How NearZero Transformed into aFull-Service End-to-End eDiscoveryProvider with VenioOneNEARZERO CASE STUDYChallengeNearZero needed to finda better solution for itseDiscovery clients, so itcould grow its client listand revenue, and transformfrom consulting to becomean eDiscovery serviceprovider.ResultslDoubled revenuein only 2 yearslClient list grew 3-foldin 12 months and thendoubled again in thesubsequent yearslData processingcapabilities grew byseveral TBslRecovered money spenton Venio in less than yearlReduced costs, andpassed significantsavings on to its clients“Thanks to VenioOne, we doubled our businessin just two years and acquired several large clients.”Richard WesselNearZero Discovery President and Lead ConsultantCHALLENGETo Become a Full-Service eDiscovery Service Providerand Accelerate Business and Revenue GrowthWhen Richard Wessel launched theeDiscovery side of his business in 2015,he already understood the challengesthat his clients faced in eDiscovery.“Until 2015, we were largely a consultingcompany, providing project management,data collection, and ECA services forour clients,” said Wessel. The data was then routed to an outside counselthrough a service provider who really didn’t understand the client or theirrequirements. “Often, the eDiscovery vendor was limited in what servicesthey could provide to the client,” Wessel said. “They didn’t have the rightrelationships, or tools that fit our clients’ needs.”Wessel saw several shortcomings in legacy eDiscovery software andprocesses that led to a poor experience and increased costs for his clients.These included:Project Management: The service providers did not know how things workedfor the clients in question, but Wessel’s consulting background gave him insightinto how things worked — and what was needed to solve their problems.Time: Time was being wasted because the legal and IT teams were unableto collaborate. “Time savings is what obviously impacts the bottom line froma cost perspective,” Wessel said.Copyright 2011 2021, Venio Systems.Venio Systems Inc. 4031 University Drive, Suite 100 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 1 (855)-662-8600

“What Venio offeredwas the one-stopshop at a reallyreasonable pricefor me as a serviceprovider, and allthe features andfunctionalities thatmy clients reallyneeded.”Richard WesselNearZero Discovery Presidentand Lead ConsultantGlobal Rules: The eDiscovery service providers did not fully understand theimplementation of the global rules needed to properly facilitate the transferof data (i.e.: GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation, and others).Data Collection: The lawyers and users didn’t understand how to collectthe data in platforms such as Office365 and Google Mail, and the serviceproviders didn’t have enough industry or client-specific knowledge to findthe data that was needed.Culling: A variety of manual tools were being used, but NearZero wanted tostreamline the process for greater efficiency utilizing eDiscovery software.“I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to build something that wouldgive my clients exactly what they needed for eDiscovery without a long waittime or increased cost,” Wessel explained.Wessel understood end-to-end eDiscovery, including culling, tracking, andproject management (services that he was providing). He also understoodprocessing, data management, and review (services that traditionaleDiscovery providers were delivering). “As I worked with other clients, Irealized that the requirements are fairly common across all customers, andthe solution was not to throw more money at the problem,” Wessel said.“What everybody needed was a better technical solution, an end-to-endeDiscovery platform that could be deployed quickly, managed easily, andone that delivered all the key features, including ingestion, processing,advanced search, culling, timeline view, and email search and visualization.The solution had to be robust, scalable, and flexible so that we could startsmall but grow rapidly and without any limitations.”When one of his clients transformed their IT department, Wessel saw abusiness opportunity. “I was already working with them on eDiscovery. Thedramatic cost-cutting measures made me realize that if I could provide thema complete solution with faster and more reliable ECA and processing, Icould serve them better — and I could grow my own practice by bringing innew clients and greater revenue.”That client was also evaluating a number of eDiscovery products, includingClearwell, Disco, iPro, Relativity, Ringtail, and Transperfect. “Value for dollarspent was a big part of the evaluation criteria. Simplicity and ease of use wasnext,” Wessel said. “But trusting your entire eDiscovery to a new vendor isn’tCopyright 2011 2021, Venio Systems.Venio Systems Inc. 4031 University Drive, Suite 100 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 1 (855)-662-8600

