4 Blaisdell’s Ergo CatalogBlaisdell’s is an authorized Humanscale dealer & carries their full line ofaward winning products: Ergo Mice Seating Monitor Arms CPU Holders Keyboard Systems Laptop & Document Holders Glare Filters Task Lighting And more!CABAFreedom ChairBLiberty ChairThe Freedom chair is designed togive the maximum ergonomic benefit to the sitter with a minimumnumber of manually-adjusted controls. Once the chair is fitted, no further adjustment is required. Theidea is that movement, which is essential for a healthy body, shouldn’tbe constricted by locking mechanisms and manual controls. Shownwith optional headrest & arms.Liberty, with Form-Sensing MeshTechnology, is unlike any mesh chairyou’ve seen or experienced. With itstri-panel construction, Liberty hasthe body-fitting contours that singlepanel stretch mesh chairs simplycan’t achieve. And it offers perfectlumbar support for everyone, without external devices or manual adjustments. Shown with optionalarms.#F211GV101#L116BM10V101MCFreedom Pony Saddle StoolThe Saddle and Pony Saddle seats,part of Humanscale’s award-winningFreedom seating line, are the mostcomfortable and versatile stools ever made. The original Saddle and themore compact Pony Saddle accommodate comfortable seating incountless applications. These stoolsencourage you to sit in a saddle posture, which lowers the thighs, opensup the hips and puts the spine into ahealthy lordotic curve. The stoolsare ideal for shorter term sitting—oreven for getting your feet up off theground by using it as an ottoman.#F300GV10Visit us at or call 510.483.3600Discount pricing available, contact us!

Founded in 1982, Humanscale is recognized as the leading manufacturer of ergonomicproducts for the office. Their diverse product range helps ensure that individuals whospend hours each day in front of a computer, do so in maximum comfort and with minimal long-term healthrisks.Humanscale has always been committed to environmental sustainability and continually strives to design, engineer and manufacture products that consume less of the Earth’s limited resources. This is accomplished by creating products that weigh less (i.e. require less material), have fewer parts (which requires fewer manufacturingprocesses) and contain a high percentage of recycled and recyclable content.AADiffrient World ChairIt isn’t a typo- it’s the spelling of thedesigner’s name, Niels Diffrient!Diffrient World marks Humanscale'sfirst foray into all-mesh task seating.Like its mesh-backed forerunner,Liberty, the Diffrient World chair's tri-panel backrest hugs the body toprovide tailor-made lumbar support,while its mesh seat eliminates contact stress under the thighs. But themajor innovation is the mechanismfree recline action, which leveragestwo parts of the chair’s frame andthe laws of physics to provide automatic, balanced support throughoutthe full range of recline. No chair ismore intuitive, creating the ultimateuser-friendly sitting experience.BBTrea Guest ChairTrea teams a timeless, ultra-simpleaesthetic with surprisingly highperformance function in an elegantguest chair. Designed by ToddBracher, Trea introduces a groundbreaking “solid state” recline mechanism, developed by the HumanscaleDesign Studio, that involves no moving parts while providing exceptionalergonomic comfort. Sustainability isalso integral to Trea’s design: thelightweight, minimal-part chairoffers high percentages of recycledand recyclable content.Expected availability Q3 2012Customized just for YouAll of the chairs the Blaisdell’soffers are fully customizable,making your seat yours. Withdozens of fabrics, finishes andoptional features, Blaisdell’sis capable of creating a comfortable, beautiful office chairthat you will find irresistible.Call our Sales Team to discusswhat you want and how toget it! We can deliver fabricand finish swatches to youroffice the next-business-day,to help make coordinatingyour new furniture easy andfun!

