MARKET SURVEYSUPPLIERSMarket survey Which packaging suppliers offer which packagingitems? And which services go with their products? Our updated market survey of packaging suppliers with its clearly structured tabularlayout lets you see at a glance which suppliers offer which types ofproducts. You can also see what each supplier specialises access codes for November:User name: cossma11Password: dermaae yesphoto: Vector Things, Shutterstock.comAdditional information atrospa ol pack ckaabo ging gingttlfoerbo s, ja coloxe rs, us(t rclo car ottl cosmsu db es,ort etma es, ard ube ics,dch isp oth sra ines ens er mwm (pa er p atese ater ckag um rialrvi ia in ps s,lsacg ,lab es (d f. p , fill spra ll shels es ack ing y p apeu,ioth , sle gn, agin lab mp s)er eve con g ellin s, as, trag, irlemoco ctso ssdin sestftw syimrgar st.vipocee)rtas,contnsprultodinguct/s)ervice nocompany, e-mail, websiteDOWNLOADSA. Hatzopoulos SA, [email protected], ACTI PACK, [email protected], Adelphi Healthcare Packaging, [email protected], ADF&PCD organized by Easyfairs Oriex, [email protected],, flexible packaging PET packaging packaging machinery show and congress expert meetingfor aerosol, dispensing andbeauty packaging Allen Coding GmbH, [email protected], coding machinesAwantys GmbH, [email protected], innovative packaging solutions,packaging developmentBallerstaedt & Co. OHG, [email protected], aluminium seal closures,sealing machinesbb med. product GmbH, [email protected], contract development, contractmanufacturing, full service,private labelbix pack Verpackungsdienstleistungen GmbH, [email protected], co-packingbomo trendline, [email protected], full service, packaging linesBosch Packaging Technology, [email protected], packaging technologyBube Concept GmbH, [email protected], adhesive labelsCBV Christoph Binder Verpackungsmaschinen,[email protected], packaging machineryCorpack, [email protected], packaging solutionsCosmin GmbH, [email protected], Coster Tecnologie Speciali S.p.A., [email protected], aerosol valvesDave Technical Services, [email protected], blow & injection moulding machines DERMATEST GmbH, [email protected], DERSCHLAG GmbH & Co.KG, [email protected], dermatological and clinical tests aluminium seal closuresDibropharm GmbH Distribution & Co. KG, [email protected], contract servicesDieter Bakic Enterprises GmbH, [email protected], packaging lines, full service,graphic & product designDMZ GmbH & Co. KG, [email protected], samples, ampoules, sachets,inkjet, shrink-wrappingDONAU Kanol GmbH & Co. KG, [email protected], www.cossma.coml 49

no yescompany, e-mail, websiteaerospa ol pack ckaabo ging gingtt les forbo , ja coloxe rs, ust rclo (car ottl cosmsu db es,ort etma es, ard ube icsch disp , oth sra ines ens er mwm (pa er p atese ater ckag um rialrvi ia in ps s,lsacg ,lab es (d f. p , fill spra ll shels es ack ing y p apeu,ioth , sle gn, agin lab mp s)er eve con g ellin s, as, trag, irlemoco ctso ssdin sestftw syimrvigar st.pocee)rtas,cntonprsultodinguct/s)erviceMARKET SURVEYDS Smith Packaging Deutschland, [email protected], promotional displays,smart SRP solutionsELS European Labelling System GmbH, [email protected], progressive branding, labelling and codingEmbatherm, [email protected], pre-cut foils, heat sealing,subcontractingEnviroChemie GmbH, .com ESPERA-Werke GmbH, [email protected], labelling machinesEtiket Schiller GmbH, [email protected], labelsetol Gesundheitspflege- und Pharmaprodukte GmbH, [email protected], contract services, private labelFaber-Castell Cosmetics, [email protected], cosmetic pencils, contractmanufacturingFachpack Trade Show organized by NürnbergMesseGmbH, , packaging trade showFeldmuehle Uetersen GmbH, board and paperFollmann GmbH & Co.KG, [email protected], low-migration adhesives,water-based printing inksGEKA GmbH, [email protected], mascaraGernep GmbH, [email protected], labelling systems, wraparound labelling solutionsGRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH, [email protected], colour preview/forecast,masterbatches.Gramß GmbH Kunstoffverarbeit., [email protected], plastic closures, flip-top caps,disctop caps, overcapsGreiner Packaging GmbH, plastic bottlesgroninger & co. gmbh, [email protected], H. BOHLMEIER & CO, shoulderboxesHastamat Verpackungstechnik GmbH, [email protected], packaging machinery,check weighersHebold Systems GmbH, [email protected], mixing and homogenisingjars, bottles, closures filling, closing andhandling machinesHopf Packaging GmbH, [email protected], Iggesund Paperboard AB, [email protected], fine paper, cardboardInotech Cosmetic Packaging GmbH, [email protected], PRESTIGE airless dispensing systemintracosmed AG, [email protected], private labelISRA Vision AG, [email protected], inspection machines for packagingKARL KNAUER KG, [email protected], folding boxes, blistercards,displays, machinesKHK GmbH, [email protected], Klar Partner AG, [email protected], Kosmetik Konzept GmbH, [email protected], L.A. Schmitt GmbH, [email protected], 50 lCOSSMA 11 I 2017 software solutions for cosmeticformulations contract manufacturing private label private label lip balm

