ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS10/29/2020Controlled DocumentPlease use online version for most up todate requirements.

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSPart 1: General Information.6Purpose, Application, and Expense Offset Policy . 6Disputes . 6Part 2: Bill of Lading Requirements.7All shipments to Family Dollar require a Bill of Lading (BOL) . 7Bill of Lading (BOL) and Supplemental BOL Examples with Product Expiration Dates . 9Part 3: Transportation .14Collect and Prepaid to Consolidator Contact Information . 14Collect and Prepaid to Consolidator Purchase Orders . 14Understanding Family Dollar PO Dates—Collect Supplier and Prepaid Consolidator . 14Understanding Dates on Collect Purchase Orders . 14Routing & Release Procedures. 15Creating Purchase Orders Releases in the CVP: . 15Direct Store Delivery (DSD) shipments: . 17Prepaid Suppliers . 17Understanding Family Dollar Purchase Order Dates—Prepaid Supplier . 17Prepaid Supplier Instructions . 18Prepaid Supplier Carrier Instructions . 18Setting Delivery Appointments-Prepaid Only . 19DC Hours and Contact Information . 20Shipping on Pallets . 21Pallet Tags (Labels) Recommendation – For Full Pallet Shipments . 23Pallet Configurations . 24Pallet Sheet Recommendations . 25Transportation Non-Compliance Charges . 26Part 4: Required Distribution Center Operations .27Distribution Center Carton Marking Requirements . 28Receiving Requirements . 28Distribution Noncompliance Charges . 29RSPI document2

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSPart 5: Required Corporate Policies .30Family Dollar Freshness Policy . 30Private Brands Packaging Commitment . 31Part 6: Carton Marking Requirements .32Additional Carton Marking Information . 32Source and Season Specific Marking Requirements . 33Carton Marking Glossary . 34Key Carton Marking Components . 34Master Carton with Inners . 35Master Carton with NO Inners . 35Other exceptions to carton labeling requirements . 36MERCHANT DIRECTED LABELS . 36SEASONAL LABEL COLORS . 37SEASONAL CARTON LABELS . 38NON SEASONAL Carton Labels . 38IMPORT SEASONAL CARTON MARKING LAYOUTS . 39DOMESTIC SEASONAL CARTON MARKING LAYOUTS . 40IMPORT NON-SEASONAL CARTON MARKING LAYOUTS . 41DOMESTIC NON-SEASONAL CARTON MARKING LAYOUTS . 42DEPARTMENT ICONS . 42PRINT DETAILS LABEL . 43Clip Strip, Impulse Lane, and Power Panel Carton Labels . 44INNER CARTON MARKINGS - Shippable . 45INNER CARTON MARKINGS – NON-Shippable . 46Cartons with Inners Recommendations . 47Part 7: Distribution Packaging Requirements .48Shipping Carton Strength Requirements . 48Display Shipping Carton Requirements . 49Approved Shipping Carton Styles . 49Tear Away Carton Design Styles . 50Carton/ Carton Shippable Inner Taping . 51RSPI document3

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSInner Packaging Requirements . 51Clip Strip Program Requirements . 52Floor Ready Apparel Requirements: . 53Nominated Packaging Suppliers for Apparel Brands . 53Hanger Styles and Suppliers. 54Additional Approved Packaging Suppliers. 55Plastic/Poly Bag Over-packaging and Garment Bag Requirements. 56Fragile Packaging Recommendations . 57Part 8: Display Construction .58Display Corrugated Strength Requirements. 58Shelf Display Dimensions . 58Stadium Style Displays . 58Stadium Tray Design Style (*NEW*) . 59Locked Back Stadium Style . 59Pegged Stadium Style PDQ’s (angled sides) . 60Pegged Shadow Box (Straight Tray Style) . 60Display Section Dividers . 61Straight Trays . 61Straight Tray with Half Front Lip . 62Straight Tray with No Front Lip . 62Straight Tray with No Front Lip – Clear poly panel . 62Double Angle PDQ Tray . 63Straight Tuck Box with Foam Insert . 63Tall Wall Displays . 64Stadium Style Tall Wall PDQ Tray. 65Display Front Lip Graphics . 65Spinner Rack PDQ’s – Accessories . 66Footwear PDQ’s. 67Shipping Dividers and Fillers. 68False Bottoms . 68Product Orientation . 69Display Bottoms. 69RSPI document4

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSPower Panel Displays . 70Calendars and Planners . 71Floor Display Labeling . 72Giftable Products Easy Peel Labels . 73Hanging Blister Cards and Carded Product . 73Hanging Card Design . 74Hanging Packaging for products with multiple styles/colors . 75Hanging Pouches or Bags . 75Plastic Hook Hanger . 75END OF WRITTEN DOCUMENT . 75RSPI document5