6 Blaisdell’s Ergo CatalogOffice Masteris a Primary Manufacturer of ergonomic office seatingbased in Southern California. From Office Masters beginning in 1986 a commitment was made to consistentlyinnovate, offer the best possible value, and distributewith the shortest manufacturing times possible. Thiscommitment to manufacturing efficiency has allowedOffice Master to become a leader inthe distribution of mid-market Ergonomic office seating.Office Master Chairs are built to order and ship in 3-4working days in over 100 stock fabrics. 14 different linesare available for a wide array of uses including Ergonomic, Corporate Standards, Medical, Healthcare, Schools,Production Labs, ESD, Budget, Conference, Stacker, 24Hr Use, and Big/Tall. Office Master is committed tomaintaining long term customers by offering value andinnovation.AAHip. Smart. Chic. At a price you can afford. Whosays you can’t have it all?Talk to us today about this award winning chair, andhow it can help you have a great workday!#OM5CBGlenworth SeriesThe award-winning Glenworth articulates sophisticated European looks,multitask functionality and userfriendly versatility. Designed to fityour busy work style, as well as yourbudget. Quite simply the best valuein user-friendly task seating you canfind.#GL64The OM5 Chair by Office Master.BMaxwell SeriesC"MAX"-imum size, "WELL" designedmakes the MX a great choice. TheMaxwell series is constructed fromheavy-duty components and widerbody-supporting 24" seat cushions.A remarkable chair that bears usersup to a 400 lb. weight capacity, Maxwell is built to endure!#MX84Visit us at or call 510.483.3600Discovery Back SeriesThe Discovery back chair was designed to specifically address usersseeking to promote a healthierseating posture. The unique "PearShaped" design of the backrest permits a seated user's shoulder bladesto travel more fully rearward whenleaning back.#DB53Discount pricing available, contact us!

BAEDAPatriot SeriesPatriot Value Line chairs are fullfunction, superior task chairs thatincorporate a range of adjustmentsinto reliable design. Ideally suitedfor medium builds, the Patriot is aproven chair that has an adjustableseat and backrest, as well as a sliding seat depth control and EZ backheight feature. Shown with optionalJR40 arms.#PA57D KR25 Height-Adjustable ArmsContoured height-adjustable T armsfeaturing natural grip control. Adjustable height range 2.75"#KR25CBParamount SeriesFC YES SeriesThe Paramount Value Line and is areliable chair that was built to meetthe demands of daily crossperformance use. With a full complement of features that affords users the ability to adjust the chair totheir comfort, each of the chairsfrom the line offers a compellingcombination of comfort, style andaffordability.#PT76The YES mesh back task chair delivers all of these as well as reliableperformance in a stylish, modernpackage. The line has been designedwith this mesh back design so thatyour whole office can share thesame great look, at the same greatvalue.#YS88KR200 Series Height– andWidth-Adjustable ArmsJR37 Height- and WidthAdjustable ArmsHeight– and width-adjustable T armsfeaturing natural grip control. Adjustable height range 2.75"#KR2002-way Adjustable forward-slanting Tarms. Adjustable height range 3”Adjustable width range 1.5”#JR37EF

