Ho-Chunk NationRequest for ProposalTribal Economic Development ConsultantFor the Ho-Chunk NationRFP Number: 2021DWS05This Request for Sealed Proposal (RFP) is for the purpose of contracting with a qualified firm toprovide the Ho-Chunk Nation with Tribal Economic Consulting Services outlined within thisdocument. All requirements are as per specifications enclosed herein.Proposal Due Date: November 23, 2021 at 2:00pm (CST)General Requirement: This is a Request for Sealed Proposal (see attached). Proposal will beopened and evaluated in private and proposal information will be kept confidential until anaward is made. One (1) original and six (6) copies of the complete proposal are to besubmitted. Pricing is to be submitted in a separate envelope marked “PRICING”.Proposal of:Company Name:Address:Contact Person:Telephone:Facsimile/Email:

Schedule of EventsRelease of RFP on WebsiteDeadline for Questions by e-mail via addendumInternet Posting of Answers to written questions(CST)Proposals Due DateNovember 1, 2021 by 4:00PM (CST)November 9, 2021 by 4:00pm (CST)November 12, 2021 by 4:00pmNovember 23, 2021 at 2:00pm (CST)Proposers should consult the website: es/daily for RFP Addendum, clarifications, schedule changes or other important information.Proposals shall be submitted to:Dakota Walton-Smith, CPPBProcurement ManagerHo-Chunk Nation Department of TreasuryProcurement DivisionPO Box 640W9814 Airport RoadBlack River Falls, WI 54615Contact Person:Dakota Walton-SmithProcurement ManagerHo-Chunk Nation Department of TreasuryProcurement DivisionPO Box 640W9814 Airport RoadBlack River Falls, WI 54615Phone: 800-779-2873, Ext 11243Email: [email protected]

Ho-Chunk NationProposal LetterWe propose to furnish and deliver any and all of the deliverables and services named in theattached Request for Proposal (RFP)It is understood and agreed that this proposal constitutes an offer, which when accepted in writingby the Ho-Chunk Nation is subject to the terms and conditions of such acceptance and willconstitute a valid and binding contract between the undersigned and the Ho-Chunk Nation.It is understood and agreed that we have read the Ho-Chunk Nation’s specifications shown orreferenced in the RFP and that this proposal is made in accordance with the provisions of suchspecifications. By our written signature on this proposal, we guarantee and certify that all itemsincluded in this proposal meet or exceed any and all such specifications.We verify that all information contained in this proposal is truthful to the best of our knowledgeand belief. We further certify that we are duly authorized to submit this proposal on behalf of thefirm and that the firm is ready, willing and able to perform if awarded the contract.The laws of the Ho-Chunk Nation will govern any agreement relating to the provision of goodsand services contemplated by this RFP. In addition, the service provider under such an agreementwill comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies of the Nation.We hereby propose to furnish the goods or services specified in the Request for Proposal. Weagree that our proposal will remain firm for a period of up to 120 days in order to allow the HoChunk Nation adequate time to evaluate the qualifications submitted.3

MANDATORY PAGEPROPOSAL SIGNATURE AND CERTIFICATION(Proposal Letter must be signed and returned with proposal)I/We certify that this proposal is made without prior understanding, agreement, or connection withany corporation, firm, or person submitting a proposal for the same materials, supplies, equipment,or services and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud. I/We understand collusiveproposing is a violation of State and Federal law. No officer, employee or agent of the Ho-ChunkNation or any other proposer is interested in said proposal and that the undersigned executed thisProposer’s Certification with full knowledge and understating of the matters therein contained andwas duly authorized to do so. I/We agree to propose by all conditions of the proposal and certifythat I/We are authorized to sign this proposal for the proposer.**State of Incorporation(Individual – Partnership – Company – Corporation)(Business Address)(City, State, and Zip Code)(By Printed Name and Signature)(Title)(Witness Signature)(Title)(Telephone No)(Fax No)(Date)4

MANDATORY PAGEREFERENCESPlease list three (3) references that you have done similar work, service or supplied similar products towithin the last twelve (12) months.Entity:Address:Contact Name:Telephone Number:Email:Entity:Address:Contact Name:Telephone Number:Email:Entity:Address:Contact Name:Telephone Number:Email:5

MANDATORY PAGEACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ADDENDUMS: (Signature & Date Required)Addendum 1:Addendum 2:Addendum 3:EXCEPTIONS TO THE PROPOSAL:List any exceptions to the Proposal Specifications6

