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Registered Campus OrgsEach UCI Law student organization must be registered with main campus. This comes with benefits fromthe School of Law and from main campus.Main CampusSchool of LawInsurance from UC Office of the PresidentReserve Rooms at the Law SchoolPoster Paper and Poster RoomRequest Funding from SBA Event Planning AssistancePoster paper can be purchased in the StudentLife & Leadership Office (Student Center G308)for .50 per 5 feet Open M-F, 8am-5pm Button making machine; .25/buttonFlyer PrintingASUCI Club Account 10 free color copies/event E-mail [email protected] with yourattachmentStorage Cabinet or Locker in MPAAReserve Rooms on Main CampusUCI Law Student Organization Contact InformationRocco FragomeniAssistant Director of Student [email protected] MondaresStudent Services [email protected] LivelySBA [email protected] BabajanianSBA Internal Co-Cha[email protected] JaitlySBA Appropriations [email protected] ResourcesJennah JonesDirector of Student [email protected] Event Approval Form (LEAF) ReservationsSBA Funding RequestsRequest IT & Facilities NeedsMain Campus Student Organizations at UCI rgs2

Insurance and Liability WaiversAs you plan your event, it is essential to make the appropriate insurance arrangements. All events shouldhave liability insurance and should register with CampusConnexions (insurance provider for the UCsystem). If your organization is an affiliate member or local chapter of a regional or national organization,you may be able to attain insurance from them. Please contact your organization’s regional or nationaloffice to see if they will cover your campus organization. Check the CampusConnexions website to see ifthe event type that you are planning to hold on campus is covered under the University’s insurance policy.Visit: for more information.Applying for InsuranceLiability Waivers*If your event involves sports and/or will be held off-campus, ensure that each participant reads andsigns a UC Voluntary Waiver, which can be found at*In some cases, for the insurance coverage to be effective, many types of events require participants tosign a waiver. See the Hazard Schedule at

FundingAll registered campus organizations (RCOs) are eligible to apply for funding for their programs, services,or events. Additionally, organizations are eligible to raise funds through various options outlined on thefollowing page.Eligibility for SBA FundsThe Student Bar Association will be the main source of funding for most Student Organization events. Ifyou need SBA funding for an upcoming event, please make sure you submit a LEAF request at least 2weeks in advance. The SBA Appropriations Committee meets once a week to decide on funding, and thenyou will be notified.EligibleIneligible Food and drinks ( 5/person based onattendance figures)Conference Travel Academic conferences, legal associationconference, law journal conferences, andpublic interest conferences Any conference for which an individualstudent is scheduled to present an academicpaperUtensilsSpeaker HonorariaAlcohol**The SBA budget line designated forstudent organizations cannot be usedfor alcoholic beverages; however,funding may be available through anSBA account populated by studentregistration fees.For further limitations and information, pleaseconsult the Appropriations Committee By-Lawswhich are available here. Any conference or meeting for which astudent is required to sit on the board of anational student organizationReimbursementsOnce approved for funding from SBA, you will need to make purchases with personal finances and then bereimbursed. In order to receive your reimbursement, you will need to:Access and fill out an ASUCI Check Request form. (Make sure you click on the first link for the StudentGovernment Request Form.)Fill out the form completely with requestor information, payee information, method of delivery, amount, andthe description. Please leave the account name and number cells blank.Bring this form printed and signed to Debbie Mondares in suite 1000, along with: An itemized receipt taped along the edges on a blank sheet of paper Proof of advertising (flyer or copy of e-mail) Sign-in or attendance sheet Copy of LEAF funding request approvalOn the Check Request Form you can opt to have the check mailed to you or available for pick-up. If youselect to pick-up your check it will be waiting for you at the ASUCI Main Office in the Student Center. Youcan call ahead to see if it is available for pick-up at 949-824-2400.4

