The Drive of Choice for Highest DemandsReliable, precise, and durable.ROBICON Perfect HarmonyAnswers for industry.

ROBICON Perfect HarmonyThe Perfect Harmony of Performance and ValueAccording to energy authorities, industrial motors consume over a billionkilowatt hours of energy each year – fully 50 percent of the world’s energyusage. System enhancements such as improved sizing and proper matching toload, more efficient drive trains, and adjustable speed drives will help driveenergy usage down, according to experts. That means that the right drive canSiemens drives, the best-selling mediumvoltage AC drives in the world, deliver animpressive combination of benefits: Lower operating costs Precise process control Lower maintenance costs Increased production efficiency Exceptional reliability Intuitive HMIhelp you drive cost out of your operation by providing more precise andefficient control of motors, fans, pumps, and other devices.If your process includes motors, fans, or pumps and you haven’t installed a driveyet, you’re letting thousands of dollars of energy costs eat away at your bottomline every month because of process inefficiencies.2The ROBICON Perfect Harmony’s outstanding record has made it the drive of choicefor demanding applications that requirethe highest levels of reliability, precision,and longevity. Employed in applicationsranging from power generation to oil andgas, water, marine, and paper production,the ROBICON Perfect Harmony drive is aversatile performer that can help yousignificantly increase productivity, enhanceenergy efficiency, and reduce operatingcosts.

Siemens can provide a custom-engineeredROBICON Perfect Harmony drive to maximize your process. We’re the only companythat offers drives from 225 to 120,000 kW.And with an installed base exceedingmore than 2.2 million kW worldwide, theROBICON Perfect Harmony is a provenworkhorse that can perform brilliantly foryou, too.A Bright Future Built on a FirmFoundationSince its introduction in 1994, theROBICON Perfect Harmony drive hasrevolutionized power conversion andcontinues to set industry standards forreliability and innovation. As powerswitching device technology advancesand increases output voltage capability,Siemens improves each generation ofthe ROBICON Perfect Harmony in threekey areas: increased reliability and availability, increased efficiency, and a smallerdrive footprint.Advances to our product line are madewithout “reinventing the wheel” like otherdrive manufacturers. We have maintainedthe ROBICON Perfect Harmony’s core topology and continue to advance its capability, ensuring life-cycle product support.By keeping the same topology, our customers see a reduction in maintenanceand spare parts as well as an increase inquality and lower life-cycle costs. We improve our products by actively solicitingthe input of our customers, and we lookforward to counting you among them.The ROBICON Perfect Harmony of todayrepresents an evolution founded on experience garnered from our huge installedbase coupled with Siemens’ unparalleledinvestments in R&D. As one of the largestcompanies in the world, Siemens providesconfidence and financial stability inaddition to exceptional technology. Weoffer you expertise across the globe anda world of innovation.3

Designed for Maximum Versatility,Efficiency, and Reliability4160 VAC ASYNCHRONMOTORPower Cell4160 VOLT DRIVE TOPOLOGY6600-7200 VAC ASYNCHRONMOTOR6600–7200 VOLT DRIVE TOPOLOGYDifferent by DesignThe patented, integrated design of theROBICON Perfect Harmony drive ensuresa level of reliability, efficiency, and versatility that is unmatched in the powercontrols industry. The ROBICON PerfectHarmony is designed to withstand failures that would overwhelm conventionaldrive systems.A traditional drive features up to fiveseparate components, such as harmonicfilter, power factor correction, transformer,power converter, and motor filter. TheROBICON Perfect Harmony’s topology isolation transformer and power converterare the only major components required.4The integrated system allows for quick,easy, and less expensive installations andstart-ups – shortening your outages andprocess downtime to give you more projectflexibility.In the ROBICON Perfect Harmony, a seriesof low-voltage cells are linked together tobuild the medium-voltage power outputof the drive system. This patented configuration delivers for you when it comesto ease of maintenance, power quality,and reliability. It also provides the basis forone of its most important advantages – increased availability through the advancedcell bypass onTransformerPowerConverterHarmonicFilteringPower FactorCorrectionMotorFilter