1.0 BACKGROUND INFORMATION1.1 GeneralThe Ho-Chunk Nation (Nation) is a sovereign government dedicated to improving the lives of itsconstituents. In 1963, the Wisconsin Winnebago Nation was recognized as a federal tribe pursuantto the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. On November 1, 1994, the Wisconsin WinnebagoNation officially changed its name to the Ho-Chunk Nation when the Secretary of the Interiorformally recognized its new constitution. The Nation’s main office is located in Black River Falls,Wisconsin. In addition to its government operations, the Nation currently operates six (6) gamingfacilities, three (3) hotels, a resort, a convention center, five (5) convenience stores, a gift shop anda number of other ancillary businesses.1.2 Gaming FacilitiesHO-CHUNK GAMING – WISCONSIN DELLS CASINO, BINGO, and HOTEL &CONVENTION CENTER: Ho-Chunk Gaming – Wisconsin Dells Casino in Baraboo, WI was thefirst of the Ho-Chunk Nation’s Class III Casinos and was established in October 1993. Ho-ChunkGaming – Wisconsin Dells Casino offers more than 2,110 slot machines and 62 tables. Ho-ChunkGaming – Wisconsin Dells Bingo was one of the first gaming enterprises for the Nation, whichbegan in 1983 and is currently operating as a 600-seat hall. Ho-Chunk Gaming – Wisconsin DellsHotel has 302 rooms and suites and operates more than 60,000 square feet of convention space.In June 2008, a new swimming pool opened for patrons to use. Patrons of the hotel also haveaccess to the House of Wellness, which provides a small business room, fitness center, andbasketball court.HO-CHUNK GAMING – NEKOOSA CASINO: Ho-Chunk Gaming – Nekoosa Casino inNekoosa, WI opened in late 1993 and offers more than 650 slots and 9 tables. Ho-Chunk Gaming– Nekoosa Casino offers Black Jack, Poker and RouletteHO-CHUNK GAMING – BLACK RIVER FALLS CASINO, BINGO & HOTEL: Ho-ChunkGaming – Black River Falls Casino in Black River Falls, WI opened June of 1996 and wasmodified in February 1999 to add 200 more slot machines and 12 tables. It is currently operatingwith 632 slot machines and 11 tables. It offers Roulette, Black Jack and Poker. Ho-Chunk Gaming– Black River Falls Bingo, previously known as the Sands Bingo, also began operations in 1983and is currently operating a 462-seat facility. Ho-Chunk Gaming – Black River Falls Hotel has 60rooms, a swimming pool, and meeting rooms are available.HO-CHUNK GAMING – TOMAH CASINO: Ho-Chunk Gaming – Tomah Casino in Tomah,WI was opened in July 2004 with 100 slot machines. Ho-Chunk Gaming - Tomah Casino is anancillary site with remote management and is currently operating with 98 slot machines.HO-CHUNK GAMING – WITTENBERG CASINO: Ho-Chunk Gaming – Wittenberg Casino inWittenberg, WI was opened in November 2008 and is currently operating with 504 slot machines.HO-CHUNK GAMING – MADISON: Ho-Chunk Gaming - Madison in Madison, WI was builtin 1995, but did not begin operations until 1999 as a 1000-seat bingo hall, electronic bingo, and avaried food venue. The facility was renovated in September 2006, and began full operations as aClass II Gaming Hall in December 2006. It is currently operating 1,100 Class II gaming machinesand 8 Electronic Poker Tables.7

1.3 Non - Gaming FacilitiesCONVENIENCE STORES (C-Stores)All of the convenience stores offer three (3) levels of unleaded gasoline and as of July 2008 offerdiesel fuel. In addition to fuel and cigarette/tobacco products, the stores offer the standard c-storeproducts with varying levels of other general, novelty, and gift items. The stores locations on trustland provide a tax advantage in cigarette sales as well as an advantage in fuel pricing.Whitetail Crossing – BarabooWhitetail Crossing – Black River FallsWhitetail Crossing – NekoosaWhitetail Crossing – TomahWhitetail Crossing – WittenbergBlue Wing Enterprises LLCHo-Chunk Lynwood Properties Sports and Expo1.4 Health Care FacilitiesThe Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health operates two accredited clinics: Ho-Chunk HealthCare Center in Black River Falls, WI and the House of Wellness Clinic in Baraboo, WI. Eachclinic provides medical, dental, optical, pharmacy and podiatry services to tribal members and HoChunk Nation employees and families.1.5 Governmental BranchesThe Ho-Chunk Nation consists of the four (4) branches of government. These branches consist ofExecutive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch, and General Council.The Executive Branch is made up of 12 Executive Departments that assist tribal members,employees and general public on services and information regarding the Tribe. Department of Administration Department of Business Department of Education Department of Health Department of Heritage Preservation Department of Housing Department of Justice Department of Labor Department of Natural Resources8