FundraisingHosting a FundraiserIf your organization is interested in hosting a fundraiser, please complete the FundraisingIntent Form found here. Please note, you must be logged into your LawNet email addressto access this form.The Student Organization Fundraising policy promotes consistency among studentorganizations and the formal fundraising efforts of the Dean’s Office. Please direct allfundraising inquiries to the Assistant Director of Student Life. The Assistant Director ofStudent Life will work with each student organization to determine goals, review necessarypolicies, and develop an appropriate fundraising strategy. If a student organization violatesthe fundraising policy, UCI Law reserves the right to take appropriate administrative actionup to and including the loss of student organization privileges at UCI Law.Cash BoxIf you are collecting cash, coin or check, please reserve a cash box through the AssistantDirector of Student Life. Confirmation on when and where to pick up your cash box will besent via email.Submitting Funds for DepositThe Student Life Team will provide you with a cash box to securely store and transportfunds gathered during your event. All paper money, coin, and checks should be tallied onthe sheet provided in the cash box. Student Life will reconcile funds provided against thecompleted ledger prior to making a deposit. Discrepancies will be reported immediately toyour organization’s representative(s).

Marketing & PublicityMarketing and publicity are important to create and implement a successful program. You should alwaysreview UCI posting policies (sec. 900-12). All event advertising targeted for the campus, and/or held oncampus should conform to University policies and procedures and should avoid demeaning sexual ordiscriminatory portrayal of individuals or use of the University logo, mascot, or seal. Visit: for orgs/index.php for more information.Law School Flyer PolicyFlyers must display an approval stamp. Flyers should be submitted to the UCI Law Office ofStudent Services minimally 24 hours in advance for review and approval. Approved flyers must bestamped by an Office of Student Services staff member prior to being copied. Flyers that don’t receiveapproval will be returned with an explanation. Posted flyers that have not been stamped will be removed.UCI Law administrative units are exempted from this policy as units are responsible for removing theirflyers.Flyers must include the following information:1) Name of Student organization. 2) Event’s date, time, & location.Posting on Bulletin Boards. Bulletin Boards are located in 7 locations throughout the UCI School ofLaw: The EDU and Law Buildings, each floor of the Law Building, and the Student Lounge. Flyers can onlybe posted on these bulletin boards. Event flyers should be no larger than 11x14. Flyers may be posted twoweeks prior to your event. Event flyers posted in other areas of the Law School will be removed. Please donot place more than one flyer on a given subject on a bulletin board, and please do not cover up anotherflyer with yours.Expired flyers. School of Law Facilities maintains the bulletin boards and will remove expired flyersweekly. However, if there are expired flyers (event date has passed) on a bulletin board, please feel free toremove them.Flyers may not be posted on inappropriate surfaces. Flyers must not be taped to painted surfaces,as tape can damage them. Your organization may be charged for any damage caused by posting. Onlyclassroom changes and notices from the School of Law Registrar or Dean’s Office may be posted onclassroom doors. Other inappropriate posting surfaces include, but are not limited to: lockers, toilet stalls,telephone booths, stairwells, columns, exterior and interior glass doors and panels. NO flyers may beplaced in elevators.Class Mailing ListsEach class has an internal, opt-in mailing list that is moderated by the class representatives. Please onlysend 1 e-mail per event and only for kick-off meetings, not regular meetings throughout the .uci.edu6

Marketing & PublicityThe Trademark and Licensing Office has created a page specifically for student dex.html. Please see the following excerpts.Trademark & LicensingRegistered* student groups and campus organizations may use the UCI name for purposesof geographical designation, but not as part of their name:YesNoStudent Org at UCIStudent Org - UCIUCI Student OrgUCI - Student OrgTo use an official word mark, logo or other trademark on a commercial or consumerproduct, registered student groups and campus organizations must follow the processdescribed below. Commercial and consumer products include goods for sale, resale(fundraising), internal use or to be given away.Step 1: Review the Licensing GuidelinesStep 2: Select or create artwork. See UCI Art SheetStep 3: Select a Licensed VendorStep 4: Submit a proposed licensed artwork to the Licensed Vendor. The LicensedVendor will submit the artwork to the Office of Trademark and Licensing for approval an willbe notified whether the artwork is approved or requires changes. Once the design isapproved, the order can be fulfilled.Please contact the Office of Trademark and Licensing with any questions [email protected].*Downloadable anteater graphics can be found at: iden.php#anteater*If you would like to create a logo for your student organization, please contact the Directorof Student Life. It must be approved by the Student Life Office and the Trademark Office.