8 Blaisdell’s Ergo CatalogSoma Ergonomics was founded in 1992 with the mission of helpingmake our world a better, more comfortable place to live. Soma'sfoundation was laid, however, beginning in 1984, when our founder,principal designer, and former architect, "Z!", became keenly awareof on the one hand of a general lack of chairs that were attractive,affordable, and really ergonomic, and on the other hand of the increasing rate of work-related injuries, predominantly in the back and the wrist. Supported by intensive personal research coupled with revolutionary ideas thatwere later proven by independent research findings, our founder was driven to create affordable, real ergonomicproducts that both look great and are anatomically correct/really help prevent both lower back and repetitivestrain injuries.To that end, Soma Ergonomics manufactures innovative ergonomic products based on serious, objective physiological research. We continue to gather information from a diverse group of experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, physiology, and related-products industries, as well as from you, the consumer, directly, our ultimate "expert".And in an elegant synthesis of comfort and beauty we keep advancing our designs to create affordable products foryou.AA SomaHybrid CharIt's a chair, it's a stool, it's a chestrest. You can sit, you can stand, youcan move with the SomaHybrid chair and as a result have more energy at the end of your day!For shorter term sitting and forsitting in small spaces try any one ofour stools with or without backrests.With higher quality cushioning thanothers and comfort features hiddenwithin they are a great value andgive you better support.#HySHH (as configured above)CBBSomaGlider ChairThe Glider is the first chair designed to give you ergonomic support and comfort and protect yourspinal disk health while you sit. Thisincredible benefit is acheived by thepatented Ergokinetic springmounted split seat designed by Dr.Richard Robertshaw, DC. Prior tobeing a practitioner and instructor ofChiropractic Dr. Robertshaw was aspinal surgical technologist where hehad the unique opportunity to seehow the spinal fluid is movedaround to carry essential nutrientsfor the spinal nerves and drain metabolites out of the cerebro-spinalsystem. This unique experience gavehim the insight that enabled him toinvent the ErgoKinetic seat thatenhances spinal health and comfortso well.#SG4Me (as configured above)Visit us at or call 510.483.3600C XtraSturdy ChairSomaXtraSturdy is the real ergonomic chair for big and tall users, upto 500 pounds. It comes in 2 seatsizes with shallower and deeper seatversions of each and featuresSoma's SomaSuperPlush cushioning, a great variety of backrests, seatand back height adjustment, independent seat and back angle adjustment, heavy duty lift, seat depthadjustment, heavy duty base, steelreinforced frame, easy roll XL castersand a 5 year warranty.#XSMCx (as configured above)Discount pricing available, contact us!

All Soma chairs are fully customizable– mandatory for an ergonomically designed chair. Seat, back, arms, base,fabric colors & textures, casters & adjustment capabilities are all changeable. That means the chair that we buildfor you is for YOU!Let our Sales Team know what you want, and we can make it happen. Fabric samples are available to help youenvision the look you want, and our expert Evaluators can assist you with understanding and configuring the bestchair– a healthy chair!BUT WAIT there’s so much more!! Don’t see what you are looing for on these pages? Call us!BAASomaComfort ChairSomaComfort has a softer, morecontoured seat and backrest. Greatfor people who prefer that "wraparound" feeling and a chair you cansink into.The SomaComfort promotes Stress-Relieving Dynamic Natural Posture,helping you to get more done andfeel better doing it. Its exclusive two-part seat promotes better posturethan a flat seat and features a tiltforward and/or waterfall front feature. Shown with TB back & optional Neck Pillow.#R4TBt (as configured above)BSomaForm ChairThis chair is deceptively simple looking, but like so many other things inlife "less is more"! SomaForm hasbeen discovered by clinicians, ergonomists and Fortune 500 companiesas the chair providing the mosteffective RSI prevention available. Itis the result of over 17 years of clinical research and, though it may looksimple, it has exclusive features thatsupport your lower back and reducemuscle tension in the upper backand neck when sitting upright betterthan any other chair!SomaForm has a firmer, slightlymushroom-shaped seat and flatback that minimize pressure pointsbut provide maximum support without getting in your way making iteasy to move around. It's great for"V" sitters who like to sit with theirlegs spread apart in an open angleand best for helping reduce sciatica.#SFTBs (as configured above)CCSomaSupport ChairSomaSupport is the real ergonomicchair for the budget conscious. Itbenefits from Soma's innovativeTwo-Part-Seats and Cut-Awaybackrests with ThorSac so youstill get great RSI prevention andback support, but its made of moreimported components for a lowercost. SomaSupport seats are thesame width and depth as SomaComfort seats, but firmer andwithout seams. The 6 SomaSupport seat sizes offer the firmestsupport and allow for comfort enhacing ease of motion and and openforward sitting natural posture thatyou'll especially love if you sit upright and lean into your work.#SSMBwn (as configured above)

10 Blaisdell’s Ergo CatalogAAlpha High Back ChairVisit us at or call 510.483.3600BBeta medium Back ChairCBoss Mid Back ChairDiscount pricing available, contact us!

