Instruction set 7099Cognito Motorsports Inc. Transmission pinion shaft andcover upgrade, 2009-2017 Polaris RZR170Part # 360-90074Introduction---Load on the transmission from the chain pulling on it under power, is the main reason this area ofthe transmission fails. Under this load, the stock upper motor mount can flex and also fail, alongwith causing the stock pinion shaft to deflect and break the transmission housing. Along with thispinion upgrade kit, the upper motor mount right next to the transmission also needs to bereinforced. This pinion shaft upgrade kit will replace the stock pinion shaft, which does not have awide bearing spread. This upgraded shaft and cover, widens the bearing spread drastically to helpkeep the pinion shaft from deflecting like it does stock.This replaces the rear transmission pinion cover and the pinion gear shaft. The rear cover has abearing added, the shaft has a long nose to connect with the added bearing to support the piniongear and shaft to help strengthen the transmission case and help prevent it from cracking. A newgasket may be required if it is damaged while removing the main transmission cover for installation.Can be done without removing the engine from the car.Installation requires a qualified mechanic.Read instructions carefully and study the pictures before attempting installation.Check the parts and hardware packages against the parts list to assure that your kit is complete.Always wear safety glasses when using power tools.This instruction set available in color on www.cognitomotorsports.comRequirements--This upgrade is not a fix all for the transmission breakage problems. The upper engine mount mustbe re-enforced also. Cognito may offer an upgrade, check website or call. If we do not have anupgrade for the engine mount at the time, it is highly recommended that you re-enforce the stockmount.If the transmission housing gasket is torn during dis-assembly, a new OEM gasket will be needed, itis not included in this kit.The stock o-ring from the stock pinion cover must be moved over to the Cognito pinion cover.Green Loctite will be required, not included.Parts List-(1) 5831, Pinion shaft(1) 90081, pinion cover assembly (1) pinion cover (1) bearing

Instruction set 7099 (1) retaining clip(1) oil fill plug with O-ringInstallation1. The installation can be done in the car, although it is more difficult. If installing with the enginein the car, remove the rear tires and the left rear shock, shift cables and bracket from thehousing. Mark the adjustment of the cables so they can go back together in same spot, or take apicture.2. Drain the oil from the transmission.3. It is easiest to remove the cover from the housing first, before the transmission housing fromthe engine case, simply because the cover is tight in the housing. Our instructions are writtenthat way although the pictures show the housing already removed from the engine before thecover is removed. It can be done either way.4. Remove the 3 bolts holding the stock pinion cover onto the transmission housing. See Figure 1Figure 1: removing pinion cover5. The cover is tight in place because there is an o-ring seal. Use 2 punches in the holes to rotatethe cover which will then allow you to pull the cover out of the transmission housing. See Figure2.

Instruction set 7099Figure 2: removing pinion cover6. Now unbolt the transmission housing from the engine, there are 10 bolts holding it in place.Now the transmission housing can be separated from the engine case, be careful with thegasket so you can re-use it. See Figure 3. The gear set will most likely come out with thetransmission housing, which is ok but if it stays on the engine side that is actually easier.Figure 3: removing transmission housing from engine case.

Instruction set 70997. These instructions will assume the gear set came out inside the transmission housing. See Figure4. Make sure the small washer stays in place, the ink pen is pointing at it in Figure 4.Figure 4: trans housing separated from engine, with the gear set in it, note the small washer the pen is pointing to.8. From the end of the transmission housing that the pinion cover was removed, use straight snapring pliers and remove the snap ring holding the pinion gear onto the pinion shaft as shown inFigure 5. There is a spacer in between the pinion gear and the snap ring, it will be reused alongwith the snap ring on the new shaft. Remove the snap ring and the spacer from the shaft, leavethe gear in place.Figure 5: remove snap ring holding the pinion gear on the pinion shaft