System PerformanceThe ROBICON PerfectHarmony exceeds .95power factor at normaloperating speeds without external power-factor correction capacitors.It also provides morethan 98 percent powerconverter efficiency and97 to 96.5 percent totaldrive system efficiency.Load (%)DriveEfficiency (%)Total Drive SystemEfficiency (%)(Drive & Transformer)Power Factor2597.5 – 93.497.0 – 96.5.965098.0 – 95.097.2 – 96.8.967598.5 – 97.597.2 – 96.8.9610098.6 – 98.097.0 – 96.5.95Efficiency and power factor values are based on centrifugal load characteristics for torque and speed.VersatilityThe proven technology ofROBICON Perfect Harmony drives meetsthe needs of customers in almost anyindustry that employs motors, fans, orpumps. The ROBICON Perfect Harmonydrive can accept many different inputvoltages and can provide motor outputvoltages up to 13,800 volts, putting it in aclass by itself. And with a life expectancyof 25 years, the ROBICON Perfect Harmonylets you set it and forget it. The rewardspile up as the years pass by.You can be sure that theROBICON Perfect Harmony is compatiblewith your power system because it meetsthe most stringent IEEE 519 1992 requirements for current harmonic distortion.We meet those guidelines without filter orharmonic mitigation equipment – theROBICON Perfect Harmony design includes a transformer that employs phaseshifting technology to eliminate harmonicdistortion at the source.EfficiencyWhen it comes to retrofits, theROBICON Perfect Harmony upholds itsreputation as the world’s most versatilemedium-voltage drive.The ROBICON Perfect Harmony is compatible with your existing motor systems,regardless of age, brand, or voltage/frequency – even synchronous motors canbe upgraded.The integrated ROBICON Perfect Harmonymaximizes efficiency in a number ofcritical areas. Because systems seldomrequire 100 percent power, the variabledrive provides only the necessary powerto the motor. As demands increase ordecrease, the drive can respond with theprecise power level needed.One of the most inefficient power eventsoccurs at motor start-up. Typically, amotor “slams” on – going from off to100 percent with the flick of a switch.By contrast, the “soft start” features ofthe ROBICON Perfect Harmony decreasestresses that can limit the life of yourequipment – gradually increasing powerto smoothly initiate power output withfull rated torque available during acceleration from zero speed, but withoutany current inrush into the motor. Additionally, overall design integration helpsprovide quick and reliable start-ups andallows the addition of power conversionredundancy. Pre-wiring reduces installation costs as well. It all adds up to giveyou a smaller, more efficient and reliablesystem.5

Clean Power InputHarmonic ComparisonROBICON Perfect Harmony Series vs. Typical 12-pulse PWM Inverter(100KVA, 5.75% Impedance Source)Unfiltered, 12-Pulse Input Diode Rectifier18-Pulse, Multi-level PWMSource CurrentSource CurrentSource VoltageSource VoltageROBICON Perfect Harmony Series Waveform less than 3% total voltage distortion less than 5% total current distortion Meets IEEE 519-1992 at the input to the isolation transformer12-Pulse Harmonic Waveform 5.9% total voltage distortion 8.8% total current distortionMeasured Power FactorTypical System EfficiencyROBICON Perfect Harmony Series vs. CSI PWM or LCIROBICON Perfect HarmonySCR Converter CSIwithout Power FactorCorrection CapacitorsPercent SpeedTotal power factor includes distortion and displacement powerfactor.The ROBICON Perfect Harmony drivemeets the most stringent harmonic requirements for voltage and currentdistortion: Protects other on-line equipment fromharmonic disturbance (computers,telephones, lighting ballast, and otherpower converters) Avoids costly and inefficient harmonicfilters and associated resonance problems6Efficiency (%)Power Factor (%)ROBICON Perfect HarmonyCSI PWM or LCIPercent LoadSystem efficiency includes isolation transformer, harmonic filter,power factor correction, and drive.

Power Quality OutputROBICON Perfect HarmonyOutput Waveforms at 100% SpeedMotor VoltageMotor CurrentROBICON Perfect HarmonyOutput Waveforms at 50% SpeedMotor Voltage Integrated transformer– Eliminates common mode motorinsulation stress– Isolation transformer is integralcomponent of ROBICON PerfectHarmony– Motor no longer requires additionalinsulation Drive is compatible with new andexisting 1.0 or higher service factorsof induction and synchronous motors Smooth operation: no significant driveinduced torque pulsations, even at lowspeeds, thus eliminating expensiveflexible couplings Cool under pressure: no additionaldrive-induced motor heating Versatile and flexible installation –No cable length restrictions; isolationtransformer is integrated into the drive Works with standard motor insulationMotor CurrentMulti-Level, Pulse-Width Modulated,Output-Voltage Waveform7