Food Safety & CaterersIf your registered student organization would like to provide food at a program, meeting, or event, or sellfood for fundraising purposes, you must follow the policies outlined in the following two options:Option #1: Catering and DeliveryStudent Organizations are required to useapproved on-campus or off-campus caterers. VisitUCI Hospitality and Dining Services ( list.php) for the mostup to date list of approved caterers.Option #2: Temporary Food Permit ApplicationDon’t see a caterer you would like to work with?Contact UCI Hospitality and Dining Services to findout if the caterer is eligible to be approved.Applications to become an approved caterer aredue by the 14th day of the month prior to yourevent. The Approved UCI Off-campus Caterer Listis published on the 15th day each month.Step 3: Apply for temporary food permit throughEnvironmental Health & Safety (EH&S)(Applications must be submitted at least 2business days in advance)Step 1: Complete registration to become a studentorganization with main campusStep 2: Finish the temporary food permit training(available for signers in their MyOrgs ToDos)NOTE: Permits required when serving,distributing, or selling perishable foods to any nonRCO member*See the flow chart on the bottom of this page todetermine if you need to apply for a temporaryfood permit.UCI Hospitality and Dining Services is theexclusive caterer for the Student Center. Pleaseplan accordingly.Do You Need A Temporary Food Permit?ONLY RCO MEMBERS WILL ATTEND YOUR EVENT?YESNOTEMPORARY FOODPERMIT NOT NEEDEDWILL YOU SERVE FOOD OR BEVERAGES AT YOUR EVENT?NOYESSERVING PERISHABLE FOODSAT YOUR EVENT?TEMPORARY FOODPERMIT NOT NEEDEDNONO ACTIONREQUIREDAPPLY FOR TEMPORARY FOODPERMIT WITH EH&SYESTEMPORARY FOODPERMIT NOT NEEDEDYESHAVE YOU COMPLETEDTHE ONLINE FOOD SAFETYTRAINING (FOOD COOL)THIS ACADEMIC YEAR?NOTAKE THE FOODSAFETY TRAINING(FOOD COOL)APPLY FOR TEMPORARY FOODPERMIT WITH EH&SFor more FOOD SAFETY visit: for orgs/foodsafety for more information8

MiscellaneousIf you have any questions regarding student organizations, please consult this manual, the studentorganizations webpage,the main campus orgs page (, or the Student Life Team.Alcohol PermitsUCI has a very strict alcohol policy and process for obtaining permits. Alcohol permit requests must be filledout and submitted to Jennah Jones, Director of Student Life at least 30 business days before theevent. There are three layers of approval, so it is important to follow the 30 day guidelines. Whenapplying for an alcohol permit, it is important to contact Hospitality and Dining Services on main campus toreserve bartenders. This must be done before Alcohol Permits are approved. If you decide to cancel theevent, be sure to call and cancel the bartenders. You are required to have university approved bartendersat events with alcohol, unless you are at an establishment with a California liquor license.Alcohol Policy: tmlAlcohol Permits: .pdfHospitality & Dining (for bartender reservations): 949-824-1492Language Regarding Alcohol at EventsNo event where alcohol will be served may be advertised or offered to the public or University community asan event where alcoholic beverages will be served. The use of symbols or pictures implying the presence ofalcohol at an event is prohibited.Awards and RecognitionAnteater AwardsThe Anteater Awards recognize the accomplishments of UCI’s campus organizations. Students are invitedto nominate their group or members from their organization for their achievements throughout the academicyear. Nominate your group here: Pro Bono & Student Life AwardsThe Pro Bono & Student Life Offices at the School of Law host an awards ceremony each April to recognizestudent accomplishments. Students nominate and vote on these awards in the spring semester.

