MET/TEAM Test Equipment AssetManagement SoftwareNEW, easy-to-use, browser-based calibration asset management software

Modular, browser-based calibrationasset management solutionMET/TEAM software is a powerful, flexible, andscalable solution for managing your calibrationassets. Designed by metrologists for metrology, itis ideal for calibration professionals who need tomanage workflow through the calibration laboratory. MET/TEAM software enables you to: Manage all aspects of your calibration operationwith one paperless solution Improve productivity and reduce operating costs Maintain compliance with regulatory standards Configure and customize for your business rules Report to meet a wide range of requirements Schedule maintenance events Perform batch receiving Create, track and close work orders Track assets as they move through the lab Create and print calibration reports Maintain an audit trail Manage shipping information Track customer and vendor information View business statuses Create data templates and store proceduresMET/TEAM software at a glance Browser-based software enablesaccess that is convenient, yet secure Fully featured for tracking and managingassets Fully integrated with the Run Timefunction of industry leading MET/CAL Software Popular Microsoft SQL server databasefor reliable, affordable, non-proprietarydata storage Workflow management Highly customizable fields and labels Shortcuts (quick links) for easynavigation2 Promotes quality processes to supportaccreditation Customizable reports with CrystalReports Professional Automated email alerts and recallescalation Mobile module for on-site calibration Customer web portal to allow read-onlyaccess for remote customers Commerce module for quoting, billing,and contract pricing Designed for metrology by metrologists Backed by Fluke Calibration, expert incalibration instrumentation and softwareMET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Software

Browser-based software isconvenient, secure, scalableMET/TEAM software works with any HTML 5compatible browser, including Microsoft InternetExplorer , Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox ,so you can access it from anywhere. Multiplelevels of security let you control access based onindividual users or groups, so users see only theinformation that is appropriate for their securitylevel. MET/TEAM also supports Windows authentication for easy-to-manage and secure access.The application uses Microsoft SQL Server2008R2, which provides reliable data management and performance. Whether you are a largelaboratory with multiple networked stations or asmall shop operating with a single computer, youhave the capability to scale up or down accordingto your needs.Customize MET/TEAM software tomatch your business rulesMET/TEAM software gives you almost unlimitedflexibility to customize. Add up to 800 extendedfields of information, change field labels and dataentry types to fit your business model. Fields canbe enabled, disabled or made invisible. You caneven enforce business rules by creating “datachecks” for buttons and fields, so that often-usedterms and names are spelled the same way everytime and required fields are always filled in.MET/TEAM allows setup of different user security levels. You can configure different user groupsand customize access rights.The flexible MET/TEAM browser environment lets you open and edit multiplewindows at the same time.Help with quality standardscomplianceMET/TEAM software supports the traceabilityand record keeping requirements of quality andaccreditation standards, including ISO/IEC 17025,ISO 9000, ANSI Z540, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.MET/TEAM supports electronic signatures andaudit trail as required by 21CFR Part 11. It recordsall changes and maintains them in history to forman audit trail. And it documents the quality process for the criteria used when deciding whetherto return an instrument or keep it for repair and/orrecalibration. These features support compliancewith many quality and regulatory standards.Easily create reportsMET/TEAM software utilizes Crystal Reports Professional for report generation. It includes aset of default report templates, which you can use“as is” or customize to fit your needs. You can alsoeasily create new reports. Crystal Reports makesit easy to incorporate graphic elements, such asyour logo, and view reports online or print them.MET/TEAM lets you print reports in batch.MET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Software 3