Maximized AvailabilityEquivalent Circuit of 4-Cell Generation3 ROBICONPerfect Harmony Drive with all cells in service 4160 Volts Type. (Line-to-Line)Equivalent Circuit of 4-Cell ROBICON PerfectHarmony Drive with Cell A4 out of service Unbalance after loss of A4(not acceptable)ReliabilityAdvanced Cell BypassThe reliability and availability of theROBICON Perfect Harmony drive is secondto none due to sophisticated componentselection and design. A combination ofindustry-proven components, redundantbypass control technology, and hierarchicalsystem of warnings brings you a drive ofuncompromising prowess.The ROBICON Perfect Harmony is engineered to withstand failures that wouldoverwhelm conventional drives becausewe’ve added redundancy options into thesystem. Our patented, cell-based configuration maximizes uptime and simplifiesmodifications.Through a redundant bypass control thatis completely separated from each powercell, the ROBICON Perfect Harmony ensures automatic bypass of a failed powercell in 450 milliseconds (less than 1/2 ofa second).Insulated Gate Bipolar TransistorsTraction-grade Insulated Gate BipolarTransistors (IGBTs) form the backboneof the ROBICON Perfect Harmony drive.A proven power device across the industrial power control industry, IGBT technology has been in existence for more thana decade. The stability and availability ofIGBTs give you reliable, long-term, life-cycleconfidence. But that’s just the start of ourforward-thinking design.8Equivalent Circuit of 4-Cell ROBICON PerfectHarmony Drive with Cell A4 out of service Neutral Point Shift: Balance Restored after lossof A4 by adjusting angles. Maximum Voltage 87.5% x 4440V 3850V

Voltage Dip Withstand CapabilityDuring Full Load, Nominal VoltageThe ROBICON Perfect Harmony operates continuously,even during a 30 percent voltage dip.ProTOPSAnother feature that enhances theROBICON Perfect Harmony’s reliability isits control strategy. Our Process TolerantProtection Strategy (ProToPS ) is agroundbreaking process control systemavailable exclusively from Siemens.Instead of tripping the drive and automatically shutting down the system dueto a malfunction, ProToPS gives you ahierarchical system of warnings. Thiscontrol strategy allows time to evaluatethe situation and respond appropriatelyto avoid a system shutdown. ProToPShas proven invaluable for many of ourROBICON Perfect Harmony customers,including strategic power plants, refineries, water and wastewater facilities, andprocess plants. With additional responsetime and early warnings, your operatorscan diagnose and correct problems andmaintain uninterrupted production.9

Get up and Running FastFactory System TestEasy Setup and ControlYou can be confident that theROBICON Perfect Harmony will get yourprocess up and running because wehave the ability to test every product asa complete system at full load – prior todelivery. At our factory, we test everytransformer and power converter togetherto ensure performance meets precisespecifications. In addition, factory testingallows accurate efficiency measurements.We also verify sequence of operationand protection to ensure that theROBICON Perfect Harmony systemmatches your needs. Easy-to-use high-function keypadon the door Touch-screen interface on door alsoavailable Auto-tune feature shortens start-upand guarantees operational efficiency Drive tool runs on PCs that can interfacethrough the RS 485 or Ethernet portsthat are standard Other protocols supported:Modbus Plus DeviceNet Profile 12 ControlNet PROFIBUS DP Other connectivity as requiredby the user10

Control Drive Tool Provides Windows-based graphical user interface Has full functionality Same menu structure as keypad interfaceOptions add versatility to yourROBICON Perfect Harmony drive. It isavailable with forced-air cooling (left)or self-contained, closed-loop, watercooling (far left). Redundant pumps arestandard on water-cooled units. Redundant blowers are a standard option forair-cooled units.The multi-cell design allows quick rack in/out of power cells, making maintenanceof the ROBICON Perfect Harmony simple.A hydraulic “cell lifter cart” is an optionfor larger cell designs.11

Protecting Your InvestmentFrom your first meeting with Siemens, you’ll notice the difference. Our expertshave tailored thousands of systems, so we have the experience to help you selectthe right drives for your process. From initial specification through production,delivery, and installation, we are wholly committed to your satisfaction.12

