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UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked QuestionsIntroductionThis document is intended to be a self-servedocument for frequently asked questionsregarding the UPS Developer Kit, and isnot meant to be all-encompassing. Pleaserefer to the UPS Developer Kit communityonline at foradditional questions and an online forum.ContentsIntroduction . iAddress Validation . 1Address Validation Street Level . 1All APIs . 2Quantum View . 4Rating API - Ground Freight . 4Rating API - Package . 5Shipping API - Ground Freight . 7Shipping API - Package. 8Time in Transit API .12Tracking API .13Tracking - Signature Tracking API .15UPS TradeAbility API .15 Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.Introduction

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked QuestionsAddress ValidationWhat countries does the AddressValidation API validate?The Address Validation API validates city,state and ZIP codes in the United Statesand Puerto Rico.How much time will it take toprogram/implement the AddressValidation API?The implementation of the AddressValidation API may vary and is strictlydependent on the skill level of thedeveloper. An implementation may takeas little as a week for a very skilleddeveloper to as long as months for a lessskilled developer.How frequently are the databasesupdated for Address Validation API?The database is updated every month.Does the Address Validation API allowbatch upload?The API does not allow batch upload andonly validates one address at a time aspart of each transaction.Does Address Validation API providea candidate list for addresses thathave suite/apt. information?This API only validates city, state and ZIPcode and does not provide anyinformation for apartment or suite.Does the Address Validation APIclassify addresses?No.Address Validation Street LevelWhat countries’ addresses can bevalidated by the Address ValidationStreet Level API?The Address Validation Street Level APIonly validates street level addresses in theUnited States and Puerto Rico. The APIprovides Residential/CommercialAddress Validationclassification addresses in the UnitedStates and Canada.How frequently are the databasesupdated for Address Validation StreetLevel API?For Classification, information is updatedweekly.For Validation, information is updatedmonthly.Does Address Validation Street LevelAPI offer the ability to batch upload?No.How exactly is Address ValidationStreet Level completed?UPS Address Validation API’s database isupdated at monthly intervals with newaddress information from USPS.Does Address Validation Street LevelAPI provide a candidate list foraddresses that have suite/apt.information?The API does not return candidate lists forsuite or apartment number ranges whenthey are not provided by the customer.How much time will it take toprogram/implement the AddressValidation Street Level API?The implementation of the API may varyand is strictly dependent on the skill levelof the developer. An implementation maytake as little as a week for a very skilleddeveloper to as long as months for a lessskilled developer.Does the Address Validation StreetLevel API classify addresses?The API classifies addresses in both UnitedStates and Canada. The API classifiesaddresses as Residential or Commercial inkeeping with UPS standards.Why do we get back a candidate listof addresses even when the responsehas a Valid Address Indicator?The API returns a candidate list evenwhen there is a Valid Address Indicatorbecause the parameters entered have Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked Questionsmore than one valid match. If the addressthat was entered is returned as part of thecandidate list then that address is validand should be used.Is the Address Validation Street LevelAPI CASS-certified or the data wereceive CASS-certified?UPS address validation is not CASScertified. For customers who do notalready use CASS-certified addressvalidation software, the Address ValidationAPI can be used to help validateaddresses for UPS shipments. UPSdelivers to addresses that are not in theUSPS database (some examples areaddresses that are warehouses that donot accept mail, and areas where theUSPS only provides post office boxdelivery), so an invalid address may stillbe deliverable. Also, a valid address maybe the wrong address, and still require anaddress correction.How is the determination made as towhether or not an address is“ambiguous”?