medical expenses, including premiums for plans bought through the medical exchange. UMPIP Contribution – This is the voluntary contribution by the pastor to the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan(UMPIP). These funds may be withheld on either a tax-deferred or tax-paid basis. At least 1% of plan compensation (Line 5plus housing) must be contributed in order to receive a 1% matching contribution. UMPIP Contribution Tax Deferred – If the contribution from the prior line is contributed on a tax-deferred basis then write“Yes” on line 7b. If the contribution is being made after-tax write “no.” 403B Contribution Other Than UMPIP – List any amount being contributed to a retirement fund for the pastor other thanUMPIP. Please indicate whether this is being made on a tax-deferred basis.Reimbursements and Benefits Accountable Reimbursement – Fund established to reimburse the pastor for expenses. This should only be establishedwith a written policy set by the church and requires written documentation of expenses. For more information and samplepolicies visit tax-packet/. Pension is not paid on this amount. Does the Church Provide Group Insurance for You – Please write yes or no if the church provides group insurance forthe staff for the calendar year in which YOU participate.Minimum Compensation for Full Time Clergy (p.183-184, 2020 Arkansas Conference Journal) Minimum compensation for full time clergy is set by the Annual Conference, as recommended by the ConferenceCommission on Equitable Compensation. Minimum compensation for full time clergy appointments in church settings must be set at or above the standards (asnoted on line 11 of the compensation form). A parsonage or housing allowance in lieu of a parsonage shall beprovided in addition to the figures listed below.Full Connection 48,330Provisional, Associate Member 47,280Local Pastor 46,230Appointed pastors serving a charge that provides a group health insurance plan shall be subject to the followingminimum compensation support.Full Connection 36,3302021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketProvisional, Associate Member 35,280Local Pastor 34,230Church UMC6

CERTIFIED LAY SERVANTANNUAL REPORT TO THE CHARGE CONFERENCE Initial Application Request for RenewalSECTION I: DATA ON THE LAY SERVANTName (please print)Address City/State/ZipTelephone EmailName of DistrictName of ChurchChurch Address City/State/ZipChurch TelephoneSECTION II: STATUS OF THE LAY SERVANTFor initial application as a Certified Lay Servant1. What year did you complete your Basic Course?2. What year did you complete your Advanced Course?3. What was the title of your Advanced Course?For renewal as a Certified Lay Servant1. What year did you complete your last Advanced Course?2. What was the title of your last Advanced Course?SECTION III: REQUEST OF THE LAY SERVANTI request the recommendation of my pastor and my church council/charge conference to begin/renew as a Certified Lay Servant for theensuing year.Lay Servant signature DateSECTION IV: RECOMMENDATION OF THE PASTORI recommend concurrence with the request of this person to begin/renew as a Certified Lay Servant for the ensuing year.Pastor signature DateSECTION V: RECOMMENDATION OF THE CHURCH COUNCIL/CHARGE CONFERENCEThe church council/charge conference of (church/charge)recommends the above person begin/renew as a Certified Lay Servant for the ensuing year.Church Council Chair or District Superintendent signatureDate2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC7

(To be completed by those requesting renewal as a Certified Lay Servant)Name (please print)SECTION VI: MINISTRIES BY THE LAY SERVANTDuring the past year, I have participated in caring ministries by:volunteering in a care-giving institution such as a hospital or nursing home; or caring for a shut-inproviding one-on-one caringmembership/evangelism visitationserving in caring/outreach projects (food pantry, prison ministry, etc)other caring activities (please list)During the past year, I have participated in leading ministries by:serving as a member of committee, board, commission, council, task force, ets.volunteering at a community agencyleading at my local churchleading beyond my local churchleading in my District Conference Jurisdiction General Church levelother leading activities (please list)During the past year I have participated in communicating ministries by:bringing message in worship servicesserving as worship leader in servicesdelivering devotional messagesteaching classessharing my faith story timesother speaking activities (please list)During the past year I have participated in the following additional opportunities for ministry (attach additional page if needed)SECTION VII: PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH BY THE LAY SERVANTIn what activities have you engaged and/or what books have you read or used during the past year to help you develop your devotionallife; improve your understanding of the Bible; improve your understanding of The United Methodist Church; and to improve your skills incaring, leading, communicating and speaking?SECTION VIII: FEEDBACK BY THE LAY SERVANT1. Do you feel called to be in service in any area of ministry, either in the church or outside the church, in which you are not currentlyinvolved? Yes No If yes, please let those areas below.2. What additional training or support do you need or would suggest to further your ministry?3. Give any recommendations you have for improving Lay Servant Ministries in your District or Conference.Note: District directors are encouraged to respond to any comments within this section.2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC8

THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCHDECLARATION OF CANDIDACY FOR ORDAINED MINISTRYCHARGE CONFERENCE RECOMMENDATION(or equivalent body)This form is to be completed on all new or continuing candidates for ministry.Candidate Name: (please print)Charge:Date:For Continuing Candidates:I hereby request continuation of my candidacy for ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church and request supportand recommendation of the Charge Conference for continued certification as a candidate for:Order of Deacons Order of Elders License as Local Pastor For New Candidates:I hereby declare my candidacy for ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church and request the support andrecommendation of the Charge Conference or equivalent body as specified by the district committee on ordained ministryfor certification as a candidate for:Order of Deacons Order of Elders License as Local Pastor CHARGE CONFERENCE RECOMMENDATION (or equivalent body)Let those who consider recommending persons for candidacy as ordained ministers in The United Methodist Church askthemselves the following questions which were first asked by John Wesley at the third conference of Methodist preachersin 1746. (See Discipline ¶310)1. Do they know God as a pardoning God? Have they the love of God abiding in them? Do they desire nothing but God?Are they holy in all manner of conversation?2. Have they gifts, as well as grace, for the work? Have they a clear, sound understanding; a right judgment in the thingsof God; a just conception of salvation by faith? Do they speak justly, readily, clearly?3. Have they fruit? (Elder and Local Pastor) Have any been truly convinced of sin and converted to God, and are believersedified by their preaching? (Deacon) Are others edified by their service?Believing thatis called of God and is a suitable candidate for ordained ministry in theUnited Methodist Church, (the recommending body)recommends him/her forcertification as a candidate to the District Committee on Ordained Ministry. In making this recommendation, we attest tothe fact that the declared candidate has been a professing member in good standing of The United Methodist Church or abaptized participant of a recognized United Methodist campus ministry or other United Methodist ministry setting for aminimum of one (1) year, has graduated from an accredited high school or received a certificate of equivalency, and hasreceived by written ballot a two-thirds vote of this body.Signature of authorized elder, district superintendent, or bishopConferenceDateDistrictThis Declaration of Candidacy for Ordained Ministry should be sent to the district office for the candidate’s file.BOM Handbook, Chapter 3, BOM Registrars2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketAR Form 104/2020MCChurch UMC9

NominationsElection of Lay Member and Alternate Lay Member to Annual ConferenceLay Member Elected by Each Charge - From ¶32, 2016 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church“Each charge served by more than one clergy shall be entitled to as many lay members as there are clergy members. Thelay members shall have been for the two years next preceding their election members of The United Methodist Churchand shall have been active participants in The United Methodist Church for at least four years next preceding theirelection. If the lay membership should number less than the clergy members of the annual conference, the annualconference shall, by its own formula, provide for the election of additional lay members to equalize lay and clergymembership of the annual conference.”Lay and Alternate Lay Members of the Arkansas Annual Conference from your church or charge are the churchmembers elected at this charge conference. Every church or charge is allowed a set number of lay members andalternate lay members to vote at Annual Conference, depending upon the number of clergy eligible to vote who areserving in the congregation or charge. A church in “to be supplied” status has a vote and will need to elect a Lay Memberto Annual Conference. To ensure each charge is represented, clergy are asked to contact lay and alternate laymembers from the church or charge during late January and ask them to confirm again that they will be able toattend for all days of the session. If there is a reason the lay member cannot attend one day, or even a portion of aday, ensure the alternate lay member is informed and will be present. Please note: Your Lay Leader is not automaticallyconsidered your Lay Member to Annual Conference; you will need to elect a Lay Member to Annual Conference and listthem accordingly. During Annual Conference, only the votes of the official lay member elected at charge conference (orthe elected alternate in the lay member’s absence) may be counted on the church or charge’s behalf. One’s vote cannotbe transferred to someone else except by having another charge conference and selecting them as the lay member.The Annual Conference Lay Member(s) and Alternate Lay Member(s) to Annual Conference for(charge/church) is/are as follows:Annual Conference Lay Member and Alternate (one Lay Member per appointed clergy/assigned lay tional Lay Members and Alternates for additional appointed clergy (add 2nd page if needed)LayMemberLayMemberAlternateAlternate2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC10

Nominations ReportChurch Governing StructureChurchSelect ONEThis church uses the Traditional Structure for governance.(The traditional structure has separate Disciplinary committees for Church Council, Finance,Trustees, and SPRC.)Continue to page 12 (and skip page 13) to complete the Traditional Structure Nominations page ORsubmit your own Nominations list. Then update the Local Church Leadership page emailed from thedistrict office. PLEASE make certain that the names on the Nominations Form match the names andcontact information on the updated Local Church Leadership form.ORThis church uses the Simplified Structure for governance.(The Simplified Structure, which must be approved by the DS and is based on ¶247.2 of the 2016Book of Discipline, usually operates with a nominations committee and a single governing board thatfulfills the Disciplinary functions of Church Council, Trustees, Finance, and Staff/Pastor-ParishRelations Committee. Some congregations operate on a variation of this model approved by the DS)Skip to page 13 and complete the Simplified Structure Nominations OR submit your own Nominationslist. Then update the Local Church Leadership page emailed from the district office. PLEASE makecertain that the names on the Nominations Form match the names and contact information on theupdated Local Church Leadership form.District Superintendent approval is required to transition to the Simplified Structure.Variants of the Simplified Structure may be required by your DS, such as organizing aseparate and independent S/PPRC.The congregation requests approval from the District Superintendent to transition from atraditional structure to an alternate simplified structure for 2022.2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC11

Nominations - Complete EITHER the Traditional Structure OR the Simplified Structure FormYou may use this page to list your Nominations or submit your own Nominations list.Nominations - Traditional StructureChurchAdministrative (Church) CouncilEMAILNAMEPHONEADDRESSChairMembership includes the committee chairs listed below and these AT-LARGE committee members - contact information not LNAMEPHONEADDRESSChairList names of committee members below - contact information not ILNAMEPHONEADDRESSChairList names of committee members below - contact information not neededClassof2023Classof2022Staff-Parish RelationsClassof2024EMAILNAMEPHONEADDRESSChairList names of committee members below - contact information not neededClassof2023Classof2022Nominations Committee (Pastor is Chair)Classof2022Classof2024List names of committee members below - contact information not EADDRESSLay LeaderNAMEEMAILPHONEADDRESS2021 ARUMC Charge Conference PacketChurch UMC12


2021 Charge Conference Instruction Form District Wide Charge Conference One District-Wide Charge Conference will be held this year . The location will be provided once details are finalized. . 2021 ARUMC Charge Conference Packet Church _ UMC 3 . Pastor’s Membership Report This rep