You have a lot at stake and, as the world’sforemost automation company, so do we.That’s why Siemens’ service and supportnetwork is never more than a phone callaway. Representatives are ready 24 hoursa day, seven days a week, to assist youwith immediate technical support gearedto handle every phase of installation,start-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting.Our services include: Around-the-clock field service 24/7/365 Preventive maintenance Training After-market spare parts Product refurbishment Upgrades Repairs and exchanges Specialty services (harmonic analysisstudies, power quality studies, electricalsystem application, remote diagnostics,and more)Our CommitmentSiemens is proud of our reputationfor long-term service of our products,including the ROBICON Perfect Harmony.We are committed to providing completelife-cycle support. We never relinquishthe responsibility for servicing our products to your full satisfaction, regardlessof the age of the product. To extend thelife span and increase the functionalityof the drive, the Siemens refurbishmentprogram gives you the opportunity toupgrade ROBICON Perfect Harmony driveswith new technology as it becomesavailable.Local ConvenienceBecause we have long provided on-siteservice for all of our customers, we havethe extensive reach of a dedicated, globalservice force. Each of our service representatives is fully trained.13

Technical SpecificationsCooling TypeGeneralForced-air cooling with integrated fansPower semiconductorsIGBTs; diodesAir-cooledLine-side converter18- to 36-pulse diode rectifier(standard)Permissible ambient and cooling temperatureMotor-side converterMulti-level converter (PWM) withIGBT power modulesClosed-loop controlSensorless closed-loop control,fully digital with signal processor– In operation5ºC to 40ºC: 100% load capability 40ºC to 50ºC: current derating– During storage–5ºC to 55ºC– During transport–25ºC to 70ºCDriving: 2 directions of rotation(2 quadrants), 4-quadrant optionWater-cooledPotential separation:Power sectionDeionized water with a choice of integratedwater-to-water heat exchangeror an outside water-to-air heat exchangerFiber-optic cablePermissible ambient temperaturePermissible humidityratingRelative air humidity 95%noncondensing– In operation 5ºC to 40ºC– During storageNoise levelBelow 78 dB (A)–5ºC to 55ºC(without deionized water)Efficiency(standard version)Higher than 96% at the ratedoperating point includingtransformer– During transport–25ºC to 70ºC(without deionized water)Regulations compliancesIEEE, ANSI, NEMA, UL, CSA, CEPaint finishANSI 61 GrayDegree of protectionAcc. to DIN VDE 0470, IEC 60529,EN 60529Standard2.3 to 13.8 kV– StandardIP31 NEMA1 (air-cooled)IP52 NEMA12 (water-cooled)Special optionBelow 2.3 kV and above 13.8 kVControl voltage– OptionalIP42 (air cooling)1 Ph, 120 VAC or integrated toauxiliary supplyCooling3 Ph, 480 VAC or otherDrive quadrantsPermissible cooling temperature (raw water)– Intake 5ºC to 35ºCIncoming ServiceOutput ParametersRated Motor Voltage Single-Drive Configuration2.3 kVOutputCurrentOutputkVA3.3 kVOutputCurrentOutputkVA4.16 kVOutputCurrentOutputkVA6.0 kVOutputCurrentOutputkVA6.6 kVOutputCurrent11 080010,000 Maximum output frequency –18,000 330 Hz (with 31,000 (with encoder).1413.8 kVOutputkVASpeed-control range – 1:1000

ROBICON Perfect HarmonyIn Synch with Your BusinessGoals Lower operating costs Precise process control Lower maintenance costs Increased production efficiency Exceptional reliability Intuitive HMI15

Siemens AGIndustry SectorLarge DrivesP.O. Box 47 4390025 NUREMBERGGERMANYSubject to change without prior noticeOrder No. E20001-A10-P590-X-7600Dispo 2150321/7865 MK.LD.XX.SIGM.52.8.07 WS 03083.0Printed in Germany Siemens AG information provided in this brochure contains merely generaldescriptions or characteristics of performance which in actual case ofuse do not always apply as described or which may change as a resultof further development of the products. An obligation to provide therespective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in theterms of contract.All product designations may be trademarks or product names ofSiemens AG or supplier companies whose use by third parties for theirown purposes could violate the rights of the owners.

ROBICON Perfect Harmony Integrated VFD Motor Filter Power Factor Correction Harmonic Filtering Power Converter Isolation Transformer Conventional Drives 4160 VAC ASYNCHRONMOTOR 6600-7200 VAC ASYNCHRONMOTOR Different by Design The patented, integrated design of the ROBICO