no yescompany, e-mail, websiteaerospa ol pack ckaabo ging gingttles forbo , ja coloxe rs, ust rclo (car ottl cosmsu db es,ort etma es, ard ube icsch disp , oth sra ines ens er mwm (pa er p atese ater ckag um rialrvi ia in ps s,lsacg ,lab es (d f. p , fill spra ll shels es ack ing y p apeu,ioth , sle gn, agin lab mp s)er eve con g ellin s, ats,g, irlemoco ractso ssdin sestftw syimrvigar st.pocee)rtas,cntonprsuodl t inucg)t/serviceMARKET SURVEY LAV Management & Service GmbH, [email protected], production of natural cosmeticsLifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG, [email protected], trend colours, forecastsLindal Group Holding GmbH, [email protected], aerosol valves, overcaps,spray caps, actuatorsLinhardt GmbH & Co.KG, [email protected], tubesLinx Printing Technolgies Ltd, [email protected], coding solutionsLohn-Pack K.A. Wolf GmbH & Co.KG, [email protected], filling, packaging and assemblingLOUVRETTE GmbH, [email protected], design, airless systems, bottles, jarsLutz GmbH & Co. KG, [email protected], Mario Bock e.K., [email protected], Markus Bruckner Designer, [email protected], Matthews Marking Systems GmbH, [email protected], ampoules storage boxes industrial design Meding GmbH, [email protected], cosmetic spatulas, cream pots,nail colour sample testersMETALICOPLASTICO, S.A, .es jarsMetsä Board Corporation, material for packaging: fresh fibrepremium paperboard and linerboardMimaki Europe BV, [email protected], high performance printing solutionsMitsubishi Polyester Film GmbH, [email protected], OPET filmsMT Derm Amiea, [email protected], systems f. professionalmicropigmentationMüller & Bauer GmbH & Co., tinsNeopac- the Tube, [email protected], Polyfoil PE coex tubes marking systemsOmron Adept Technology GmbH, [email protected], packaging robotsOptima packaging group GmbH, [email protected], filling and packaging machinesPackservice PS Karlsruhe GmbH, [email protected], co-packingPamasol Willi Mäder AG, [email protected], aerosol filling linesPaul Leibinger Gmbh & Co. KG, [email protected], coding solutionspester pac automation, [email protected], end-of-line packaging machineryPKB Packaging Machinery, [email protected], cosmetics, toiletries andfragrance filling linesPolpak Packaging, [email protected], plastic packaging, cosmeticcontainers, closuresPROCME GmbH, [email protected], packaging technologyPROinvention, [email protected], inventor of 100 cosmeticpackaging conceptsPröll KG, [email protected], Quadpack, [email protected], airless packaging, packaging f.skincare, makeup, fragrancesR. Gerschon GmbH, [email protected], cosmetic pack. plastic and glass screen and pad printing inkswww.cossma.coml 51