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSPart 1: General InformationPurpose, Application, and Expense Offset PolicyPURPOSEFamily Dollar has made a significant investment in efficient supply chain operations which depends on it’ssuppliers to follow the policies outlined in this guide to be successful. This guide describes Family Dollar’srequirements and standards in considerable detail, explains the importance of compliance with eachrequirement, and provides instructions for providing assistance.APPLIES TOAll Family Dollar Suppliers, Shippers, Consignees; Family Dollar Transportation Department, andDistribution Centers.DOES NOT APPLY TOAll Family Dollar and Tar Heel Trading direct import orders. Direct Import Suppliers should reference theTar Heel Trading Import Guidelines for routing, shipping, and packaging instructions. Suppliers that haveregistered with Yusen, may access the necessary documents in the Useful Information tab within eBookingmodule or may visit the International Transportation section of the Family Dollar website.EXPENSE OFFSET POLICYIn order to facilitate shipping, handling, and receiving activities supplier compliance guidelines have beenestablished, which is outlined in the following pages. Given that non-compliance causes disruption tooperations with additional expense, Family Dollar has an expense offset policy intended to recover costsassociated with non-compliance which can be assessed as an invoice deduction against unpaid purchaseorders. Suppliers non-compliance will constitute suppliers acceptance that supplier will pay the cost. Feesassociated with non-compliance are detailed in this guide, which are subject to change as posted from this document. The supplier is responsible for collecting reimbursement forany costs associated to a subcontracted carrier issue other than Family Dollar Transportation Services as aresult of non-compliance.DisputesChargeback PhilosophyChargebacks are designed to provide incentive toward compliance with Family Dollar policies and ourpolicies are designed to eliminate waste from our supply chain. Chargebacks, therefore, should focus onthose activities and requirements that add waste to our supply chain. It is important to understand thatwaste could be realized at the point of exchange (e.g., bad pallets at the point of receipt) or can be seen aspotential waste at some post-exchange / downstream process (e.g., missing key information on the BOLresulting in lost time during research).RSPI document6

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSInitial ActionAll disputes on chargebacks should be addressed directly to the Distribution Center generating thechargeback. Direct contact information is provided on each chargeback letter sent to oursuppliers/shippers. Generally this is in the form of name, e-mail and possibly phone number.Appeal ProcedureAny disputes on chargebacks filed against a supplier/shipper that cannot be resolved at the DC-level mustbe addressed in writing within six months of the chargeback date. Any chargeback not questioned withinsix months will stand as filed with no further review. Address appeals to:Chargeback Supplier RelationsAccounts Payable500 Volvo ParkwayChesapeake, VA 23320Part 2: Bill of Lading RequirementsAll shipments to Family Dollar require a Bill of Lading (BOL)1. All bills of lading must contain the following information:a. The Family Dollar Purchase Order Number.b. Family Dollar SKU, Carton Count by SKU, and if appropriate expiration date(s) (appropriatemeans any product that has an expiration date or best if used by date on the product label). Note:information may be incorporated into the bill of lading or appended to the BOL as a supplementto the bill of lading or packing list. See examples provided at the end of this section. Separateline item detail is required with case counts for each date/item/pallet provided. Multiple datesper item are accepted as long as they are on different pallets.c. Shipper’s name, ship point, street address, city, state, zip code and telephone number.d. Consignee’s name, street address, city, state, and zip code.e. Collect or Prepaid to Consolidator Suppliers must note the Transportation Management System(TMS) “Ship id number.” (SID)f. Prepaid suppliers must note the Appointment date, time and confirmation numbers must showon the carrier’s delivery bill.g. Accurate Family Dollar description of items being shipped including the item and classificationcode according to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC).h. Collect Suppliers must note the Family Dollar Shipment ID provided on the Vendor TenderNotification (VTN).i.Total weight, cube, carton, and pallet count.j.All bills of lading must have a unique, unrepeated, bill of lading number.k. Bill of lading date (ship date).l.Mark Freight terms: Collect – C, Prepaid – P, or Prepaid to Consolidator - PCRSPI document7

