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Contents1 Introduction ········1Overview ical Networking ·······1Network Connection ·····22 App oad ······················2Sign Up and Log ··········3Add �······················3Scan o Search ·····4EZDDNS ··················4Live View yback ························43 Web ·····················5Sign Up and Log ··········5Add an Organization ·····5Add a Device ·················6Share an Online Device ·7Edit a e a Device Password ···················8Access a Device ·············8View Login History ········9Change Password ··········9View Personal Information ····················9Help ······94 FAQs ····················9i

1IntroductionOverviewThe general solution, based on the mobile surveillance software, cloud servers and smart terminaldevices, is a new generation of IT-based solution that employs the technologies of cloud computing,mobile Internet and big data. Comprising mobile service and Web service, the solution aims to offerhealthy, low-carbon, smart, comfortable and secure information services to small and medium-sizedenterprises.Typical NetworkingThe following illustrations show some typical networking scenarios.Cloud serverIP cameraRouterRouterRouterEZCloud WebInternetNVRWi-Fi3G/4GMobile client 1Mobile client 2Cloud serverIPCInternetIPCNVR3G/4GWi-FiNVRIPCMobile client1Mobile client

Cloud serverIPC .NVREZCloud Web .InternetNVRVMSWi-FiVMS Client3G/4G .NVR .Mobile clientMobile clientNetwork ConnectionConnect devices and the router with network cables. Connect the mobile phone to the router's Wi-Finetwork. Connect the router to the Internet.This illustration is for reference only.IPCRouterWANConnect InternetNVR2AppDownloadNOTE!It is recommended to download by Wi-Fi. Data usage may incur extra cost.Search EZView on the App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android).Or Scan the QR code on the device.2

Scan the QR code at Web interface of the device (Setup Network EZCloud, may vary withdevice or version).Sign Up and Log InSign up for a cloud account. With a cloud account you can add devices to cloud and view live videoand playback remotely, for example, on a mobile phone.NOTE! The account signed up on the cloud Web site can be used on the App, and vice versa. If you havealready signed up on the website, use the account/password to log in. Make sure you choose thesame region at login as the region that you have chosen for sign-up.For the steps to sign up on the cloud website, please see Sign Up and Log In.1.Run the App.2.Tapin the upper right corner and choose your service area.NOTE!Choose International if your device(s) are not located in mainland China. Servers for differentregions are independent. The username signed up for a region may be unusable for another. Theregion cannot change once sign-up is complete.3.Tap Sign Up.4.Follow the steps to complete sign-up. You are logged in when sign-up is complete.NOTE!The following sections take iOS as an example to describe how to add devices and start live viewand playback. For detailed steps, please refer to the help on the App.Add Devices1.Tap Devices.2.Tapin the upper-right corner and then select a way to add devices.3.Choose a way such as Auto Search or Scan to add devices. You may choose media streamprotocol and stream type for live and recorded video.NOTE!Only cloud devices (e.g., devices added by Scan) supports alarm notification.3

ScanScan the QR code on the device or at Setup Network EZCloud in the Web interface. If for somereason the QR code cannot be scanned, you may input the register code manually. The register codecan also be found at Setup Network EZCloud in the Web interface.Auto SearchFirst make sure the mobile client (mobile phone) is in the same LAN as your devices (IPC and NVR),which means they shall be connected to the same wireless router. Tap Auto Search. The Appdiscovers devices automatically. Select the device(s), enter the correct username/password, andthen tap Add.IP/DomainThis method is intended for two scenarios: Scenario 1: Auto search failed (though it rarely occurs). You need to enter the device's IPaddress and username/password. Scenario 2: The device has a public IP address, or the device is behind one NAT on the Internetwith successful port mapping. You need to enter the device's public IP address, port andusername/password.EZDDNSFirst you need to complete configuration on the device side, including the DNS server, port mapping,and enable EZDDNS and set a valid domain name. When the configuration is complete, enter thedomain name and device's username/password.Live ViewView live video on the App.1.Tap Live View.2.Tapon a window, and then select a device to start live view; or tapcorner, select device(s), and then tap Start Live View.PlaybackSearch recordings and playback on the App.1.Tap Playback.4in the upper-right

