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Combination of Science, Experience, andObservationMust Build Trust with your Athletes Teach why we do what we do**Must Trust Yourself **Speed & Power Based Training Program100 In / 100 Out PhilosophyPerfect PracticeTrack and Field Sprint / Throw / Jump

Have Your Sprinters Ever Looked LikeRunners?Why?

Strength Greatest Impact on Force Output StaticDynamicElasticFlexibilityMechanics / Coordination Greatest Impacton Max Velocity and Speed EnduranceSPEED!!

Strength / Power Endurance General Endurance More Important in Longer SprintsMore Emphasis in Off-Season / Recovery DaysMental Training More Important in Longer Sprints

Start Block Clearance 1st two steps ***Most Important Segment***Ability to Overcome InertiaMax Force EffortMaximize Horizontal ForceTransition 3rd step 10th or 11th step (approx.20m) Power Directional Force x VelocityReach approx. 80% of Vmax

Max Velocity (30-70m) Top End Speed ImprovementMaximize Vertical ForceSpeed Endurance (60-100m ) Ability to Maintain SpeedEmphasize Coordination and Mechanics

Strength 100% Intensity Power 100% Intensity Static LiftsATP-CP: Blocks-10mOlympic Lifts, Multi-Jumps, MB Throws, Box Jumps(up)Alactic Anaerobic: Accelerative Transition (10-20m)Power Speed 100% IntensityOlympic Lifts, Box Jumps (up & down), MB Throwsw/movement (hops, bounds, accels) Alactic Anaerobic (20-30m) Reach 80% of Vmax

Speed (Elastic Power) 95-100% Intensity Depth Jumps, Hurdle Hops, Bounds, MB ThrowsAlactic (Vmax phase: 30-70m)Speed Endurance 90-100% Intensity Alactic (60-75m) and Glycolytic Anaerobic (60m F /75m M -200m)

Why do we EVER Train Sprinters below 90% ? Why Not Train Exclusively at 95% ?

Acceleration Development (High CNS) GPP Comp10-40m Sprints2pt. / 3pt. / 4pt. / Blocks / ½ StartsAcceleration Lines Vince Anderson – [email protected]

Resisted Runs (Med-High CNS) SPP Pre-CompShort Hills (20-60m or 6 sec.)Sled Pulls (10% BW) – 20-40mWt. Vest Runs (Vmax Focus) – Vertical (10% BW)

Max Velocity Development (High CNS) SPP CompHit it for 1-2 seconds / Off (Do Not Stereotype Speed)Vmax Wickets – Vince AndersonFly-Ins (20-30m Accel 20-30m Vmax Flys)Sprint/Float/Sprint (20-30m Accel 10-20m Vmax 10-20m Float 10-20m Vmax) 50-90m Total

Speed Endurance (Med-High CNS) Pre-Comp CompExtended Flys (40-50m Acceleration 20m Vmax)3-4 Sets x (2-3 x 60m) 2:00 Rep Rest / 4:00 Set Rest3-4 x 80m – 150m Can also be done Sprint/Float/Sprint Style

Olympic Lifts (High CNS)GPP Comp Cleans / Snatches / Jerks Hang / Floor / Box Static Lifts (High CNS)SPP Pre-Comp Squats / Lunges / Deadlift // Split / Front / Back / SL / 1/4 Ballistic Lifts (High CNS) – N/A w/ Younger AthletesPre-Comp Comp Squat Jumps / Lunge Jumps / Step-Up Jumps / Rep. Jerks

Multi-Jumps (Horizontal / Vertical Focus)(High CNS) GPP CompHorizontal – PWR Skips / SLJ / DBL Leg 3-5 Hops /STJVertical – PWR Skips / Hurdle Hops / Bounds / SLHops

Multi-Jumps (High CNS) Vertical – PWR Skips / Hurdle Hops / Bounds / SLHopsMulti-Throws (Medball) (High CNS) GPP CompOHB / BLF / HH-OHB / Sq. Press / SL Throws /Lateral

General Endurance (Capacity & Power)Anaerobic Glycolytic Training (Capacity &Power)General StrengthMobility / Dynamic FlexibilitySynergistic Muscle Development / StabilityEndocrine System Development (Restoration)Core Development / Stability / Endurance

Tempo Extensive Runs ( 75%) – Low CNS Tempo Intensive Runs (80-90%) – Med CNS 5-8 x 300 @ 42-52 sec / 3-6:00 Rep Rest (1500-2400m)Special Endurance Runs – Med-High CNS 5 sets x (3 x 100m) @ 15-17 sec / 1:00 Rest / 3:00 SetRest (1500-3000m)500-400-300m ladder @ 85% / Rep Rest (8-15:00)3 x 250m @ 90% / Rep Rest (8-15:00) (750-1500m)General Strength Exercises (Bodyweight) Squats / Lunges / Push-ups / Low-Walks / Pull-Ups/ Dips / Core Exercises

Medball Series Body-Building Series OH / Chest / Squat Throw / Hip Toss / MB GoodMorning / MB V-Sit / Partner Exchange Hip / TorsoCircles / Kneeling Throws / Seated Roll and ThrowLow Weight Circuit (8-12 Exercises x 10 Reps x 24total sets)Short Rest Intervals / High Reps / Fatigue on theLast Few SetsPrehab Exercises Bands / Bodyweight / PhysioballHip Flexion & Extension / Adductors / Abductors /Glute Medius & Piraformis / Low Back