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSm. Carrier name and trailer number.n. Seal Number attested to by Shipper and Driver signatures.o. Driver’s appointment date/time, arrive & departure time/date, printed name & signature, andcarton or pallet count verification.p. Give shipment documents to driver for all full truckloads.q. LTL documents should be attached and marked clearly on the freight. Give one master bill oflading to the driver.2. If the product to be shipped is not prepared and ready to load at the time of the carrier’s scheduled pickup,any resulting charges for delay billed to Family Dollar Stores by the carrier will be charged against theshipper.3. If mode is Truckload or Intermodal, the carrier will contact you 48 hours in advance to schedule pickup.4. If instructed to ship via LTL – the carrier noted on the Vendor tender notification will reach out toschedule a pickup. In the event the carrier has not 2 days prior to the orders’ cancel date, the suppliershould contact the carrier.5. If notified that PO’s are part of a multi-stop shipment on the VTN, it is the responsibility of thesupplier to load freight high and tight on the carriers’ trailer to ensure sufficient empty trailer space forremaining pickups.6. During the loading process suppliers will be given 2 hours of free time. Detention will begin accruingafter those 2 free hours have expired regardless of load type.7. If requested by TMS to ship via Avrio Logistics, formally AMSTAR -- All shipments from New Jerseyand New York metro must be shipped prepaid to the consolidator. Family Dollar’s Consolidator is AvrioLogistics – 549 Mill Road, Edison, NJ 08837. The telephone number is 800-935-6320 ext. 205. You mustcall Avrio Logistics 24 hours prior to delivery or to schedule a pickup.8. Avrio Logistics will not accept your shipment without the Family Dollar Shipment ID number.Note: This includes overflows and back orders.RSPI document8

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSBill of Lading (BOL) and Supplemental BOL Examples with Product Expiration DatesLTL Bill of Lading (BOL) – lists freight class NMFC item numberRSPI document9





ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSPart 3: TransportationCollect and Prepaid to Consolidator Contact InformationIf you are a NEW, Collect or Prepaid to Consolidator Supplier Family Dollar has contracted to assist you inthe transportation of your orders and will not need to contact the distribution centers directly. You will needan approved PO# to be set up. Once you have this, please contact TMS Customer Service to setup yourshipping information and request a user ID and password to use the CVP. A USER ID is required to accessthe CVP. You can contact TMS Customer Service at:[email protected] and Prepaid to Consolidator Purchase OrdersAny cartons shipped in error to the wrong DC will result in a chargeback to the supplier/shipper forhandling and transportation charges in accordance with Transportation Noncompliance Charges section.Understanding Family Dollar Purchase Order Dates—Collect Supplier and Prepaid ConsolidatorCollect Supplier: Family Dollar arranges shipment and pays all freight charges. Supplier releases all freightin TMS-Transportation Management System (OTM) and receives Tender Notifications on how product willbe shipped.Prepaid to Consolidator: Supplier releases freight in TMS -Transportation Management System (OTM)and receives Tender Notifications to ship product prepaid to consolidator. Family Dollar then arrangesshipment from the consolidator and pays freight charges to deliver goods to the appropriate distributioncenter from the consolidator.Understanding Dates on Collect Purchase Orders:Hard Copy PODo Not Ship BeforeCancel If NotShipped ByEDI PODefinition of DateCode 037This date represents supplier’s expected ship date.Ship Not Before Product should be available for pickup or shipment on or before this date. In addition,Family Dollar expects product to be released in TMS (OTM) at a minimum of 7 daysprior to the date the product will be available for pickup or shipment.In the event supplier does not have product available for pickup or shipment on the “DoCode 038Ship No Later Not Ship Before” date, supplier may release product in TMS (OTM) for pickup orshipment up to 48 hours prior to the ship date. Product available for pickup or shipmentpast this date requires Buyer approval and is subject to cancellation.In addition, product will be considered late.N/ACode 017EstimatedDeliveryN/ACode 061Cancel If NotDelivered ByThis date has no relevance for Collect and Prepaid to Consolidator suppliers.If product is shipped on time, the receipt should occur closeto this date after distribution center processing.Product cannot be released in the TMS (OTM) for routing five days prior to this date.Example: If the “Cancel If Not Delivered By” date on the Purchase Order is the 25 th,product cannot be released after the 19th. The Family Dollar Buyer will have to benotified to extend the Purchase Order dates. Orders shipped late are subject tocancellation or other penalties.RSPI document14

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONSRouting & Release ProceduresRelease Procedure1. Suppliers shipping Collect or Prepaid to the Consolidator Purchase Orders must enter shipment data intoFamily Dollar’s Transportation Management System (TMS) no less than 48 hours prior to productavailability. Prepaid suppliers will also be required to input their orders into the CVP. All orders must beready to ship complete by the “Cancel if not shipped by” date. Failure to meet the expectations listedherein may result in noncompliance charges.2. Failure to utilize the Family Dollar Transportation Management System in routing Collect or Prepaid toConsolidator Purchase Orders will result in full freight chargeback in addition to administrative expenses.To access CVP – Direct link: https://cvp.dollartree.com3. If you are a NEW Supplier – You will need an approved PO# to be set up. Please contact TMS CustomerService to setup your shipping information and request a user ID and password to use the TMS System,and can take up to 48 hours to obtain. A USER ID is required to access the TMS System. You cancontact TMS Customer Service at [email protected] If you are an existing Supplier – Please read the Family Dollar Supplier CVP (Custom Vendor Portal)Web Interface instructions before entering data into the system. You can download the instructions inthe TMS link. Direct Link: Purchase Orders Releases in the CVP:When you are ready to enter your PO Information, please access via theinternet. User ID and Password assigned by Family Dollar are required. A supplier shipping bothprepaid and collect will have a different User ID for POs associated with prepaid supplier numbers andthose written to collect supplier numbersThe following information must be provided when releasing freight for collect or prepaid toconsolidator loads in the Transportation Management System:1.CAP locks are not required for entering data.2.Enter your User Name and Password. (password is case sensitive)3.Click Ok.4.Your location will need to be set up. In order to do so, click on new location. This will present ascreen with several boxes outlined in green. Each field will need to be filled out. Once all therequired information is entered, click on the button labeled validate.RSPI document15