Instruction set 70999. Since the gear set is most likely still in the transmission housing, it will need to be removedcarefully to gain access. The gear selector mechanism is important to note the orientation, sothat it can go back together the same way and work properly. See Figure 6, the pen is pointingto the gear selector pin in the gear selector slot, note that the pin is all the way to one side ofthe slot. When in this position, then look at Figure 7 and note the selector gear mesh positionwhere the pen is pointing. Upon re-assembly this clocking should be the same, otherwise thetransmission will not be able to go into forward neutral reverse properly.Figure 6: the pen is pointing to the pin in the slot, it is all the way to the edge of the slot.10. Now remove the gear set, so that you can access the gear that is on the end of the pinion shaft.Pull that gear and pinion shaft out of the transmission housing. Mark the gear with a pen on thesnap ring side, so that you make sure to put it on the new shaft in the correct orientation.Remove the snap ring holding the gear onto the shaft, and then remove the gear from the shaft.See Figure 8 which shows the gear next to the new shaft which is next to the stock shaft. Nowput the gear onto the new shaft and secure it with the stock snap ring, make sure your pen markis on the snap ring side of the gear.11. Install the new gear back into the transmission housing and the pinion gear back onto the shaftas you push the shaft into place. Then install the spacer and snap ring on the pinion side tosecure the new shaft into place.12. Clean the long end of the new shaft with a rag with some brake cleaner on it, also clean theinside of the bearing in the Cognito cover assy. Apply a small amount of green Loctite on thediameter of the shaft that will go inside the bearing, smear it around the diameter of the shaft.

Instruction set 7099Figure 7: the pen is pointing to the gears, make sure these look like this when the pin and lot look like Figure 5.Figure 8: from left to right, stock pinion shaft, Cognito pinion shaft, stock gear13. Locate the stock pinion cover, remove the large O-ring from it, use a pick, do not damage it.Locate the Cognito pinion cover assembly and transfer the O-ring to it. Lubricate the O-ring,then install it to the transmission, the bearing in the new cover assembly will capture the shaftthat has the Loctite on it. tighten the cover bolts to 100 inch.lbs

Instruction set 709914. Now the gear set needs to get re-installed in the transmission housing just like it was stock,remember the gear selector position in Figures 6 and 7. And remember the small washer fromFigure 4.15. Before marrying the transmission back to the engine case, loosen the 12mm allen head bolt asshown in Figure 9. This bolt is holding the detent ball up in place, by loosening the bolt, thedetent ball will drop down out of the way to make it easier to install the transmission back tothe engine.Figure 9: loosen the shifter detent ball to aid reinstalling the transmission. Don’t forget to retighten after assy.16. Now marry the transmission with gear set, to the engine case. Make sure the dowel pins are inplace as well as the gasket. The transmission should be very easy to marry to the case, if itseems stuck, take back out and make sure everything looks proper. Tighten the 10 bolts to 100inch.lbs.17. Tighten the 12mm allen head bolt to lift the detent ball into place, tighten to 15 ft.lbs. Bolt thegear selector bracket back on the shaft, rotate this and you should feel it have 3 detents, one foreach forward, neutral, and reverse. If you don’t feel 3, then the gear selector mechanism problyisn’t put together properly, revisit earlier steps if needed.18. With the car level on the ground, remove the oil fill plug from the Cognito pinion coverassembly. Install oil per the user’s manual, then insert the plug back into the cover and tightento 15 ft.lbs.19. Re-install the gear selector cables to the earlier noted settings.