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HIGHLIGHT PACKAGINGADVERTISEMENTAVALON LIGHT is a new compactstandard series with magnetic refillsystem designed by Corpack.These compacts can also be made withouta magnet for a non-refillable solution.AVALON LIGHT – snap & GOCorpack‘s AVALON standard compact line isnow available with a magnetic refill system.he magnetic refillable Avalon light compact series combines elegance, functionalityand comfort of use. Refill compactsare an environmentally friendly solution, extending the life of the packaging by re-using the primary packageand reducing waste.TAvalon‘s timeless design, displayingits content in an attractive way, offering an affordable solution for themass market brands, as well as amore up-scaled version with highend finishes.Avalon has an elegant and user-friendly clasp, which allows for aneasy and “fingernail-free” opening ofthe compact.For an individual look, the large surface gives a lot of freedom to decorate, metallize, silk screen or hot foilprint, or apply a multitude of surfacetreatments.The line consists of four compacts fora 30-, a 42- and a 59mm pan-size, including a refillable, cream-to-powdercompact (deep base, 59mm pan).Corpack is specialized in the design,development and production of cosmetic packaging. We provide a verycomprehensive service, offering“one-stop shopping” for any brandseeking to design and develop a newline or the relaunch of an existingone. Corpack offers custom packaging options as well as a wide varietyof standard solutions to the beautyindustry.Corpack GmbHElly-Staegmeyr-Str. 280999 MünchenGermany 49 (0)89-818 875 [email protected] 53

HIGHLIGHT PACKAGINGADVERTISEMENTNeopac has launched three newpackaging solutions for sophisticated cosmetics this yearTubes for sophisticatedcosmeticsNeopac, which has sites in Switzerland and Hungary, has launchedthree new packaging solutions for sophisticated cosmetics this year:Stylo – new handwriting forcare productsAmplify pump tubes – thevalue for money onePICEA wood tube – thesustainable oneThe three tube applicators Stylo Pipette, Stylo Liner and Stylo Bristleprovide point-to-point, line-perfect,and precise application of cosmeticcreams and serums. The applicatorsare hygienic and easy to clean.Thanks to the on/off rotating bezelwith arrow diagrams, the productstays where it belongs – on the skinor in the tube. All parts of the tubecan be separately colored, apart fromthe applicators themselves. Thetubes are available in Polyfoil (forhigh product protection), PE andCOEX materials and can be finishedwith offset printing, silk-screen printing or hot-foil embossing.Care of facial and baby skin is challenging and can happen anytime,anywhere. In order to improve theconsumer’s experience for teenagersand young adults regarding standardtubes, Neopac’s new Amplify pumptube is ideally suited as a starter edition for cosmetic brands or for privately traded labels, who want to upgrade functionality of cosmeticapplications in 15-50ml PE or COEXtubes. Thanks to the easy-to-usepump, dosing is precise and pleasantfor the user. The Amplify pump tubeimpresses with few pieces, integratedleakage protection, easy handling,precise dosage and, last but not least,with its attractive price and availability in large quantities.Good news to all organic and naturalcosmetic brands: Our wooden tube isgetting better and better! Now we haveeven more renewable material in thetube body and shoulder. The sprucewood comes from Germany and thetube surface is easy to print. The material is recyclable and food grade according to regulation (EU) No. 10/2011.ETMA Tube Award: laminate categoryHoffmann Neopac AGBurgdorfstr. 223672 OberdiessbachSwitzerland 41 31 770 11 11www.neopac.com54 lCOSSMA 11 I 2017

HIGHLIGHT PACKAGINGADVERTISEMENTSchubert-CosmeticsFully automated adjusted to a widerange of format sizes: RSC cartonmagazine and erecting tool.PEAK PERFORMANCESchubert’s latest development:high-performance erector for RSC cartonsSchubert has developed a newhigh-performance erector forthe fully automated erecting,filling and closing of RSC cartons.This new technology is ideally suitedfor products such as shampoos andbody lotions which need to be filledand packaged with high output. Thecompact TLM machine can handleindividual bottles as well as a shrinkwrapped groups of bottles.of format flexibility. Format conversion can be selected easily andquickly via the Schubert packagingcontrol system VMS.Highlights include a fully automated,multilane and self-adjusting cardboard magazine via NC drives and anerecting tool with 12 spreading elements which adapt themselves to different formats. There is no need forexchange or manual adjustment ofparts to run a wide range of variouscarton sizes resulting in a very shortchange overtime and a high degreeThe Schubert-Cosmetics team of experts develops, designs and suppliesinnovative filling and packaging systems for the cosmetics industry. Thefocus is on Schubert technology withproven standard components and extremely compact machine solutionsthat ensure high machine availability. Fast, efficient product and formatchanges enable cost-conscious fillingand packaging for different productsizes and types – even for the smallest batch sizes.The carton magazine is able to handle an extensive selection of cartonsizes – ranging from 120 x 100 x 100mm to 900 x 430 x 400 mm – and automatically converts between one-,two-or three-lane versions.Schubert-Cosmeticsa Unit of Schubert Packaging Systems GmbHWerner-von-Siemens-Str. 1274564 CrailsheimGermany 49 (0)7951 rt-packaging-systems.comwww.cossma.coml 55