“Ambiguous Address Indicator” is returnedwhen the address validation score for theentire address is below a UPS-specifiedconfidence threshold.Address Validation Score is the average ofdetailed validation score and regionalvalidation score.Detailed Validation Score is calculatedwhen street number, name, suffix,secondary information are validated basedupon USPS feed using proprietary UPSvalidation database.Regional Validation Score is calculatedwhen city, state and postal code arevalidated based upon USPS feed usingproprietary UPS validation database.Example: 2724 S. PECK ROAD 91016Detailed Score:2724 S. PECK ROAD2724 PECK ROADRegional Score:grade Bgrade AAll APIs91016grade CMonrovia CA 91016grade AWhen the two scores were averaged thescore was below the threshold andtherefore the Ambiguous AddressIndicator returned. In this scenario, hadyou removed the “S.” with the sameinformation you provided, the validationscore average would have been highenough and the Valid Address Indicatorreturned. Also, had you provided the cityand state for the regional portion, thenthe score on the regional side would havebeen high enough that when we averagedthe two, the average would have beenraised over the threshold.All APIsIs XML coding knowledge required tointegrate the UPS Developer Kit APIs?The UPS Developer Kit APIs were designedto be implemented by customers with aprior knowledge of XML and otherprogramming language. Integrate requiresthat the XML document must be submittedto our servers via a POST using HTTPS.UPS does not provide coding support.However, Java and other sample codesare supplied in the Developer Kits whichcan help guide application development.Where can I find high-resolutionUPS logos?Customers are not routinely provided UPSlogos and graphics without having adesign/layout submitted to UPS BrandManagement for approval. Customersshould visit the UPS Brand website todownload a limited set of sample imagesfor layout. The website also outlines theprocess of how to secure an approval touse these assets.What does XPCI mean and whatversion should be used in theDeveloper Kit APIs?XPCI stands for XML Package CarrierInterface (XPCI) and defines a vocabularyand structure for describing packages,shipments, and the activity details for Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked Questionspackage carriers and their customers.XPCI is a set of DTDs that defines theterminology, transaction enveloping, andXML message definitions. For a client tobe XPCI-compliant, the client mustgenerate a well-formed XML message thatvalidates against the XPCI DTDs.Several DTDs, organized into threecategories, define XPCI: Vocabulary: this DTD defines thebasic business vocabulary of XPCI.All tags used in a message aredefined in this DTD. Interchange: this DTD defines thetransaction-enveloping scheme.Every message includestransaction information. Message: each message has anassociated DTD that defines thevocabulary of the message.The version and date pertains to versionof the API. However the APIs were notversioned so they currently do not carrysignificance. UPS will utilize theseelements in the event the Developer KitAPIs are versioned.How do I get technical support for theAPIs at to Under the Support tab,select Technology Support. Under Toolsand Resources click on DeveloperResource Center. If your questions arenot answered on this page, then click onemail UPS.Are there any designated systemdown times for the Developer APIs?The overall reserved downtime for UPSservers is Saturday 10:00 p.m. ETthrough Sunday 12:00 p.m. ET. However,the window may be shortened to two 15minute intervals with one starting at 11p.m. and the other occurring sometimebetween 1 and 3 a.m. ET Sunday morningfor most weekends. Typically traffic ishandled in such a way that there is verylittle impact to customers, and any impactwhich does occur does so during the small15-minute intervals. This entire time isreserved for maintenance and UPSAll APIsinforms customers of the possibility ofexperiencing issues throughout the timeperiod. Sunday maintenance includesaccount-based rates and UPS Freight .Are the Web Services versions of theAPIs ASMX-based?No. All Web Services are XML-based.What does the message: “XMLdocument is well formed but thedocument is not valid” mean?This error message is generally returnedwhen an element in the XML request doesnot follow the requirement defined withinthe Schema of that API’s developer guide.When the API returns this error it alsoindicates the invalid field in the“ErrorLocationElementName” element inthe XML response. Ensure the XMLrequest is being sent to the correct URL.The URL can be found in the DeveloperGuide for each API.Is phone support provided for theUPS Developer Kit - Developer APIs?If so, what is the number and whatare the hours of operation?Phone support is provided for very basicAPI questions. Questions that cannot beanswered verbally will be directed to theemail support form at Please goto the Developer Resource Center for more information.Are there any examples of APIimplementations to understand howto integrate the APIs?Please refer to various ups.comapplications as examples of how the APIsmay be implemented for each function.For example, calculate Time and Costapplication depicts how Rating and Time inTransit APIs can be used together;Tracking on is an example of howthe Tracking API may be integrated.Do the APIs support PHP or Perl withcode sample within the DeveloperGuides or the Developer Kit zip files?All available sample codes can be found inthe Developer Kit of each API. Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked QuestionsWithin what countries are theDeveloper APIs available?The Developer APIs are available in thecountries listed on and vary byeach API and by country under the UPSDeveloper Kit. Click on any particular APIto go to the API page and scroll to thebottom of the page to get the countrylisting for that particular API.Can Japanese Kanji characters berecognized by UPS Developer APIs?No.What APIs are available for AddressValidation at UPS and how do theydiffer?Address Validation (AV) API: This API isavailable within the UPS Developer Kit Developer APIs section of Ituses the USPS address database.Address Validation Street Level API(AVSL): This API is available within theUPS Developer Kit - Developer APIs. Thebackend uses the Trillium algorithms anddatabase. Therefore, AVSL can only beused for the purposes of shipping.Which APIs provide addressclassification?Shipping, Rating, and Address ValidationStreet Level provide address classification(residential/commercial). Time in Transitand Address Validation do not provideclassification.Quantum View Does the Quantum View API storedata for the same time period asQuantum View Manage ? How manydays does it store for 45 days?Visibility time spans are based on manifestscans:Small PackageForward Shipments – 45 daysReturn Shipments – 120 daysShipments with exceptions – 120 daysQuantum View Inbound View – 52 days (45 previous daysplus 7 future days)FreightShipments – 120 daysInbound Freight View – 127 days (120previous days plus 7 future days)Imports – 365 days, but only in 45 dayincrementsHow long does it take PLD data forshipments from the Shipping API Package to be populated intoQuantum View API?The numbers below represent theQuantum View Manage/QVD timeliness ofmanifest information (in minutes).Note: they are averages across PLDcompliant shipping solutions.Billing Manifest Received can rangeapproximately from 30 minutes up to 2.5hours. The average is approximately 1hour.Rating API - Ground FreightIs the Fuel Surcharge listed as aseparate line item in the response forthe Rating API - Ground Freight?Yes. The fuel surcharge is listed as aseparate line item within the response forGround Freight shipmentsIs Time in Transit available throughthe Rating - Ground Freight API?Yes. Request must include the“TimeInTransitIndicator”. Presence of thetag indicates Time in Transit (days intransit) information is requested and willbe returned if available (ground freightonly. Please note the days do not takeinto account weekends, holidays or nonwork days.How can I add locations to acontract? Do I need to work throughmy UPS Freight Account Manager?Yes. Please contact our Freight salesrepresentative to ensure accounts andlocations are added to the UPS Freight LTL Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked Questionsnegotiated rates. For more information,visit UPS Freight.Can I use any combination oforigin/destination postal codes toreceive ABR with Rating - GroundFreight API?Rating API - Ground Freight does notbehave like the Rating API - Package. Inorder to see negotiated rates for freight,the origin postal code must match thepostal code on file with UPS Freight. Whenthe correct origin postal code is not usedthe response will not include the correctrates.Rating API - PackageDoes the Rating API support AccountBased Rating (ABR), Negotiated Ratesor incented rates?ABR, Negotiated Rates and incented ratesare all the same. The Rating API (allversions) support ABR.How does Rating API use addressvalidation capability?No address validation is performed by theAPI, however, postal code validation isperformed.Does the Rating API - Packageinclude fuel surcharge?Yes. However, fuel surcharge is notbroken out separately and is returned withother charges.Is Extended Area Surcharge includedwithin the rating response?The Extended Area Surcharge (EAS) willbe included with the transportationcharges. Additionally, if EAS applies for ashipment then a warning is returned inthe response stating this charge has beenadded.How do I get access to negotiatedPackage rates?Contact your Account Representative toobtain negotiated rates through the UPSDeveloper Kit - Developer APIs.Rating API - PackageDoes UPS Rating API display the timeof day delivery to rural areas? Forexample: UPS Next Day Air Saver residential and UPS Next Day AirSaver commercial scheduled deliverytime in a rural area, etc.?Yes. There is a scheduled delivery timewithin the response message.Does the Rating