CAD - Geant4 ConverterUpdateCarl VuosaloUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonFebruary 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo1

CAD-to-Geant4 Converter Program to automatically convert design inSolidWorks CAD program to GDML format for loadinginto Geant4C program developed with Visual Studio and usingthe SolidWorks Application Programming InterfaceAbout 3000 lines of code currentlyTakes one SolidWorks file and produces GDMLoutput fileDeveloped for LUX-Zeplin experimentFebruary 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo2

SolidWorks - Geant4 Converter Goal to have fully automated process of transferringdesign from SolidWorks into Geant4 Facilitate iterative design and simulation Ensure accuracy of design description in Geant4GDML generated byconverter programDesign inSolidWorksCAD programGeant4Feedback to designers based uponsimulation resultsFebruary 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo3

Development PlanConverter produces standard GDML solids, nottessellated shapes SolidWorks feature set very rich and complex Single part-time developer (myself) cannotimplement in converter program support for allcomplex features in reasonable amount of time Worked with LZ engineers to create simplified setof SolidWorks features that must be supported Program can now convert all features of simplifieddesigns February 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo4

Simple Design for ConversionSame Design in Geant4SolidWorks DesignProvides example of simplified SolidWorks feature set that must be supported byconverter – full conversion now successful February 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo5

New Version of Simple DesignSame Design in Geant4SolidWorks DesignSimple design was revised to challenge the converter After some bug fixes, conversion successful February 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo6

Tank Design ConvertedSame Design in Geant4SolidWorks Design Tank design contains multiple coordinate systems and methods of placing partsFebruary 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo7

Features SupportedShapes: Cylinder (full and partial) Cone Disk (full and partial) Board Torus Half-ellipsoid with circular face Cylindrical holes in parts Multiple coordinate systems in simple configurations Repeated parts in linear patterns Parts assigned material properties as specified inSolidWorks February 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo8

Newest ChallengeSame Design in Geant4SolidWorks DesignModel of a gamma ray camera Developed by Connor Challinor, a mechanical engineering student at LancasterUniversity, UK February 3, 2017Carl Vuosalo9

Feb 03, 2017 · CAD-to-Geant4 Converter Program to automatically convert design in SolidWorks CAD program to GDML format for loading into Geant4 C program developed with Visual Studio and using the SolidWorks Application Programming Interface About 3000 lines of code currently Takes one SolidWorks fil