Tender for “Gas line connection and Gas leak detectors configuration for RIE tool by Indian supplieronly”.This is an RFQ (Request for Quote) for Supply, installation, modification, testing and commissioning of specialtyGas lines from Valve manifold box to tool at NNFC as part of a limited tender for the Centre for Nano Science andEngineering (CeNSE.) at Indian Institute of science (IISc.) Bengaluru.CeNSE is a multidisciplinary research department at IISc that houses a 14,000 sq. ft. cleanroom andcharacterization facility used by 50 faculty members from various disciplines at IISc. CeNSE also runs anationwide program which has allowed 4200 participants from more than 700 universities and institutes all overIndia to use the facilities at CeNSE. Consequently, any utility/facility at CeNSE receives significant exposure toscientific community at IISc and beyond. The vendors are kindly requested to factor in the value of this exposurein to their quotes. Details of existing facilities and INUP program can be gleaned ional Nano Fabrication Center is a 14,000 sq. ft. cleanroom with class 100 and class 1000 where semiconductordevices and fabricated. The facility has the following equipment. Furnaces CVD equipment Sputter equipment Rf generators Electronic circuit boards (PCBs) Wet chemical hoods for concentrated acids and bases use and storage Solvent hoods for organic solvents use and storage Optical and E‐beam lithography Characterization tools etc.Procedure1. Vendors will be required to submit their technical proposal and their commercial proposal in two separatesealed envelopes. Any violation of this will lead to the cancellation of the proposal.2. The deadline for submission of proposals is the 20th October, 2020, 5:30 pm Indian Standard Time. Proposalsshould arrive at the Main office, GF‐20, Centre for Nano Science and Engineering,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India, by the above deadline.3. Vendors will be required to visit the site for actual measurements and routing of SS tubes. For site visit andverification, please contact NNFC office GF‐20 CeNSE., IISc.4. The decision of the purchase committee will be final.5. The technical proposal should contain a compliance table. The first column must list the technical requirementsin the order that they are given in the technical configuration below. The second column should describe yourcompliance in a “Yes” or “No” response. If “yes” the third column should provide the make and type of system.If “No” the fourth column should provide the extent of the deviation (please provide quantitative responses).The fifth column should state the reasons for the deviation. The sixth column can be used for highlighting theadvantages of the system in the third column.6. Please find the reference P&ID layout in Annexure‐1 , Technical requirements in Annexure‐2 and BOM inAnnexure-37. Any additional capabilities or technical details, which you would like to bring to the attention of the purchase.8. Only vendors who are compliant with the technical requirements will be considered for commercial comparison.The bid is awarded to the lowest cost vendors (referred as L1)9. In the commercial bid, please provide an itemized cost of the system and required accessories, such asRegulators, Tubing, Valves, filters, NRVs, gauges etc.,IISc Tender: Gas line connection and Gas leak detectors configuration for RIE tool1/7

10. As an option, please provide itemized cost for any suggested accessories/add‐ons that may enhance theusability, capability, accuracy or reliability of the system. Vendors are encouraged to quote for as many add‐onsas their part/material portfolio permits.11. Please indicate the warranty provided with the part/material. A warrant of 1 year or more is preferred.12. GST @5% for supply of items as per concession available to educational institutions and 18% onTransportation/services.13. Quote should come only from Indian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or their Indian authorizeddistributor14. The quotations should be on FOR-IISc Bangalore basis in INR only.15. The technical proposal must include references of 3 previous installations (preferably semiconductor labs) inIndia. Please provide the names and contact addresses of the referees so that the committee can contact themindependently.16. Any questions can be directed to Dr. Savitha P, GF‐20, Centre for Nano Science and Engineering, Indian Instituteof Science, Bangalore 560012, India. ([email protected])IISc Tender: Gas line connection and Gas leak detectors configuration for RIE tool2/7

Annexure‐ 1IISc Tender: Gas line connection and Gas leak detectors configuration for RIE tool3/7