easy.” The client asked Wessel for help, which put him in an unenvious role of having to select a tool from a setof incomplete solutions. “Most of the tools I was asked to evaluate were both complex and expensive, and noneof them met the customer’s real requirements of faster and more accurate ECA and processing without addingto the cost.” Wessel said.At this time, Wessel talked to Chris Juerkiewicz, co-founder of Venio Systems. “We were doing everything thatthe eDiscovery platforms did, but we were doing it piecemeal.” Wessel said. “What Venio offered was the onestop shop at a really reasonable price for me as a service provider, and all the features and functionalities thatmy clients really needed.”RESULTSTransformed to Full-Service Provider, Experienced Revenue Growth,and Reduced Costs for Clients“We deployed Venio in May 2017,” Wessel said. “It was up and running in a day, and system-operational just afew days later. We started to handle cases using Venio in about 30 days, and by about 90 days, NearZero hadalready realized value. We had a very large case,one that involved 2TB of data, but using Venio, weprocessed it easily. In less than 12 months, our dataprocessing grew by almost 100%, but Venio scaledeasily. We never had any throughput or scale issues,no matter how much data we processed.”Wessel added that even though his current projectsinvolve several terabytes of data, VenioOne stilldelivers high throughput to meet their clientdeadlines. As one example, he offered a recent casewhere NearZero used VenioOne to process 400 GB ina single day with just a handful of VenioOne workers.“Thanks to the deployment of Venio, NearZero was able to transform from consulting to become a full-servicelegal discovery provider. Our client list grew 6-fold in just a few years, and business grew rapidly, doubling in justtwo years. And, from a cost perspective, because we were able to recover the money we spent on Venio in lessthan a year, we delivered significant savings to our clients.”Culling and Drilling Down, using Email Cluster Views and Timeline“Venio was the only end-to-end eDiscovery solution we were seeking,” Wessel said. “The demo convinced meCopyright 2011 2021, Venio Systems.Venio Systems Inc. 4031 University Drive, Suite 100 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 1 (855)-662-8600

that Venio had the culling capabilities our clients werelooking for, and the social network diagram Veniooffered was very useful for investigations performed byour clients, being able to drill down and find just therelevant email conversations. That really was my bigeye-opener for the technology.”“We found Venio’s timeline feature especially useful,”Wessel said. “Everyone had some sort of filtering, butit was that email analysis, the timeline automaticallybeing there, that really helped. We were working on a large project before Venio, which involved determiningwhich emails were missing in a data set spanning 2004 to 2015. That would have been a costly, time-consumingmanual process in the days before Venio. But right off the bat, when we looked at a piece of media in Venio, wecould go to the email, the analytical side of it, and see the timeline right away.”“As we loaded each mail file into Venio, we could go and do that analysis at more of a flip-of-the-switch typespeed, because that was just part of the platform,” Wessel said.Venio’s robust technology was able to handle all the files for NearZero’s clients, and its scalability could processup to several TBs easily. “We kept growing, almost doubling again in 2019, and Venio kept scaling with noscalability or throughput issues and without adding to the cost of the platform. That gave me more money toinvest in my business.”Looking to the Future“One of the things we hear from our customers is interestin cloud-based solutions,” Wessel said. “We’ve foundVenio’s new eDiscovery SaaS platform, Venio Cloud, tobe an important new step in that direction. Venio Cloudoffers an alternative to having to manage your owneDiscovery software, infrastructure, and licenses. Bybundling all the capabilities of its on-premise softwarein a single cloud-native application, Venio has achievedsomething especially exciting. I’m looking forward to ouralready strong partnership with the Venio team growingwith the introduction of Venio Cloud.”Copyright 2011 2021, Venio Systems.Venio Systems Inc. 4031 University Drive, Suite 100 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 1 (855)-662-8600

About NearZeroNearZero Discovery, a registered trade name of REW Computing Inc., is a Canadian, privately held corporationthat has been providing eDiscovery support services (project management, consulting, forensic and nonforensic data collection, structured data transformation services, and litigation readiness assessments)since 2007 to corporations and clients in the legal services industry. Its goal is to assist clients by providing acentralized project management team and approach focused on their eDiscovery and IT project needs throughits FAST & SECURE approach and methodology.About Venio SystemsVenio Systems is a team of innovators and developers with over 40 years of experience in providing eDiscoverysolutions with unparalleled agility, ease-of-use and scalability. Venio Systems was created to address theindustry’s lack of a complete solution to power every phase of eDiscovery. Venio Cloud eDiscovery SaaS andVenioOne eDiscovery platform, are designed to provide the legal service providers, law firms, corporations andgovernment entities with the ability to manage all phases of discovery — processing, ECA, culling, documentreview and production — in a single cloud platform. Venio Systems remains at the forefront of innovation toprovide solutions any litigator and eDiscovery professional can use. For more information and a demo, visit 2011 2021, Venio Systems.Venio Systems Inc. 4031 University Drive, Suite 100 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 1 (855)-662-8600

That client was also evaluating a number of eDiscovery products, including Clearwell, Disco, iPro, Relativity, Ringtail, and Transperfect. “Value for dollar spent was a big part of the evaluation criteria. Simplicity and ease of use was next,” Wessel said. “But trusting your entire eDis