MARKETING MARKET SURVEYPACKAGING SUPPLIERSBALLERSTAEDT &CO. OHGHardbergstr. 1176437 RastattGermanyPhone: 49 (0)7222 95150Fax: 49 (0)7222 luminium seal closuresBIX-PACK 275 EttlingenGermanyPhone: 49 (0)7243 719800Fax: 49 (0)7243 [email protected] FOLIENDRUCK GMBH & CO.KGHerrenwiese 11-1357319 Bad Berleburg, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)2751 920760Fax: 49 (0)2751 [email protected] GESUNDHEITSPFLEGE- UNDPHARMAPRODUKTEGMBHKonrad-Adenauer-Str. 377704 Oberkirch, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)7802 92650Fax: 49 (0)7802 [email protected] GERSCHON GMBHCosmetic-VerpackungenHainerbergweg 4061462 Königstein, GermanyPhone: 49 (0) 6174 7017Fax: 49 (0) 6174 [email protected] AGUnterdorfstr. 319107 Urnäsch AR, SwitzerlandPhone: 41 (0)71 7910707Fax: 41 (0)71 ing servicesCOSMIN GMBHDonnersbergweg 1TZL Technologiezentrum67059 LudwigshafenGermanyPhone: 49 (0)621 [email protected] of sun protection concepts56 l COSSMA 11 I 2017KLAR PARTNER AGGEKA GMBHWaizendorf 391572 Bechhofen, GermanyPhone: 49 (0) 9822 8701Fax: 49 (0) 9822 e 3-952076 Aachen, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)2408 9509-0Fax: 49 (0)2408 ulation management software

MARKETING MARKET SURVEYLUTZ GMBH & CO.KGKOSMETIK KONZEPTGMBHOtto-Kipp-Str. 323684 Scharbeutz, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)4524 7007-0Fax: 49 (0)4524 pt.deAm Stammholz 1197877 Wertheim, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)9342 96070Fax: 49 (0)9342 AMASOLWILLY MÄDER AGDriesbüelstr. 28808 Pfäffikon, SZ, SwitzerlandPhone: 41 (0)55 4174040Fax: 41 (0)55 [email protected] SCHMITT GMBHLauensteiner Str. 6296337 Ludwigsstadt, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)9263 9999010Fax: 49(0)9263 tics.comPOLPAK SP. Z O.O.Ul. Stagiewna 2c03-117 Warszawa, PolandPhone: 48 (0)22 5193962Fax: 48 (0)22 PACK K.A. WOLFGMBH & CO.KGRATIONATORMASCHINENBAU GMBHDorfwiesenstr. 261197 Florstadt, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)6041 82280Fax: 49 (0)6041 r Str. 167586 Hillesheim/RheinhessenGermanyPhone: 49 (0)6733 94700Fax: 49 (0)6733 [email protected] GESELLSCHAFTFÜR TRANSPARENTEVERPACKUNGEN MBHHans-Sachs-Str. 363110 Rodgau, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)6106 69030Fax: 49 (0)6106 [email protected]‘s strength is the manufacture oftop-quality customised creative packagingmade from transparent, translucent, anddyed materials.While we are renowned for our transparentfolding containers, our range is not limitedto see-through packaging. Plastic offers somany more options for display. However ifyou are looking for transparent packagingof any kind, displays, or signage, you are inthe right place. We develop and producesolutions which are tailored to your needs.Discover the world of Seufert!SILI SIGMUND LINDNERGMBHOberwarmensteinacher Str. 3895485 Warmensteinach, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)9277 9940Fax: 49 (0)9277 omZELLAEROSOL GMBHWiesenstr. 1379669 Zell im Wiesental, GermanyPhone: 49 (0)7625 92530Fax: 49 (0)7625 t manufacturing Filling,Full Servicewww.cossma.coml 57

E5128011 / 2017COSMETICS SPRAY TECHNOLOGY MARKETINGWWW.COSSMA.COMGO T:AEROSOLSAerosols keepit personalSarah Teichmüller,SIHU Professional Care“LESS IS MORE”BELINDA CARLIIPCSFeeding a healthymicrobiome

MARKET SURVEY l 51 no yes company, e-mail, website aging s es, tubes erials, all shapes) t. e) aging onsulting) oding other e LAV Management & Service GmbH, [email protected], production of natural cosmetics Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG, [email protected]