Department of Personnel Department of Social Services Department of Treasury1.6 Ancillary Business Ho-Chunk Housing & Community Development First Nations Financial2.0 STATEMENT OF WORKRequest for Proposals (RFP) is a method of procurement permitting discussions with responsibleproposers and revisions to proposals prior to award of a contract. Proposals will be opened andevaluated in private. Award will be based on criteria set forth Herein.The purpose and objective of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain competitive proposalpackages from responsible, qualified proposers to create and write a Comprehensive EconomicDiversification Strategic Plan (CEDSP) which will enable the Ho-Chunk Nation (“HCN”) toensure the development of innovative economic projects with implementation strategies topromote and support the growth, expansion, and retention of businesses throughout the territoriesof the HCN and neighboring communities.The Ho-Chunk Nation intends to retain a qualified and committed professional firm orindividual(s) experienced in Tribal economic development strategic planning. The Ho-ChunkNation intends to integrate feedback from planning sessions, surveys and input.3.0 SCOPE OF WORKINTRODUCTIONThe Ho-Chunk Nation is one of the largest employers throughout the State of Wisconsin withthe two (2) largest operations in the counties of Jackson and Sauk. Due to the coronaviruspandemic, the Ho-Chunk Nation was forced to close the doors to the bingo halls, hotels, andother hospitality-based enterprises in March of 2020. Essential staff was approved at theconvenience stores/gas stations to maintain minimal operations. Other areas in reduction ofworkforce occurred within the Nation’s governmental programs and services. In 2019, the fulltime employee count in both government and business categories were 1,136 Ho-Chunkmember employees and 1801 non-Ho-Chunk member employees. Nearly 53% of the HoChunk member workforce were laid off and an estimated 82% of the non-Ho-Chunk workforcewere laid off.The Ho-Chunk Nation reopened the doors to the casinos in May of 2020. The HCN compliedwith the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by limiting the number of guestsand by limiting the number of player availability. Wearing masks was made a requirement forall employees and guests, washing hands, hand sanitizer kiosks were made available throughoutthe enterprises and government offices, and a minimum of six (6) feet of social distancing.With the implementation of the CDC guidelines, 246 Ho-Chunk members were called back towork and 806 non-Ho-Chunk employees were restored into their positions within thegovernment and business operations. The current employee count is 1,914 in both business andgovernment sectors. An approximate number of 1,023 of former Ho-Chunk Nation employees9

have not been reinstated to their former positions.The primary focus for the CEDSP are two (2) counties, Jackson and Sauk in Wisconsin. Thesecondary focus of the strategic plan will be the counties of Wood, Shawano, Dane, Monroeand Rock. A tertiary focus will include limited areas in northern Illinois. The Ho-ChunkNation’s goals are to increase not only the Nation’s economy but also the economy in thosecounties through job creation as well as boosting the economy in or near the localmunicipalities.The Ho-Chunk Nation is seeking a qualified firm or company to develop a ComprehensiveEconomic Diversification Strategic Plan. These statements describe the overall objectives ofthis project and should not be confused with the required response to this Request for Proposals(“RFP”) in terms of proposal format and content. Your proposal should cover your suggestedapproach to accomplishing each of these objectives, together with your itemized cost estimatesfor doing so.OBJECTIVES1.By project end, completed Comprehensive Economic Diversification Strategy Plan (six (6)hard copies and one (1) digital in searchable PDF format) will be due twelve (12) monthsafter project start, unless an alternate schedule is mutually agreed upon in writing.2.Monthly progress review meetings/conference calls between consultant and the Ho-ChunkNation Legislature for questions/answers and discussion of progress toward thedevelopment of strategies and final report. On-site visits will be limited; however, at leastthree (3) site visits from project start to project end may be required.3.Identify innovative economic projects that support the growth, expansion and retention ofbusinesses throughout the reservation territories and neighboring municipalities andcommunities.4.Assessment of the Ho-Chunk Nation’s current assets which may include but are not limitedto facilities, land/property, financial capability, workforce, equipment, and currentinvestments, and those resources that are available and present in the counties of Jackson,Sauk, Shawano, Dane, Wood, and Shawano, and the city of Beloit, Wisconsin, RockCounty, to determine viable business ventures for the Ho-Chunk Nation. The end productwill be a comprehensive economic diversification strategic plan for the Ho-Chunk Nationto participate in to restructure its economic fundamentals away from casino-dependentrevenue streams.5.Working document drafts as project sections are completed which will allow the Ho-ChunkNation Legislature to review and submit suggestions as the plan progresses to completion.At the discretion of the Ho-Chunk Nation, additional services to further develop and design themodel may be extended to the consultant by means of the executed contract.10

