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Monitize WiFi The video below gives a good view of how wifiis being used for indirect monetization. psSIsPg8OnA

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Market SegmentsSmart GridA wireless network infrastructure for Advance Meters andthe Intelligent Grid: AMI backhaul; Distribution Automation,Video Surveillance and Mobile Workforce connectivityGovernmentA complete “Smart City” solution for municipalities whichincluding Video Surveillance, mobile coverage forresponse force, Traffic control, metering connectivity andcontrol and residential connectivityEnterpriseBackhaul solutions and broadband mobile and fixedconnectivityWireless ISPBroadband Access to consumers and SMB, with highfocus in Rural America and the ability to addresschallenging deployment scenarios (dense foliage etc)

8Video Surveillance ChallengesWiredconnection isnot alwaysphysicallypossibleHighdeploymentcosts of wiredlinkShort period of timeavailable fordeploymentRegulatory approvalrequired for cablebased deploymentFrequentchanges in cameralocations Mobile Locations changefrequently (police,evolving project)RouterVideo ServerVideo Monitor

4G Applications YTL - Malaysia UQ - Japan City of Houston

City of HoustonSmart City4G WIRELESS NetworkPresented by BrianAnderson

CHALLENGE/OPPORTUNITY Revenue Shortfall Reduced Property Tax revenue City Aggressively Seeking Cost Saving and RevenueImprovement Opportunities Severe Weather Hurricane and Drought Emergency Management Activities Emphasized the Needfor Monitoring Citywide Infrastructure and Assists Economic Development Revitalization of Central Business District City Seeking Opportunities to Enable Digital Divide Limited Public Library Computer Access Capacity8/18/2014CITY OF HOUSTON SMART CITY 4GWIRELESS NETWORK - BRIAN ANDERSON20

strategy ROI Based Funding Core Public Works Application Benefits ARRA Grant Network Implementation Designed for GovernmentLeverage Existing InfrastructureScalable, Secure, ReliableWiMAX Ecosystem Applications Extend Existing Application Investment Increase Application Cost Sharing8/18/2014CITY OF HOUSTON SMART CITY 4GWIRELESS NETWORK - BRIAN ANDERSON21

Utility meter readingTamper Detection Improved Productivity Connecting 500K water meters Through60 Collection Cells Enables Reengineering of EntireBusiness ProcessLeak DetectionTheft DetectionPeak UsageMaintenance Detection Automate Low Skill Field RequestsWIMAX Proactive Maintenance Cost Reduction Reduced Maintenance Costs – 20%Reduction in Field Visits Reduced Water Loss (i.e., Theft, Leaks,Low Registration, etc.)8/18/2014CITY OF HOUSTON SMART CITY 4GWIRELESS NETWORK - BRIAN ANDERSON22

Traffic management Improve Quality of Life Connect, Monitor, Control andMaintain 2500 SignalizedIntersections and 1500 School ZoneFlashers Reduce Traffic Congestion - AdaptiveControl Traffic Management Real-Time Alerts and RemoteMaintenance Reduce Costs Reduce Staff and Contract Supportand Maintenance Costs Reduced Connectivity Cost (vs.Commercial)8/18/2014CITY OF HOUSTON SMART CITY 4GWIRELESS NETWORK - BRIAN ANDERSON23

Plant management Extend Reach Not Limited to Commercial WirelineConnections Better Connectivity Every Control Point Across The City isWithin Reach Reduce Costs Reduced Commercial Costs Over 500 Facility Locations Thousands of Control Points to Connectand Monitor8/18/2014CITY OF HOUSTON SMART CITY 4GWIRELESS NETWORK - BRIAN ANDERSON24

Economic and Communitydevelopment Leveraging Excess Bandwidth QOS Priority for COH Applications Security As Available SLA Public Library Internet Services Economic Stimulus HoustonWiFi 80 Hotspots Across Downtown Houston 5000 Unique Users Per Week Community Development Expand Computer Access Capacity ThroughPublic Computer Centers Over 300 Public Computer Centers Underserved Neighborhoods with a Populationof Over 300-thousand Residents8/18/2014CITY OF HOUSTON SMART CITY 4GWIRELESS NETWORK - BRIAN ANDERSON25

“Gold Rush”Utilities: Electric, Gas and WaterSource: Monica Paolini

SG Spectrum Allocation Should. Assure long-term ‘priority’ or ‘preferential’ access forutilities– Interference protection– Flexible geographic boundaries– 10 to 20 year time-frame Sufficient capacity for short & long-term requirements– 15 MHz supports three 5 MHz channels Basis: SGIP/NIST PAP-2 work & OpenSG Network TF– Some provision for additional spectrum Longer-term role of video surveillance ? Frequency band(s) that supports economical deployment– Range, penetration losses, equipment availability, etc. May be more than 1 band (network of networks)27

WiGRID Spectrum Alternatives Unlicensed (ISM bands), public networks– Can and will play a role– But not suitable for total end-to-end SGnetwork Public Safety Bands (700 MHz & 4900MHz) 1800 MHz (30 MHz allocated in Canada) TV ‘White Space’ (UHF) 3550-3650 MHz plus 3650-3700 MHz28

Technology EvolutionHigh Mobility 0.30 - 20 / Mbps 0.01 - 0.07 / Mbps2G2.5G3GEarly 4GGSMGPRSEDGEWiMAX 802.16e ,LTE Rel. 8IS95WCDMA, HSPA,EVDOAdvanced 4G1xRTTWiMAX 802.16m , LTE AdvancedLow 11.0T3/FiberBWA/WiMAX 16d10100mbps

WIRELESS NETWORK - BRIAN ANDERSON 22 Utility meter reading Tamper Detection Leak Detection Theft Detection WIMAX Maintenance Detection Peak Usage Improve Quality of Life Connect, Monitor,