Annexure‐ 2Technical RequirementsSl. No.ItemDescription1.Application2.Industry typeSpecialty gases for a semiconductor foundry process.Project plans to connect the existing gas distribution network to the new tool.The work will involve cutting into exiting lines and extending them. Ability tomaintain ultra-high purity of the gas lines during this job is crucial and the mostimportant aspect of the order. We cannot tolerate any contamination due tooperator error or inexperience.Semiconductor research laboratory3.TubingSeamless SS-316L electropolished tubes with roughness 10 Ra.4.Valves & Fittings5.Welding work6.Gas line Sticks in VMBand VMP7.General gas line stickoutside VMB at thetool entry point8.Vacuum line Gas stickabove the VMB/Coaxial Pressureswitch9.Gas leak detectors10.Hardware11.Testing & validation12.Installation &commissioning1. Internally electropolished with an internal surface roughness of 10 Ra2. Only metal-to-metal face-seal to be considered from approved makesThe vendor must have at least 10 years of prior experience in SS316L orbitaltube welding. Demonstrated ability to maintain purity needed forsemiconductor works is crucial. Vendors must demonstrate capability byshowcasing prior experience.The Point of use sticks in VMB should contain the following :1. ¼” VCR Connector, 2 Diaphragm valve, Gas Regulator, pressuregauge, Diaphragm valve and ¼” VCR Connector.2. VCR End cap/Blind should be considered for all sticks.3. Refer Annexure 1 for P&IDThe Point of use sticks in VMB should contain the following :1. ¼” VCR Connector, Diaphragm valve, Gas Regulator, pressure gaugeand NRV2. Refer Annexure 1 for P&IDThe Vacuum gas line stick above the VMB/ Coaxial Pressure switch shouldcontain the following:1. ¼” VCR blind/End cap, 2-Diaphragm valve, Co-axial pressure switch (tobe connected to Plc).2. Refer Annexure 1 for P&IDThe GLD should contain the following features and should be integrated to thecurrent GMS SCADA at NNFC.1. Onboard display with healthy, warning and critical lighting2. 0 to 20 mA output for PLC3. Relay output for different level of alarms4. Cartridge of 2 years life.1. Clamps for tubing support2. Unistrut support to be used at standard lengths3. All line must be tagged/labelled for identification1. Pressure hold test at 1.5 times of operating pressure for 24 hours with 0psi pressure drop.2. Helium leak test. Must demonstrate a leak rate of less than 9x10-9mbar.l/s3. Oxygen ( 2 ppm), Moisture ( 2 ppm). Particle (0.1µ 5 ppm) tests1. The Installation should be carried out by trainedtechnicians.IISc Tender: Gas line connection and Gas leak detectors configuration for RIE tool4/7

13.Safety14.Experience2. The installation, testing and documentation procedurefollowed must be compliant to semiconductorstandards.1. The installation technician should follow all site safety terms.2. Mandatary PPE: Safety helmet with face shield,electrically insulated gloves, electrical insulate Safetyshoes.1. The vendor must submit references from at least 3 previousinstallations of coaxial tubing (semiconductor industry only).2. The vendor must have experience of handling BCl3 and Cl2 in the past,and Relevant Proof must be submitted to support the claim.3. The names and contact addresses of the referees must be submittedwith the proposal, so the purchase committee can contact themindependently.IISc Tender: Gas line connection and Gas leak detectors configuration for RIE tool5/7

Annexure- 3Bill of MaterialsSl.No.Unit3Descriptionseamless SS-316L-EP- co-axial tubes of ½” x ¼” with Roughness 10 RaMake : Valex/Swagelok/ Dockweiler¼ inch, seamless SS316L-EP- tubes with Roughness 10 RaMake : Valex/Swagelok/ Dockweiler1/4'' long gland VCRNos.2041/4'' VCR nutNos.2051/4'' VCR GasketNos.4061/4 X 1/2" Terminator1/4" shut-off Diaphragm ValveMax Pressure: 50 barManually operatedMaterial: SS316,Seat : SS or Haste alloyEnd Connection: 1/4" VCR female end.Make : Swagelok/Parker/ Rotarex / Hamlet1/4" VCR End Cap, SS316Make : Swagelok/Parker1/4" Non Return Valve,MOC: SS316,Working Pressure : 206 Bar,Cracking Pressure : 1/3 PSI,End Connection : 1/4" VCR male end.Make: Swagelok/Parker/ Rotarex / Hamlet1/4" Line Pressure RegulatorMOC: SS316, Specially Cleaned,Inlet Pressure: 50Bar,Outlet Pressure: 0 to 10 BarDiaphragm : SS or Haste alloy.Inlet & Outlet Ports 1/4" VCR male end.Make : Swagelok/Parker/ Rotarex / HamletCentre mounted Pressure GaugeWith Tee connector (female VCR end).Pressure range:(0 TO 10 Bar)Make: WIKASS316L , BW Tee with Shoulder and VCR connectorMake : Swagelok/Parker/ Rotarex / HamletSS316L 1/4" Equal Tee VCR Connectors.Make: Swagelok/Parker/ Rotarex / HamletSS316L ½” , ¼” , ½” teeCoaxial sleeveNos.62112789101112131415IISc Tender: Gas line connection and Gas leak detectors configuration for RIE 131Nos.Nos.Nos.3426/7

161718192021Coaxial elbowsCoaxial pressure gauge with switchPressure: 0 to 10 bar absoluteMake: WikaGas Leak detector(GLD)Make: Honeywell(midas )4 core 1 sqmm shelded cableUnistrut with base plates.Supply of labels, Tube Clamps and Supports for PipelineNos.153Nos.4Nos.RmtLotLot100011Note :‐1. Any type of Civil / Structural works such has making of wall openings/closing for the passage of pipes,supports, frame work etc.,will be in vendor/Contractor’s scope.2. Any Work permit/shutdown required for work must be intimated prior 5‐6 days before start of work.Thanking you,Savitha PChief Operating OfficerNational Nano Fabrication Center (NNFC)Center for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE)Indian Institute of Science (IISc)Bengaluru 560012.IISc Tender: Gas line connection and Gas leak detectors configuration for RIE tool7/7

With Tee connector (female VCR end). Pressure range:(0 TO 10 Bar) Make: WIKA Nos. 16 12 SS316L , BW Tee with Shoulder and VCR connector Make : Swagelok/Parker/ Rotarex / Hamlet Nos. 13 13 SS316L 1/4" Equal Tee VCR Connectors. Make: Swagelok/Parker/ Rotarex / Hamlet Nos. 1 14