4.0 TERMS AND CONDITIONS4.1 Receipt and HandlingAt time of receipt at the Ho-Chunk Nation’s Procurement Division, all proposals will be stampedshowing date and time of delivery. Late proposals or proposals received after the specified timeand date will not be considered and will be rejected and returned to the vendor at vendor’s expense,unopened.Proposals must be submitted with one (1) original and six (6) copies.SEALED PROPOSAL ENVELOPES ARE TO BE CLEARLY MARKED WITH THEPROPOSAL TITLE, PROPOSAL NUMBER, TIME AND DATE OF OPENING. Anyproposals received after the due date and time (late proposals) will not be considered and will bereturned unopened to the Proposer.4.2 Evaluation of ProposalThe proposals submitted by proposers shall be evaluated solely in accordance with the criteria setforth in the RFP. Proposals shall be opened in private by the Evaluation Committee to avoiddisclosure of contents to competing proposers4.3 Proposal GuaranteeThis proposal shall be firm for at least 120 days after the latest time specified for submission ofproposals and thereafter unless written notice is received from the Proposer.4.4 SubstitutionsNO substitutions, additions, or cancellations are permitted unless all such requests are submittedin writing and approved by the Ho-Chunk Nation. Requests for substitutions will be reviewed bythe Ho-Chunk Nation and approval may be given by the Ho-Chunk Nation at its sole discretion.4.5 Discussion of ProposalThe Evaluation Committee may conduct discussions with any proposer who submits an acceptableor potentially acceptable proposal. Proposers shall be accorded fair and equal treatment withrespect to any opportunity for discussion and revision of proposals. During the course of suchdiscussions, the Evaluation Committee shall not disclose any information derived from oneproposal to any other proposer.4.6 NegotiationsThe Ho-Chunk Nation reserves the right to negotiate specifications, terms, and conditions, whichmay be necessary or appropriate to the accomplishment of the purpose of this RFP. The Nationmay require the RFP and the proposer’s proposal be incorporated in full or in part as ContractDocuments. This implies that this RFP and all responses, supplemental information, and othersubmissions provided by the proposer during discussions or negotiations may be held by the HoChunk Nation as contractually binding on the successful Proposer.4.7 Notice of Unacceptable Proposals11

When the Evaluation Committee determines a proposer’s proposal to be unacceptable, suchproposer shall not be afforded an additional opportunity to supplement its proposal.4.8 Reserved RightsThe Ho-Chunk Nation reserves the right at any time and for any reason to cancel this Request forProposal, to reject any or all proposals, or contract as the best interests of the Nation requirements.The Nation reserves the right to waive any immaterial defect in any proposal. Unless otherwisespecified by the proposer, the Nation has no less than on hundred and twenty (120) days toaccept. The Nation may seek clarification from a proposer at any time and failure to respondpromptly is cause for rejection. The Nation may require submission of best and final offers.4.9 Incurred CostThe cost for developing the proposal is the sole responsibility of the proposer. Ho-Chunk Nationwill not provide reimbursement for such costs.4.10 AwardAward shall be made by the Ho-Chunk Nation to the most responsive and responsible proposerwhose proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to the Nation, taking into considerationprice and the evaluation criteria set forth herein below.4.11 Criteria for SelectionThe following criteria and point system shall be used by the evaluation team to determine the firmor individual(s) most qualified and best suited to perform the work.1. Qualification and Experience (50 points)Proposer’s capability in all respects to perform fully the contract requirements. This includesthe proposer’s experience in providing requested services. Minimum qualifications include:a. The firm shall be independent of the Nationb. The firm shall have the experience necessary to provide the requested services.2. Approach and Timing (20 points)This refers to the suitability of the specific approach and the timing of the engagement,which are described in the Specifications section below.3. References (10 points)The proposer shall describe its prior experience in the requested services including thenames, addresses, telephone numbers and contact person of at least 3 prior organizations.Please note any clients that are tribal governments, enterprises, or corporations.4. Cost (10 points)This refers to the proposed price for the services listed in the RFP.5. Compliance with RFP (10 points)This refers to the adherence to all conditions and requirements of the RFP.12