MET/TEAM softwareworks the way you doMET/TEAM software follows the flow of instrumentation into the company and throughthe calibration lab and quality managementdepartment.Data setup and managementSetting up data is a snap, thanks to the flexibleMET/TEAM interface. You can set up contactsas individuals, and associate them with facilities; create individual assets subject to events orgeneric equipment categories; track informationbased on asset type, and more. Each screen iseasy to read and highly customizable; a QuickLink button lets you drill deeper into your data ifyou wish.MET/TEAM also enables you to maintain a complete parts database, and add parts consumptionon work orders. Easily manage parts inventoryand create reports to help you know when toreorder.Workflow managementMET/TEAM supports workflow managementand enables you to easily manage commonlyperformed tasks. Receive an asset or a group of assets: selectassets received through online “Find” or barcode, and print receipt for customers; configureservice types, status, priorities, require dates,and other extended data. Edit a work order: assign technicians, schedule due date and next maintenance dates, selectprocedure, set calibration intervals. Perform calibration: inMET/CAL or other calibration automation softwaresuch as COMPASS forPressure. MET/CAL softwareis integrated seamlessly withMET/TEAM. Complete work order information: record environmentalconditions, record labor hours,add accreditations, add partsconsumption. Enter subcontractor information. Return: select work ordersand close them. Ship: enter shipmentdate, address and trackinginformation.4Equipment recallMET/TEAM software lets you generate recallreports to inform specified contacts when equipment is due for calibration.Schedule email notices to send out the “calibration due” notifications. These emails can begeneric or customized for different customers.A recall escalation process lets you notify up tothree levels of contacts within customizable timeframes.MET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Software

Manage facilities, customers,and contractorsReportingWith MET/TEAM you have almost unlimited flexibility to set up records for people and places andmanage the relationships between them.If your facility has multiple labs and departments, or multiple locations, MET/TEAM softwarehas you covered. Set up and manage a widevariety of different types of facilities by location,laboratories, departments or other criteria andestablish relationships between them.You can also create and maintain detailed information about people, including your customers,your calibration team, and the contractors withwhom you do business.Crystal Reports Professional makes it easy tocreate and print reports. You can report on currentstatus of all work orders and what types of workare in the queue. You can also use it to create andprint professional-looking calibration certificates.You can even batch the process and, for example,print all of the certificates at once for a specificpurchase order.Reports and certificates can be customizedeasily with your corporate fonts, company logo,and accreditation data. MET/TEAM softwarecomes with a set of report templates that you canuse “as is” or customize to meet your needs. Youcan also build new reports and CalibrationCertificateEditwork orderAdd anew assetReceiveassetBillingGeneratea quoteCompletework orderRecall anexisting assetReturn/ship tocustomerMET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Software 5

Extend the power of MET/TEAM software with optional modulesMET/TEAM software offers you the flexibilityto buy the components that you need now, andadd to it as your needs grow and change. Threemodules enable you to add functionality toMET/TEAM.Mobile applicationThis module enables you to take MET/TEAM andMET/CAL software into the field for on-site calibration. Just check out the specific customer datathat you need, take all the relevant informationincluding procedures, perform the calibration onsite, and then import it back into the main database when you return. The mobile module hasthe same interface as MET/TEAM so there is nolearning curve of a new application. MET/TEAMsoftware makes it easy and foolproof to synchronize the data so it’s always up to date.Customer web portalIf you frequently receive calls from customers whowant to know the status of their calibration andrepair jobs, then this module is for you. It enablesyou to give read-only access to all or part of yourdatabase, so customers can view their informationonline at any time of day or night. Customers cancheck the status of their jobs; view asset information; print recall reports; access their calibrationcertificates; and more. Customers are only ableto view their own data—if you are a service labwith multiple corporate customers, you can set upportals for each one so they stay separate.Commerce moduleThis module lets you generate custom quotes forwork, create invoices and send invoices to yourcustomers when the work is complete. You cancreate contract pricing, discounts or upchargesarrange for start and end dates, and more.6MET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Software