Instruction set 7099Cognito MotorsportsLimited Lifetime WarrantyCognito Motorsports warrants, to the original retail purchaser, that its suspension products are free from defects in workmanshipand material for as long as the purchaser owns the vehicle on which the product was originally installed. Cognito Motorsportsdoes not warrant the product for finish, alterations, modifications, and/or original installation contrary to specifications ofCognito Motorsports. Cognito Motorsports suspension products are not designed nor intended to be installed on vehicles used inrace applications or for racing purposes or for similar activities involving abnormal abuse other than the vehicle was originallydesigned to handle or endure. (A “RACE” is defined as any contest between two or more vehicles, and/or contest of one or morevehicle against the clock, whether or not such contest is for a prize.)This warranty is for a one-time replacement of each Cognito Motorsports product and does not cover any part thatCognito Motorsports has previously replaced under this warranty. This warranty does not include coverage for police or taxivehicles, race vehicles, or vehicles used for government or commercial purposes. Also excluded from this warrant are salesoutside of the United States of America. Alterations to the finish of the parts including but not limited to painting, powdercoating, plating, and/or welding will void all warranties. Cognito Motorsports obligation under this warranty is limited to therepair or replacement, at Cognito Motorsports option of the defective product. Any and all costs of removal, installation or reinstallation, freight charges, incidental or consequential damages are expressly excluded from this warranty.This warranty excludes the following items: bushings, bumpstops, tie-rod ends, limiting straps, and hiem joints.These parts are subject to wear and are not considered defective when worn. They are warranted for 60 days of purchase fordefects in workmanship. Cognito Motorsports suspension components must be installed as a complete system. Any substitutionsor exemptions of required components will immediately void the warranty. Some finish damage may happen to parts duringshipping and is not covered under warranty. This warranty shall not apply to any product that had been subject to accident,negligence, alteration, abuse, or misuse. Cognito Motorsports does not warrant products not manufactured by CognitoMotorsports. Cognito Motorsports reserves the right to supersede, discontinue, or change the design, finish, part number and/orapplication of parts when deemed necessary by Cognito Motorsports without written notice, and in the sole and absolutediscretion of Cognito Motorsports.Warranty ClaimsAll warranty claims must be submitted through the original company of purchase. All claims must be shipped back to the originalcompany of purchase with an approved RMA number listed as a reference on the shipping label and clearly printed on twoopposing sides of the package(s); product in question must be inspected by Cognito Motorsports before replacement parts areshipped out.Return PolicyCognito Motorsports has a no refund return policy. Under special circumstances, returns might be accepted with prior writtenapproval. All returned product will be shipped freight prepaid. Product returned is subject to a 25% restocking fee. No returnswill be accepted after 30 days upon receipt of product.Product Consumer Safety and WarningThe installation of this kit will modify the suspension of your vehicle and may cause it to handle significantly different than afactory equipped vehicle. Installing larger tires with modified suspension and increased ground clearance will significantly alterthe handling characteristics of the vehicle, and may result in increased braking distances as well as changes in vehiclemaneuverability and handling compared to the factory equipped vehicle. As with any vehicle, extreme caution and care must beused to prevent loss of control or roll-over during sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers. Always wear seat belts and drive safely,recognizing the reduced speeds and specialized driving techniques is required.This suspension system will not strengthen nor reinforce the stock frame of the vehicle, nor will it increase rolloverprotection. It is necessary to periodically inspect all suspension and drive train components for tightness of fit or any damage.Installation of these parts will modify the height of the vehicle and will raise the center of gravity. Altered height modificationsand off-road operation may increase your vehicle’s susceptibility to roll over conditions and may cause serious injury or death.Many states regulate the height modification to each vehicle. Check the laws in your state for exact specifications. Heightmodifications may affect the reaction, ride, handling, and wear factor of your vehicle’s components.Failure to drive this vehicle safely may result in injury or death! Do not drive this vehicle unlessyou are familiar with its unique handling characteristics and are confident of your ability to maintain control under all drivingconditions. Some modifications and combinations of modifications are not recommended, unsafe, and may not be permitted inyour state. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual, the instructions accompanying this product, and your state laws beforeundertaking these modifications. The owner of the modified vehicle and the qualified mechanic required to install this productare responsible for the legality and safety of the vehicle being modified.

cover upgrade, 2009-2017 Polaris RZR170 Part # 360-90074 Introduction - Load on the transmission from the chain pulling on it under power, is the main reason this area of the transmission fails. Under this load, the stock upper