Dynamic Flexibility Exercises (Warm-Up)Hurdle Mobility SeriesCore Stability Series (Planks)Core Strength ExercisesCore Endurance Exercises

Over-Emphasis of Endurance Training Not Allowing Recovery for Adaptations toOccur (Super-Compensation) Special and Speed EnduranceMicrocycle / Mesocycle / MacrocycleOver-TrainingCoaches Unwillingness to Change and TeachTheir Athletes

Foundational Training General Strength DevelopmentSpeed Development Acceleration Focus (10-30m) Vmax Prep (Stair Runs / Pwr Skips) Power Development Medball Throws Olympic Lifts (Light / Fast) In-Place Multi-Jumps General Endurance Tempo Extensive / Long Hill Runs (200m )

Speed DevelopmentAcceleration Vmax Strength Training Absolute Strength Development Static LiftsGeneral Strength – Endocrine System (Restoration) Bodybuilding – Endocrine System (Restoration) Power Development Olympic Lifts Multi-Jumps Horizontal Focus – Acceleration Day Vertical Focus – Vmax Day Multi-Throws

General EnduranceTempo Intensive Runs 80-90% IntensityMedium Rest (4-6:00)Medium IntervalsEmphasize GOAL 90% Special Endurance Runs 90% IntensityLong Rest (8-15:00)Longer Intervals / Breakdowns

Event SpecificSpeed Development Speed Endurance Development Acceleration – Blocks 40mCompletion Runs – Blocks 60-80mVmax DevelopmentAlactic and Glycolytic SERace-Modeling 95% Intensity’s @ Shorter than Race DistanceSplit Runs (200 200) w/ 1:00 Rest

Special Endurance Runs (90% )General Endurance (Year-Round)Strength Training Power Development Olympics – Decrease Volume / Increase IntensityBallistics – Introduce / Low VolumeIncrease Multi-Jump VolumeIncrease Multi-Throw VolumeLow Volume Static Lifts – Single Leg / Med-HighIntensity Bodybuilding – Low Volume General Strength - Low Volume

Event SpecificEvent Race RhythmSpeed Development Acceleration 40m95% IntensitiesCompletion Runs / Race ModelingSpeed Endurance (Low Volume – 300-450m)General Endurance (Low Volume)Special Endurance (Low Volume) / Less Often

Strength Training Power Development – SPEED!! Olympics Light and Fast Short/Explosive Movements (Hang / Box Position) Ballistics – Low Volume Multi Throws – Low Volume Multi Jumps – Low Volume General Strength - Low VolumeNo Statics

Monday Combo - Multi-Jumps (Prior to Acceleration Work)Acceleration Development / Extended RunsStrength Training – Med-High Intensity/VolumeMB ThrowsTuesday (Low-Med CNS) General Endurance Tempo Runs ORSpecial Endurance Runs – Low VolumeGeneral Strength exercises / Medball series / HurdleSeries / Core

Wednesday (Low or Med/High CNS) General Endurance Tempo Runs if SpecialEndurance on Tues – Low CNSSpecial Endurance or Speed Endurance Runs ifTempo on Tues – Med-High CNSStrength Training: Bodybuilding LiftsCore Stability Focus - General StrengthThursday (Low or High CNS) Similar to Tuesday (Low CNS) if High CNS on WedSimilar to Wed options (Med-High CNS) if Low CNSon WedCould do a few accelerations to prep if Competitionon Friday

Friday Competition or Pre-Meet DaySimilar to Monday with Very Little Volume ORV-Max Dev. if needed and No Competition ORSpeed Endurance if not done earlier in week and nocompetition ORRace-Modeling if needed and no competitionStrength Training Similar to Monday / One day Higher Intensities with mediumspeeds and one day Lower Intensities with High Speed untilCompetition period. Competition Period – All High Speeds / Very Low Volume

Saturday Competition ORRestoration / Similar options to Tues or ThursAdd what’s needed if no competition Tempo Extensive / General Endurance / Hills /Special Endurance Runs / Short Rest Speed Endurance/ Race Modeling Sunday Restoration

Thank you to:Chris Bucknam – Arkansas, UNIJim Bush – UCLA, USCJohn Raffensperger – Iowa City HS, Iowa VolunteerCoachVince Anderson – Texas A&MBoo Shexnayder – SAC Training, USTFCCCA AcademyDan Pfaff – British National Team Coach, HPC SportTony Wells– Colorado FlyersClive Roberts – IowaMark Guthrie – Wisconsin, Wisconsin La CrosseKen Harnden – Florida StateCurtis Frye – South CarolinaLarry Wieczorek - IowaPat Henry – Texas A&MJason Wakenight – Loyola UniversityHeather Woody – Heather Woody Unlimited Coaching

Mann, Ralph, The Mechanics of Sprinting andHurdling.Pfaff, Dan, Concepts and Applications forDeveloping Biomotor Qualities to Enhance ShortSprint Finishes.Seagrave, Loren, Neuro-Biomechanics ofMaximum Velocity Sprinting.Shexnayder, Boo, Development of Speed in theHorizontal Jumper.Shexnayder, Boo, Managing TrainingAdjustments for Speed and Power Athletes.USTFCCCA Academy

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Depth Jumps, Hurdle Hops, Bounds, MB Throws . 500-400