12 Blaisdell’s Ergo CatalogErgoGenesis, manufacturer of BodyBilt ergonomic seating, is committed to the useof earth-friendly components and manufacturing techniques. BodyBilt chairs havebeen custom made in the same location in Navasota, Texas for over twelve years.ErgoGenesis was first in our industry to incorporate the use of BioFlex foam, madeof a soybean derivative as opposed to petroleum-based foam, resulting in an extremely comfortable, adjustable, durable and eco-friendly chair. All BodyBilt HighBack chairs provide exceptional comfort with upper and low back support. 10-PointPosture Control adjustability puts at your command the tools to address and alleviatestressful aches and pains so often escalated by inferior chairs.byAAHigh Back Chair w/Neck RollThe moderately contoured seat onthis model is our most popular design. The soft, contoured neck rolladds head and neck support in themore reclined posture. With passiveweight distribution via surface contact this model encourages properseated posture and cushions thehigh-pressure points that lead todiscomfort on flat seat designs. Forspecial needs, an array of optionalfeatures is offered to address almostevery seated task in the office.The J style mechanism rocks from acenter-pivot point under the seat,and allows for the backrest depthadjustment feature (not found onthe K-style mechanism).#J3507 (as configured above)BBHigh Back Task ChairThe deeply contoured seat on thismodel is one of our most populardesigns. With passive weight distribution via surface contact this model encourages proper-seated posture and cushions the high-pressurepoints that lead to discomfort on flatseat designs. For special needs, anarray of optional features is offeredto address almost every seated taskin the office.The J style mechanism rocks from acenter-pivot point under the seat,and allows for the backrest depthadjustment feature (not found onthe K-style mechanism).#J2502 (as configured above)Visit us at or call 510.483.3600CC Big & Tall High Back Chair W/Neck RollThe deeply contoured seat on thismodel is one of our most populardesigns. The soft, contoured neckroll adds head and neck support inthe more reclined posture. Withpassive weight distribution via surface contact this model encouragesproper-seated posture and cushionsthe high-pressure points that lead todiscomfort on flat seat designs. Forspecial needs, an array of optionalfeatures is offered to address almostevery seated task in the office.The J style mechanism rocks from acenter-pivot point under the seat,and allows for the backrest depthadjustment feature (not found onthe K-style mechanism).#S3504 (as configured above)Discount pricing available, contact us!

ErgoGenesis constantly seeks ways to recycle and minimize waste in every material and area of manufacturing.The BodyBilt product line does have the following highlights in regard to recyclable materials: BodyBilt chairs contain approximately 20-25% of recyclable material. Some chairs, i.e. Stacking chairs, maycontain a lower percentage. All steel scrap is recycled after fabrication of steel components on the BodyBilt chair. ABS plastic scraps are recycled. All new parts manufactured by BodyBilt are made with Virgin plastic. To minimize component waste and replacement, ErgoGenesis uses quality components that carry a lifetimewarranty, while other components carry a ten-year warranty.AA Extra Tall “Stretch” Seating w/Neck RollThe slightly contoured seat on thismodel is one of our most populardesigns. The soft, contoured neckrolladds head and neck support in themore reclined posture. With passiveweight distribution via surface contact this model encourages properseated posture and cushions thehigh-pressure points that lead todiscomfort on flat seat designs. Forspecial needs, an array of optionalfeatures is offered to address almostevery seated task in the office.The J style mechanism rocks from acenter-pivot point under the seat,and allows for the backrest depthadjustment feature (not found onthe K-style mechanism).#J3509 (as configured above)CBB2600 Series Mesh Back ChairThe 2600 Series chair features aunique, contoured mesh back designwith an adjustable, integrated lumbar support which may be set at anyof 8 positions. The back tilt is adjustable to preference. Along with themesh back, our #7 Seat offers a comfortable choice with moderate contouring that accommodates the largest percentile of workers The chairmechanism with a seat slider allowsfor the perfectly positioning of thedistance between the seat and back.This chair is ideally suited for theuser who prefers a firm feel on theback and lumbar. All of these wonderful design elements culminateinto a beautiful and comfortablechair, yet another example of BodyBilt's commitment of providing ergonomic solutions to meet a variety ofworkplace needs.#2600CBariatric Big & Tall ChairThe B2503 Big & Tall ErgonomicChair is a high back chair, and a flatseat non-contoured stretch seat designed to promote proper ergonomic posture and evenly distributeweight so that leg muscles are put ina relaxed position.The B2503 chair is the ultimate inBig & Tall ergonomic chair comfort.This heavy duty bariatric chair is rated up to 600 lbs.#B2503 (as configured above)BodyBilt can customize any chairthousands of different ways toobtain the best fit for every shapeand size.Seat, back, chair arms, casters andfabric options increase options forthe individuality that everyonedeserves!

