Agile Case StudyTelecom

IntroductionClient OverviewClient is a Large IT Services vendor focusing onimplementation services for Software in Asia.Business VerticalsObtain Management Commitment, ConductTrainings, Define Project specific Process,Implementation, Agile Assessment, StandardizeAgile WoW Process and InstitutionalizeBusiness Motivation/Challenge to go AgileThe company faced the following challenges: New domain and technology Want of frequent releases Demanding timelines and schedules

ActivitiesSecured management sponsorship forAgile to be usedFinalized on Definition of Done for eachphase and created the Product backlogThe management agreed to using all Agileprinciples in changing and improving theway the company worked.The definitions were changed and backlogsfor each product was estimated again. Newnumbers were created based on theseConducted Scrum WorkshopsMonitoring and mentoring duringeach activity of the sprint or productdevelopmentTo imbibe an understanding of how theprinciples of Scrum work, workshops wereconducted for the employees to get a view ofthe subject.Aligned the Agile way of working toorganisation product milestoneThe current working of the organizationwas put in sync with Agile principles andemployees were taught on how to use theseprinciples in their daily work.Conducted agile assessment atproject closureCustomized the agile processes specific tothe project needsEach principle of Agile was suited to differentneeds of each department and project. Anin-depth analysis was done to see whichprinciple and process could be applied wherefor maximum results.Demonstrated the benefitsachieved due to Agile WoWIdentified ScrumMaster, Product Owner &Scrum teamStandardized the Agile WoWProcessIdentified the roles that had to be played byeach one of them and the responsibilities theyhad to undertake within the Agile managementRolled out Target Process tool for ScrumProject ManagementRolled it out in all projects of theProgram

Realized BenefitsTime to marketimproved by35%Product qualityof featuresimproved 22%in later sprintRoadmap and Approach1. Architecture PhaseThe objective of this phase is to do a study of theexisting architecture and arrive at the choice ofsolution. The team did the following activities: Documented and reviewed architecturespecification - The roles and departments, thestructure of the company and the working, theprocesses used, etc. Create UML diagrams which will display how theAPI interfaces work together Raise CRs to track the API implementation Create prioritized granular User Stories in ProductBacklog in Target Process Estimate each user story using planning pokertechnique to derive the sprint velocity2. Development PhaseTo “Design – Develop – Module Test – Rework”within each sprint which will be of 2 weeks time box Module Tested API Interfaces Interface Specification Document Module Test coverage report3. Integration Phase To Build – Integrate – Test – Rework within eachsprint which will be of 2 weeks time box Fully functional API Interfaces

Change ManagementBenefits/Value DeliveredThe choice of the solution finalized –Architecture was frozen with our effortsand practices. The company then got a fixedarchitecture to work within. Roles were defined,processes were finalized and the functioningwas improved as per the agile principlesA fully functional (unit tested) APIwith code coverage of 100%100% legacy conformance andperformance test cases passedS6 milestone checkpoints achievedS7.1 milestone checkpoints achievedAbout QAISet up in 1994, today QAI is amongst the world’s top three firmsin the enterprise wide deployment of process initiatives thatcontribute to ‘Operational Excellence’.QAI’s mission is to facilitate enhanced competitiveness inSoftware, BPO and other knowledge intensive organizationsthrough multifaceted interventions in the areas of processimprovement, be it business, engineering, people management orIT, through its services in Consulting, Training and Advisory.This unique blend of services enables clients, by using oneservice, to benefit from our experience, knowledge base,network and learning in other services.QAI’s holistic approach to process improvement consultationis based on the objective of integration People, Process andTechnology, to help organizations achieve breakthroughperformance.QAI helps organizations to achieve their business goals better,faster and cheaper by facilitating operational excellence, through:Process Management, Project Management, Quality Management,Change Management, Human Capital Management, IT ServiceManagement and Innovation Management, thus helpingcompanies in the world over to reduce cycle time increaseproduction and improve quality of service delivery and processes.World’s Leading Brands have ChosenQAI Time and Again600 CMMI & P-CMM end-to-end Engagements50 Ministries, Departments and Governments overseas haveengaged QAI to build industry capabilities300 CMM/CMMI clients over the years.500 Six Sigma Projects mentoredSome of the top Fortune 500 Cos – GE, IBM, HP, Verizon, JPMC,Dell, Microsoft, Motorola, Intel clients.World’s FIRST FOUR SVC v1.3 ML5 Appraisals and the AppraisalPartner they Chose! Fujistu chose QAI Xchanging chose QAI Accenture chose QAI Cap Gemini chose QAIQAI is the #1 globally in the number of CMMI V1.2/V1.3High Maturity Appraisals (ML4/5)

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Software, BPO and other knowledge intensive organizations through multifacetedinterventions in the areas of process improvement, be it business, engineering, people management or IT, through its services in Consulting,Training and Advisory. Th