Total 100 points4.12 OSHA RequirementsThe Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and the Ho-Chunk Nation’sOccupational Safety and Health Program Act of 2002, 6 HCC §8 “guarantees workers the right toa safe and healthful workplace”. Under Section5 (a) (1) of the OSHA Act, the employer must“furnish to each of his employees’ employment and a place of employment which are free fromrecognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to hisemployees.”There are times when the Ho-Chunk Nation must hire entities and individuals (contractors) toperform services. To this end, contractors hired by the Ho-Chunk Nation must perform their dutiesin a manner that is compliant with all state, federal, and tribal health and safety laws and industryguidelines. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that their personnel and subcontractorscomply with all state, federal, and tribal health and safety laws and regulation and industryguidelines, including, but not limited to those set forth by: OSHA and related regulations, theSafety Inspection and Education Act, the Health and Safety Act, the National Institute ofOccupational Safety and Health, the National Fire Protection Association, the Centers for DiseaseControl, American Industrial Hygiene Association, the American Council of GovernmentalIndustrial Hygienists, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department ofTransportation.4.13 Purchase ExtensionThis contract shall be offered for purchases to be made by other tribal and governmental units asauthorized by the Government Joint Purchasing Act. All purchases and payments made under thisauthority shall be made directly by the governmental unit to the Proposer. The Ho-Chunk Nationshall not be responsible in any way for such purchase orders or payments. All terms and conditionsof this contract shall apply to all orders placed by another governmental unit.In addition, this contract may be offered to other divisions/departments of the Ho-ChunkNation. All terms and conditions for the Ho-Chunk Nation will apply to all orders placed by otherdivisions/departments within the Ho-Chunk Nation.4.14 Force Majeure ClauseAll parties shall not be liable under the provisions of the contract for damages on account of strikes,lockouts, accidents, fires, inclement weather, delays of common carriers, acts of God, detrimentalgovernment actions, state of way, or any other causes beyond the control of the parties.4.15 TaxesThe Ho-Chunk Nation is exempt from paying Wisconsin Use Tax, Wisconsin Retailers OccupationTax, and Federal Excise Tax. (#39-1140880)4.16 PaymentsThe Proposer shall furnish the Nation with an itemized invoice including all detailed support ofany reimbursable expenses incurred.4.17 Proposer Responsibilities13

The selected Proposer will be required to assume responsibility for all services offered in thisproposal. The Nation will consider the selected Proposer to be the sole point of contact with regardto contractual matters, including payment of any and all charges resulting from the contract.Any contract resulting from the RFP may not be assigned, in whole or in part without writtenconsent of the Nation. If the Proposer attempts to make such an assignment without the writtenconsent of the Nation, the Proposer shall nevertheless remain legally responsible for all obligationsunder the Contract.4.18 Interpretation or Correction of Request for ProposalsProposers shall promptly notify the Procurement Manager of any ambiguity, inconsistency, orerror, which they may discover upon examination of the Request for Proposals.Interpretations, corrections, and changes to the Request for Proposals will be made by addendum.Interpretations, corrections, or changes made in any other manner will not be binding.4.19 Compliance with LawsThe proposer hereto covenants and agrees to comply with all applicable federal, state, tribal, andlocal laws, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations. Failure to comply with the terms of thisprovision shall constitute a breach of contract and permit the Ho-Chunk Nation to terminate this(Request for Sealed Proposal/Proposal) in accordance with the termination provisions statedherein.4.20 Recourse for Unsatisfactory MaterialsPayment shall be contingent upon the Ho-Chunk Nation inspection or satisfaction with completedwork. Any defective work or materials, non-conformance to specifications, damaged materials, orunsatisfactory installation shall be corrected to the Ho-Chunk Nation’s satisfaction by thesuccessful proposer at no additional charge.4.21 TerminationFailure to comply with the terms and conditions as herein stated shall be cause for cancellation ofthe contract. The Ho-Chunk Nation will give written notice of unsatisfactory performance and theProposer will be allowed fourteen (14) days to take corrective action and accomplish satisfactorycontrol. If at the end of the fourteen days, the Ho-Chunk Nation deems the Proposer’s performancestill unsatisfactory, the contract shall be canceled. The exercise of its right of cancellations shallnot limit the Ho-Chunk Nation’s right to seek any other remedies allowed by law.The successful proposer will agree that the resulting contract is made subject to available budgetaryappropriations and shall not create any obligation on behalf of the Nation in excess of suchappropriations. In the event that no funds or insufficient funds are appropriated and budgeted, thisContract shall terminate without penalty or expense to the Nation fourteen (14) days after writtennotification of termination from the Nation.4.22 Rejection of Proposal, Waiver or IrregularitiesHo-Chunk Nation reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive irregularities, and toaccept that proposal which is considered to be in the best interest of the Nation. Any such decisionshall be considered final.14