14 Blaisdell’s Ergo CatalogBlaisdell’s is an authorized ErgoGenesis dealer & carries their full line ofaward winning products: Executive Seating Lab/ESD Seating Monitor Arms Training/Conference Room Seating Keyboard Systems Document Holders Task Seating Footrests And [email protected] Executive ChairThe @Work series is the perfectchoice for demanding work environments that require flexibility. Available in 6 sizes, with 6 control and 5arm options, @Work adjusts to complement a wide variety of users.Internal back height adjustment feature specifically targets the lumbararea for enduring support and acomfortable sit. The @Work waterfall seat front design promotesbetter circulation when seated forlong periods of time. This chair isready to jump through hoops to provide the look and feel that you require.#6242K (as configured above)BBFocus Management ChairFocus consists of a broad family ofwork, conference and stool models.The waterfall seat relieves pressurefrom the back of the legs and provides a superb initial sit combinedwith unparalleled long-term comfort. Arm choices include fixedarms, height adjustable and fullyadjustable arms that adjust vertically, side to side, depth and pivot. Focus is GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified.Heavy Duty 24/7 shift option. 300 lbrating on all mechanism options.#5623Y.a92.B1.MC1 (as configuredabove)Visit us at or call 510.483.3600CCCensus Task ChairCensus offers a wide a variety of ergonomic functions and adjustments,making it more adaptable than anyother chair in its price range. TheCensus line features task, conference and stools in multiple sizes,making Census appropriate for anunlimited number of applications.Customize Census by selecting a fabric, plastic or ballistic nylon back option making it a value-added addition to any workspace. Census' waterfall seat front promotes bettercirculation when seated for long periods.#34A52 (as configured above)Discount pricing available, contact us!

Need help choosing the right chair?Blaisdell’s works with many reputable and professional Ergo Evaluators– contact us fora referral!Want to choose for yourself? Try the Chair Selector Tool on the ErgoGenesis ove Executive ChairBGlove provides a wide range of aesthetic options, choose from over 270fabrics and 28 leathers to createyour own customized look. Glovefeatures Executive and Active designs, 2 back heights, 4 control and 4arm options. Executive models feature maximum comfort and support,combining an ergonomically designed one-piece shell and soft,highly resilient foam. Active modelsfeature two-piece construction andan internal back height adjustmentmechanism for proper and lastingsupport. Options such as ballisticnylon, a brushed aluminum base andheavy duty upgrades make Glove asolid performer with ample flexibility. Heavy Duty 24/7 shift option forGlove Active.#7542TA26 (as configured above)CKnack Task ChairAll-day comfort and ultimate valuecome together in one dependabledesign—the simple and clean Knackwork chair. The enhanced synchrotilt smoothly moves your back andseat together for optimal motionand comfort. Swivel and basic synchro tilt are also available for lighttask environments. Knack offers aback-height adjustment so everyuser can enjoy individualized upperback and lumbar support. The soft,comfortable back follows the naturalcurve of the spine, providing greatsupport no matter how long the sit.Knack is GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified.Heavy Duty 24/7 shift option. 300lbsrating on all mechanism options.#3323F.a92 (as configured above)CLeader Conference ChairLeader's 2 back heights, 4 controland 5 arm options make this chairthe perfect fit for any modern workspace or conference room. An internal back height adjustment featurespecifically targets the lumbar areafor enduring support and a comfortable sit. Ample support, ergonomicshaping and a waterfall seat preventfatigue and promote comfort. Leader cradles the human form, providing hours of lasting support. Choosefrom over 235 fabrics, 9 knit backcolors, and 31 leathers to createyour own customized look. An optional ballistic back, brushed aluminum base, and heavy duty upgrademake Leader precisely what youneed it to be. Heavy Duty 24/7 shiftoption (excludes Leader Knit Back).#5261TA36 (as configured above)