MET/TEAM and MET/CAL softwareThe complete solution forautomated calibration andasset managementMET/TEAM software is fully integrated with FlukeCalibration’s MET/CAL Software to provide acomplete solution for automated calibration andasset management.MET/CAL is the world-leading software forautomating the calibration of all kinds of testand measurement tools and equipment, including dc and low frequency, RF and microwaveinstruments. MET/TEAM and MET/CAL softwareuse the same SQL database. When you purchaseMET/TEAM software, you can choose to addMET/CAL software and licenses to add calibrationautomation capability.Boost your productivity with awin-win solutionIf MET/TEAM software is your first experiencewith asset management software, then congratulations—you’re starting out with a great solution.But many of you are already using software fromFluke Calibration or some other supplier for assetmanagement and/or calibration automation.No matter what software you might be using,MET/TEAM has something to offer you.First–time users of Fluke Calibration softwareIf you are currently using a commercial or internally-produced data management application,MET/TEAM software will provide you with moreflexibility. And if you use another application toautomate your calibrations, MET/CAL softwarewill offer you more capabilities. But it’s the combination of MET/TEAM and MET/CAL softwarethat offers you the most power and efficiency.MET/TEAM and MET/CAL combined provides youwith a total paperless solution for both calibration asset management and automation. Becauseof the seamless integration of these two applications, you will be able to increase your throughputand efficiency dramatically.MET/CAL usersIf you currently automate your calibrations withMET/CAL software but use some other application to manage your assets, you are missingsome of the key benefits of the MET/TEAM andMET/CAL integration. For example, if you aremanually typing your calibration results into aseparate database, you could realize substantialproductivity gains by switching to MET/TEAM,because data travels easily between MET/CAL andMET/TEAM. Fluke Calibration will even help youmigrate your data from your current application toMET/TEAM software.MET/CAL and MET/TRACK software usersFor many years, Fluke Calibration has pairedMET/CAL software with the MET/TRACK application for asset management. If you currently useMET/TRACK software, you might be wonderingwhy you should switch to MET/TEAM. The answeris simple: MET/TEAM software is more powerful and flexible than MET/TRACK. It offers betterworkflow management as well as more options forcustomization, customer and vendor management.MET/TRACK users will receive a free migration tool to convert data from MET/TRACK to theMET/TEAM database.MET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Software 7

SystemrequirementsOrdering informationMET/TEAM serverMET/TEAMMicrosoft Windows 7 64-bitMicrosoft Windows Server 2008 64-bitMicrosoft Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit2.0 GHz Intel Pentium IV processor orequivalent 2 GB of RAM 4 GB of available hard drive space on theserverMET/TEAM Modules MET/TEAM client MET/TEAM web application requires hostingby Microsoft Internet Information Services(IIS) 7.5 or later MET/TEAM web application can be accessedby any computer running a compatible webbrowser (supports HTML 5 such as MicrosoftInternet Explorer and Google Chrome) 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent 512 MB of RAMMET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Softwarewith one MET/TEAM licenseMET/TEAM-L Additional MET/TEAM licenseMET/TEAM MOBILE MET/TEAM Mobile Module with onemobile licenseMET/TEAM MOBILE-L Additional MET/TEAM Mobile licenseMET/TEAM PORTAL MET/TEAM Customer Portal with 100configurable user licensesMET/TEAM PORTAL-L100 Additional MET/TEAM CustomerPortal 100-license packMET/TEAM COMMERCE MET/TEAM Commerce ModuleAdding MET/CAL SoftwareMET/CAL/TEAM MET/TEAM and MET/CAL Software withone MET/TEAM license and one MET/CAL licenseMET/CAL-TL Additional MET/CAL license for MET/CAL/TEAMMET/CAL client Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or laterMicrosoft Windows Server 2003Microsoft Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit)Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32 and64-bit)Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)1 G Hz Intel Pentium 4 processor orequivalent1 GB of RAM2 GB of available hard drive spaceFluke Calibration. Precision, performance, confidence. Fluke CalibrationPO Box 9090,Everett, WA 98206 U.S.A.Fluke Europe B.V.PO Box 1186, 5602 BDEindhoven, The NetherlandsFor more information call:In the U.S.A. (877) 355-3225 or Fax (425) 446-5116In Europe/M-East/Africa 31 (0) 40 2675 200 or Fax 31 (0) 40 2675 222In Canada (800)-36-FLUKE or Fax (905) 890-6866From other countries 1 (425) 446-5500 or Fax 1 (425) 446-5116Web access: 2012-2013 Fluke Corporation. Specifications subject to change without notice.Printed in U.S.A. 3/2013 4225412B EN Pub-ID 11955-eng Rev 01Modification of this document is not permitted without written permission from Fluke Corporation.

2 MET/TEAM Test Equipment Asset Management Software MET/TEAM software is a powerful, flexible, and scalable solution for managing your calibration assets. Designed by metrologists for metrology, it is ideal for calibration professionals who need to manage workflow through the c