API - Packagesupport Time in Transit?No.Will the Rating API - Package allow acustomer to know if Saturday deliveryis available if they are shipping on aThursday?Since Saturday delivery is an accessorial,an indication must be included in theRating API request. If it is available thenthe response will specify that the deliverywill be on Saturday. The Rating API doesnot specify guaranteed delivery times.Does the Rating API - Packagesupport both International and U.S.Domestic shipments?Yes.Does the Rating API - Packagesupport international extended areasurcharges?Yes.Does the Rating API supportinternational rates?Yes. As long as the shipper number isfrom the origin country the requests willbe validated.What accessorial does the Rating APIsupport?Please see the Rating API - PackageDeveloper Guide for a list of supportedaccessorials.Does the Rating API - Packagesupport Delivery Area Surcharge?Yes. However, it is included within thetotal transportation charge in the rateresponse. Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the maximum number ofpackages that can be rated throughthe Rating API - Package?When using the “Rate” function there is amaximum of 200 package containersallowed in each API request. One packagecontainer contains the information for oneindividual package. In addition, whenusing the “Shop” function there is amaximum of 50 package containersallowed in each API request.What is the difference between a“Rate” request versus a “Shop”request using the Rating API Package?A “Rate” request returns the rate for asingle service for each package, while a“Shop” request returns the rates for allservices available between a givenorigin/destination pair for each package.Are the rates that a customer gets viathe Rating API - Package the same asthe rates they receive at The UPSStore locations or UPS CustomerCenters?The Rating API - Package allows ability tospecify a Customer Classification Codethat determines the Rate returned. Pleaserefer to the Developer Guide for moreinformation.Can Rating API provide bothpublished and negotiated rates withinthe same response?Yes. Both published and negotiated ratesare returned in one rates response if anaccount has ABR activated and the“NegotiatedRatesIndicator” is included inthe request.In what monetary denominations arethe rates returned by the Rating API?A list of currencies and currency codes areavailable in the Rating API DeveloperGuide in the appendices. For publishedrates the currency returned is based onthe country of origin. For negotiated ratesthe currency returned is based on thecountry of the account number. Forexample, when rating a shipment from theUnited States to Canada with a CanadianRating API - Packageaccount number, the published rate will bein USD but the negotiated rates will bereturned in Canadian dollars (CAD).Does Rating API support ReturnServices?Rating API supports Return Services onlyfor all services.Does Rating API automaticallyvalidate Residential versusCommercial addresses?If the residential indicator is included inthe rate request then the shipment will beclassified as residential. There is a secondvalidation done and if the address iscommercial then the classification will bechanged and the customer is notified ofthis in the rate response.Does Rating API support AccountBased Rating (ABR)?Yes, Rating API does support ABR.Does Rating API support UPSHundredweight Service contracts?Yes, Rating API does support UPSHundredweight Service tiered contracts.There is no indicator to include in the raterequest. ABR will provide contract ratesbased off of the tier associated with theUPS account number. UPS accountnumber must be included in the raterequest.Does Rating API support UPS Groundwith Freight Pricing (GFP)?ONLY Rating API - Package Web Serviceversion supports UPS Ground with FreightPricing.Does Rating API - Package supportfull UPS Freight LTL or UPS air freightservices?No, Rating API - Package does not supportany ground freight service.Can you ship and/or print labels viathe Rating API - Package?No, shipping is not available in the RatingAPI - Package. Neither, Rating APIversions (XML or Web Service) supportlabeling. Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked QuestionsIs there a comparison available forthe differences between the XMLRating and Time in Transit APIs?Yes. Tracking and Rating are the onlyHTML APIs available today. Please askyour Sales personnel to obtain thecomparison for you.Why does Rating API, Time in TransitAPI and Calculate Time and Cost provide different results?The Time in Transit API uses logic in itscalculations and will suppress moreexpensive services if they will not deliverthe shipment any quicker than thoseshown in the Rating API. There is a rulethat states if ground service is as fast asor faster than an air service, i.e., UPS 2ndDay Air , then that air service will besuppressed in the Time in Transit APIresponse.While the unlisted service is still a validshipping option, the customer could savemoney choosing from the listed services.Does the Rating API - Packagesupport time in transit results?No.Shipping API - Ground FreightWhat is the maximum shipmentweight for UPS Freight LTL?Only less than truckload is allowed via theGround Freight APIs. Any weight 10,000lbs. to 19,999 lbs. is considered atruckload move. Any weight 20,000 lbs.and above will not return a rate onshipments. Instead, the user gets thefollowing message: “Rate a Shipment isnot available for this shipment. Please callCustomer Service at 1-800-333-7400 forassistance with this rate.”Are there any rate structures that arenot allowable for UPS Freight LTL?No.Is Time in Transit available throughShipping - Ground Freight API?Yes. Request must include the“TimeInTransitIndicator”; Presence of theShipping API - Ground Freighttag indicates Time in Transit (days intransit) information is requested and willbe returned if available. Ground FreightOnly. Please note the days does not takeinto account Weekends, Holidays or nonwork days.If a customer wishes to add locationsto a contract do they need to workthrough their UPS Freight SalesManager or their SalesRepresentative?Yes. Customers need to contact their salesrepresentative to ensure the accounts areadded to their UPS Freight LTL negotiatedrates. Please reference the UPS Freightwebsite.What is the minimum weight limit forUPS Freight LTL shipments?The minimum weight is 1 lb. for shippingUPS Freight LTL via the UPS Freight LTLShipping API Web Service.What are the valid origin countries forUPS Freight LTL?Origin countries available match thoseavailable through UPS Freight LTLincluding the United States, Puerto Rico,Canada, and Mexico.How do I get access to UPS FreightLTL negotiated rates?Origin countries available match thoseavailable through UPS Freight LTLincluding the United States, Puerto Rico,Canada, and Mexico.How is the Bill of Lading (BOL)formatted within the UPS Freight LTLShipping API response?The BOL data is returned within the UPSFreight LTL Shipping API response for thecustomer’s use.Within the Shipping API – UPS Freight LTLDeveloper Guide, the Bill of Ladingdocument is returned in the response as abase64 encoded string which, whendecoded and saved, is a .pdf documentready to print. Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes the Shipping API – UPS FreightLTL also support Air Freight?No.Shipping API - PackageDoes UPS or the Shipping API supportdouble-byte characters for entry ofaddress fields and other fields?No. UPS backend systems nor shippingsystems including the Shipping API do notsupport double-byte (Unicode, UTF 8)characters. Only Latin characters can beentered and submitted.How does the Shipping API utilizeaddress validation?Shipping API performs regional validationof the city, state, and postal code when“validate” is specified in the“RequestOption” element. If “nonvalidate”is specified then address validation is notperformed.How do I associate more than 99account numbers for use with theShipping API?The Shipping API requires that theaccount (shipper) number and User IDused in the XML request are associatedwithin the My UPS Account summary ofthe User ID. Account Summary is limitedto 99 accounts. If you need more than 99please contact your UPS AccountRepresentative for assistance.What is the delay in activating a newor modified account for AccountBased Rates (ABR) for Rating orShipping APIs?New Contracts or Plans: Performance-tiered incentives willnot be available until Monday ofthe second effective week of a newcontract. The first week’s volumecalculation is needed after billingcycle is completed.Shipping API - Package ABR will reflect basic andperformance-tiered incentiveswithin 24 hours after the contractis re-started.Change to Rolling Average (for example,from 52 weeks to 13 weeks): ABR will not reflect performancetiered incentives until Monday ofthe second effective week of a newcontract.Addition of New Services to ExistingContracts: The new services on a contract willfollow the time frame describedabove for new contracts. Existing services on the contractwill not be impacted and thereforeABR will not be impacted.Addition of New Accounts to ExistingContracts: ABR will reflect all incentives fromthe newly attached contract thefollowing Monday. Accounts that were already on theexisting contract are not impactedby the addition of new accounts.New ABR Customers: For new ABR customers or a newaccount with an existing ABRcustomer, only basic incentives willbe returned during week one andall incentives at the start of weektwo. Depending on the businessprocesses that will use ABR, it issuggested to wait until week two tostart using the ABR rates.Existing ABR Customers: Basic incentives are available thefirst effective week.Re-started Contracts: Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.For existing ABR customers, newservices added to an existingcontract will have the same delaysas described above for a newcontract, but that existing serviceson the contract would continuerating with ABR uninterrupted.