16 Blaisdell’s Ergo CatalogBodyBilt chairs can be upholstered using any of the hundreds ofdifferent fabrics or leathers. Beyond that, arms, casters, optionalneck rolls and headrests are all available too– making your chairbyyours!Blaisdell’s is capable of creating a comfortable, beautiful officechair that you will find irresistible. Call our Sales Team to discusswhat you want and how to get it! We can deliver fabric and finish swatches to your officethe next-business-day, to help make coordinating your new furniture easy and fun!BAAMessenger Management ChairDouble-layered non-stretch meshensures optimal durability and comfort that will last for years to come.Back follows the natural curve of thespine and provides ideal tensionfrom the double-layered mesh. Thewaterfall seat relieves pressure fromthe back of the legs, allowing forhealthy circulation. A sleek, highprofile base is used to complimentthe clean design of Messenger.Choose between classic black resinand polished aluminum. Messengermeets and exceeds ANSI-BIFMAstandards and features SitOnItSeating's standard lifetime warranty.It is also GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified.#2122Y.a56.B3 (as configuredabove)BPrava Executive ChairPrava's clean, classic lines create asophisticated, sleek profile. Prava'sfine detail work is clear in the stitching, upholstery and crisp edges. Thesculpted back and seat with waterfall edge offer support and custom,soft fit for maximum comfort. Customizable from arm, headrest andbase options to textiles and backsizes. GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Children and Schools certified. Warranted up to 300 lbs.#6423Y.a109.B11 (as configuredabove)Visit us at or call 510.483.3600CCReAlign Conference ChairMulti-layer seat cushion features atop layer of visco-elastic foam for all-day comfort and a customized fit.ReAlign's back is sculpted both concave and convex for simultaneousergonomic and aesthetic advantages. It is available in two sizes.Concealed back height adjustmentsfurther refine the look and feel ofthis innovative chair. High-profilebase options complement the slimReAlign. Heavy Duty 24/7 shift option. 300lbs rating on all mechanismoptions.#682TA77B3 (as configured above)Discount pricing available, contact us!

Alera delivers Value!Easy, affordable furniture is what it’s all about. We’ve gotwhat you want in Alera Blaisdell’s comprehensive proprietary furniture line.Alera offers a broad and deep selection of readily availableproducts. The line has a unique combination of contemporary design and high qualityfinishes perfect for your business.AA EQ Series Ergo Multi-FunctionHigh Back Mesh ChairA high-tech chair with premium ergonomic features. Synchro-Tiltmechanism offers customized support. Breathable elastic polyestermesh seat, back and headrest. Waterfall seat reduces pressure at theback of your knees for improvedcirculation. Easy reach seat leversfor height and back adjustment. Softarms are adjustable up and downfront to back and at angles. Adjustable headrest offers all-day comfort.Five-star base with casters for easymobility.#ALE-EQA41ME10ABB Elusion Series Ergo MultiFunction High Back Mesh ChairMultifunction mechanism with seatglide allows back angle adjustmentrelative to seat, adjustable tilt (freefloating or infinite locking positions)and forward tilt. Cool, breathablemesh back. Contoured seat cushionwith premium fabric upholstery andwaterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs. Height- and widthadjustable arms with soft polyurethane pads. Five-star base with casters for easy mobility.#ALE-EL41ME10BCC Eikon Series Ergo Synchro-TiltMid-Back Mesh ChairDesigner styling gives a fresh look tothe everyday office chair. Contemporary breathable, vented back. Ergonomically contoured back encourages ideal back posture. Durablecushioning provides all day comfort.Back reclines at 2-to-1 angle to theseat allowing user to recline whilekeeping seat relatively even with thefloor. Padded armrests offer softsupport. Five-star base with castersfor easy mobility.Additional colors/adjustments available.#ALE-EK4237