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS5.After selecting validate, a screen will pop up asking you to confirm the address. Select the correctaddress. This field is powered by Google Maps. If your address is not valid on Google Maps,it will not appear.6.Once you have selected the correct address, you will be taken back to the previous screen. It willnow show you 3 boxes asking for contact information. Populate that information and clickFinished. (In order to find a location, click on the button titled find location. You may edit theinformation in this screen.)7.To release a Purchase Order, click on Find Purchase Order. Input the PO and click Find. The nextscreen will show you that PO. Select it. A screen will then show up asking for the releaseinformation. Input all data and select the Recalc ShipUnits button. All releases must be in thequantity of pieces equal to a carton. (Ex. There are 10 blow pops per carton and you areshipping 10 cartons. You will need to release 100 pieces in the ship quantity field.)8.Select your load method (pallets, slip sheet, floor loaded). Input the quantities and select finished.9.You will receive a message that you have successfully created the order release. If you receive anerror, call the Family Dollar Customer Service Center at 704-847-6961 – Option 8.10. To input information for another order release, click the Home Icon on the left to start again.11. A. For collect suppliers, when a carrier has been assigned to your shipment, you will receive an e-mail Vendor Tender Notification (VTN) from the OTM system along with a shipment ID number(SID). You will also receive a BOL for your use. If you use your own BOL, the Shipment IDnumber and Purchase order number(s) must be printed on one master Bill of Lading. This includesLTL tenders. Creating one PO per Bill of Lading instead of listing them all on the Master Bill ofLading will result in labor recovery charge backs.B. Prepaid suppliers will receive an email with the shipment ID. Please note: this shipment ID,not the PO, will be needed to make your delivery appointmentRouting for Collect Suppliers12. Supplier’s must ship the purchase order or purchase orders as noted on the VTN. If multiple PO’sare listed, all should ship together on the same truck in the quantities previously released by theSupplier. Do not ship additional product that has not been released within OTM. Suppliers whoship cartons, weight, and/or cube not previously released will be subject to incremental freightcharges.13. Please notify Family Dollar immediately of any over-flows (product that does not fit on the trailer)that occur once the carrier has picked up.14. All purchase orders that are entered for routing after the cancel date will have to be approved bythe buyer before they can be routed. A late purchase order is subject to cancellation by the buyer,or chargeback of the freight costs for any additional expense incurred to expedite the freight tothe DC.RSPI document16

ROUTING, SHIPPING AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS15. All suppliers are required to load the merchandise on the carrier’s trailers. Failure to comply willresult in chargebacks to the supplier. Chargebacks will be assessed in the amounts of: 100.00 for up to 500 cartons 150.00 for 501 to 700 cartons 200.00 for 701 to 1000 cartons 50.00 increments for every 200 cartons thereafter16. The Shipper is responsible to block and brace the freight to make it safe for transit, in order toprevent damage.Direct Store Delivery (DSD) shipments:DSD Shipments that are 200 lbs. or less and meet standard Parcel Service guidelines should beshipped via a major Parcel Service. Freight charges for shipments should be added to the invoice ifthe Buyer’s purchase order is written as “collect.” If, however, the DSD shipment is more than 200lbs. and does not meet other standard Parcel Service guidelines, use one of the pre-approved DSDcarriers from your origin state. Direct Store Delivery orders are NOT to be released into OTM(Transportation Management System) for routing. Outside suppliers that deliver directly to storesare exempt from using a parcel service. Example products are: soft drinks, and refrigerated items.Prepaid SuppliersPrepaid suppliers are responsible for delivery to our distribution centers and pay for all freight charges. Anappointment is required for delivery and must follow the appointment procedure des

Family Dollar’s Consolidator is Avrio Logistics – 549 Mill Road, Edison, NJ 08837. The telephone number is 800-935-6320 ext. 205. You must call Avrio Logistics 24 hours prior to delivery or to schedule a pickup. 8. Avrio Logistics will not accept your shipment without the Family Dollar