2.Tapon a window, and then select a device to start playback; or tapin the upper-rightcorner, select device(s) and then tap Start Playback.3WebSign Up and Log InSign up for a cloud account. With a cloud account you can add devices to cloud and view live videoand playback remotely, for example, on a mobile phone.NOTE!The account signed up on the App can be used on the cloud website, and vice versa. If you havealready signed up on the App, use the account to log in on the Website.1.Open your Web browser, go to and then click Sign up.2.Complete the settings to sign up. You are logged in when sign-up is complete.NOTE!The region is where you use the cloud service regularly, and it cannot be changed once sign-up iscomplete.Add an OrganizationAdd organizations, and then you can add devices to different organization as needed.1.Click. The Add Org page is displayed.2.Select an organization to which the new organization belongs. Enter a name for the neworganization, and then click Confirm. The new organization appears on the Org List page.5

3.Click. Enter the register code, device name (on the cloud), select the organization,then click Add. The organization appears on the Org Info List.NOTE!Clickto change an organization name; clickthat contains device(s) cannot be delete an organization. An organizationAdd a DeviceAdd a device to bind to a cloud account.1.On the Device List page, click. The Add Device page is displayed.2.Enter the register code and device name (on the cloud).6

NOTE! 3.The register code is displayed on the device's Web interface (Setup Network EZCloud) (also onNVR's local interface).For security, a device can be bound to one cloud account only, and it cannot be bound to anothercloud account before the current binding is cancelled.Click Add. The device appears under My Cloud Devices.NOTE!To delete a device, select the device in the device list and then click.Example: my cloud deviceShare an Online DeviceClick Share to share an online device with another cloud account. Set a valid period and permissionsfor the sharing. The permissions are configured on the device.Edit a DeviceClick Change to edit the device name or the organization that the device belongs to.7

Retrieve a Device PasswordUse this function to get a temporary password for your device.1.Click Retrieve.2.Click Acquire. A verification code will be sent to your registered email address.3.Fill in the code and then click Retrieve. A temporary password is displayed on the web page. Usethe temporary password to log in to your device.Access a DeviceClick Access to access the Web interface of an online device.NOTE!In certain conditions a message appears prompting you to install a plug-in in order to access thedevice. In this case, please follow instructions to download and install the plug-in.8

View Login HistoryView login history of your cloud account.1.Click Show Log under Welcome in the upper right corner.2.The list shows information about the latest 10 logins, including time and IP address.Change PasswordChange the password of your cloud account.1.Click Change Password under Welcome in the upper right corner.2.Enter the current password and the new passwords.View Personal InformationView your registered information on the cloud website, including your registered email address,server address and user area.1.Click View Personal Info under Welcome in the upper right corner.2.You may change your email address.HelpClick Help in the upper right corner to read quick guide and service agreement. You may open with aWeb browser or download to your computer.4FAQsWhy can't I access my device (NVR/IP camera/VMS) through the WAN?Follow the steps:1.Make sure you have a cloud account and logged in. See Sign Up and Log In or Sign Up and LogIn.2.Check whether the device you want to access is bound to your cloud account:Open your Web browser, go to and then log in. The device should belisted under My Cloud Devices. If not, clickto add it (see Add a Device), or add iton the App (see Add Devices).3.Make sure EZCloud is enabled, and check whether the status is Online (online means device isconnected to EZCloud server): For IP Camera: Log in to the Web interface and click Setup Network EZCloud.9

For NVR: Log in to the Web or local interface and click Setup Network EZCloud.Scan For VMS: Log in to the Web client and click System Network EZCloud.10

cloud account before the current binding is cancelled. 3. Click Add. The device appears under My Cloud Devices. NOTE! To delete a device, select the device in the device list and then click . Example: my cloud device Share an Online Device Click Share to share an online device with another c