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I turn off validation ofaddresses with the Shipping API?The value within the “ShipmentRequest/Request/RequestOption” tag of therequest needs to be “nonvalidate”.What validation is the Shipping APIusing to validate addresses for U.S.and International addresses?Shipping API does not do ANY addressvalidation at the street level only regionalvalidation; city, state, country (postalcode optional).How do I add a UPS account to MyUPS ID account summary?As a means of securing customerinformation, when adding an account tothe My UPS profile, customers arerequired to authenticate their account byproviding the following information: fromone of the most recent invoices within thelast 90 days: Invoice number Invoice amount Invoice date Control IDThe Control ID located just below theshipper number on the invoice.How do I get access to negotiatedPackage rates?Contact a UPS Account Representative toobtain negotiated rates for use within theShipping API.Does the Shipping API support theDry Ice indicator?Yes, the Shipping API will support Dry Ice.Dry Ice is not supported with any otherHazmat materials in the shipment andmust meet additional requirements.Please refer to for moreinformation.Does the Shipping API supportinternational returns and returns ininternational countries?Shipping API - PackageYes. Shipping API supports internationalreturns and returns in countries where theAPI is supported.For the print return label option, isthere an option to reprint the returnlabel?There is no option to reprint Print ReturnLabels using the Shipping API today.Reprint is only possible for ElectronicReturn Label. Print Return Labels must besaved locally to allow reprint.Is UPS Delivery Intercept serviceavailable through the Shipping API?No.Is Shipper Release available with theShipping API?Yes.Is there a URL ONLY capability forreturns within the Shipping API?No.Can a Return be voided? If yes, whatis the cutoff timing to void a return?A customer can void a Return shipment upto 2 a.m./3 a.m. the following night (e.g.,Monday request, Tuesday 2 a.m./3 a.m.void cutoff). This is based on when thebatch process starts sending RS1/RS3labels to the centers. After the cutoff, thecustomer will not be able to void, and theUPS agent is also not able to void. If thevoid is completed by the cutoff time thenthe customer will not be charged.Does the Shipping API - Packagereturn rural and super rural charges?Yes, the Shipping API will return rural andsuper rural charges but these charges arepart of the transportation charges.Can the Shipping API - Packagegenerate a Code 128 referencenumber barcode below the 1Z? Can itgenerate a PDF417 Reference numberbarcode below the 1Z?Yes. A Code 128 reference numberbarcode can be generated below the 1Ztracking number, as the Shipping API canprint a barcode in reference field 1. The Copyright 2015, United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

UPS Developer Kit Frequently Asked QuestionsShipping API - Package does not supportPDF417 barcode types.Does the Shipping API - Packagesupport currency conversions?No. The Shipping API - Package does notsupport currency conversions.Will the Shipping API providevalidation for Japanese addresseswith City and Country and no ZIPcode?No, the postal code must be included forvalidation.How does a customer include thesuite/apt. no. within “From” addresson the label returned for the ShippingAPI - Package?The customer needs to include thesuite/apt # in address lines two or threewithin the request.How does the Shipping API - Packagework with High Values? Does thepaperwork come back as a GIF imageand get printed on a thermal printer?Or, does the customer need toproduce this themselves?The High Value Report is returned in fourformats outlined within the Shipping API Package portion of the Developer Guide.The customer is required to successfullyproduce a High Value Report as a GIFimage in the certification process. Thatinformation is also within the DeveloperGuide.Can a Pickup be requested throughthe Shipping API - Package?For customers implementing the ShippingAPI - Package after January 2010, thePick-up request functionality will not beavailable. The customer must request thePickup API - Package. For customers whoimplemented the Shipping API - Packageprior to January

Tracking on is an example of how the Tracking API may be integrated. Do the APIs support PHP or Perl with code sample within the Developer Guides or the Developer Kit zip files? All available sa