18 Blaisdell’s Ergo CatalogABCInsert blurb about footrest benefits hereFEDErgo-Comfort AdjustableFootrestATilt angle slides easily to any position. Easy-glide design allows instantrepositioning of feet and legs.5” height #SAF21058” height #SAF2106BRestease Adjustable FootrestComfort for those tired feet! Fourangle adjustments from 6-25 andheight adjusts from 3-1/4" to 5" forpersonal comfort preference. Supports feet to help reduce leg andback pressure, while integrated antislip rubber mat on platform keepsfeet in desired position.#SAF2120BLDRock n’ Stop AdjustableFootrestCUnique footrest features an incremented rocking action to promotecirculation and muscle stimulationby encouraging leg movement. Easyto-adjust; just apply foot pressure tochange position. Smaller footprinttakes less floor space under desk.With anti-skid feet.#SAF2122BLC Half-Cylinder Padded FootCushionSolemate Plus AdjustableFootrestE Solemate Plus Adjustable Footrest with Gel PadHalf-cylinder padded design allowsinfinite positioning for ultimate comfort. Hypoallergenic medical-gradefoam distributes weight evenly. Machine washable. Nylon cover withnonslip tread.#SAF92311Reduce muscle strain and fatigue bysupporting your legs at an optimumangle. Height adjusts from 3 1/2" to5" . Angle adjusts 30 and locks intoplace with a simple press of the foot.Nonskid surface.#KMW56146Shock-absorbing gel soothes tiredfeet and eliminates stress on pressure points. With an easily operatedlock, the angle can be adjusted perfectly for all-day comfort.#KMW56144Visit us at or call 510.483.3600Discount pricing available, contact us!

CBADEFA Solemate Exercising FootrestPamper your tired feet with theSoleMassage Footrest’s stimulatingsurface. Invigorate your ankles andlegs with the exercising motion. Optimize your comfort with 5 heightadjustable settings and a tilt of 30 .#KMW56155C FootEase Adjustable FootrestLock in any position with easy-toreach foot lever.#RCP4603BAdjustable Steel FootrestExtra-wide platform provides amplespace for both feet. Heavy-dutysteel construction for extra stability.3M Safety Walk slip-resistantsurface helps keep feet from sliding.Independent height/angle adjustment—angle adjusts to 30 , heightadjusts from 4" to 4 3/4".#MMMFR530CBAdjustable Locking Footrestw/ MicrobanCAdjust for personal comfort usingfoot pressure—no bending or stooping required! Locking mechanismholds footrest in position until youreadjust it. Three different heightsettings (4 1/8", 4 7/8", or 5 5/8")and 30 tilt. Features built-in Microban antimicrobial protection toinhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria for the life of theproduct.#FEL8035001D Height-Adjusting TiltingFootrestE Adjustable Height / TiltFootrestSurface bumps massage soles offeet. Three-position height. Footaction tilt from flat to 15 slant.#RCP4653Heavy-duty steel base. Footcontrolled platform tilts /-20 .Manual height adjustment from 4"to 4 3/4", and contoured nonskidplatform for maximum comfort.#MMMFR330

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4 laisdell’s Ergo atalog . . Freedom hair. The Freedom chair is designed to give the maximum ergonomic bene-fit to the sitter with a minimum number of manually-adjusted con- . products that both look great and are anatomically c