MiscellaneousEvent PlanningIf you are planning an event, especially for the first time, we highly encourage you to meet with theAssistant Director of Student Life. There are many helpful resources available at esources, including: Alcohol Policy & PermitEvents Contract/ChecklistEvents ManualLiability WaiversLaw Event Approval Form (LEAF)Each time you host an event, both on and off campus, you should submit a LEAF form forms are used to request: RoomsSBA fundingIT NeedsFacilities Needs (i.e. additional tables, chairs, trash cans)Publicity (SLATE, master calendar)Master CalendarPlease make sure you consult the master calendar before setting a date for an event. View both “SchoolEvents and Programs” as well as “Student Meetings and Events” to avoid double booking.Film ProgramsIf your student organization is interested in showing a film, it will be necessary for you to purchase oracquire a public performance license. The fee to purchase a public performance license generally runs fromabout 100 - 400, depending on the film. There are several different agencies that coordinate the licensingprocess. More information about licensing agencies is available in the Office of Student Life.It is a violation of Federal law to exhibit pre-recorded video cassettes and DVDs beyond the scope of yourprivate room or apartment - regardless of whether or not admission is charged. Ownership of a prerecorded video cassette or DVD does not constitute ownership of a copyright. Several schools andstudent groups have been successfully sued for using DVDs, and videos without permission. The use ofcopyrighted videocassettes or DVDs outside of home use requires a public performance license."Even performances in 'semi-public' places such as clubs, lodges, factories, summer camps, and schoolsare 'public performances' subject to copyright control" (Senate Report No. 94-473,p60; House Report No.94-1476,p64.). Federal laws include limited exceptions for educational uses of copyrighted material (forinstance, use of portions of copyrighted materials in connection with a class for viewing only by instructorsand students). Please consult the Office of Student Life to learn more about this exception if you arecontemplating a use which you believe may fall within this educational exception.10

MiscellaneousGuest Speaker HonorariaHonoraria are courtesy payments for guest speakers. UCI Law does not normally provide honoraria forspeakers. Advance permission must be obtained. If approved, the following items must besubmitted along with a check request in advance of the event: An original, signed and completed W9 formA copy of the letter of invitation offering the honoraria (letter must include the purpose of thehonoraria, the time, date and location of the event and the amount offered).Parking for Guest SpeakersParking permits can be obtained through ASUCI by contacting Stephanie Van Ginkel at [email protected] she will reserve them for you. You can either email her or go to the ASUCI office at G244 in theStudent Center. They would need the following information from you: Name (Permit Holder)Date (Permit Date)ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)Campus DestinationPreferred Parking LotPermit Type (Full Day 10; Reserved 14)Account Number – Contact Rocco to get the appropriate account number (if you are requesting money fromSBA for permits, you must have the approval before Rocco will give you the account number.)Please allow 48 hours for them to process the reservation. You will need to give Stephanie an accountnumber, so please be in touch with Rocco ahead of time to get this information.Student Organization Annual EventsThe Student Involvement Fair: August 30, 2016, 12:00 pmStudent Organization Leader Training: September 9, 2016, 1:00 pmAdmitted Students Weekend Organization Fair: AprilNotesCreated by: Jennah Jones, Director of Student Life. Some materials taken from UCI’s Student Life & LeadershipOffice “Campus Organizations Research Guide,” and

Insurance from UC Office of the President Poster Paper and Poster Room Poster paper can be purchased in the Student Life & Leadership Office (Student Center G308) . UCI Student Org UCI - Student Org Yes Student Org at UCI Student Org - UCI To use an official word