4.23 MilestonesMilestones if outlined, will be considered in making the award and the proposers shall state, in thespaces provided expected milestones. Failure to meet said milestones without prior consent of theProcurement Manager will be considered breach of faith.4.24 WorkmanshipItems shall be manufactured according to the highest traditions of the industry and shall meet allcommercial standards of quality. The Nation shall be the sole judge of acceptable products.Unacceptable products will be rejected and suitable price adjustments made.4.25 InsuranceGeneral The successful proposer shall maintain for the duration of the contract and any extensionsthereof, at proposer’s expense, insurance that includes “Occurrence” basis wording and is issuedby a company or companies qualified to do business in the State of Wisconsin that are acceptableto the Nation, which generally requires that the company(ies) be assigned a Best’s Rating of A orhigher with a Best’s financial size category of Class XIV or higher, in the following types andamounts:a) Commercial General Liability in a broad form, to include, but not limited to, coveragefor the following where exposure exists: Bodily Injury and Property Damage,Premises/Operations, Independent Proposers, Products/Completed Operations,Personal Injury and Contractual Liability; limits of liability not less than:a. 1,000,000 per occurrence and 2,000,000 in aggregate;b) Business Auto Liability to include, but not be limited to, coverage for the followingwhere exposure exists: Owned Vehicles, Hired and Non-Owned Vehicles andEmployee Non-Ownership; limits of liability not less than:a. 1,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit for: Bodily Injury Liabilityand Property Damage Liability;c) Workers’ Compensation Insurance to cover all employees and met statutory limits incompliance with applicable state and federal laws. The coverage must also includeEmployer’s Liability with minimum limits of 100,000 for each incident.d) Professional Liability Insurance with 1,000,000 per occurrence and 1,000,000 inaggregate.4.26 Evidence of InsuranceThe successful proposer agrees that with respect to the above-required insurance that:(a) The Ho-Chunk Nation shall be provided with Certificates of Insurance evidencing theabove required insurance, prior to commencement of the contract and thereafter withcertificates evidencing renewals or replacements of said policies of insurance at leastfifteen (15) days prior to the expiration or cancellation of any such policies;(b) The contractual liability arising out of the contract shall be acknowledged on the Certificateof Insurance by the insurance company;(c) The Ho-Chunk Nation shall be provided with thirty (30) days prior notice, in writing, ofNotice of Cancellation or material change and said notification requirement shall be statedon the Certificate of Insurance;15

(d) Subcontractors, if any, comply with the same insurance requirements. In addition to beingnamed as an additional insured on the Certificate of Insurance, each liability policy shallcontain an endorsement naming the Ho-Chunk Nation as and additional insured. A Copyof the endorsement shall be provided to Ho-Chunk Nation along with the Certificate ofInsurance; and(e) have Ho-Chunk Nation named as an additional insured and the address for certificateholder must read exactly as:Ho-Chunk Nation, a sovereign nationW9814 Airport RoadBlack River Falls, WI 54615(f) Insurance Notices and Certificates of Insurance shall be provided to:Ho-Chunk Nation Treasury, Procurement DepartmentW9814 Airport RoadBlack River Falls, WI 54615The Nation shall be provided with Certificates of Insurance evidencing the above requiredinsurance prior to the commencement of this Agreement and thereafter with the certificatedevidencing renewals or changes to said policies of insurance at least fifteen (15) days prior to theexpiration or cancellation of any such policies.The Nation shall be named as additional insured on all

with 632 slot machines and 11 tables. It offers Roulette, Black Jack and Poker. Ho-Chunk Gaming – Black River Falls Bingo, previously known as the Sands Bingo, also began operations in 1983 and is currently operating a 462-seat facility. Ho-Chunk Gaming – Black River Falls Hotel has 60